Tragus Piercing, Anti-Tragus Piercing, Tragus Earrings: What To Know

June 29, 2017

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Tragus Piercing, Anti-Tragus Piercing, Tragus Earrings: What To Know

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What is a tragus piercing?

A tragus piercing is one of the modern styles for piercing nowadays. The tragus is an area that is located on the right of the ear canal and outside. It is an oval small cartilage flap and connected to the face to help your ears collect sound around you. On the other hands, it will make your ears more precise and fashionable. This is a trend for girls and boys to look unique and different from others.

How to piercing your tragus?

There are two options for you to piercing your tragus that include a needle or a gun. Many people who done with tragus piercings definitely choose a needle. To clear what you should choose, you can read below information:

A needle: Choose the suitable needle by a professional then ensure that a hollow and sterilized needle. After that, the expert will press through tragus then keep it about 10 minutes. This method is believed that less hurt than using a gun. Otherwise, you should not try this at home. Tragus piercing healing might be quick than going for a gun.

A gun: This method is done by a professional. He or she will stretch the ornament to ensure that it is fit. Going by a gun takes longer time and not accurate as well if the piercing skill is not good. In addition, you should never use a gun for cartilage piercing.

Does tragus piercing hurt?

According to the pain scale from 1 to 10 that is not painful in 1 while very painful in 10. The tragus pain level ranks around 3 to 4. In more words, some cases reported that the pain might mild and smaller than 3 in the pain scale. Thus, you hear that tragus piercing pain is a mild pinch and a pop sound.

What factors will affect the tragus piercing pain?

Pain endurance: Why pain endurance affects to your piercing. Because of the different pain tolerance thus each person will response with the piercing process to many levels.

Expert’s skill: For experienced professional, the tragus piercing might be safe and less pain. Therefore, to shorten your healing process you should consider about finding a skilled and good piercer.

Tragus jewelry: The different types of tragus jewelry can affect to the pain level. For almost people who suffer from inserting the jewelry said that the tragus piercing level will increase to 5 or 6 on scale 1 to 10. Normally, straight jewelry causes mild pain to compare with beaded ring. When the tragus is healed totally you can change to beaded ring later.

How long does it take for ear piercing to heal?

The healing time of piercing depends on each person health situation. For people who are having auto-immune disease or diabetes it will be slower than normal condition. Unfortunately, if you get an infection after piercing the healing process might take longer. The tragus piercing healing takes from 4 to 7 days to dry and intact.

Tragus bleeding or swelling after piercing

This problem is necessary to write because the tragus piercing may appear a little bleeding that can take a few minutes.

The amount and time of bleeding depend on varies people. Some individuals have slightly blood vessels thus the bleeding process will be quick. Otherwise, in some first days, it might be swelling around the position that might get an infection.

Infected tragus piercing and aftercare

How do you know the symptoms of an infected tragus piercing? Actually, after piercing, you can recognize some outstanding signs and symptoms of an infected tragus piercing such as: swelling, redness, pain, yellow or green discharge or smelly. You can get an infection after inserting tragus jewelry as well.

Therefore, experts suggest that the aftercare process is important to prevent infection. Try to clean the piercing twice a day with a saline solution. Take a cotton ball then apply that solution to soak and clean piercing place. Actually, if you do this process daily, then the healing process will probably shorten and take from 6 to 8 weeks.

In addition, you can use a chamomile salt with soaking to soothe the piercing area. This is deeply good for sensitive skin. Make ¼ teaspoon of salt in some boiled water then add a chamomile tea bag and brew about 5 minutes. After that, dip a cotton ball in the solution then hold it against for 3-5 minutes. You should do it twice a day to get effectiveness.


  • Do not touch the tragus piercing area with dirty hands because it might cause infection. Otherwise, if you have a sensitive skin, dirty things can make your pierced area easy to have an irritation.
  • When you sleep you should mention to lie down on the clean sheet or not by the pierced place. This might get itching from touching.
  • Do not bring earphones after piercing.

Home remedies for tragus piercing infection

  • Tea tree oil: This is a good remedy; it can treat many health conditions such as shingles, dizziness… We should say thank to its antibacterial components, therefore, it can cure tragus piercing infection. For sensitive skin, you can dilute the tea tree oil with one or two drops of clean water then apply on the infected area with a cotton swab. Try to do it twice a day. For normal skin, you can apply directly one or two drops of tea tree oil to the infected position.
  • Lemon juice: Make some lemon juice then mix with some water. After that, dip a q-tip with lemon juice to put on the bump. Try to repeat this process twice or three times when you see a better situation.


  • Honey: This remedy is good for skincare as well. Because it contains many natural agents that can shorten healing and soothe pain or swelling. You can take a dad of honey to apply on the infected place.

How much does a tragus piercing cost?

How much is a tragus piercing? After reading full reviews and feedbacks from customers, you might probably give a good decision for a lovely tragus piercing. It counts from $15-$50.

