What Does CLA Do?

April 12, 2018

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What Does CLA Do?

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CLA has been recently grabbing a lot of attention in the fitness field, especially among the bodybuilders and gym-goers who are looking to shed more pounds. It’s one of the most promising supplements that can help you when you’ve already hit a weight loss plateau. So what does CLA do? And how is it related to your fat loss and other health benefits? We’re going to clear things up right now in this post.

What is CLA?

CLA, or commonly known as the linoleic acid, which is a part of the Omega family of all fatty acids. We can found it naturally in meat, dairy products, and even the normal things, not costly superfoods. Then DOES CLA HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS? Well, for everyone, this is a popular dietary supplement that can help us shed more pounds, retain weight loss, lean muscle mass, and control Type II diabetes.

CLA is a part of the Omega family of all fatty acids
CLA is a part of the Omega family of all fatty acids

Unlike other fatty acids, CLA owns one cis double bond and another trans double bond. In other words, they are trans fats, which are released throughout the unsaturated fat digestion in cows or sheep.

What does CLA do? People are seeking a shortcut to achieve a fit body and lose more weights, but they might have no idea the correct way to gain it. However, as long as you get the BEST CLA SUPPLEMENT, this will help you reach the final goal in a quicker way [1]! Together with fat-burning advantages, CLA has been proven to deliver a large number of health benefits, from cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, immunity, to osteoporosis.

In food stores, CLA is often sold in the form of syrup or pills. If so, HOW TO TAKE CLA? While syrup might taste quite good and it’s possible to mix it with your favorite food. But with pills, if you intend to break capsules away, or combine it with yogurt, it would taste bitter.

Besides, CLA often arrives in different concentrations. Thus, make sure to purchase the product that contains about 80% of CLA for the maximum fat-loss results. As stated above on what does CLA do, it has been studied to help prevent any heart illness, but it also boosts your immune functions to dodge various types of cancer.

What does CLA do with your weight?

According to a study conducted by Gaultier, there were 180 obese men and women, who are all between 25 and 30 BMI. For BMI, this is indeed an indicator of your body fat, and if it’s above 25, then it would mean an increase in the risk of heart illness as well as other medical issues. Diabetes will be one of these.

These volunteers were divided into three groups in which the first two groups took CLA daily or the syrup daily while the other group got a capsule contained with olive oil every day. Before learning what does CLA do with them, we can say that they don’t have to change their habits or diet. They do the same amount of exercises, and the calorie intake among these three groups are the same.

Finally, after one year, here are the result they gained.:

  • The two CLA groups successfully lost weight approximately four pounds while the placebo group was the same as the beginning.
  • The CLA syrup group owned 9% body fat loss while the CLA pill team only had 7% fat loss. And the placebo group didn’t have any loss.
  • Both CLA groups shared the same improvements in muscle mass [2].

These outcomes of the study here simply give support to the later findings. They displayed that the effect will be the highest for anyone who has the highest BMI (body mass index). The index can be around 25 or 30 BMI.

About what does CLA do with weight loss, it’s said to be better than having no weight loss at all. Well, at least CLA doesn’t cause you to gain weight. Besides, we’re sure that you would be more interested in knowing that CLA is mostly found in our daily foods, such as lamb, dairy products, and beef.

Once knowing this, stop being skeptical about CLA’s ability to reduce fat and support fat loss. It’s indeed a potent helper for all gym-goers, too! Apart from the above study, according to one report published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, CLA was claimed to influence human’s energy metabolism so that it can help decrease the size and number of our fat cells.

And to make it work the best, you need to know what is the BEST TIME TO TAKE CLA. It’s highly recommended to do it before or during your meals. Doing so will prevent some CLA SUPPLEMENT SIDE EFFECTS, like upset tummy or nausea for examples.  

Last but not least, to allow CLA to make a big difference, let’s give it a shot by choosing the BEST CLA FOR WEIGHT LOSS and watch your calories at the same time.

What does CLA affect your health?

CLA has drawn a wide research interest because of its undeniably potential effects on our health. Through so many studies, they have highlighted its true benefits not just on weight loss, but also other aspects. Let’s discover these amazing benefits of this trans fat with us!

