The Truth About How to Use Origins Charcoal Mask You Need to Know

October 4, 2017

Veronica Phan

The Truth About How to Use Origins Charcoal Mask You Need to Know

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There are many unusual things that people use for beauty purposes. While you might be a little reluctant to try coca-cola for your hair, charcoal is actually a more popular and acceptable choice.

In this article, you are going to learn how to use Origins charcoal mask to improve the condition of your skin.

What Is Charcoal Mask?

Charcoal Mask

Charcoal is a common type of fuel that you normally see in your smoker or griller. In addition to its cooking applications, people have relied on charcoal for its various benefits on human skin.

Therefore, the beauty industry has recognized the appeal of charcoal and introduced mass products, including charcoal mask. You can learn more about how to buy it with our COMPLETE BUYING GUIDE FOR THE BEST CHARCOAL MASK.

So, what can charcoal exactly do for your skin?

Thanks to its amazing absorbing nature, activated charcoal helps to remove all foreign substances, including dirt, poisons, bacteria as well as other micro-particles from your skin [1].

Thus, your skin will avoid a lot of problems, such as acne, and become more flawless.

Your body won’t absorb or metabolize charcoal. It only works on the skin surface. Here you can find out more about HOW TO USE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FOR FACE.

On the other hand, many people use activated charcoal for other purposes as well. Some reported that charcoal is beneficial to help your teeth become whiter and free of bacteria [2].

Is charcoal bad? Yes, charcoal powder can have negative impacts if you do not use it in the right way or appropriate amount.

But it is more dangerous when you consume it, rather than apply it on the skin. It is a possible catalyst for your vomiting or nausea, or even respiratory complications [3].

Overall, using activated charcoal mask is safe for all types of skin. The issue is where you should start.

What Is Origins Charcoal Mask?

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On the market, you will find a lot of different brands and products of charcoal. And Origins is one of the most reliable brands as its products usually come from natural ingredients.

Origins charcoal mask is such an outstanding example to help you understand the big mission of this company.

With Origins charcoal mask, the manufacturer guarantees the detoxification for your skin. The mask serves to eliminate any dirt, debris and environmental toxins that concentrate on your skin. As a result, you can have clean and clear skin after using the product.

Origins charcoal mask contains three main ingredients. The first one is “active charcoal”. The cleansing and filtration abilities of activated charcoal are quite well-known as you can find it in the process of poison treatments.

Therefore, placing it at the top of the ingredient list is evidence that the manufacturer wants to use to prove how useful their product is.

White China clay is the second one. It also has toxin absorbing abilities. Lecithin is the last one. It refers to a natural fat which often comes from soybeans.

People often use lecithin to break down any sticky substances. It is responsible for the capability of Origins charcoal mask to dissolve impurities.

Now you have already known a lot about this amazing mask. It is time for you to find out how to use origins charcoal mask in the right way.

How to Use Origins Charcoal Mask

In addition to its wonderful effects on our skin, I love the Origins charcoal mask for its fun experience.

Its thick texture makes the mask not slide everywhere on your face. On the other hand, it is liquid enough to have the sensation of finger-painting the skin.

10-15 minutes is the amount of time you should let the mask dry naturally. After that, you will feel its quality immediately. One thing that I love about Origins charcoal mask is that it does not cause pinching or stinging feeling.

Here are some common tips on how to use Origins charcoal mask. But before starting, I have to confess that it has worked well in my case. However, there is nothing to guarantee that it is suitable for you.

In case you suffer from cystic acne, it is necessary to consult your dermatologist before every single activity on your skin. If you are certain about your skin conditions, it is a good idea to learn how to use Origins charcoal mask in my way.


In the first step, you need to exfoliate your skin chemically. For this step, you had better use some products with salicylic acid, but just in case you are sure that your skin will not have any sensitive reactions.

You can begin with Strider Pads. They are super effective for this task and more importantly, they cost very little money. Due to their harsh nature, you only need to use it before charcoal mask. Do not overuse it every day.

