What Is The Best Eyeliner For Watery Eyes?

December 16, 2017

Hannah Hall

What Is The Best Eyeliner For Watery Eyes?

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Those with watery eyes often find it a nightmare when getting trouble in finding “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” You could face with the situation that your eyes are always watering without any reasons, and it is entirely frustrating.

A stunning eye makeup is trending all over the world, and all girls wish to look more attractive. Beautiful and dreamy eyes will make you more beautiful than ever. And, that’s why tons of tips and tricks to get a perfect eyes makeup have been released. If you are born with watery eyes, don’t worry as there are a lot of options for you. Among loads of eyeliners in the worldwide cosmetic market, there must exist a product exclusively for you.

We’ve been researching so much to help you narrow down your choices to assist you in looking for what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes? Furthermore, we understand your needs and concern, so we are willing to provide you best eyeliner that suit you most. You don’t need to do much, just pay attention to our amazing list best eyeliner for watery eyes.

If you are not an eye makeup expert or rarely do makeup for your eyes, we are also happy to help you know more about BEST EYELINER FOR WATERLINE. Click you that article in which we will provide you so many tips and tricks; then you could select the one you love.

Do not hesitate anymore. Grab the article and read our five best eyeliners for watery eyes! Go for it and shine your light!

What to keep in mind when picking up “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes”?

Consider the ingredient carefully

Watery eyes are sure to be difficult to choose a suitable eyeliner. There is one thing that most customers often make mistakes. [1] They believe that the eyeliner which is safe for contact lens wearers or does not include substances and materials to cause an allergic reaction is also comfortable for watery eyes. Nevertheless, it does not mean that, that eyeliner will be harmless to watery eyes.

So, what type of ingredients you should avoid? Make sure your eyeliner does not contain sulfates. This substance are thought to trigger terrible irritation.

Besides sulfates, you should avoid those with kohl and talc. Kohl is often used in producing the eyeliner and cosmetics. Eyeliners containing kohl may contain lead. Kohl and talc are likely to cause cancer risks if they’re used a large quantity. So, be careful with these two substances. Stay away from them!

Select the eyeliner that is easy to press or draw the lines

Although it is a minor thing, it might benefit you a lot to prevent your eyes from watering when applying eyeliners later.

If you pick the one that is difficult to press, you need to stretch the eyelid at that time to draw the line. It causes your eyes become much more sensitive than ever and water a lot after that. With an eyeliner which is easy to press, you could get a smooth line without hurting your watery eyes [1].

Be careful with makeup remover with irritating ingredients

We suggest that you should stay away from natural oils because they can make the eyelids greasy. Liquid makeup removers are recommended. Some oil-free you can choose can be Clinique or Lancome [1].

The eye are is too thin, and it’s is much more sensitive when you have watery eyes. Therefore, it requires more care than others. Like makeup remover for face, you need to choose the one that could wash your eyes gently and easily. Avoid brands that contain fragrance and harsh preservatives which may trigger reactions for your eye are skin.

So, what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes? Here’s our suggestions

# No 1: Blinc Cosmetics UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen

blinc Liquid Eyeliner

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Liquid eyeliners are always given top priority when it comes to choosing a long-lasting formula for watery eyes. Take no more hesitation to grab this incredible Blinc Cosmetics UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen, and you can know “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?”

Blinc Cosmetics UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen can do more than you could expect regarding a normal eyeliner does. As its name states, this top-chosen eyeliner will offer you the best experience as well as let you go as thick or even thin as you wish.
In the area of aesthetics, the eyeliner helps you draw a thin line along the upper lid, and thus, creating a stunning eye makeup. Also, it is easy to use because this eyeliner will glide on smoothly. So, when you draw the line, you could do much easier than the others of the same kind.

As regards formulas, it includes phenoxyethanol, carbon black, and ethylparaben which are known as better ingredients than the ones used in some other eyeliner products.

Blinc Cosmetics UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen is, with no doubt, the best choice for watery eyes. Why? You could see that it offers us a water-resistant layer. As a result, it does not smudge, fade or run down your face.

You receive a plenty of benefits from using this most-favorite eyeliner such as highly pigmented color, beautiful line drawing and smudge-proof, run-proof and smear-proof.

From our own real experience, Blinc Cosmetics UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen is miracle. With it, you will find eye makeup even be so easy in your life. If your eyes always water a lot for any reasons, you also have been trying millions of waterproof eyeliners, but you got no expectable results. And, Blinc Cosmetics UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen is a smart choice when you still wonder “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?”

The brush is perfect to draw a fine line as it goes on smoothly. Moreover, you will look more natural and do not have to suffer from smudging, flaking or irritation to your eyes. The application is easy too. Despite being a water-resistant and long-lasting eyeliner, it is not difficult to take off the lines by using appropriate removing products without hurting your eyes.


  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Highly pigmented color
  • Draw both thin and thick lines, depend on your favorite way of eye makeup
  • Smudge-resistant


  • Include a paraben preservative. But, if you’re not allergic to paraben, there will be no problem.

