Showering With A New Tattoo: Ways, Products And More

March 31, 2018

Jelly Bell

Showering With A New Tattoo: Ways, Products And More

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Before examining the right way of showering with a new tattoo, why don’t we look at some fundamental knowledge related to the tattoo?

The tattoo was initially called “tatu” in Tahitian with the meaning “to mark something.” As regard to the history of tattoo, according to the study result of researcher Joann Fletcher, the University of York in Britain, the earliest tattoo was discovered on an Iceman mummy dated to 5,200 years ago [1].

People, in the past, might inscribe their bodies with a tattoo as an attribute of amulet, love, religious belief, embellishment and even a way of amercement. Nevertheless, people, at present, often utilize the tattoo design as a personal symbol to signify their identities, their own stories, their hopes, or just to make them more stylish, to name but a few.

The tattoo has currently become an undeniable trend all over the world. As a result, in this fast-changing world, not only adults but also youngsters are trying to keep up with this latest trend.

In this case, having a sound knowledge of tattoo, for instance, tips of choosing a suitable symbol for yourselves, ways in finding a reputable tattoo artist, notes of WORKING OUT AFTER TATTOO or ways to take care of your new tattoo in the right direction, is extremely essential.

Therefore, we honestly would like to provide readers a basic understanding of fields related to tattoo by creating this document. So, why don’t you set aside some minutes of your valuable time to read through this text?

Specifically, this is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the ways of showering with a new tattoo and fabulous products for showering with a new tattoo. Besides, you could foster your knowledge about taking a new tattoo, frequent infections after having a new tattoo or things you need to know about tattoo healing.

In case you are urgent in seeking suitable and useful products for showering with a new tattoo, don’t hesitate to click on this text WHAT IS THE BEST SOAP FOR TATTOO CARE? to have the listed of top-voted and products by customers and get your amazing ones.

About tattoo

Normal ways to take a new tattoo

The procedure of marking yourselves with a new symbol varies from the past to the present. Additionally, each region, each country, or even each artist has a different way to carry out tattoo. Nevertheless, here are some necessary steps of adding a new tattoo on your body.

  • The tattoo artists have to make sure their hands clean then they will wear a pair of pure gloves and a surgical mask if needed.
  • The area in which the tattoo will be spotted on also must be sterilized thanks to specialized equipment.
  • The tattoo artists create the first draft of the new tattoo on your skin body.
  • The first version is purified by sterilized products.
  • The tattoo artists carefully complete the design and fulfill the tattoo with color.
  • Your blood is abolished by a sanitary towel.
  • Finally, the area placing a new tattoo is sterilized again and covered with a bandage.

These are just a standard tattooing procedure and if you want to know HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A TATTOO? don’t hesitate to click on this article to get more details.

Frequent infections after having a new tattoo

After having a brand new tattoo, you will experience peeling skin problem, like snakes shedding their skin procedure. It is normal, but, some people may have to put up with several uncomfortable and dreadful weeks with tattoo infections.

To be more specific, your tattooed area is attacked by awful germs or bacteria. Then, if this painful skin is not cured correctly, then, you may come up with blood poisoning or bruising around the tattooing area, and the most severe tattoo infection is lead to the failure of the organ or even death.

Why should you pay attention to tattoo care?

As stated above, although the percentage of experiencing severe tattoo infections is minor; however, you should still carefully prepare yourselves with a suitable care for the new tattoo. Also, as you might know, right after marking your body with a new tattoo, the skin on which the tattoo place is considered as an open wound. Thus, germs and bacteria could easily encounter your painful skin, leading to numerous infections.

A sensitive skin, an inefficient cleaning method, contaminated tattooing equipment and an unmindful after understanding are other worth considering causes. So, a plenty external factor can make you witness tattoo infections.  

What is more? Tattooing aftercare plays an essential role in shaping the real tattoo in the future, and it decides whether the ink, we mean, the tattoo color is as bold as you expect or not. The duration of the tattoo, in another wording, the time you have to go. So, in short, tattoo aftercare is undeniably vital if you want to have a good and beautiful tattoo.

Ways of showering with a new tattoo

How long after getting a new tattoo can you shower?

