Why Is My Hair Greasy After I Shower?

October 14, 2017

Veronica Phan

Why Is My Hair Greasy After I Shower?

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Both men and women at any age suffer from oily hair- almost every day. Some of them decide to wash the hair again which is more popular in men and women with really short hair. However, the girls with long hair, what do they do when they have greasy hair after they take shower?

Should they wash their hair everyday? The answer is no, and there’s a considerable “godsend” which is actually brought up by the development of science called dry shampoo. But it turns out not to be a gift from “god” because the products can fade your hair color, and have an impact on your scalp health in case of overuse.

So what can you do when your hair is always greasy after you shower? The initial advice for you is to understand the reasons, also the affected factors which can lead to greasy hair. Now find out the answer for “why is my hair greasy after I shower almost the time?” by yourself and seek for an appropriate solution.

Initially, what is greasy hair?

Identifying the hair type helps you find an appropriate care plan for your hair. There are four types of hair conditioning: normal, greasy, dry, greasy and dry hair. The normal hair means shiny but not greasy hair and needs simple hair care whereas greasy hair is the one that annoys us most. The hair is bright but not smooth.

If you have the bang, it’s more annoying when your hair is greasy because the bang tends to stick to your forehead and you look so negligent. [1]

“But why is my hair always greasy, especially greasy after I shower?” Let me tell you that it’s not your fault if your hair looks so oily, as well as don’t blame shower for causing your hair greasy.

All the things shower does to your hair is to provide more hydration from showering process which makes your hair look more greasy while you already has oil adhering to your scalp and hair.

Then what about “a lot of reasons dedicating to oil production on your scalp”?

Here we go in finding the answer for “why is my hair greasy after I shower?”

Oily scalp

Oily scalp is considered as an initial determining factor for having greasy hair. If you have an oily scalp, you know how disturbing when your hair is clean in the first minute and dirty in the next minute.

There are many sebaceous glands all over your body which excrete natural oil called sebum in order to lubricate and waterproof the hair and skin of humans. Especially, the sebaceous glands work most actively on the face and scalp. If you have oily skin, you are also more prone to have the oily scalp.[2]

People who have over- active oil glands on the scalp always complain about too much oil on their hair. The hair does not appear as a form but a lot of forms together on your scalp which makes your hair look like a mess.

What is the solution for oily hair if you have oily scalp now? Wash your hair with THE BEST SHAMPOO FOR OILY HAIR is the one of the best way to get out of greasy hair because of sebaceous glands.

However, why should you read this articles just for choosing shampoo? There are many shampoo brands variable in the market now and most of them guarantee to bring you a clean and smooth hair. Because wrong hair washing product is another reason for you to have greasy, too.

You choose the wrong shampooshampoo and conditioner

There are 5 categories of detergents contained in shampoo which are Anionics, Cationics, non-ionics, amphoterics and natural detergents. Each detergent has different abilities in hair cleansing and conditioning.

For the oily hair, the shampoo containing strong detergent, especially anionic detergent shampoo are highly recommended as it is very strong to remove sebum from scalp and hair. Among the anionic groups, there are several classes of detergent for you to decide which detergent is the best choice to solve your greasy hair.

  • Lauryl sulfate: It is an ideal solution to solve the problem “Why is my hair greasy after I shower?”. However, your hair can get too rough and harsh, use of a conditioning agent in shampoo formulation such as sodium lauryl sulfate is also important.
  • Laureth sulfates: Another class of well- doing detergents with excellent cleansing and foaming ability which can help normal-to-dry hair. Here are some representatives of this class: Sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate.
  • Sarcosines: This detergent is listed as the second or third on the ideal ingredient list of detergents even though the shampoo formulation like lauryl sarcosine and sodium lauryl sarcosinate contains some excellent conditioner for dry hair.

Nowadays, there are a lot of shampoos contains a mixture of surfactants in order to provide the optimal cleaning quality for more hair types. [3]

But remember if you don’t have oily scalp at first, using the shampoo with strong detergent is not a good idea for you. These chemical compounds will wipe out all the necessary sebum from your hair, which results in dry skin.

Therefore, the sebaceous glands on the scalp have to work more actively and produce more sebum to compensate the oil removed by shampoo. That’s why choosing shampoo which is suitable for your hair type needs extreme consideration.