#No 2: L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner

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Another great eyeliner that will help you find out “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” As we all know, the brand name L’Oréal Paris has dominated largely the cosmetics market from lipsticks and skin care products to the makeup ones. This world-known brand is getting its ever-increasing credit from customers. So, eyeliners from L’Oréal Paris goes with reputability to become one of the most-chosen eyeliner for girls, especially for those with watery eyes.

Why do we select it in the list of “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?”? It is because L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner brings about a lot of benefits and also solves problems to watery eyes. The brand has developed a more technological liner with excellent long-wearing products, including eyeliners. Hence, there is no better choice than eyeliner from L’Oréal Paris to make your eyes more wonderful throughout the day.

According to the manufacturer, the product has the ability to keep 16-hour fade-prof color which is facilitated with rich creamy formula. Therefore, it glides easily and smoothly.
Come in various colors, encompassing slate, carbon black, black, brown, black-brown and navy, this eyeliner lives up to its name which shows two most outstanding features “never need to be touched up” and “long-wear for the whole day” [2].

Undoubtedly, L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner is widely recognized as a breakthrough in inventing such a long-lasting eyeliner for watery eyes. In addition to the high volume of crème formula, smudge-resistant color up to 16 hours, and mechanical technology for a precise application, it contains smudger as well as a sharpener, and suits even most sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

As advised by the expert, the application technique lies in applying along lash line which begins from the inner corner. With this advice, you will only have to apply once a day because it will last all day regardless of how watery your eyes are. [2] L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner is way too convenient that the eye makeup layer can be wiped out straightforwardly with makeup remover.

More evidence has been recorded to prove that Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner is enjoyed by every makeup lover. It receives “Readers’ Choice Allure Award Winner”. With myriad benefits, for sure, you will love it for decades.


  • Long-lasting up to 16 hours
  • Glide on easily and smoothly
  • Not irritation to eyes
  • Easy to remove with makeup remover
  • Sharpener and smudger included
  • Drugstore price, value for money


  • Despite its long-lasting features, the eyeliner still runs a little if you exercise right after you apply.

# No 3: Styli-Style Line and Seal 24 Twist

Styli-Style Line and Seal 24 Twist

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Our third rank on our list to help you choose “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” is Styli-Style Line and Seal 24 Twist. After using the product, most customers had to admit that “it stayed good even when my eyes watered”. It is to say; the eyeliner did an excellent job to not only help you become more attractive but also handle the problem of watery eyes that some other brands cannot.

You can obtain the optimal use because it lasts approximately 24 hours which explain why it is called Stli0style Line and Seal 24 Twist Waterproof eyeliner. So, it is probably one of the best eyeliner in case you are looking for “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?”

Can you imagine how incredible it is? It glides on smoothly and easy to use. The only thing you’re supposed to do is to apply once a day; and the result is perfect because the eyeliner keeps your watery eyes as beautiful as the beginning you use the eyeliner.

It comes in several colors for customers to select. There are black, turquoise, diamond, black-brown, brown quartz, topaz, lapis, sparkling black, carbon black, emerald and extreme black. You can purchase different colors to change your everyday look with multiple eyeliner shades. Just apply and enjoy the day with confidently beautiful eyes.


  • Water-resistant
  • Glide on smoothly
  • Easy to apply and remove with makeup remover
  • Help define the eyes


  •  Smudge a little until the end of the day

# No 4: Maybelline New York Eye Studio Long-Lasting Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Long-Lasting Gel Eyeliner

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Still wonder “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?’’ And Maybelline New York Eye Studio Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner is another not-to-be-missed eyeliner. Your eyes get much more gorgeous as this number one best-selling waterproof liquid eyeliner provides you broad choices of eye makeups. Your dramatic look is made with both precise lines from thin to thick. The most important thing is it is extremely suitable for watery and sensitive eyes and even contact lens wearers.

Watery eyes need this because it won’t smudge or run throughout the day with the best formula to glide easily. When you do makeup with Maybelline New York Eye Studio Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner, your eyes will dry quickly and create a flawless eye appearance.

You can identify the gel and oil-free formula; thereby offering a concentrated pigment which is featured by a clear gel base. Plus, there exists 24-hour long wear thanks to its smudge-proof as well as waterproof looks. There is no denying that it values for money because a miracle product at a drugstore price brings about surprising benefits that are beyond your wildest dream.

There are cases when girls did their eyeliners in the same way without knowing what specific product you should use. As usual, most people often think liquid eyeliner tends to makes your eye makeup crack and split and it requires your meticulousness to apply it. However, Maybelline New York Eye Studio Long-Lasting Gel Eyeliner with gel base provides a totally different experience. It isn’t like the above features that people initially thought at all. In short, there is no need to consider much as it is a smart selection to find “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?”