Right after tattooing, the tattoo artists usually put a bandage on the area skin of the tattoo. If you are wandering on the internet, a significant amount of tattooed people suggest that you might put away the gauze after two to five hours. After that, you could smoothly wash the tattoo with the warm water and suitable soap.

you could smoothly wash the tattoo with the warm water and suitable soap
You could smoothly wash the tattoo with the warm water and suitable soap

Besides, some people said that you should remove the gauze in the first four to six hours after tattooing. According to their viewpoint, the skin on which the tattoo is placed need breathe, the tattoo, as a result, can be fast dried and healed.

However, in case you have sensitive skin, some tattoo artists advise you to let the bandage cover your tattooed skin for minimum 24 hours. Then, you indeed start your showering with a new tattoo procedure.

Ways of showering with a new tattoo

Step 1: Clean your hands

It is firmly believed that most people might forget this simple but essential step in showering with a new tattoo procedure. Initially, you aim to make your tattooed area cleaned; however, when your hands which will directly touch this painful skin is dirty, then your skin situation indeed will be much worse.

So, before kicking off showering with a new tattoo, always carefully wash your hands by using antibacterial soaps. And, do not forget to wash away all the soap on your hands before touching your tattoos as strong hand soaps can damage your sensitive tattooed skin.

Step 2: Take the bandage out

As clarified above, the tattoo artists often clean the tattooing area by using a mild and non-fragrance soap, put on antibacterial cream, then apply a bandage on to this area with the aim of defending possible infections. In fact, the type of bandage depends on your tattoo size. Your skin may be covered by gauze, bandage or wrapped by plastic.

If you do not take the gauze away while showering with a new tattoo, the water may be trapped into the tattooing area. Consequently, it will take more time for your tattoo to be completely healed, or you might even put up with some unexpected infections.

Step 3: Prepare the water

Well, you might not know that setting water temperature before showering with a new tattoo plays a very significant role. Imagine that if you shower your new tattooing area with hot water, it would not only make your skin substantially aching and hurtful but also lead your pain to swell up. Moreover, the pores on the tattooing skin might be opened when they meet hot water. As a result, the ink of your new tattoo could be faded away.

It is not only about the temperature, but you should also pay attention to the power of water. A healthy and powerful water spray will immensely hurt your tattooing skin. Like hot water, it will injure your skin very much and force the ink of your new tattoo slip away.

So, remember that the water must not be too hot, it should be lukewarm instead. A small tip for you before showering with a new tattoo is that you can check the water temperature with your hands or your feet. The water jets should also be set at a light power.

Step 4: Moisten the tattooing area

Just like a regular showering process, before applying any soap on the body, we often moisten the skin. As carefully clarified above, never blast a powerful water jet straightly on the tattooing skin. Instead, you should gently wet this sensitive skin area by making the water indirectly leak to the surface through your hand which plays as a protection film.

Furthermore, as you might know, when put out the gauze, there is a mixture of ointment, dried blood and other elements on your tattooed skin, so that you have to clean it before showering with a new tattoo kindly.

Step 5: Shower new tattoo

Firstly, you have to make sure that your soap is free fragrance by checking its ingredients shown in the soapbox in case you have sensitive skin. Mild soap and liquid soap is popularly preferred for showering with a new tattoo.

Use your fingers to smoothly apply the soap to the tattooed area instead of using thick cloth and scrubbing it on your painful skin which will lead to surface abrading. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that the remaining blood and medical liquid are beautifully cleaned.

After that, use lukewarm water again to wash away all the soap until you have a freshly tattooed skin. Then, use a paper towel or medical bandage to absorb the remaining water on the skin and let it thoroughly dried. Remember that do not allow any paper stick on your tattooed skin. And if the ink appears on the paper in several first showering with a new tattoo times, do not worry as it does not affect your original tattoos.

Step 6: Apply lotion

It is widely recommended that you should apply lotion or ointment on the tattooed area after finishing showering with a new tattoo. This step both foster the moisture for the skin and is considered as a helpful way to boost the healing process of new tattoos.

The way to apply lotion is quite easy, just wait for your tattooed skin completely dry then take a small amount of the cream on your fingers and put on your tattooed skin. Remember that do not create a thick layer of lotion on the tattooed area, which makes your skin cannot breathe and thus the healing time will be longer. In short, a very light one is better.

