What Does Primer Do For Your Face? – Plus Top 5 Best Reviews

October 5, 2017

Anna Chen

What Does Primer Do For Your Face? – Plus Top 5 Best Reviews

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Maybe it is not the first time you have heard about primer, but the use of it is not very popular. People usually ask: What does primer do for your face? And how to choose the right primer for your skin?

As there are plenty of brands and types of primer available, it is hard to pick the most suitable one. But do not worry; everything you need to know about primer is provided in this article. We are here to help you find out the facts about this fantastic makeup product.

What is primer and what does primer do for your face?

The name of this cosmetic may sound a little bit strange for newbies, especially when it is not really popular in casual makeup. Many people usually skip it because they think that primer is not necessary, or they just don’t know how to use it correctly.

But it is a pity if you do not use primer because it is an essential preparing step for a perfect finish. Whether you want to apply a full makeup or just keep a natural way with based cream and lip gloss, the benefits of primer is undeniable.

So, what is primer? And what does primer do for your face?

Primer helps set the base for foundation or BB cream when applied on your face. Not everybody has a perfectly smooth skin surface. Instead, most of us have the problem with acne, and dry skin, large pores, and wrinkles. There is a chance for foundation and based ream to cling on these rough areas, which leaves behind an uneven finish.

Primer works as a based substance to cover all of the imperfections; it allows the other makeup layers to go on smoothly and have a long-lasting effect.

How many types of primer?



You can recognize these primers by their multiple colors. On the color wheel, the two shades on the opposite positions can blur each other. This is also the mechanism of these primers. They help fix your skin complexions, such as:

  • The green color reduces the redness or acne
  • The pink one camouflages the tired signs
  • The blue tone covers the sallow shades
  • The purple color fixes the pigmentation [1]


This type of primer provides an Instagram filter for your skin. What makes this product unique is the light reflection formula. It does bring a soft effect that fades all the imperfections, so this primer can do more than just prepare a base for blending foundation later. For your face, this is one of the most beautiful primers.


The primers which have anti-aging properties often contain protective and nutritious agents. For example, they added an adequate amount of both suns protected factor (SPF) to protect your face from exposure to the UV rays and natural peptides to nourish the skin.

If you want to improve your skin texture and elasticity, while still maintaining the skin tone, this type of primer is the best recommendation.


Are you looking for a natural and transparent makeup tutorial? There is nothing more suitable than the primer with illuminating compounds!

This primer is one of the rare ones that can be used merely. You can apply it all over your face, emphasize on the high positions such as the nose, brow curves, and cheekbones to highlight the complexion. Sometimes, it is not essential to wear foundation after applying illuminating primers.


The enlarged pores bring up tons of skin problems (such as blackheads, acne, and excess oil) – which make you feel unconfident about your appearance. Primers will not target at the pores directly. Instead, what it does is leaving behind a transparent cover to make them look smaller.

These types of oil minimizing primer do show their beneficial effects for your oily and greasy face, too. They often finish with a matte texture to help you get rid of shine and greasier.


Last but not least, you must not forget the hydrating one in your favorite list of primers. A dry skin makes foundation cling on the flaky areas, and your face is likely to have a disaster makeup.

Choosing the proper primer that provides an adequate amount of moisture is an essential step to prepare for a perfect foundation. They ensure that the based cream will not settle into dry lines and spots.

If you are having trouble with those ugly dry spots and haven’t figured out any possible ways, please check for more information and methods on HOW TO GET RID OF DRY SPOTS ON FACE EFFECTIVELY.

How to choose the right primer?


Based on the form of primers, we can divide them into two main types: gel and cream. They designed each one to fit with one equivalent skin type: dry, oil, or combination.

The gel based primers add the glowing effect and help brighten your skin, while cream based one provide a matte and intense coverage.

For normal skin

This skin type is the most easy-going one, as it suits with almost kinds of cosmetics form. You are not likely to be afraid of the primer texture because your skin will not become too oily or too dry after makeup process.

However, the gel-based primer which provides a dewy look is the ultimate option. With a lightweight structure, it goes on your skin smoothly, let your skin breath and brighten your face right after you put it on.

For oily skin

People who have oily skin often encounter some other skin complications, such as large pores, blackheads, and acne – due to the excess oil production. You know what? In these cases, a matte primer is the smartest choice because it does control the oily and greasy condition.

Besides, with a perfect coverage, this primer can camouflage the pores and minimize the discolorations – which is the best things it can do for your oily face. It is the essential preparation for the next makeup layers.

Choosing primers for this type of skin requires more time and consideration, so you may need to check for more information on HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST PRIMER FOR OILY SKIN.

For dry skin

Choosing a proper primer in particular, and other makeup cosmetics in general for dry skin is a tricky challenge. Despite they need a shimmer one to brighten their face, the most vital thing is the moisture level of the product. The best-recommended primer for dry skin is a cream based one because what it does is maintaining the hydration every time.

If you have dry skin, most makeup experts suggest that you should try a little amount to know what this primer can do for your face before purchasing. Not only primer but they also need to pay attention to the types and ingredients of other products, such as foundation and lipstick.

If you cannot decide which foundation is the most suitable for your skin, we recommend you to read WHAT IS THE BEST FOUNDATION FOR DRY SKIN; it could help you solve this problem in minutes.

What does primer do for different parts of your face and body?


Eyeshadow primers

The face primers help prepare your skin for whatever makeup items you put on top, and the benefit of eyeshadow primer is similar. It covers all the discolorations around the eyelids and makes eyeshadow appear more accurately what it looks like.