Application tips: Keep the brush horizontally to maintain it parallel to the upper lash line. Then, it is advised to draw a line from the middle of the lash line and continue to move towards the eyes’ outer corner. Whereas, with the inner corner, you will draw from the center to that place.

For those who prefer the “winged” eye makeup style, Maybelline New York Eye Studio Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner assists you in extending the line from the outer corner to the tips of the eyebrow.


  • Convenient to use with the help of a brush which is specifically for gel eyeliner
  • Easy to apply smoothly and quickly thanks to the gel eyeliner’s creamy texture
  •  Dry fast just after finishing doing makeup
  • Create perfect lines from thin to thick


  • Don’t offer an opaque jet black as advertised

# No 5: Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Black

Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Black

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The final listed eyeliner for watery eyes we recommend belongs to Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Black. Like the above-mentioned product, a watery lines need a smudge-proof and water-proof eyeliner for eyes that usually watered a lot. And, most importantly, it causes no reactions or allergies to our eyes. That’s all Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Black could do for you. So, if you haven’t decided on “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” Then, go for it!

There is no better than get a fresh look with this eyeliner. It is not only easy to use thanks to smooth glide but also precise in tip to help you draw thin or even thick lines. Furthermore, the eyeliner is one of the best choices for watery eyes because it comes in waterproof formula and you can go for a day without smudging or pulling. Then, you can remove it with just warm water.

Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Black stands out of the crowd. Why? The reason lies in its exclusive ability to be creative. It means that users may match it with a number of different make-up style. Your eyes become nicer and larger without being worried about pigmentation.

Regardless of how many eyeliners you have been using for years, your eyes still watered when you wear them. Don’t worry! Our focus on Docolor Liquid Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel Black best fits you most and help you discover “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?”

We’re here to confirm that it’s true! With simple steps, you can apply the eyeliner easily and achieve great liners. At that price, it functions so well. Undoubtedly, it’s beautiful and darkly pigmented. Above all, the best thing is it lasts for long due to smudge-proof and waterproof features.


  • Easy and smooth application
  • Draw beautiful thin or even liner
  • Take off easily with makeup remover
  •  Creative in matching different makeup style
  • Suitable for those prefer a gorgeous cat eye look


  • When using tip, it can dry out faster than you expect

Makeup Suggestions For Watery Eyes

Watery eyes are often sensitive and hard to apply eyeliner. It is regarded as a common problem for all women to keep a long-lasting and stunning eye makeup until the end of the day. Choosing the right eyeliner is just one point. In addition to that, you also need to apply in the approximate way to comfort your watery eyes in which they will itch and tear up when you do your eyeliner.

Even when you have explored “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” there are still some suggestive makeup tips for watery eyes that you should take into consideration. We have come up with the best guide involving eyeliner application for watery eyes.

Proper application

When you make up your mind on “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes”, the thing you are advised to do now is to put a cold spoon on the eyelids before using eyeliner. By using cold spoon, you can get rid of watery effect, and sensitiveness of watery eyes.

Gently wash the eyes with cold water

Watery eyes, also known as highly sensitive eyes, often experience unexpected redness because it is exposed to allergies. If you have been known about “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes”. Plus this tip, and your watery eyes become less irritating and easy to apply eyeliner later.

As we all know, allergies cause watery eyes. Thus, your eyes will become red and be filled with undesirable dark circles or eye bags under the eyes. That’s why we recommend washing the eyes gently before drawing liners with your chosen eyeliner. Cold water could reduce redness significantly.

Use concealer or highlighter for watery eyes

Just stick to concealer or highlighter, which helps hide the signs of watery eyes. Only by concealing, you can do eyeliner in a much simpler way.

Here’s the winner! What is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?

Have you chosen your eyeliner which meets your personal needs and expectations? If yes, it is good that you could know “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” If no, don’t worry! We would like to show you the winner among the above five eyeliners. It is BLINC COSMETICS ULTRATHIN LIQUID EYELINER PEN.

To choose the best one is not easy. However, after our meticulous research, we found that the ingredients are safe for your watery eyes. What’s more, Blinc also takes pride in the latest innovation in the liquid liners, especially the BLINC COSMETICS ULTRATHIN LIQUID EYELINER PEN.

It can go beyond your preference with the most exact and thinnest lines to make your eye makeup look more impressive. As we mentioned previously, it both is a perfect waterproof and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner that it glides smoothly and has an ultra-brush to create accuracy in each line-drawing. If you prefer different makeup styles, there is nothing better than this eyeliner. From an extreme thin to a dramatic thick line, from winged look to eye cat, it all meets the needs.

Plus, because you are finding an eyeliner for watery eyes, this is the best choice. You don’t need to reapply the second time. When you’re busy, and you have no time to pay attention to your makeup again, BLINC COSMETICS ULTRATHIN LIQUID EYELINER PEN is here to help you maintain the makeup for the whole day.

To sum up, hope that our makeup tips for watery eyes and our suggestion about “what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” help you learn a lot of beneficial things from here. Go ahead and take your favorite one!

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