Apply lotion
Apply lotion

In conclusion, we have just clarified a full process of showering with a new tattoo containing six steps that are cleaning your hands, taking the gauze out, preparing the water, moistening the tattooing area, showering new tattoo and applying lotion. Let’s follow these step to get the right ways of showering with a new tattoo.

Other notes when and after showering with a new tattoo

[2] On the above, we shortly give you some tips when showering with a new tattoo, which are:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands
  • Carefully set up the water temperature and power
  • Prevent water from directly touching your tattooed skin
  • Always gently clean your tattooed area
  • Attentively dry your tattooed skin after showering
  • Use lotion or ointment to foster the moisture of the tattooed skin

And now, an attempt will be made to generalize all the other notes we should pay attention to get the right way of showering with a new tattoo.

Avoid shower for too long

The tattooed skin is still sensitive and vulnerable; and thus, if you shower for too long, the water and the soap might damage your tattoos. To be more specific, the water and the soap, in a long time, they will absorb to the skin in your tattooed area, which not only makes your tattooed skin wet for too long but also add germs to your wounded skin.

In another wording, the healing time of new tattoo could not be longer if its skin is kept dried and fresh. Therefore, it is suggested that you should finish your showering with a new tattoo as soon as possible.

Do not re-wrap your new tattoo

If your tattoo artist does not give you any specific advice, you should never continue to use a bandage to cover your new tattoo after showering and taking away the first bandage. To have proper healing, your new tattoos need to breathe; thus, hiding the tattooed skin by applying a gauze will prolong the recovery time of your original symbols.

Also, the wrapped skin will undoubtedly be moist and balmy creating a favorable condition for bacteria to flourish. For this reason, remaining wrapping your new tattoo could make your tattooed area be infected.

Nevertheless, if you have to go out and do not want your painful skin to be hurt by dirtiness in the air, click to this article to know HOW TO COVER A NEW TATTOO FOR WORK.

Frequently keep your tattoos clean

There are a significant number of invisible germs and bacteria around us; hence, showering with a new tattoo one time per day is not enough. Instead, you should cleanse your tattooed skin regularly, twice per day for the minimum, to get the best result.

Follow the above washing process by using warmish water, natural soap and lotion/ointment in all the washing times.

Continue washing process until your tattoos are entirely getting well

Once your tattoos do not cause scab and peel, they are still open wounds. Just stated above, there are numerous bacteria and germs around us, and thus, they can quickly attack your pain. As a result, you must repeat showering with a new tattoo daily, until your tattoo starts scabbing. In fact, it often takes you from two to four weeks for your tattooed skin recovery.

Avoid pulling the flaking tattooed skin

When your tattooed skin starts scabbing and peeling, you may feel itchy. Nevertheless, never pick at that healing tattooed skin because it may postpone the healing process. The ink of the tattoos may be taken away also, leading to fading tattoo. Finally, other infections could be happened by picking away the scabbing skin.

Do not let your tattoo exposure directly to the sun

Intense sunlight can damage the healthy skin; hence, it is substantially harmful to the newly tattooed area. In fact, sunlight is popularly known as the number one reason killing your new tattoo. Thus, it is vital to cover your tattooed area whenever you go out in the daytime.

In case your new tattoo is not wholly getting well, and your skin is still red and bloated, a tiny amount of sunlight could lead to a lot of catastrophes to this sensitive skin. So, try to prevent the skin from directly displaying to the extreme UV rays as you cannot use any sunblock products in that sensitive area.

If your tattoo is fully healed, you should use sun lotion which has at least 30 SPF whenever to go out in the daytime. The sunblock will protect your new tattoo from the harmful UV lights, making you more confident to show off your stylish tattoo.

Avoid submerge your new tattoo in the water

The similarity to the advice that avoids showering with a new tattoo for too long, you should keep your new tattoo from the water. To be more specific, awful bacteria which are existing in the water can affect your new tattoo. These disgusting germs and bacteria often stay in the baths, washing up sinks, ponds, swimming pool, to name but a few.

Therefore, you should stay away from these dangerous areas until your new tattoo fully healed or at least one month. In case, unfortunately, these bacteria get into your tattooed area, you should apply antibacterial soap to clean the skin straightaway.

Showering with a new tattoo is likely too easy, but there are plenty of things that you should pay attention to. Nevertheless, if you follow this above advice, you can carry out showering with a new tattoo procedure in a very proper way which will not only boost your tattoo healing time faster but also keep your tattoo color beautiful and its shape look sharp.