Boost muscle growth

What does CLA do with our body mass? It helps increase your lean muscle mass effectively and cause the overall decrease in weight. Since these muscles are active, which means that a muscle mass growth is equal to your body would burn more calories.

Besides, we’re told about a relation between CLA and the athletic performance. In a study conducted on it and fish oil, the fat supplements are stated to form an anabolic space and cause the muscle growth desired by most athletes.

Reduce cholesterol and glucose levels

You might be surprised at the fact that CLA does so many good things to your health, and cholesterol reduction is one of them. Particularly, it has been shown to decrease blood pressure and glucose levels in the blood, which is likely to lower your risk of suffering any heart disease or atherosclerosis.  

In a study assessing the effect of CLA on atherosclerosis, about 12 rabbits were given a diet having CLA. During and at the end of the research, the rabbits’ lipids were found to own lower bad cholesterol. And when examining the biggest artery in their bodies, it showed lower atherosclerosis.

Aside from that, CLA is also seen as an antioxidant that is likely to lower your blood pressure and the insulin sensitiveness. For this reason, it’s thought to own some antidiabetic features as well, depending on the decrease in glucose and insulin.

Boost the immune system

Once following the right diet and exercising on a regular basis, your body tends to easily fatigue and more prone to illnesses. But when you supplement with CLA, it’s possible to improve the overall immunity. In different studies, CLA has been claimed to enhance the system response and could prevent your tissue breakdown during the disease.  

Prevent bone loss

In a study carried out at Purdue University, it examined different rat-tissue cultures, consisting of bone tissue as well. CLA supplement could modulate local elements so that the bone metabolism can be regulated. To prevent bone loss, the best way here is to add a sufficient amount of healthy fats to their diets.

So if you worry about your bone density, take action by following a diet that can keep your insulin levels as low as possible. We suggest you add a CLA to your food about twice a day. Then what does CLA do in this case? It has been proven to retain your lean muscles and the bone density.

CLA prevents bone loss
CLA prevents bone loss

Fight against cancer

Following the recent evidence, CLA is believed to contain some promising benefits against cancer among women. By studying CLA-based dairy products consumption, it has been discovered to have an inverse relation between the intake of CLA and cancer.

The anti-carcinogenic characteristics of CLA are comprised of the modulation of releasing the eicosanoid, the active lipids implicated in different pathological stages, like cancer or inflammation for examples.

Nowadays, more and more people have been wondering what does CLA do and the benefits of using CLA. However, would they see the instant results? HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR CLA TO WORK? As some testimonials stated, you’ll notice a difference in a couple of weeks, and the results would vary based on the individuals.

Improve body composition and fight obesity

A lot of studies on CLA supplement have proven that CLA probably owns the anti-obesity ability. It may boost your body composition. If taking CLA on a long-term, it can stimulate a moderate reduction in body fat and even prevention of storing too much fat in overweight individuals.

Speaking of the anti-obesity function of CLA, what does CLA do to help your fat loss? It tends to promote the appetite suppression and energy consumption. These are done through an increased metabolic rate. After causing the insulin resistance, your lipid synthesis will be suppressed remarkably, not to mention how the lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and lipids) are boosted in the fat cells.

Regulate your gene expression

CLA functions to release a large number of health benefits: metabolic function improvement, body fat reduction, and even regulate gene expression. Its mechanisms relate to nothing less than the regulation of your gene expression, particularly on various strains of rats and mice. These latest findings are conducted with the aim of improving human health.

Though we’ve seen much research on the health benefits of CLA, this might cause some side effects unless you consult your doctor.

What are the side effects of CLA?

Feel fatigued

You’ve already known what does CLA do, but might be surprised that it may cause some discomforts. Feeling tired is one of the most commonly happened side effects when you decide to treat with CLA. This increased fatigue probably influences your ability to stay active during your daily activities. Also, you might find out that you should sleep for a longer period so that you can soon feel refreshed again.

