Is Yogurt Good For Constipation?

March 6, 2018

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Is Yogurt Good For Constipation?

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People may at least put up with constipation one time in their lifetime. In reality, there are those who often have to suffer from this painful illness as constipation is a quite prevalent disease. Nevertheless, fighting against constipation is not an easy matter and may be time-consuming with some people. There still exist myriad treatments for constipation and one of the most controversial type is yogurt. Let’s find out whether “Is yogurt good for constipation?” or not.

To be more specific, the National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC) stated that 63 million people are suffering lingering constipation and more than one million of them must go to the hospital.

In this piece of writing, an attempt will be made to examine the definition, and causes of constipation. We also help you to have a thorough understanding of the connection between yogurt and constipation: “Does yogurt lead to constipation?” and “Is yogurt good for constipation?”.

Besides, other ways to prevent you from suffering constipation will be stated in this writing as we do hope that this article may provide the readers a general view of constipation and yogurt and people who unfortunately tolerate that awful physical symptom can get an easy but compelling treatment.

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Now, let’s enjoy our article.

Need-to-know things about yogurt and constipation

What causes constipation?

Some people say no to the question: “Is yogurt good for constipation?” as they might think that yogurt is one of the reason leading to constipation. To have a full knowledge about the causes of constipation, let’s check our listed grounds of constipation.

Constipation can be caused by some objective factor such as health problems: hypothyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease; medicine effects: iron pills, painkillers, and antidepressants, to name but a few [1].

Additionally, refraining from stooling or changing the existing personal diet, even being pregnant can affect your bowel movements. Furthermore, eating habit is the main reason triggering most of the constipated cases. And here are some specific unhealthy diet habits of people

  • Do not drink enough water
  • Have a low-fiber diet
  • Over-consume these products: dairy products such as cream, cheese, butter and milk; caffeine; sugar and fat products; fast and fried foods; tender meat and so on

Does yogurt lead to constipation?

We have talked about some leading causes of constipation. So, how about yogurt? Is yogurt good for constipation or is it the ground bringing about that physical pain?

Well, consuming too many diaries can trigger off constipation as stated above. The reason is that dairy products comprise casein, a protein that is difficult for your body to digest. Also, fiber insufficiency in this kind of products is also leading to constipation.

After reading to here, some reader may wonder that: “Is yogurt in the same situation?”. Not really, to be honest. Numerous research has carried out and claimed that eating yogurt, in most case, does not lead to constipation, unless you over-consume it and eliminate fiber from your diet at the same time.

Is yogurt good for constipation?

Yogurt is not only the ground causing constipation but also an excellent product to boost the bowel movements. In fact, a large number of yogurts comprise beneficial bacterium, in another wording, probiotics coming from live active bacterial cultures, which can refill your stomach with beneficial bacteria creating a comfortable digestion process.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, probiotics is extremely useful in enhancing the number of defecation by 1,3 in every week and making the bowel movements much more natural[1]. For more detail, kindly click here DO PROBIOTICS MAKE YOU POOP.

To be more specific, firstly, like other diaries, yogurt consists of Bifidobacterium lactis, a valuable bacterium in regulating the system of digestion and preclude unfriendly bacteria.

Yogurt enhances digestions
Yogurt enhances digestions

In addition to Bifidobacterium lactis, yogurt also comprises a bacterium named as lactobacillus, that reduces the unfavorable gastric situations, makes your bowel movements uncomplicated and painless. Lactobacillus, therefore, might help you avoid being constipated.

Another good element found in yogurt is galacto-oligosaccharides. So, “Is yogurt good for constipation?”. Here’s another evidence for better clarification. By consuming galacto-oligosaccharides frequently, you can eliminate the main cause of the constipated issue. Furthermore, eating yogurt might improve the metabolism in your body. As a result, your digestive system works efficiently and keep you get rid of being constipated.

However, not every brand of yogurt contains precisely needed kind of probiotics; then it does not mean that eating all types of yogurt can make it easier for you to poop. For instance, a large number of commercial yogurts currently comprise a high level of constipating sugar [2].

Thus, it is popularly suggested that enjoying plain organic yogurts or even homemade yogurt could improve your bowel movements. Although probiotics are a friendly bacterium, the time for it to work efficiently in curing your constipation cannot constantly be. You have to be persistent in using yogurt, and you also could visit this link to know: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR PROBIOTICS TO WORK?

