Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric Essential Oil And Its Uses

July 19, 2017

Hannah Hall

Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric Essential Oil And Its Uses

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Likely ginger oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil…, turmeric essential oil has been utilized by the good properties of turmeric and fresh turmeric dried.

Turmeric has milled into turmeric powder for use in daily activities such as food, supporting and as a medicine for treatment.

In some home remedies, turmeric is the most widely used herb by turmeric oil which closes to human life, both easy to find and cheap.

Turmeric oil might demonstrate the positive effects while we can avoid the negative ones by using in the right way.

In addition, essential oils turmeric is used to support acne and promote healing scars, stomach pain… which is extremely effective.

So, do you know the turmeric oil extracted from turmeric can be used in any case? How to make turmeric oil from fresh turmeric at home?

The article below, we will introduce you some of the effects and benefits of turmeric oil and show you the way to make turmeric oil at home.

What is turmeric oil?

Turmeric is one of the herbs that extracted from fresh turmeric. It is especially good for beauty and health care. But nowadays, turmeric oil is not widely known, although it is a very beautiful herbal plant that is easy to use.

From fresh artichokes harvested from nature, turmeric oil is extracted. To get the best amount of product, it is necessary to go through many steps to remove unnecessary impurities from the product.

Yellow turmeric contains curcumin and Alpha- turmerone, which helps to fight inflammation, especially to heal wounds better than before [1]. Besides, you can use it to take care of and restore the damage.


Turmeric essential oil benefits

Of the many herbs that work well for the skin, turmeric essential oil doterra remains the gold standard herb to keep the skin smooth and youthful.

1. Antimicrobial effect of turmeric

In the composition of turmeric essential oil, curcumin has antibacterial effects that against the bacteria.

Curcumin also promotes the healing process and refer to inflammation.

Therefore, when wounded, we also often use turmeric oil or turmeric to stop the bleeding and help the wound heal faster.

2. Turmeric oil has a high antioxidant capacity

Turmeric essential oil is widely used in nourishing and regenerating the skin to help your skin healthy, fade bruise and bring smooth, youthful skin and full of vitality [2].

You can try some below turmeric essential oil recipes to make the mask for your skin to take the antioxidant effect. Turmeric essential oil is one of the top ingredients for your young living.

3. Turmeric essential oil and anti-pigmentation benefit

Curcumin, the ingredients in turmeric essential oil helps to stimulate the removal of pigmented melanin and to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun, resulting in whiter and blotchy skin.

women with beauty

Mix two to three turmeric drops with honey, and yogurt: Apply to your skin and you will have an anti- pigmentation mask.

4. Turmeric oil prevent hair loss

Using turmeric oil and some other will help restore your damaged hair, giving your hair a healthy.

You can apply turmeric directly into your hair or mix with coconut oil or olive oil. Massage gently then rinse by water with a bit soap.

loss hair

5. Anti-Wrinkle Supporting

With its powerful antioxidant properties effect, turmeric essential oils help your skin to become firmer by maintaining collagen structure and minimizing facial wrinkles especially wrinkles in the eyes. So you should use turmeric oil to have a youthful face.

6. Turmeric oil prevents cancer

In addition to the effects of turmeric essential oils, turmeric oil also helps in the prevention of cancer.

There are several studies which have shown the effects of turmeric on cancer prevention [3], especially on gastrointestinal cancer by containing the chemical named aromatic turmerone and curcumin.

Aromatic turmerone and curcumin act in our body as an anticancer agent so that preventing cancer.

7. Turmeric oil in psoriasis

As the anti-inflammatory function of curcumin and some other chemicals [1], the turmeric oil doterra applied to the skin can support psoriasis, remove melisma, bruise, dark spots on the skin, prevent acne especially acne. Wrap and support anti-oily skin.

8. Turmeric oil and ear diseases

Turmeric oil promotes and prevents some ear diseases such as external ear infection. It can be seen that the effect of turmeric oil can be widely applied in our lives.

Hopefully, with the suggestions above you will find the way to use oil technology and bring the best effect.

9. Turmeric oil prevent atherosclerosis

Turmeric oil has effects on prevention of atherosclerosis. Turmeric delays the accumulated process of fatty plaque inside the vessel.

