Why Does Pepper Make You Sneeze? The Answer Is Here!

March 8, 2018

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Why Does Pepper Make You Sneeze? The Answer Is Here!

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You may recognize that you often sneeze because of some reason, such as flu, cold weather, food with hot spicy. One of the most popular causes that are encountered by many people is spicy. In particular, you sneeze when you sniff pepper powder or eat food that added chili and pepper. But why does pepper make you sneeze?

Does pepper irritate your nose? You want to know some simple ways that can make you sneeze easily. All these details you need are in this article, you can take a whole view of them and collect useful information for yourself. A piece of note that contains interesting tips and tricks to make you sneeze. It sounds very nice, doesn’t that?

Additionally, do you feel inconvenient when you need to sneeze but it lingers in your nostrils? Or you want to control your sneeze before joining in the important occasion, there are some helpful tips for you. Just click on HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF SNEEZE, this article is such an awesome experience for anyone who loves to discover about daily life methods.

Why do we sneeze?

[1] Sneezing is such a natural reaction of your body when you smell spicy things or be flu. But what happens as we sneeze? You know that some weird particles from pollution, hot spices, perfume, and bacteria can get into your nose gradually. In common case, we often sneeze when we eat or smell pepper, and be curious about why does pepper make you sneeze?

What happens to our body when we sneeze? While these tiny objects touch the sensitive lining of the nose, it will transfer a special electric signal to your brain instantly. The central brain works and interprets this signal into details that mean “nose needs to be clear right now”, then it will command the body to sneeze.

Your eyes will close naturally, tongue touch the palate of the mouth, then the air in windpipe move to the nose and spill out with incredible force. This process just happen in a few seconds, it is so quick, isn’t it?

Sneezing is such a natural reaction of your body
Sneezing is such a natural reaction of your body

Many people need the answer to questions about sneeze, especially how does sneeze affect your health? Does sneeze cause any serious harm to your respiratory system? You can view at DOES YOUR HEART STOP WHEN YOU SNEEZE to get the true explanation.

Amazing benefits of sneezing

An unexpected sneeze may make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, but it also brings great benefits to your daily life. To know about the advantages of a sneeze, you can take a look at these details below or find out at WHY DOES SNEEZING FEEL GOOD.  

Sneezing protect your body very well

Sneezing is such a perfect mechanism to protect your respiratory system. It helps to prevent your body from being infected by clearing all bacteria, micro-objects, and virus significantly. Moreover, you often sneeze when there are small particles stuck in the nose or you are surrounded by an environment that has full of dust, pollen or chili powder. Sneeze helps to get rid of these things. Besides that, many people sneeze because of pepper and search for the answer to the question “why does pepper make you sneeze?”.

Purify your respiration

Additionally, sneezing is a good way of purifying your respiration. That sounds so magical, doesn’t that? Although your nose is covered with mask, dust, and smoke can also get inside and accumulate in lungs day by day then weaken respiratory functions. The scientists used laser technology to capture the fainted image and show that thousands of tiny water drops with infected bacteria fly out your mouth when you are sneezing.

Bad results of compressing sneeze

Sneezing is such a natural reaction of your body. But people often compress sneezing for some occasions like participate in an important meeting, have an appointment with a partner by holding their breath, covering nose with hands. These gestures cause dangerous consequences for your health, even death.

Please don’t try to hold your sneeze, because it will definitely cause serious effects. Let know more by looking at this information below.

The nasal cavity is not cleared and the harmful agents will penetrate deeply, and cause infection to your body.

When you try to stop sneezing, intracranial pressure increases significantly. The blood flow to the brain is broken, the blood vessels and nerve tissue are compressed. It can lead to a headache, even hearing.

The pressure of sneezing can also cause serious damage to your eyes.The diaphragm also gets rid of injury because of sudden pressure increase. That sounds too dangerous, doesn’t that? So you should take sneeze as natural action. People sneeze because they sniff pepper, but why does pepper make you sneeze? Or you want to know about things that make you sneeze, get more details of things that can make you sneeze below.

What makes you sneeze?

Beside natural sneeze, you can also make yourself sneeze by some tips below:

Spicy taste

Using spicy taste is one of the most popular ways to make you sneeze. Pepper and other spices such as chili, cumin, onion, and coriander are popular for their nasal irritants. Both black and white pepper contains piperine that causes irritation to the nose. Spicy or hot food will obviously make us sneeze and runny nose. As you want to find out why does pepper make you sneeze, you can view at next paragraph.

Spicy taste makes you sneeze
Spicy taste makes you sneeze

Look at the bright light

You can sneeze by looking at the bright light in a few minutes. It is quite useful because the trigeminal nerve is located beside optic nerve. The brain produces a reaction that makes you sneeze suddenly.

Cold air

The cold area can also make you achoo very easily. As you want to sneeze, one tip for you – just open the fridge, get a deep breath of cold air. But you should be careful if you don’t want to be sick.

Nose irritation

When your nose is irritated or itching because of sniffing pollen or strong perfume, you will sneeze too. This situation is really hard to control, so don’t let any weird smell to get into your nostrils.

Eat chocolate

You can eat a small piece of chocolate that includes a high percentage of cocoa to cause a sneeze. Yes, we heard that method is such a simple way to make people sneeze quite effectively, they are not allergic to chocolate. But how magical is dark chocolate! If you have any question about this method, just discover at the article WHY DOES CHOCOLATE MAKE ME SNEEZE and achieve more beautiful knowledge.