Dandruff and oily scalp altogether create a cycle

There are several causes, as well as certain factors of dandruff formation which includes: oily hair and scalp, dry skin and sensitivity to hair products. [4]

Oil and skin cells from scalp build up dandruff. On the other hand, dandruff flake may trap oil excreted from sebaceous glands and makes your hair greasier.

Moreover, gender is a potential cause of causing dandruff leading to oily scalp and greasy hair. The researchers are carrying out more studies that hormones play a role in dandruff formation.

By the way, here are THE BEST DANDRUFF SHAMPOO FOR MEN. You know treating dandruff is also important in preventing the greasy hair, right?

Hormonal change

Puberty is a hard time with many people because of the change in hormone leading to several adjustments on the body, which bad body odor and sebum excretion are the most annoying duo.

Furthermore, pregnancy and menstruation are two causing of hormonal change leading to over- active sebaceous glands on the scalp which results in more sebum excretion. And always remember that an amount of sebum directly cause greasy hair and oily scalp.

Too much washing and conditioner is not good for your oily hair condition

greasy hair

Washing is the answer for “why is my hair greasy after I shower?”, is it? Sound weird. When you have oily hair, all you want to do is to remove the residue to bring back the perfect look.

But over-frequent washing can result in irritation from scrubbing and washing process, as well as dryness from drying procedure. These factors coordinate and make the sebaceous glands on your scalp work more than usual.

Remember that washing when your hair needs and gives clues such as itching.

In addition, washing your hair with hot water is not highly recommended if you don’t want your hair to get greasy sooner. The temperature of water makes the sebaceous glands more active and create more sebum, too.

Conditioner is an important product for hair care, too. But choosing an appropriate conditioner for your hair type is more important. Each conditioning product has its own key and recipe to create hair conditioner. Be careful in using conditioner, you might apply “too- heavy” conditioner for your hair. Change the conditioner brand if you found out that the conditioner makes your hair greasier.

Personal routines should be included in “Why is my hair greasy after I shower?” answer list

  • Firstly, avoid showering in hot water.

The steam from showering quickly adhere to your hair and make your hair look greasier and shiner than normal.

But it is impossible in the winter. So what is the solution for you if you want to have a hot shower but you are afraid of greasy hair after showering, too? A shower cap is a perfect choice for you. Remember to wear the shower cap in both hot and cool shower as you can also get wet on hair. Cleansing and drying cap frequently to avoid the dirt and water remaining in the cap is necessary, too.

  • Don’t touch your hair too often.

Stroking hair is cool in some way or else your boyfriend tries to cuddle and shows his love to you by touching your hair which is very lovable. But scalp is also your skin which contains an amount of sebaceous glands.

Avoid touching your hair as much as possible to prevent transferring oily residue, waste from your hands and fingers to the scalp as well as the oil from scalp adhering to your hand and transfer to the hair which makes your hair look greasier. You can see the result immediately after stopping touching your hair too often.

hair touch
Also, make sure your hair brush is clean before using it. All sorts of nasty from styling products and dust are the potential cause for not only “why is my hair greasy?” but also “why is my hair greasy after I shower?” Do not brush your hair too much. It might look smooth and glossy at first but then become greasy.

  •  Wearing a ponytail is perfect for an active girl but not all the time because you have to pay more attention to the hair care.

But this low-maintenance style can lead to the stay of residue and dirt on the scalp under the ponytail holder. All the sebum as well as the dirt from outside makes your hair look greasy and oily.

A risk condition- seborrheic dermatitis

After considering all the causes of “why is my hair greasy after I shower?” but you found out your problem does not come from the list, contact the specialist since seborrheic dermatitis also cause greasy hair due to high oil production.

In case you realize the appearance of yellow and oily patches on the scalp, you are likely to have seborrheic dermatitis. Moreover, this condition is a potential cause of dandruff and it is persistent even with the help of shampoo.

So the advice for you is to call for the professional help.

All the reasons, as well as related factors listed before, are the answers for both “why is my hair getting oil quickly?” and “why is my hair greasy after I shower?”. Because we mentioned it before, the shower is almost blameless in making your greasy, it’s just an exploding factor adding to all the other potential factors which make your hair look greasy.

Hope that you have found your exact suspicion about “why is my hair greasy after I shower” and stop this condition as soon as possible.

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