Throwing Up Foam: All You Need to Know About This Condition

January 31, 2018

Veronica Phan

Throwing Up Foam: All You Need to Know About This Condition

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Throwing up is not a disease itself. However, whenever you notice something unusual in your throwing up or it happens too frequently, it is time you needed to re-examine your condition carefully.

In general, throwing up foam is not such a big worry in most circumstances, but you should know how to cope with it so that you are not frustrated when it happens to you.

What Is Throwing Up Foam?

Throwing up, or you may use the term vomiting, is a completely usual reaction of your body to eradicate harmful substances which you have accidentally ingested. Besides, it can be a sign to show that your stomach is being irritated by something [1].

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In various situations, you might see the difference of color in your throwing up. Sometimes, it turns yellowish because you have just taken too much alcohol.

In other cases, white foam might appear when you throw up. But keep calm! White foam does not mean that your condition is worse.

Common Causes for Throwing Up Foam

Throwing up foam can happen due to a variety of factors.

Causes of throwing up foam
Causes of throwing up foam

First and also most commonly, it is a consequence of excessive vomiting when your stomach is empty. Excessive vomiting drives your body to throw up bile, which your liver produces to support digestion. Bile contacts with your stomach acids and they create foam.

Secondly, too much alcohol is responsible for throwing up foam as well. You can read more about the link between alcohol and throwing up foam in the article HOW TO STOP THROWING UP BILE AFTER DRINKING.

When you drink too much alcohol, your stomach lining gets irritated. It activates the chemoreceptor trigger zone of your brain, which drives you to vomit.

Besides, some medications can be potential contributors to throwing up foam. Digitalis and morphine may trigger the vomiting center of your brain [2].

On the other hand, some foods are likely to lead to throwing up foam. For example, eating too much ice cream, especially when your stomach is empty, causes serious vomiting foam.

Nevertheless, throwing up foam might go with a series of other symptoms, including skin discoloration or abdominal pain. If you find these problems familiar, then everything is worse in your case.

It may indicate something wrong with your liver or digestive system or it can show that you are experiencing some bacterial or fungal infections. In addition, throwing up foam and food should get serious concern.

Underlying Problems Behind Throwing Up Foam

Throwing up foam is not dangerous in most cases. However, there are times when you need to be worried about it, especially when some other symptoms happen at the same time.

Here is a list of common underlying problems related to throwing up foam.

Acid Reflux and GERD

GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and acid reflux refer to two separated issues, but they are closely associated.

Acid reflux is characterized as the returning of your stomach acids into your esophagus. When your stomach acid goes through your esophagus, you might feel burning sensation in your chest. It is heartburn which also makes you feel bitter or sour in your mouth [3].

Acid reflux can become GERD when it is chronic and its severity increases. In other words, acid reflux is just more or less than a symptom, but GERD should be seen as a digestive problem.

You can get these disorders due to hiatal hernia or simply your unhealthy lifestyles, for example, excessive consumption of alcohol, having big meals or eating right before bedtime.

Hiatal Hernia

This is another potential catalyst for the appearance of foam in your throwing up. Hiatal hernia refers to the condition in which part of your stomach pushes upward through your diaphragm into your chest.

Normally, there is a small opening in your diaphragm to support your esophagus’s lower part. However, when your stomach pushes through it, there is a problem.

As contents in your stomach might go up into your esophagus, you can see the link between this problem and acid reflux or GERD also.

Most people do not recognize hiatal hernia because it does not lead to any serious problems normally. Only when a doctor diagnoses it can you figure it out.

Nevertheless, large hiatal hernia is absolutely more dangerous. Both stomach acid and food can go through your esophagus and its acidity will be harmful for your esophagus [4].

This problem is more common among over-50-year-old people. Besides, genetics is a possible cause for your suffering. Injuries which damage your diaphragm might be responsible as well.

When hiatal hernia does not cause trouble for you, it is alright not to take treatment. Yet, it is important to seek for medications or even surgery to eliminate large hiatal hernia.

Candida Albicans

Candida infection can be a big reason for throwing up foam. Candida is among the most popular causes for infections in your mouth, intestinal tract or vagina. Besides, this yeast also affects your inner mucous membranes or skin.

We have nothing to worry about these infections if our immune system is strong. However, the yeast will expand to other body parts when your immunity becomes weak. And if it goes into your heart or brain, the problem is extremely dangerous.

Candida is not a bad thing in your body. In fact, it plays an essential role in the absorption of nutrients and digestion. Only when it grows beyond control due to some problems will it become dangerous.

Without proper treatment, Candida can go into your blood and then, damage your heart and brain [5].

The most common way to transmit Candida is from mother to baby. You can get it due to direct contact with immunocompromised patients. There are countless reasons for weak immunity, so you had better take care of your own health to prevent the problem.