Amazing products for showering with a new tattoo

Best soaps for new tattoo

Showering with a new tattoo cannot be completed if you do not have a suitable soap for your new tattoo. As we have just said above, the aim of showering a new tattoo is to keep it fresh and dry ensuring a proper tattoo healing procedure. Then, you should be a wise customer in shopping soap for your new tattoo.

In the current market, there is a great deal of product for washing new tattoo. A considerable number of those products are fake or low-quality soaps which will ruin your tattoo and prolong the healing time. A suitable soap for showering with new a tattoo, instead, is a free-fragrance, anti-bacterial product. In this part, we will introduce and review most chosen soap for a new tattoo.

Firstly, when buying a new soap for your tattoo, you must check all the ingredients of the product to find out whether they contain artificial additives or not. This kind of components may lead to undesirable side effects to your new tattoo such as redness, itching or rashes. Here are three ingredients you should avoid if you are choosing soap for showering with a new tattoo.

  • Artificial fragrances: This is known as one of the most additives that trigger irritation for a lot of people who have a new tattoo. So, try to stay away from the soaps which contain artificial fragrance.
  • Artificial coloring: Colorful soaps are often more attractive than those who do not have a beautiful outlook. However, if the color of the soap is naturally created, then it is gorgeous. In case the tattoo soaps are made by using artificial coloring, this ingredient is likely to irritate your sensitive skin. Therefore, getting a natural color soap is a wise choice for your new tattoo.
  • Alcohol: We have to say that alcohol is considered as the worst ingredient for your newly tattooed skin as this liquor is extremely harsh on your painful skin. It will make your tattooed area dry out and therefore, leading to cracked skin and prolong the healing time of your new tattoo. In short, never use soap that contains alcohol for your new tattoo.

Now, let’s look at a list of most wanted soap for a new tattoo. We will not only give you some example of best soaps for the new tattoo but also carefully review that product to make sure that you could get your most favorable one for your showering with a new tattoo.

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap

This product is so fantastic that we have to introduce to you right now. To be more specific, Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap contains no artificial ingredients, and it is entirely safe for your sensitive skin. This product can be used for cleansing not only tattoo but also dermal piercings. Additionally, after your tattoo completes its healing process, you can still use that soap if you love that product.

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap is a broad-spectrum germicidal solution to clean the dry skin as it is superior to hilling plenty of bacteria. Moreover, it is well known as the only bestseller soap on Amazon which can remove dead skin cells and dirt thanks to the PCMX-L Formula allowing deep cleansing.

Successfully killing the bacteria and viruses in your tattooed area; however, Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap is super gentle to your sensitive skin. To be more specific, this soap, unlike other antibacterial ones, contains no quaternary ammonia compounds; therefore, your natural skin and the acid mantle of the tattooed skin will not be affected.

Regarding the demerits of that product, although Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap is formulated for dry and sensitive skin, there are tattoo owners who have irritations and itching after using the product. Besides, as this soap does not contain any fragrance, therefore, some people might not like its smell. Lastly, the price is quite high with its tube of 15 ml.

How to use: To start showering with a new tattoo, take a suitable amount of the soap then apply to your tattooed area, massage gently until the soap becomes creaming. Wash all of the soap and nasty additives with lukewarm water then you have a genuinely cleansed skin.

In conclusion, Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap is the best product available for the treatment of new tattoo, so, you should try at least one time if you are looking for new soap for your newly tattooed skin.

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap

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H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap is among the most desirable product on Amazon for showering with a new tattoo purpose, thanks to its fantastic cleansing and perfectly moisturizing effect on your new tattooed skin. Additionally, this soap is so friendly to your skin by containing mainly natural ingredients and has no paraben and fragrance additives.

Now, let’s talk more about the most powerful of 2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap, that is the moisturizing strength. Your skin can be dried out and harmed by other antibacterial soaps; now, your tattooed area will be pampered, protected its brightness and lively color by using 2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap thanks to its ingredient that is Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice.

2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap is packed in the 15ml bottle; and thus, this product will be enough for you to use from the very first day of and during your tattoo healing. Additionally, in case your tattoo size is medium or more substantial, this product will fit your need. Another advantage of this soap is that it is so, so convenient for you to use at working place as it does not require to be rinsed after applying.

