Why Does Sneezing Feel Good? Here’s Why?

February 7, 2018

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Why Does Sneezing Feel Good? Here’s Why?

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Sneezing, in fact, is a frequent incidence when your body is responding naturally to get rid of irritants from your nose. It’s weird but exciting to know that a sneeze blesses us the comfortable feeling, so many often wonder “why does sneezing feel good?”

We don’t sneeze as the same as others. Some sneeze louder than the rest. Because it comes to us suddenly, we can’t control. Well! It’s still sometimes annoying though it is not a severe health issue. A lot of people feel a little uncommon that we feel better after a sneeze. But, they can’t find the answer. We’ve updated “why does sneezing feel good?” to let you know about this recent most controversial question.

What causes you to sneeze?

Before going into details to understand the reasons, we want you to be aware of what makes you sneeze first, or it is a health problem or not. Then, you may accidentally discover a reason for “why does sneezing feel good?” Don’t ignore!

Both children and adult experience sneezing in their lives. In the past, many people mistake sneezing as a sign of a serious health matter. They even used to think much DOES YOUR HEART STOP WHEN YOU SNEEZE. However, the experts have confirmed that NO and there is no relationship between heart stop and sneezing.

In brief, sneezing is an indispensable job of our nose to remove bacteria as well as dirt. The nose should stay away from these things to facilitate our breath. However, when dust and some kinds of debris enter our nose, the nose sensitive mucous membranes could be easily annoyed, which then causes you to sneeze.

We’ve mentioned most common things which can cause sneezing:

1. Allergies

The bad news is that allergies lead to tons of unexpected health problems. Allergies happen when our body reacts to external organisms. In that condition, your immune system will automatically shield the body from being severely affected by foreign bacteria and debris.

If your immune system exceeds its capacity in trying to discard these organisms, allergies make you sneeze. And, it will recognize foreign organisms as threats.

2. Infections

Besides allergies, infection is one of the major cause to make you sneeze. You might have known about flu or cold. These symptoms are called infections, and viruses are our main enemies that result in flu and cold. If you’re getting down with flu, you are likely to sneeze during that period.

Infection is one of the major cause to make you sneeze

3. Other little known causes

Most of us often forget some minor factors that also lead us to sneeze sometimes. We’ve named some of these little-known elements which are a breath of the cold air, the evasion of irritants such as pepper and dust, a sudden upset to your nose, and smoking from someone else around you.

As regards pepper, it is one of the causes that make you sneeze. To know why click WHY DOES PEPPER MAKE SNEEZE to find out!

The above things are listed as the main causes to make you sneeze. If you want to know more about why they trigger a sneeze, please read another useful article THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SNEEZE.

Why Does Sneezing Feel Good?

After realizing some causes that make you sneeze, you’re now possibly urged to know why does sneezing feel good, right? After our meticulous research and detailed consultancy from experts, we can come up with some reasons as below:

1. Sneezing creates the combined feeling of pressure relief

Whenever you’re under pain or pressure, you will immediately feel good after being treated with a reliever and likewise the sensation after a sneeze. A sneeze starts with a tension that exists in the sinuses. Once a sneeze finishes, it means that the pressure will go away without any traces.

The tension occurs to our sinuses is when we breathe a particular foreign organism. The nose hairs, without any delay, reject it to defend the entire system. By performing its function, we’re willing to sneeze, and our act of sneezing signals a natural defense to tell us that we’re still as healthy as others and the immune systems are at good condition.

The pressure that our nasal cavity has to experience is about to be addressed when a sneeze is generated. Like other pains, that kind of pressure are going to ease and brings about a satisfied and pleasant feeling. It is much like you have to get rid of all pressures in the sinuses for a long time.

The tension you feel before you sneeze will be relieved quickly in a matter of seconds. The result is a comfortable feeling. Just imagine how uneasy you are when there is congestion that had been stuck in your sinuses. That jamming makes it hard to breathe through our nasal passages.

All get better after those annoying congestions as well as all the related pressures stops. At that time, the feeling of being relieved will overwhelm you. So, it is one of the reasons for “why does sneezing feel good?”

A more specific example we want to take to make you fully understand that how relieved you are after a sneeze. Everyone possesses a hypersensitivity. You feel relaxed and calm after that hypersensitivity is built. The time you relax, your body is supposed to work out a huge workload. Think it funny like how you’ll feel when you visit the bathroom after you’ve had been suffering for a while.

2. Sneezing releases endorphins to comfort us

Another rational explanation to understand “why does sneezing feel good?” involves the launch of chemicals known as endorphins right after we sneeze to comfort us.

This feeling is so good that it is adorable compared with the sense of “get high” or “a runner’s high” To let you know what the endorphins are and “why does sneezing feel good?” let’s talk a little about “a runner’s high”.

A “runner’s high” is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction after an extremely tough and long run. In general, it is because of a “happy” chemicals called endorphin after a workout. It provokes the sensation of contentment, gratification, and pain relief. Interestingly, the level of endorphins tends to increase rapidly after an extended exercise.

Sneezing is also a type of mild pain, though it is never as aching as others. There is a time when your body experience sudden pain or stress, the brain’s pituitary gland and hypothalamus will instantly launch endorphins. These endorphins bear a close resemblance to drug morphine or a more familiar name “natural painkillers”.

There is no better feeling than being euphoric because those endorphins send messages to our brains to motivate the opioid receptors which then help to reduce discomfort.

