Is Lipsense Bad For Your Lips?

October 19, 2017


Is Lipsense Bad For Your Lips?

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If you have been looking for a lipstick which stays glued to your lips, then you must likely hear of Lipsense. This long-lasting lipstick has become a phenomenon in the lipstick world within a short time owing to its remarkable features. There is no doubt that Lipsense has an incredible marketing campaign. However, along with its well-known wonders, there are concerns regarding their safety.

On the other hand, lots of people start questioning its safety. They’re afraid of the long-term damage that lipsense may cause.

This article will help you answer the question: “Is Lipsense bad for your lips.”

What Is LipSense?

LipSense is the leading product of SeneGence and is different from any mainstream lipstick, stain or color. Function as the fundamental, long-lasting lip color, it is entirely waterproof, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, does-not-rub-off or budge-off! One more plus is this product is GMO-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, wax-free, and lead-free. Many buyers are glad to find a 100%-vegan-and-cruelty-free lipsense which is a rare find in the world of lipstick.

SeneGence recognizes that color is vital for their customers’ personal favorites. Therefore, there are more than 50 separate colors on the stock, as well as a fair amount of topcoat gloss for your choice.

Moreover, you can design your favorite color by putting different colors together, creating something considerably exceptional. Isn’t it nice to find an exclusive lipstick for you, implying something unique and solely to your personality and preferences? It doesn’t seem to be a bad item for your lips. If you’re looking for something like this, then LipSense is undoubtedly the item that you desire.

LipSense is a liquid type of lipstick that is famous for being extraordinarily long-lasting and quite hard to remove. The price around is $25 for one color, in addition to you need a tube of $20 gloss, and eventually, you’ll be convinced to buy a tube of $10 lipstick remover. You perhaps can walk around and get for a much lower price.

What is lipsense

However, the company advises its distributors not offer more than a 15% discount; otherwise, the distributors will get a relatively small cut. Even some distributors try to sell this product very cheap, but you still have to pay at least fifty-four US dollar for Lipsense.

What does that mean? That means you need to buy two more different products to use one Lipsense. And it costs somewhere around 50$, which is way too expensive for most customers with the same amount of money, you can probably buy at least two separate department-store-brands lipsticks, and around five different lipsticks.

It may not be clear whether this lipsense is something bad for your lips, but it’s quite evident that it will cost you a small fortune to be the owner of this product.

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How to Use LipSense

LipSense is unusual and unique because it requires time to apply a complicated layering process. The application process is, in fact, longer than that for regular lipsticks, since you have to put at least three layers.

  • First, make sure your lips are clean thoroughly
  • Apply three thin coats of Lipsense. You need to wait a bit for the layers to dry.
  • Then add the Lipsense gloss to help moisturize and seal in color.
  • Use the Lipsense remover to fix any undesirable mistakes or to remove the color.

The process seems to be complicated, however, according to SeneGence, it is very bad for customers not to follow this method if you want to keep your lips hydrated and protected.

Does It Really Work?

To some customers, the first question is not whether Lipsense is good or bad for your lips, but whether it’s really durable and not removable no matter how much they kiss, drink, or eat during a day. You can find thousands of reviews, writing, blogs trying to prove this long-lasting feature by showing their viewers how they can drink or kiss without leaving any smudges. Another excellent benefit is that even in hot and humid climates, it doesn’t seem to become runny.

However, does it last for 18 hours as advertised? This is not likely. Most LipSense distributors indicate that you can count on it up to maximum nine hours.

Is Lipsense bad for your lips?

Is Lipsense’s trademark trustworthy?

SeneGence claims that Lipsense has a long-lasting effect which can be up to 18 hours. Many distributors tried to explain the reason behind this claim by saying that it “molecularly bonds to your lips.” This means the chemicals will link or stick to your lip skin.

However, there is a universal fact that all bonding is molecular bonding, which means the claim from Lipsense distributors mean nothing. It doesn’t make any difference between Lipsense and any other lipsticks, except the price. They may try to clarify how strong the bonds are or which type of bond they mean here, but as long as customers still purchase the item without complaining or inquiring, there seems to be no need to do it.

In other words, they try to make, or they are actually making lots of money on customers’ ignorance and lack of self-educating.

SeneGence also proudly said that Lipsense is wax-free. However, if you take a look at the Lipsense glosses, you will find a tiny “beeswax” printed on the label. The company says they actually use “synthetic” beeswax which acts entirely differently from natural beeswax.

If you spend 2 minutes researching on the Internet, by looking it up at CosmeticsInfo and the EWB database, you will be surprised to find that the properties of synthetic beeswax are “generally identical” from those of natural beeswax.