As regard to the disadvantages of 2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap, like Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap, this product is made with natural ingredients, has no fragrance or artificial additives. As a result, some users might not be in favor of its smell. The price is quite high, and some people may feel this soap cannot deeply clean their skin as it leaves moisture after using.

How to use: Like nature ways of showering with a new tattoo given above, gently apply the soap to your tattooed area, carefully massage the skin to take out the dirtiness then wash it off with lukewarm water. Try to use 2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap at least three times per day and to have the best result, try the whole H2Ocean Blue Kit.

In short, if you are looking for a product that not only cleans your tattooed skin but also moisturize and pamper your skin, you cannot ignore the 2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap.

H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

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Best lotions for new tattoo

Some people think that using a moisturizing cleanser is enough for your tattoo. However, it is wrong actually. As you know, cleanser products are designed with the fundamental purpose of cleaning. Therefore, if you do want your skin has moisture enough, you should use lotion for tattoo after showering with a new tattoo.

A good lotion, besides provides moisture to your skin, but also protect the skin during the scabbing period, prevent the bacteria and possible infections from your sensitive tattooed area. In fact, the people who use lotion for their tattoo has the tattoo healing time shorter, and the ink of their tattoo is more lively and beautiful than those who do not.

Nevertheless, in the market, there are thousands of lotions for your tattoo and if you are getting lost in finding the best lotion for your skin; then, in this part, we will give you a list of best product for tattoo as guidance.

Tattoo Goo – The Original Aftercare Salve

Like Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap, Tattoo Goo – The Original Aftercare Salve is also one-of-a-kind lotion for the tattoo in the current market. And therefore, there is no surprise that most people, from the tattoo owners to the tattoo artists have chosen Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve as their favorite product.

If you read the ingredients of the Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve, you will love it, as this product is all formulated with the natural ingredients and you cannot find any harmful or artificial additives here. That’s so wonderful for those who are in love with natural products.

Especially, Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve is formulated with herbs, oils, and vitamins, and thus, it will not only pamper your sensitive skin by providing moisture but also accelerate your tattoo healing by having a lot of vitamins and potent ingredients. This product will have a slightly slimy texture as it contains natural oils making your skin smoother than ever before without preventing the skin from breathing.

How to use: After showering with a new tattoo and waiting for your skin to dry, apply a small amount of Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve on your tattooed area. Try to use that lotion in at least two to three weeks after the initial aftercare period to get the best result.

Tattoo Goo - The Original Aftercare Salve

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Hustle Butter Deluxe

Hustle Butter Deluxe is superior and enjoyable that you cannot ignore if you are seeking for a product for your tattooed skin. This fantastic product can be used in the whole of your tattooed period, from before to during and after getting a new tattoo.

Specifically, before having a tattoo, this lotion will make your skin soft and supple so that your artist will find it is much easier to create a spectacular tattoo. Then, after having your tattoo, this lotion is effective in moisturizing and healing your tattooed skin. How beautiful that product is!

What is more? Hustle Butter Deluxe will reduce the redness and bleeding in your tattooed area. Your tattoo ink will not also be faded during the healing process. Additionally, this lotion is certified cruelty-free and 100% vegan; therefore, it can works effectively on every skin types. In short, Hustle Butter Deluxe is one of the most safety product for your painful and susceptible skin.

How to use: As stated above, you can use Hustle Butter Deluxe before, during and after having the tattoo. Take an appropriate amount of the lotion, apply and slightly massage on your tattooed skin after finishing showering with a new tattoo.

In case you do want to have a long list of most favorable lotions for tattoo, kindly click BEST LOTION FOR TATTOOS for more details.

Hustle Butter Deluxe

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To summarize, having a brand new tattoo is natural, but keep it healthy and bright is not easy work. In this paper, we just gave you an essential background of the tattoo field: reasonable ways to take a new tattoo, frequent infections after having a new tattoo and why we should pay attention to tattoo care.

Especially, showering with a new tattoo in the right way was carefully clarified in this piece of writing. Last but not least, we also gave you a list of best soaps and best lotions for your tattoo. We do hope you are successful in caring your tattoo.

Distribute those tips for showering with a new tattoo to anyone who concerns. If you find this piece of article useful, do not hesitate to hit LIKE and SHARE!

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