Upset tummy

The extended use of CLA supplementation can trigger an upset stomach. Together with this, you’ll notice some uncomfortable sensations of vomiting, which can lead to your appetite loss. If such a thing happens, make sure to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Do it early to dodge other tummy-related effect, like nausea.

Other side effects at a high dose of CLA

If taking CLA at a high dose, which means you take more supplements than recommended for a certain period, some bad effects might arise. These are comprised of some unwanted problems, from swellings, rash, and trouble in breathing. Here are the most common issues you can encounter:

  • High blood sugar or the so-called Hyperglycemia in some particular individuals due to the insulin resistance promotion.
  • With the presence of C-reactive protein in anyone who takes the CLA supplement, a proinflammatory cytokine will occur.  
  • Higher doses of CLA are said to lower the amount of friendly cholesterol and the lipoproteins. This thing leads to high cholesterol and other potential risks.

What does CLA do above could worry you pretty much, but calm down. As long as you take the supplement with medical attention and know how to stop overusing it in time, it’s still safe for your health!

How to take CLA?

It’s highly advised that you should take at least 3,000 milligrams of CLA if you try hard to shed more pounds. Being mostly sold in the capsule form, CLA is supposed to be the best when you decide to consume it before or during your meal. Later, you’re surely impressed with what does CLA do.  

In fact, there are varying doses of CLA you’re allowed to take, and we recommend them all. But as it comes to how to decrease your body fat effectively, keep it between 1.8 – 7g of CLA on a regular basis. More importantly, do not ever try self-medicating with CLA, and do not ever see it as a magical pill for your fat loss. Ensure to talk to your doctor to make sure it not to interrupt your present medications and health conditions. In this case, let’s invest in a decent-quality brand [3]!  

If you’re still not clear, follow our three ways below can to learn how to take CLA the best way:

Think of why you should take CLA supplements

You’re told about a big number of claims made by those manufacturing and distributing CLA. The main reason why they choose to get CLA is to shed pounds. In a few studies, as it comes to what does CLA do, these have been proven to relate to the prevention of heart illness and reduction in diabetes and cancers.

Get the correct variety of CLA

This is one of the most crucial things to do when choosing the right variety of CLA.  We’ve got a bunch of CLA versions which only differ in the molecular degree. There are some proofs suggesting that the effective ones must be filled with the trans-10, cis-12 CLA. If you’re not certain what a CLA has, ask your doctor or a nutritionist for support.

Aside from this, you need to know that most CLA supplements are designed in two various ways. A few of them are made through the chemical stages while others could be formulated by using the animal products (dairy or beef). In a few situations, the supplements will be made up of a mixture of those two methods. But such methods won’t affect much how effective the CLA becomes.

Purchase a good-quality brand

You should buy the brand that is trusted and respected by users. A lot of CLA brands nowadays haven’t been labeled yet, and all of them consist of ingredients that seem different from those written on the label. In this case, consult your doctor for a better recommendation. If not, ask your friends who concern about maintaining good health. They can suggest you the best CLA brands they like. For the most popular brand, choose Tonalin.  

Combine with exercise regime when using CLA

Like what we just mentioned what does CLA do, CLA indeed helps your weight loss. But DOES CLA WORK WITHOUT EXERCISE? No, it doesn’t. If you want to achieve better results, combine with a great diet and exercise routine. Besides, following your doctor’s recommendation and manufacturer’s guide is another good way to go.

For instance, according to the brand directions, you need to take the capsule with water. Then check with the doctor to know if this supplement is safe for you or not.

Combine with exercise regime when using CLA
Combine with exercise regime when using CLA

Watch out for side effects

There are a great number of side effects linked to CLA supplementation. These are like the flu symptoms, from stools, nausea, fatigue to vomiting. Along with them, you might experience constipation, headaches, red bumps on your skin.


We believe that you’ve already got the answer to everyone’s biggest concern “what does CLA do?” It can help you lose fat with this fatty acid CLA. And to get the most out of it, try to incorporate it into your diet and exercise regime. But make sure to consult with your doctor and read the manufacturer’s directions carefully before taking the supplements.

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