Vertical tragus piercing

Vertical tragus piercing is another type of tragus piercing that is done vertically on the tragus. It will start from the outside then go inner ear piercing after that go out again in the tragus. Because this procedure will do double tragus piercing thus the pain level might run from 4 to 7. If you are not brave enough I think vertical tragus piercing is not the best choice.

tragus earings

Surface tragus piercing pain

This method is not going into the cartilage fully. Otherwise, it traverses via the cartilage flesh without going through inner side. However, it will make much more painful.

When do I need to change the tragus piercing and when will it close over?

You can change the tragus piercing when the pierced area is absolutely healed without redness, sore or crusty. You also make sure that new jewelry is sterilized. To be ensured you can seek a help from a professional piercer.

Depend on varies people, time for close over the tragus piercing is different. You should make sure it is not too long since you leave jewelry out.

How to take out tragus piercing?

  • Clean your hands. The first time when you change your piercing this step is important.
  • Prepare jewelry. Sterilize the jewelry.
  • When you move the jewelry out, you should expose the jewelry to pull the skin away. Then you put your finger in front of the tragus and pull the skin forward.

Anti tragus piercing

This is a new style of piercing that performs of the cartilage fold adjacent to the tragus and lobe. When the piercer cleans the area, he or she will mark spot by a permanent ink maker.

After that, they will use a sterilized and hollow needle to go through the cartilage. The jewelry inserts followed to the piercing.

For the pain level, this style is from 4 to 6 in 1 to 10 pain scale. In the pierced area, it can bleed then appear crusty in the few first days. To compare with nose or belly piercing, this is not much pain as them. Why the pain is mild because this position does not have a lot of nerves and blood vessels as well, therefore, you don’t need to be scary it.

The cost for antitragus piercing ranges from $30 to $60.

Anti tragus piercing aftercare

Make sure you get full steps of aftercare below:

  • Clean your hair before touching
  • Use a cotton ball to dip in warm salt water then wash the pierced area twice a day
  • Rinse gently the anti tragus piercing with a mild soap when you take a bath and use a clean towel to dry the site
  • Do not wear earphones or headphones
  • Make sure your bed is clean
  • Do not lie down on the side ear piercings
  • Avoid changing the tragus jewelry until it heals completely
  • Avoid swim. Swimming can be easy to get the risk of an infection because of bacteria and dirty things in the swimming pool.

Anti tragus piercing healing and infection

It might take from 8 to 16 weeks to heal totally the piercing.

To prevent infection, you should focus on the aftercare process. Otherwise, you need to know some first signs and symptoms of infection like pain, redness, swelling and yellow discharge. Then ask the expert a suitable treatment to stop complication.

On the other hand, you should follow tragus of ear forums and blogs to know some fabulous tips that can improve your anti tragus piercing.

You can use some home remedies for anti tragus piercing infection such as tea tree oil, warm water, sea salt. To know more details about how to do you can read above parts about home remedies for tragus piercing.

Questions and Answers

1. Why does my tragus piercing still hurt for a week and get a bruise?

Firstly, you should follow strictly aftercare steps. You should touch it by your dirty hands or you don’t clean carefully the area in the right way. It might be the reason. However, in some sensitive skin people, the healing time can take longer and up to a few months, you still feel tender.

2. When I get an infected bump, should I remove my earring?

Actually, you should not remove it. Because the hole will close easy and the infected area become worse. Therefore, absolutely you should keep the piercing on and remember to do all aftercare suggestion such as don’t touch to pierce site, keep bed clean, lie down the opposite site and follow the pierced situation…

3. Can I do tragus piercing?

You can go on the internet and search some good places base on reviewers or feedbacks. Remember that choose the skill and experienced experts to do your tragus piercing. It might help you reduce pain and risk of infection. Moreover, they can do an exact area for you. Make sure you tell your piercer if you have sensitive skin or history of irritation in piercing.

4. If I squeeze it what happens?

You should not squeeze it because it might bleed a lot and your healing process will take longer than normal. Try to keep it clean and don’t touch your dirty hands on that area. Tragus piercing takes 1 to 4 months to dry and heal.

5. Is it normal to have a small bum a few days after piercing?

After a few days, if your tragus piercing appears a small bum you should follow other signs and symptoms such as pain or redness. If you go these symptoms, then you might get an infection. You can try to apply some home remedies and ensure the aftercare process and keep up some days to reduce. It is recommended to see a doctor and check if your situation is worse.

Tragus Earrings

These are some beautiful pictures about jewelry and tragus earrings you can take a look.

Tragus ear piercing and cute ear piercing

anti tragus piercing


Bar ear piercing


tragus piercing anti tragus



anti tragus piercing tragus earrings


Tragus studs

tragus piercing anti tragus piercing


Gold tragus jewelry

piercing tragus earrings


Diamond piercings

tragus piercing anti tragus piercing tragus piercing


tragus piercing


Tragus Piercing, Anti-Tragus Piercing, Tragus Earrings: What To Know
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