The Answer For “Why Are The Pores On My Face Getting Bigger?”

September 24, 2017

Jelly Bell

The Answer For “Why Are The Pores On My Face Getting Bigger?”

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Both men and women highly appreciate skincare. And skin pore is kind of obsession to everyone. When you are talking to someone, it could not help, but you see they keep staring at your large pores even when they do not do it.
So what is a pore? Why are the only pores on my face getting bigger? What are the affected factors of large pores? Is there anything you can do to shrink your pores or prevent the bigger pores to bring your gorgeous skin back? So why don’t you have a look at this article and reveal these problems with us?

What are pores?

Skin pores are plural because they never happen separately on your body. They can cause nothing but bother when you have no idea about “why are the pores on my face getting bigger?” and the therapy for this condition.

Pores are little openings where the sebum, or known as natural skin oil are released from sebaceous glands.

There are two types of pores: sweat pores and oily pores.

  • The sweat pores account many areas, as well. But the sweat pores are so tiny that we hardly see them with our naked eyes.
  • The oily pores are also called hair follicles which cover your entire skin except for the palm area in your hands and sole area in your feet.

Today, our main topic is about large pores, or also known as large oily pores.

Why are the pores so important?

Sweat pores are well- known for their main mission- regulating the heat over the body. On the other hand, hair follicles play an important role in moisturizing the skin by assuring that the oil from the sebaceous glands passes through the pores to the skin’s surface.

“If I have pores all over the body, why are the pores on my face getting bigger day by day and draw almost attention to the facial pores?” The skin on your face, chest, scalp, and back seem to suffer from oily hair, oily skin, as well as bigger pores because of the sebaceous glands staying under the skin and playing important roles in forming acne.

However, some sebaceous glands seem to work more actively than the others. And those are the oily glands from chest up area. Especially, nose and forehead are two surroundings which have the most active oil glands in your facial skin.

But what is the connection between active sebaceous glands and big pores? Is there any other factor which can lead to larger pores? Here is the detailed answer to our most important topic today : “Why are the pores on my face getting bigger?” [1].

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1. Clogged pores

As mentioned before, the oil glands work in higher frequency on the facial skin. And there is the fact that people who have oily skin are prone to have large pores. Why are the pores on my face getting bigger because of clogged pores?

The answer for this condition is acne which develops from clogged pores. Acne is a kind of pore problem. Sebaceous glands and the natural skin oil that already creates Pilosebaceous which leads to pimple occurrence. [2]

The sebaceous glands and pores both work most of the time rhythmically to moisturize your skin. Without sebum- natural skin oil, your skin surface will be terribly cracked, dry, which means very unhealthy.

Daily skin care is important since it helps clear and free the pores which are fulfilled with waste, dead skin cells and sebum. But once the pores are stuck, acne takes form. All types of acne from blackheads to small pimples and large inflamed acne occurs from the beginning of pore blockage.

However, some elements such as hormones, excessive stress from daily life can trigger the sebaceous glands and make them excrete more oil than normal. It is an ideal environment for dust, dead skin cells to remain on your face and make your hair follicles stuck which leads to clogged pores. [2]

As the acne grows, your pores also have to expand to hold the acne nucleus which causes a little damage on your skin cell. Besides, lack of proper skin care can make your condition worse which includes repeating acne and the worst case is pockmarked, a totally great damaged pore condition.

Clogged pores are considered as the most popular cause of big pores. Therefore, clear and unobstructed pores are the main key to a healthy facial skin, as well as prevention of bigger pores. As a result, the initial step before using the best pore minimizer is to exfoliate your skin for the best outcome.

2. The incorrect skin care can make your pore condition worse

Skin care is a determining factor in pore size. You might not know why are the pores on your face getting bigger because of hygienic routine. But appropriate care is necessary in treating, as well as preventing enlarged pores.

As mentioned before, clogged pores are the most considered cause for bigger pores. Among clogged pores, blackheads are the most famous due to its persistence and annoying looking.

Blackhead is known as oxidizing trapped oil which causes black spots on the skin surface and makes the opposite pay more attention to your large pores. That’s the reason why blackheads are considered as the top enemy of skin beauty.

What is the solution for making these therapies much more perfect?

Just remember to “close” your pores which mean using the products like toner and moisturizing your skin so that your skin might not feel “thirsty” and call for some help from the sebaceous glands.

But there is one side effect of “closing your pores”, in case your pores are not free completely, the toner can make the condition worse. So the best advice for you is to leave the extraction for the professional.