Hence, we can prevent atherosclerosis, particularly in the coronary vessel.

10. Turmeric oil and joint pain

As we know that, turmeric essential oil is considered as a natural anti-inflammatory chemical by containing curcumin [1], [4].

Curcumin inhibits the cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and pre- inflammatory agents. Hence, turmeric oil prevents joint inflammation and joint pain. Turmeric oil is very great in joint treatment in the elderly.

knee pain

How to use turmeric essential oil

  • To apply: After bathing, 1-2 drops of essential oil into cotton balls and apply to the spots to apply. You can use daily after cleansing as a nourishing nutrient.
  • For massage: Dilute your favorite essential oils with jojoba oil, grape seed, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil … with 10-15 drops of pure essential oil or 30ml of derivative oil.

To save more, you can also use Johnson’s baby oil that is commercially available on the market as a lubricant.

  • For steaming: Pour boiling water into a large bowl, then drop a few drops of essential oil that you like and fit your skin. Climb your face in a bowl of water or cover a towel over your head to allow the steam to mix with the oil in your face.

When the water has cooled, you can use this bowl to wash your face (do not use with cleanser).

  • Use as a mask: You can mix a few drops of turmeric essential oil with yogurt, honey, rice bran or fruit to make a paste mixture and apply to the skin.

Relax for about 15-30 minutes. This turmeric oil mask will not irritate the skin even for the most sensitive skin.

Turmeric essential oil  doterra uses with some recipes

Add a few drops of turmeric oil to 5 – 10ml of fresh milk (without sugar). Shake well, rub cotton on the face, neck, and hands, helping to remove wrinkles, leaving skin smooth, youthful and bright skin.

This simple way can help you to get effectively on your skin fast. Or you may follow this simple recipe which includes turmeric essential oil and fresh milk to help remove wrinkles, smooth skin.

Turmeric, honey, rice bran or oatmeal can be used to exfoliate dead skin cells, helping smooth skin, exfoliating to smooth, youthful skin.

A few drops of turmeric essential oil combined with less taro oil have the effect of psoriasis, eczema, bruises, pigmentation on the skin. Prevents breakouts especially acne, acne, blemishes and anti-oily effect.

Turmeric essential oil (3% concentration) and taro oil are useful in psoriasis, melasma, bruise, pigmentation on the skin. Prevention of acne especially acne brain, acne sheath, anti-greasy skin.

The side effects of turmeric oil that you may meet

Even, turmeric oil brings many health benefits. If used too much or used in the long run can cause some certain side effects.

Although there is no specific regulation on how many should be taken daily, as this food is not considered to contain the necessary nutrients, according to experts.

A healthy adult can add 300-500mg of turmeric and 5-10ml turmeric oil per day.

You should avoid consuming too much turmeric if you have gallstone or other stones.

If you are taking aspirin, consult your doctor before using it as it is an agent that affects platelet count (prevent clot formation). Those who undergo surgery should also avoid using turmeric.

Here are some of the side effects of the technology that you need to refer to:


Because of its spicy nature, using turmeric for a long time can cause abdominal pain.

To avoid this side effect, you should use turmeric powder to easily dissolve the intestine, nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine more and reduce discomfort to the stomach.

pain in stomach

Stimulate the uterus

Turmeric is known to be a substance that can stimulate the uterus, so it may be beneficial for the menstrual flow.

However, pregnant women and lactating mothers need to be careful when using technology to avoid any harm to the baby.

Difficulty in absorbing

Oral supplementation often difficult to absorb all the nutrients contained in art.

However, this can be overcome by the addition of a multivitamin containing piperine, an active ingredient that promotes the uptake of art. Thanks to that, you can get all the health benefits of turmeric.

Cause bleeding

Some compounds in turmeric if consumed in the body too much can slow the blood clotting process, so it can lead to bleeding.

If you are taking anticoagulants or platelet-related medications, take note when using the medicine. It is best to consult a doctor’s advice or avoid using art.

Diarrhea and nausea

Many studies have shown that people who consume large doses of Artemisia can suffer from diarrhea, sweating, nausea due to its spicy and gastric stimulation.