Below is a list of brand yogurt you may try with the aim of easing your constipation. To be sure about the friendly ingredients, you should check the detail product in each brand.

  • Activia
  • Stonyfield
  • Yoplait Original
  • Dannon

Although you certainly say yes to the question “Is yogurt good for constipation?”, you still should check the detail product in each brand to be sure about the friendly ingredients. Moreover, you should be a smart buyer searching for the label “live and active cultures” or any things that are stating probiotic yogurt on the products.

One more thing you should know that United States Department of Agriculture recommends that people more than nine years old ought to consume 3 cups of yogurt to get the advantage of probiotics. However, you can reduce the level of yogurt intake if you like.

Additionally, if you are putting up with constipation and searching for beneficial probiotics, this article BEST PROBIOTIC FOR CONSTIPATION: HERE IS THE SOLUTION! may help you. And if you are men and looking for your suitable probiotics, you must read the BEST PROBIOTIC FOR MEN writing. We hope you will find them as a useful and interesting knowledge of probiotics.

Other ways to avoid constipation

Now, you certainly have the answer for your wondered question: “Is yogurt good for constipation?”. However, you know, there is a list of causes of constipation, and thus, only eating yogurt may not be effective enough to cure the constipated problem. Now, we would like to suggest other efficient and easy tips to help you stop your constipated endurance.

First and foremost, you must ensure the fiber intake every day as the minimum amount of fiber that each people should consume per day is 25 grams. Fiber, in fact, exists in two types that are soluble and insoluble.

They will help your defecation become much easier and more comfortable by making the stool yielding and heavier; as a result, the time of your stool passing through colon could be reduced. In another word, fiber can make you poop.

To raise the amount of fiber intake, you should eat much more vegetables like carrot, spinach or Brussels sprout; fruits such as prune, strawberries, blueberries or papaya; and grains such as brown rice or bread [3]. Besides, eating cultured vegetables, for instance: sauerkraut and kimchi also improve the fiber intake in your diet.

eat much more vegetables
Eat much more vegetables

Secondly, you should pay attention to the amount of water intake. As water plays an essential role in relieving the constipated problem. Like fiber, water also makes the process of stools passing through the colon more relaxed and more comfortable.

If your body lacks water, the stools may become harder, and therefore, the defecation process will be worse. A tip for you is that you should drink up to 10 water glasses per day for the maximum result.

Thirdly, you should avoid bad habits which worse your constipation situation. To be more specific, you ought to reduce the amount of alcohol drinkings such as wine and beer. Those drinks can make your body dehydrated leading to a hard stool passing. If you have chronic constipation, you have to lessen the amount of alcohol substantially or even eliminate it from your diet.

Another unhealthy habit you should avoid is caffeine. Well, if you have moderate constipation, having caffeine is acceptable; however, if your constipated situation continues for a long time, the level of caffeine consumption should be decreased significantly. The caffeine can make your body dehydrated like alcohol so that you should turn to other drinks which have a low level of caffeine.

You may know whether “Is yogurt good for constipation?” or not, but you still want to do something else to improve the health system. Having regular exercise, running, yoga, for example, might improve the digesting process. When you are putting up with constipation, you might have a short walk creating favorable condition for your body to work. It is widely suggested that you should do exercise at least three times per week in order to prevent constipation.

Besides, if you are facing worse constipation, you should go to see the doctor or search for efficient medicine or some useful oils. Click here TOP 5 AMAZING ESSENTIAL OILS FOR CONSTIPATION AND HOW TO GET RID OF IT if you would like to have more information. In case you do not have enough time, you can try these TOP STRONGEST HOMEMADE LAXATIVE TO DEAL WITH CONSTIPATION.                       


In short, constipation is a wide-known physical disease that most people have to suffer. You can make use of the benefit of a widespread and homemade product such as yogurt as a treatment for this illness which does not only save your worth time but also save a great deal of money in your pocket. I do hope you find this article interesting and useful.

Now, can you answer the question: “Is yogurt good for constipation?” with certain? “Yes, it is.” That is our answer. Nevertheless, you ought to pay attention to the type of yogurt cause, not every yogurt works.

We wish you recover from constipation soon and have a good health!

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