Stimulate the mouth roof

The roof of mouth has the same nerve system with nose and eyebrows. So if you stimulate this area, it can lead to sneezing easily. All you need to do is touch the tongue to the roof of mouth, then move it back and forth, repeat this action again and again.

Drink soda

Fizzy drinks like coke or soda, contain a number of ingredients that make you sneeze. In some other cases, people can drink alcohol to stimulate belch or sneeze happen quickly. Please don’t abuse this method, because if you drink too much fizzy drink, the final result is over carbon dioxide that causes potential damage to your bone.

Besides the popular reasons like spicy, strong light, chocolate, carbonated soft drink and cold air, you may sneeze because of other elements. You can see some things that can make you sneeze by looking at the information at THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SNEEZE. You are quite curious about these simple ways of causing sneeze, aren’t you?

You know the easy ways of making yourself sneeze. But how do these methods work? You don’t understand the reasons why the materials stimulate your nose. Especially, why does pepper make you sneeze? Let get more information below!

Why does pepper make you sneeze?

[2] You may get uncontrollable sneeze when you eat the food that contains pepper. But why pepper make you sneeze?

All types of spicy such as black, white and green pepper, which cause the reaction of the nose, are stimulants of a sudden sneeze. There are two main reasons to explain the question why does pepper make you sneeze when you eat food contains pepper or sniff spicy powder.

Firstly, pepper is often used as a finely ground type. These minimal pepper particles can spread widely in the air and get into your nose easily. Tiny powder touches the sensitive area inside the nose, then stimulate nerve cells and cause sneeze reflex to blow all weird objects out of the nose.

For another reason, you sneeze because pepper contains piperine – a chemical composition that gives strong effect on brain nerve cells, then central neutral system will send signals and command you to sneeze.

White and green pepper has abundant content of piperine, but black pepper is the most irritating spice.

How to make you sneeze safely with pepper?

You know why does pepper make you sneeze. But how to use this spicy for sneezing safe?

Sneezing is necessary because it brings awesome benefits for your health. But unexpected sneeze may annoy other people in some formal situations. It is such a smart idea if you can take initiative and control your sneeze. There are many ways that help to cause sneeze like inhale cold air, stimulate nose, sniff strong perfume or eat chocolate. But the most popular way is to use the spice that includes chili, pepper, and coriander.

Let find out the method to make you sneeze with pepper safe and effectively.

Add some pepper to your food

While having a meal, you should add a little pepper to your food that not only keeps your body warm but also makes you sneeze without discomfort. So that is so ideal as you are the fan of spicy dishes, isn’t that?

If you are still not clear on the question why does pepper make you sneeze? Here is the explanation, pepper contains piperine that causes irritation to your nose. You should add pepper when the dishes are served on the table already because fresh pepper will provide maximum benefits of sneeze stimulation.

Add some pepper to your food
Add some pepper to your food

Smell pepper powder

The other way is to sniff pepper powder. And you need to be careful while applying this way unless you will be choked. Please follow these step below:

Step 1: You can buy pepper powder at any supermarket or prepare a little by grinding peppercorns at home. Make sure that the pepper is finely ground.

Step 2: Place some pepper powder on paper or plate. Don’t forget to close the window, you should be surrounded by windless space.

Step 3: Keep the paper in balance position, then inhale the powder slowly. You may sneeze immediately.

When you are clear about the benefits of pepper or why does pepper make you sneeze.

Q & A

Why do eyes shut when we sneeze?

When you sneeze, your eyes close automatically. Because it is such a natural reflex of your body. Just imagine you sneeze with open eyes, they will fall out of your head, won’t they?

Is spicy totally safe to cause sneeze?

It is safe while you don’t overuse anything. Too much spicy may cause burn and irritation on your tongue. Many types of spicy, which have the effect of stimulating sneeze, are coriander, onion, chili or pepper.

Can pepper make us sneeze multiple times?

Yes, pepper powder can make you sneeze multiple times. Why? It is very simple to understand. Hundreds of tiny particles get into your nose, so the central nervous system will be reflex – sneeze to clear your nose. It stops until powder is blown out substantially. Besides that, some people also wonder why does pepper make you sneeze? You can view the explanation above.

Do allergies make you sneeze?

Yes, allergies obviously make you sneeze. If the tiny object like pollen, dander, and dust enter your body, the defensive function is active by releasing histamine to protect you from invading bacteria. Histamine is a cause of some symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and running nose.

What happens when we try to stop sneezing?

According to Business Insider, sneeze mechanism helps you to remove the germ and small particles from your nose. It is such a powerful and natural reflex of your body. If you try to stop sneezing, great pressure is push back to your head, cause damage to eardrum and eyes.

Instead of trying to stop sneezing for any reasons, you can control your sneeze or make yourself sneeze whenever you want by smelling strong perfume, eating chocolate, drinking soda or inhaling pepper powder. You are still wondering why does pepper make you sneeze, aren’t you? It is very simple, you sneeze because of piperine that contains in peppercorns.

You can sneeze as naturally as you can. When you are on special occasions, a smart and polite way is to take tissue or handkerchief with you for a sudden sneeze.


We all know that sneezing is a natural reflex of our body to clear out all bacteria and unwelcome particles. You can learn the ways to control your sneeze by the details above that provide helpful information for your life. Remember you shouldn’t try to stop sneezing because it will damage your ear and eye seriously. If you want to make yourself sneeze, just try on using pepper. Then find out why does pepper make you sneeze to know more about this good method. Please share and comment as you think this article is helpful for you!

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