People who have black or whiteheads are about to get crazy because of these tiny clogged pores. That’s why they surf the internet for all the tips and therapy that are suggested for you to remove the acne. There are 2 common therapies that the people usually take it in an incorrect way.

The first therapy recommended to get rid of the black and white head is using pore strip. It is considered as the most convenient and easiest therapy.

The blackhead removal products are variable on these days which includes blackhead removal mask and blackhead removal patch.

Find out the BEST BLACKHEADS REMOVAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES here. This article contains the best- seller blackhead removals which are believed all around the world.

And how do they work to remove your blackheads? The chemical compounds work as a kind of safe glue for your skin and help peel off almost the black clogged pores. It can be effective for blackhead removal, but your pores totally do not prefer these products.

The layer is stick to your skin, so the peeling off process stretches your skin in remarkable level. Keep using the “safe glue” in a long time is not a good idea if you do not want your skin to be damaged and the pore to get bigger and bigger day by day.

The second therapy that we would like to mention about is steaming. Actually using steam has a lot of positive effects on both your physical and mental health. Circulation is stimulated, relaxation after hard- working days are the reasons why people prefer it nowadays.

But if anyone has an idea about steaming to make your pore open so that it will be easier for them to get the blackhead out of your pores, make sure the processes are performed correctly.

It is a common therapy used in spa clinic to get rid of blackhead. But the pore is not a muscle, it has no ability to open or close. Steaming helps loosen up the underlying debris so that blackhead extraction is easier.

These home remedies are not highly recommended applying at home because you usually do not have required facilities to remove blackheads yourselves in a safe and effective way.

Nowadays, salicylic acid is considered as a great option for getting rid of blackheads which can be found over- the- counter.

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3. Genetics

If your parents have acnes caused by oily skin, you are more prone to be annoyed by oily skin as well as acne skin. Many people inherit oily and thick skin from their parents which make their pores expand and look bigger due to acne development. [2]

Orderly, acne has a huge impact on pore size. And it is necessary to know that if your parents suffer from acnes in pubertic duration, you are prone to have more acnes as well as bigger pores caused by acnes. You can see those noticeable pores on the young and many teenagers reaching the age of puberty.

4. Sex

Your natural sex is important in deciding your pore size. In general, men usually have bigger pores than women’s. A hormone called testosterone influences the masculine features of men and builds up a different structure of skin which includes thicker and oilier skin than female’s skin.

The sebum production in the male is in double amount comparing to female’s productivity. Moreover, regular shaving can also have an impact on male’s skin structure. [3]

But it does not mean that women do not suffer from bigger pores. Hormonal changes in period or pregnancy are considered as another gender cause of why are the pores on my face getting bigger.

5. Age

The age tend to have impacts on everything in your body, including pore size. A study has been carried out to illustrate the effect of time on facial pores which shows that the pores on your face get bigger when you are older. [4]

As time goes by, you get older. Your skin is not an exception, either. The amount of collagen reduces remarkably and makes your skin lose the elasticity. Stretching and sagging skin is familiar with the older, too.

It is also harder for the older to shrink their pore at this age. Moreover, your skin thickens as your age and the minuscule skin cells tend to gather around the pores which make the pores look bigger.

In addition, the damage from the outer environment such as sun damage, the temperature which thicken and make your pores bigger. Sunbathing in a long time damage collagen, elastin, and water from your skin remarkably and makes the tissue under your skin pull at the border of the pore.

How can you treat and prevent bigger pores?

After finding the answer for “Why are the pores on my face getting bigger?”, searching for treatment, as well as prevetion for bigger pore is as important.

The genetics and ages are 2 problems that you cannot avoid. But here are some tips for you to minimize the pores:

  • Your skin should be free of the makeup layers and dirt after a hard- working day. It needs to breathe, too. So the first step for skin care is cleaning.
  • Have consultation and advice, treatment from professionals are the most recommended for you.
  • On the other hand, toners and some pore minimizers are the keys for treating your bigger pores.

Nowadays, there are plenty of pore minimizer products which are advertised widely on the internet. But here are the BEST PORE MINIMIZERS we would like to recommend you for the best outcome, as well as the most ensured quality. But do not abuse it if you do not follow these initial steps for skin care and make your pore condition worse.

• Moisturizing is also an important step for a glamorous and smooth skin. It is considered as a significant step in order to balance the natural oil amount excreted by sebaceous glands and provide a protective layer to your skin after the cleansing process.

Till now, we have both acknowledged about the reasons of “Why are the pores on my face getting bigger?” and passed by basic process of pore minimizing. Hope that you get the main point of skin care for big pore condition and get over it soon.

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