Helicobacter Pylori Infection

A troublesome problem that can lie behind throwing up foam is H. pylori infection. They are bacteria with the spiral shape and they live in your digestive tract.

Most living things have these bacteria, so the likelihood is that they are not really dangerous in normal conditions. However, when the balance between bad and good bacteria in your gut is damaged, then the bacteria tend to make your stomach lining irritated.

As a result, you might see the appearance of ulcers in your stomach or small intestines. Besides, chronic inflammation seems to occur [6].

There has not been an exact answer for the way this infection develops. But it is likely that you get it due to lack of personal hygiene, especially not washing hands after toilet.

The only thing we know to prevent it is to maintain personal hygiene, including washing hands regularly and getting clean foods.

How to End Throwing Up Foam

As mentioned above, you do not have to worry about throwing up foam for the first time. However, if you see it happen too frequently, it is completely unusual and it is time you sought out treatment.


Let’s examine further how to end throwing up foam effectively!

Fortunately, you can put an end to throwing up foam quickly with some very simple ingredients right inside your house. They are amazing natural home remedies that bring positive results without any side effects.

Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea
Chamomile tea

Undeniably, this is one of the best ingredients you can use to reduce inflammation that happens to your stomach. It has wonderful calming effects on digestion problems.

You can take chamomile tea a few times on a daily basis. It is possible to boil either dry flower or tea bag in hot water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The mixture of apple cider vinegar and water has positive impacts on your stomach’s acidity level. As a result, digestive problems will be less significant and throwing up is less likely to annoy you.

Aloe Vera

You can get rid of throwing up foam, or acid reflux in general, quickly with simple aloe vera juice. For long, people have made use of aloe vera to prevent inflammation in various body parts. You can expect the same effects on your stomach.

Baking Soda

Another wonderful and simple home remedy for throwing up foam is baking soda. It has neutralizing effects on stomach acid and therefore, prevents many bad problems in your esophagus.

You can combine it with water and consume a few times per day.

How to Prevent Throwing Up Foam

It is the best idea to start finding out the fundamental cause of your condition. When bacteria or fungus cause the problem, then you can use antibiotics and medications to get rid of throwing up foam.

Yet, when the problem is chronic, you need a general strategy which involves significant changes in your lifestyles.

Healthy Diet

As throwing up foam is closely linked to your digestive system, it is certain that foods have significant impacts. What you consume on a daily basis is the fundamental base for this disorder and also the cure for it.

One of the best ways to get rid of this problem in the long term is to review your foods and try to establish the balance of nutrients.

In addition, even more important than what you eat, how you eat is what you need to pay attention to. You have to know beneficial eating habits and eliminate bad habits at the same time.

Here are some recommendations in terms of eating habits you should follow in order to keep throwing up foam far away.

  • Chewing everything slowly
  • Reducing fatty foods in your diet
  • Staying away from highly acidic foods
  • Not being hungry for too long
  • Choosing small portions, instead of big meals
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Bringing more probiotics into the diet, such as fermented foods

While some groups of foods need to be missing in your diet to prevent throwing up foam, you can add many others which have positive effects on your treatment.

For example, you can try some crackers which you can digest quite easily. Moreover, they provide you with energy and nutrients to help you recover better.

Overall, most bland foods are beneficial for the treatment of throwing up foam. Thus, you can get plain bread, rice, unsweetened cereal, and dry toast, just in case you lack crackers.

On the other hand, solid foods should be far away because they only worsen the situation.

Besides, fruits can make you better from vomiting foam too much. They reduce significantly the feeling of being nauseous. Some good examples are applesauce and bananas.

In case you feel better with these fruits, you can include more other foods after 2 days.

Healthy Lifestyle

healthy diet
Healthy diet

Obviously, healthy diet will contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. However, it is important to do exercise, which definitely boosts your health in general.

The suggestion is that you do some simple exercise at least 2 hours after your meals. It might be jogging or simple cardio training. Do not go into intense workout immediately after eating.

This will help you lose some weight as well. According to some studies, the more obese we are, the more likely we are to suffer from throwing up bile. Therefore, there is no harm behind effort of weight loss.

In addition, it is better to sleep around 2-3 hours after eating. If you lie down right after meals, the likelihood for throwing up is very high.

Alcohol and cigarettes are not good options, no matter whether you are under treatment or not.

Comfortable Clothes

It sounds irrelevant, but the truth is that your styles can improve or worsen the problem. Tight clothes, such as jeans, will make your internal organs compressed.

As a consequence, intestinal blockage might happen and throwing up is likely to occur.

Instead, you had better go for some comfortable clothes which make you feel good in your waistline.


Overall, throwing up foam is not something too serious to worry at the first sight. However, when you see the increase in both frequency and intensity of throwing up, it is imperative to seek for examination and treatment immediately.

It might show that you are undergoing some underlying problems without recognition.

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