According to SeneGence, your lips will be better off if you wear Lipsense every day for one to four weeks. However, there are some reports from users that claim this product is super dry and dehydrate their lips. Some women even said they experience burning sensation applying this product.

The ingredients

Key ingredients in Lipsense which are good for your lips?


Paeonia suffruticosa or Tree peony root extract has a long history of medical uses nearly 2000 years in China. Chinese medical practitioners believe that this the whole can reduce heat, cool the blood and improve liver function. A recent study from Institute of Pharmaceutics at Zhejiang University demonstrates that paeonol (the primary element in Tree peony root extract ) helps slow down the effect of UV light on pigment formation of skin cells. This component is considered a key to skin lightening, and other benefits in cosmetic products. Moreover, paeonol can inhibit central nervous system, resulting in tranquilizing, cooling, easing the pain, and relieving muscle spasms. This element is a star ingredient in Lipsense, which helps its users feel relax and calm. [1]

St. John’s wort extract

Hypericum perforatum or St. John’s wort extract, grows wild in Europe, has become very popular lately for its cure-all benefits, especially in skin care products. St. John’s Wort is widely used in depression reduction. This flower also helps relieve anxiety, mood swings, sleeplessness, and chronic fatigue. Why is St. John’s wort extract in Lipsense? Other than the mood enhancing capacity, this ingredient is also known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial effects, which makes Lipsense a star lipstick with powerful competence.

Linden flower extract

Tilia cordata or Linden flower extract is widespread throughout Europe and Western Asia. This flower is used as the herbal tea as it helps reduce mental stress and anxiety. Linden flower is also famous for its powerful antioxidant, which is a smart choice for a lipstick like Lipsense. This lovely ingredient is added to Lipsense with the aim of helping the customers relax when wearing their favorite lipstick.

linden flower

All of the ingredients seem to be as good as a lipstick’s ingredients should be. However, is this lipsense really not bad for your lips?

Questionable ingredients in Lipsense which can cause side effects for your lips

It is not a surprise that some skeptical customers will be immediately in doubt because of lipsense long-lasting competence. If a product stays on “too long” this is usually a bad sign as it’s likely composed of strong paint-like chemicals that you do not want for your skin, especially your lips.

Propylene Glycol in Lipsense glosses

Lipsense glosses actually contain Propylene Glycol which found in industrial-grade levels in products like antifreeze, polyurethane cushions, paints and electronic cigarettes. This liquid substance is fraught with inconsistencies in research, as well as many conflicting opinions on whether propylene glycol is a dangerous element or a mostly harmless compound.

According to some studies, the effects of propylene glycol contained in lipsense are seldom undesirable. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also regarded propylene glycol as “generally recognized as safe.”

Moreover, a 2007 study from the University of Connecticut evaluated the treatment of propylene glycol and also noticed it could be bad for those with liver and kidney problems. However,  it seems to be safe if applied to your lips or skin only.

Cosmetic grade alcohol

One important thing to take into account is that all LipSense lip colors contain cosmetic grade alcohol, in other words, Alcohol Denat, to prevent bacteria growth in the tubes. This is basically what you drink when you drink alcohol, but it’s made 100% in the laboratory or been “denatured.”

This can cause some bad side effects for your lips, especially for the sensitive ones. Just like applying alcohol or the like on a wound, you’ll feel a minor tingling/burning feeling when the alcohol comes in contact with your lips, which is claimed not to last longer than 10 seconds.

However, SeneGence advises its customers to apply Lipsense together with the Lipsense glosses with the insurance of keeping your lips hydrating and moisturizing. Many reviews have shown its effectiveness and reassure the viewers about the tingling sensation. This denatured alcohol actually works as an exfoliation for your dead skin cells and helps rebuild new cells. [2]

Positive Effects of Lipsense

On the other hand, Lipsense still got hundreds of positive feedbacks and reviews. The secret lies in its healing capacity. Lipsense fixes chapped suntanned and rough lips because of the soothing technology that SeneGence has paid close attention to study. Other lipsticks tend to have resin which is the leading cause of your cracking lips. SeneGence makes sure that this ingredient is kept away from Lipsense.

Another reason why Lipsense is a perfect product for your lips is it helps enhance the lightness of your lip skin. Under different layers of Lipsense, your lips are protected from dangerous sun rays and air pollution. At the same time, the positive elements from Lipsense moisturize your lips, keeping them healthy and beautiful.

benefits of lipsense

In conclusion, to answer the question “is Lipsense bad for your lips?”, it really depends on personal references that we decide to buy a product. Many customers still choose Lipsense because they wholeheartedly believe the reviews and its great features.

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