If eyeshadow primer is used correctly, the eye makeup will be easier to blend without migrating to the lower part and stay on your eye for all day long. Since eyeshadow primers are available in tons of forms and texture, it may be harder to choose the right one. But here are some tips for you:

  • For long-lasting effect: Choose a thin, blendable, and lightweight primer.
  • For eye color makeup: Choose a solid primer with multiple shades up to your choice. Make sure the color match with your intended eye makeup.
  • For an accurate liquid eyeliner: Choose a concealer-like primer which has a fluid texture and a matte finish. It should not have intense color.
  • For oily skin: a sheer and matte primer will absorb the excess oil on your face efficiently.

Mascara primers

You may think “What? Does mascara primer actually exist?” But the fact is, the producers do design that item to work for your eyelashes rather than your face. These primers can thicken, lengthen, and nourish your eyelashes to boost the effects of mascara. With a prior base coverage, your mascara can last for a long time.

Nowadays, many famous brands have created a dual-side version, which contains both primer and mascara in one stick. It will save a noticeable budget, as you are no longer need to buy two separated items!

If you prefer natural curl eyelashes, sometimes it is not necessary to use mascara after priming. A primer that has a curling brush and black pigment can help you do that in less than one minute!

Lip primers

Similar to your skin, the lips also need a strong based on any further makeup. In other words, this base is somehow a lip primer or lip foundation. They make other lip colors stay for longer and show their accurate shades in different natural lip tones.

There are a variety of primer forms for customers to pick: tube, pencil, and stick. Depends on your purpose, each one will have its unique benefits.

  • The tube one should be used with a very thin layer all over your lips. It needs to be dry before lips color.
  • The pencil primer is used for your mouth line to prevent lips color from feathering.
  • The twist-up stick form needs to be applied on the entire lips, including the corners.

Tips to use primer for your face correctly

apply primer

Step 1

Wash your face and hands thoroughly. This step ensures the dirt and impurities will be removed before applying makeup. Meanwhile, you need to keep your hands clear not to spread dirt all over your face while using a primer.

Step 2

Use moisturizer. Even with a hydrating primer, it cannot replace moisturizer to nourish your skin. Do not be afraid of putting too many layers on your face, because it will sink into the skin quickly without a heavy feeling.

Step 3

Squeeze a peanut-size amount of primer on your palm. Using excessive primers is not necessary because it could make the foundation clump. A pea-size primer is enough for the whole face and neck.

Step 4

Start by applying primer to the center of your face (forehead, cheek, and nose areas). Move two fingers in a circular motion to spread it to other parts evenly. Don’t forget the hairline, the skin around your eyes, and your lips.

Step 5

Wait for the primer to dry entirely. Then you can continue the makeup process with foundation and other items.

What are top 5 best primers for your face

Does primer do anything else for your face? According to Vogue – the most famous fashion magazine worldwide, from the moment you apply primer on your skin, you will wonder how could you ever live without it [2].

Here are the top 5 rated primers:

Maybelline instant age rewind primer

Check Current Price

Standing at the first position of the list is this cute-pinky tube. Talking about customers’ favorite primers, it could be a big mistake if we do not mention about Maybelline products.

With light reflection formula, this primer will erase all of the pores, wrinkles, and dry lines. It finishes with a silky and smooth texture to hide all of your imperfections. For the best result, you should apply it after a layer of moisturizer and before using foundation.

Things we like:

  • Smooth canvas finish
  • No creasing
  • One tube lasts for 2-3 months

Things we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for eyelids
  • Costly (35.99$ per 0.85 ounce)

Dermalogica skin perfect primer

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After applying on the skin, the cream smoothes away the dry patches and brighten your skin tone to prepare for makeup application. With the natural minerals, it enhances the radiant skin after the first touch.

Things we like:

  • Contain sun protected factor (SPF)
  • Accelerate collagen production
  • Soft-focus effect
  • Smooth and silky finish

Things we don’t like:

  • Have shimmer effect
  • Intense smell

The Present primer


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The benefits of this primer are endless. Not only for its flawless appearance, but the natural antibacterial properties is a noticeable aspect. This colorless gel is suitable for all skin types and protects your skin from harmful bacteria.

One important thing to remember while using this primer: you need to let it dry completely before applying foundation, or it could get flaking.

Things we like:

  • Natural scent
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting effect

Things we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for on-stage makeup
  • Does not contain SPF

Premium makeup primer

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What makes this product unique is: a high amount of vitamins and anti-oxidant agents are available in this primer. Everything it can do for your face is camouflaging all of the imperfections without clogging the pores and forming acne.

Besides, most of the ingredients are organic, paraben-free, and fragrance-free, so it is quite friendly to your skin and the environment.

Things we like:

  • 8-12 hours lasting effect
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Flawless and natural finish
  • FDA approved

Things we don’t like:

  • Hard to choose the right color via website
  • Not easy-going smell

bareMinerals Original Primer

Check Current Price

With the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E in the ingredient list, this primer is also a fantastic skin care product. It helps you get rid of enlarged pores, uneven skin, dryness and other complexion problems.

The product has been under clinical tests to make sure there are no irritations, so your skin will be safe while using this primer.

Things we like:

  • Does not contain preserve ingredients
  • Only one pump requires each use
  • Contains plant extract

Things we don’t like:

  • Intense smell
  • The pump may be hard to use for some people

That is it! We have introduced everything you need to know about primer. What is primer? And what does primer do for your face? Now they are easy to find the answers, isn’t it? Plus with our list of top 5 best primers ever, what you need to do is picking your favorite one and enjoy your gorgeous look.

Hope that this article is useful and fully provided what you are searching for.

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