Like the above clarification, endorphins are released as soon as possible when a sneeze is complete. After that, the state of euphoria is instantaneously felt when you finish your sneeze.

In this case, endorphins aim at arousing the pleasure center of our brains. They swiftly stimulate a pleasant and happy sensation because they appear in a rapid burst. For sure, this feeling is achieved by everyone. Maybe, this reason will best describe “why does sneezing feel good?

3. Sneeze is closely attached to an orgasm

If you want to know “why does sneezing feel good?” you should first explore how a sneeze is related to orgasm.

As we mentioned above, you are going to have myriad feelings which have been produced after a sneeze is complete. This sensation is similar to when you obtain an orgasm.

An orgasm – this pleasant feeling is just much like when you finish a tough and long run. If you still wonder “why does sneezing feel good?” you just need to understand the great sensation that orgasm brings about. Both sneezing and orgasm cause you to experience such emotions from the excited state to a simulated pleasant feeling.

A more interesting thing is that these two common phenomena motivate our body to produce a kind of stimulating hormone which is endorphins. In most case, sneezing is considered as a mild orgasm. For this reason, they share a little relation to each other. On the other hand, sneezing multiple times is not equivalent to feeling like an orgasm.

The little relationship here is that both triggers the pleasant feeling due to endorphins.

As reported, in some cases, people are likely to sneeze when they receive a sexual sensation. Now, you know “why does sneezing feel good, right?” You may also think of a reason and suggest it to us.

Little-known sneezing facts that you never know

We have wandered around health forums and found that they shared the same question about “why does sneezing feel good?” Besides, we also collected most-asked inquiries. And we realized that there are a lot of things about this ‘ah ah choo” sneezing that you may not know.

1. Why you can’t sometimes sneeze in which you are about to do it?

[2] Well. This is a great thing to know. In fact, most of us have to experience a feeling of being about to sneeze, but we immediately stop. Don’t know the reason why we have that kind of act? It is because there is not enough stimulation for a sneeze to happen.

A phrase that best describes this situation is “on the sub-threshold”. To be more specific, it is such a bothersome state that you’ve prepared yourself for a sneeze. However, the brain evaluates the situation which has not enough prompt to burst out. Then, our brain will signal that it doesn’t worth a sneeze.

It is so uncomfortable that your body makes you stop sneezing when you’re going to have to. Don’t worry! There are still ways to do with your nose to trigger another sneeze. You can do it by yourself. It’s so simple! Due to a lack of stimulus which leads to this situation, now all you need to do is to create the incentive to encourage your sneeze.

In that irritating condition, you can even do something to make yourself sneeze. Read more here HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF SNEEZE.

2. Why does one person have a much freaking louder sneeze than others?

There is no denying that tons of controversial questions around just “a sneeze”. Our aim is want you not only to know “why does a sneeze feel good?” but also identify other problems involved in this matter. If you can be aware of all things about sneeze, you might discover another reason for this question, and you’ll have a motivation for further research.

Let’s get back to our main issue. There are certain factors that easily exert an impact on how loud a sneeze will be. The volume can vary from a person to one another. Each possesses different sizes of the tranches, dimensions of the lungs, mouth, larynx as well as the level of the stimulus. All can influence the degree of loud when you make a sneeze.

3. When sneezing, what actually comes out?

In addition to “why does sneezing feel good?”, Another not-to-be-missed question that needs solving. Our nose has its defense system, and it is called the mucus lining. A sneeze will discard that mucus. Also, things and foreign particles that are caught in your nose will be expelled.

what actually comes out when sneezing
When sneezing, what actually comes out?

4. Is it necessary to cover your mouth while sneezing?

One of the most important things to keep in your mind is that you are advised to wash your hands carefully and cover your mouth while sneezing.

Covering your mouth depicts your police in front of others people. Moreover, to speak frankly, some, unfortunately, sneeze with bad smell. Several reasons trigger this condition. If you want to know, the article WHY DO MY SNEEZES SMELL is just the one you need.

[3] According to recent research by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, when people sneeze or even cough, the smaller droplets is highly likely to go further than the ones with a higher volume.

In the past, a lot of studies have assumed that just big droplets can go farther distances than the rest. They thought that growth in the momentum would be equal to the size of droplets. However, this myth is not true when the researchers took the speed of droplets into consideration.

In particular, we first cite an example of a sneeze droplet travel distance. While a sneeze droplet which has a size of 100 micrometers could go five times further than we used to expect before, the one with a size of 10 micrometers can travel 200 times farther [3].

So, the key point is if you don’t cover your mouth when sneezing, the distance of droplets will be farther. This act also expresses your hygiene etiquette and avoid spreading germs or bacteria.


In short, sneezing is indispensable. Whether you sneeze many times or not, sneezing brings a satisfying feeling. Without any warning, sneezing comes to us in a sudden. Again, it never causes any health issues. Fortunately, it makes us feel pleasant.

All in all, sneezing can be diverse between different people about how loud and frequent it is. Nevertheless, it gives us that kind of euphoric feeling for three main reasons including the combined feeling of pressure relief, the releases of endorphins to comfort us and the similar outcomes like an orgasm.

Until now, you must be so accustomed to “why does sneezing feel good, right?” By understanding sneeze and related issues, you will be an expert to know about some sneezing problems as well.

Thank you so much for reading this pieces of the article. Spread the words to those who concern by hitting LIKE and SHARE. Don’t forget to leave your comments below and we will consider them.

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