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All you need to do is to swipe your favorite chemical exfoliant. Wait for more or less than 15 minutes.

Applying Origins Charcoal Mask

  • Start with applying a thick layer of Origins charcoal mask on your face
  • Do nothing until the mask becomes dry partially. It takes more or less than 10 minutes
  • Use Precision Pore cleansing pad to wash the mask (it’s optional)

The mask needs to be dry partially only. Once it becomes completely dry, your skin will lose some natural oils. As a consequence, you will have to deal with dry skin.

A tip to recognize whether it is an appropriate amount of time or not is to move your mouth. If it is impossible, then the probability is that it is too long.

The addition of Precision Pore cleansing pad is only an option. You do not have to do so, if you don’t want. However, it allows you to clean your face more easily and quickly.

Oil Massage

While some people prefer doing oil massage BEFORE charcoal mask, others, including me, are more interested in the opposite way. It is particularly suitable for those with dry skin.

This step lasts about 5-10 minutes, which is the ideal time for you to remove anything left from the charcoal mask.

My favorite choice is olive oil, which has a lot of positive impacts on our skin.


Many people ignore the last stage, but it plays an essential role in making your skin fresh and glowing. Since the charcoal mask is usually drying, you need to finish the process with a hydrating moisturizer. It prevents your skin from being too dry and sensitive.

You can rely on natural essential oils, one more time. But if you need some products, I have recommendation for you as well.

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Overall, you will feel your brighter skin right after you apply the Origins charcoal mask. That’s why many people fall in love with it right in the first try.

It is also fun to look at your face which switches from black color of charcoal to normal tone. Learning how to use Origins charcoal mask this way, you will instantly realize how bright and clear your face becomes.

Alternative Charcoal Mask

Even though Origins charcoal mask is a great option, it is only one among many top products on the markets right now. To help you have a better idea, I give you some suggestions on alternative charcoal masks.

It is reasonable to try some products, before you decide which is the best for you.

Bettea Natural Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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This peel off mask is a great addition to the skin care process in which your skin will become tender and smoother. Furthermore, this black mask actually has positive influence on your blood circulation.

With powerful penetration and absorption ability, you can easily wipe away dirts and impurities on your pores. On the other hand, it is possible to use this peel off mask to fight against computer radiation.

When you work with this mask, never let it contact with your eyes or mouth. It might lead to unwanted sensation.

Besides, it is a good idea not to overuse the mask. The best frequency is around once or twice on a weekly basis. Otherwise, your skin will be too dry.

Auperwel Activated Charcoal Face Mask

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Before heading to how to use part, you need to realize the difference between Origins charcoal mask and Auperwel one. While Origins can be suitable for all types of skin, Auperwel mask is not a good chocie for people with sensitive skin.

The manufacturer has already made it very clear, so you probably should avoid the product if your skin is sensitive.

Besides, you need to use a thin layer of this mask only. Thick layer might cause the oppositive result.

But skipping these differences, you will see many amazing benefits behind the use of Auperwell face mask.

Both women and men can use it for cleansing purposes. It helps your pores be tighter. As a result, the risks of acne and skin problems are lower.

On the other hand, your skin will be smoother thanks to various beneficial ingredients in this product, including activated bamboo charcoal or rosemary extract.

Are you questioning how to use? Well, it is too different from Origins charcoal mask.

How to apply:

  • Steam your face or dab a warm towel on your skin so that the pores are open
  • Apply the mask. Remember to use a thin layer only
  • Wait until it is completely dry (different from Origins)
  • Then, wash your face


In general, Origins charcoal mask is a very good option in the cramped market of beauty products. I personally love this product for its immediate effects and fun experience.

I hope that you have already understood well how to use Origins charcoal mask for the best effects. If you find it useful, do not hesitate to LIKE and SHARE this article so that more and more people know about it.

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