So, reduce the dose or avoid turmeric if you have diarrhea and nausea.

Be careful when using turmeric oils at home

  • Do not use for bathing.
  • Massage the body by diluting with base oil.
  • Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep in a sealed container, out of reach of children.
  • Do not use essential oils to treat illnesses without any reference and consult of medical care.
  • Do not continue to use essential oils if odor, strange color or allergy occurs.
  • Do not use artichoke starch at the same time with turmeric oil to prevent the case of blood.
  • Women suffering from menorrhagia should not use artichoke starch because turmeric has the effect of clearing the blood, so only the effect of curing blood, closing business cannot cure menstrual bleeding.
  • People with the gastrointestinal disease should drink black sesame starch (black currant honey) before meals.
  • Turmeric and turmeric oil should not be considered as a drug because it only works when used just right.

Curcumin is traditionally known for its ability to reduce inflammation and antioxidant, but excessive use can cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, iron metabolism disorders, hepcidin protein blockers, Iron in susceptible patients.

  • High doses of curcumin also stimulate adrenal gland secretion cortisone – a substance with high anti-inflammatory properties. So if you consume a lot of turmerics, your body’s anti-inflammatory capacity will decrease.

When there are signs of side effects of hearing, if it is mild, you should stop using it for a few days until the side effect is complete. Then reduce the dose of turmeric down to use.

If you get worse, go to the nearest medical facility for a checking, ask your doctor if you should continue to use it.

These are the possible side effects of turmeric and turmeric oil, although the number of side effects is very small, you should be more careful to avoid unnecessary cases.



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How to make turmeric oil at home

Essential oils are beneficial for beauty and health care. Guidance for use and how to make turmeric essential oils below you try to reference to extract this kind of essential oils.

The way to make turmeric oil is simple and easy. We already know that turmeric essential oil help stimulates the skin’s anti-melanin production and prevent the damaging effects of UV rays.

So, how to make turmeric oil at home but we still keep the whole effects of turmeric oil.

Below, we will share how to make a homemade saffron puree. You can make saffron oil and store it in the fridge for short periods of time.

  • Preparation: Refer to how to prepare saffron, large shake, blender, and filter.
  • When choosing turmeric should choose the old turmeric and fresh will give more oil. Make sure you clean the shells before cleaning.
  • Next, slice or cut into small pieces, then add in a blender, can add a little cold water and puree the mixture of turmeric.
  • Use filter cloth to remove juice and remove pulp. After extracting the turmeric residue in the residue, it is continued to mix in the filtered water about 3 times to get the most starch.
  • Pour the filtered water into 2 shifts, add cold water and stir until about 3 hours. When you see the starch in the bottom of the container, remove the upper part.
  • Continue to settle 3-4 times and do the same.
  • Finally, starch is added a little bit of water and boiled.

How to make this simple yellow turmeric can be applied immediately to obtain pure preservative oil in a refrigerator that can be used for two weeks.

Do not leave your own homemade turmeric oil for too long because not preserved will not keep the effect not safety for the health of users.

So now you see, the way to make turmeric oil is simple, anyone can do it. Let try to make at home.


Of the many herbs that work well for the skin, turmeric remains the gold standard herb to keep the skin smooth and youthful.

Turmeric works to support acne treatment, scars, brightens skin, prevents melasma, acne, freckles and anti-sun damage.

Turmeric essential oil contains curcumin active ingredients, have the effects:

  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, help wound healing scar immediately
  • Beauty effectively because of its strong antioxidant capacity, prevents rapid aging, gives users a smooth, long lasting skin
  • Reduces pigmentation: Increases the excretion of pigmented skin cells to produce pigmentation and prevents the damage from UV rays, helps to whiten and blotches pigmentation.
  • Anti-wrinkle: Anti-oxidant skin cells, maintain collagen structure to help skin firm, reduce the wrinkles especially in the eyes.
  • Hair loss: Hair growth helps hair grow faster, beautiful fibers, reduced dry break
  • Support against atherosclerosis helps prevent cancer effectively, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer …
  • Fight joint pain effectively

The effects of turmeric oil can vary from person to person depending on the locomotive, diet, and lifestyle of each specific user.

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