How To Take CLA Effectively?

April 7, 2018

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How To Take CLA Effectively?

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Anyone once dreams to have a sexy S-shaped body or six-packed shape as famous actors or singers seen through the theater movies; however, how to deal with the body fat healthily remains a hard-to-solve problem.

Not until CLA is invented, did people know their effort was repaid equally. Although it is believed that taking CLA is one of the most popular ideas crossing the mind of people who intend to lose his/her weight at least once, not everyone knows clearly how beneficial CLA is to our health, especially to our body shape.

To acknowledge yourself about a specific view of CLA and how to take CLA effectively, please read our post carefully for the best results.

Before going further to the ‘How to take CLA part, we should understand basic things about CLA and BEST CLA SUPPLEMENT for our health. These understandings can facilitate your weight loss process and simultaneously, enhance your background knowledge of CLA as well as how to take CLA.

What is CLA?

CLA is the abbreviation of Conjugated linoleic acid which is a natural fatty acid found possibly in healthy foods including meat of grass-fed animals such as beef and chicken, milk and eggs [1].

The derivation of CLA is LA which has long been known as an essential Omega-6 fatty acid to the human body. CLA is a polyunsaturated fatty acid, with both cis and trans double bonds; in another word, technically CLA is understood as a kind of trans fat but natural one found in various kinds of good-for-health foods.

When was CLA found to be beneficial to the human body? The very first experiment which has proven the capacity of CLA to human body was done successfully in 1979 since the level of CLA in the tested meat prevented the influences of carcinogen.

However, not until the same experiment in 1987 was done, CLA was found out, and all the scientists had to accept that the best CLA supply sources were meat and dairy products and taking CLA and how to take CLA correctly plays an important role in health enhancement.

The benefits that CLA brings to the human body

It is evident that the health benefits brought by BEST CLA SUPPLEMENT to people are unaccountable, especially the advantages to our body. It is important for you to consider this part as a must before glancing at the main portion of the article named ‘How to take CLA effectively.’ To go into details about how beneficial CLA supplements are to the human body, take a look at the part below.

Support excess weight loss

Support excess weight loss
CLA support excess weight loss

One of the most noteworthy effects of CLA is its ability to support human weight loss, according to several types of research from past to present. Researchers have found the powerful potential of CLA in reducing the level of human body fat.

CLA supplements have been well researched and have been proven to have many different anti-obesity mechanisms. These stuffs include reducing the amount of food in the human body (calorie intake), increasing fat burning (calorie digestion), stimulating fat breakdown and inhibiting its production.

A recent study had shown that when 53 healthy participants participated in this trial are required to use 4.3g CLA per day per person in a certain time have significantly decreased (3.8%) of body fat compared to other individuals without using CLA.

The study is great evidence for the miraculous effect of CLA to weight loss in a world with the number of people suffering from obesity began to increase worldwide as today. Based on what I mentioned, we can see the ability of CLA to work without exercise.  

Lower the risk of diabetes and cancer

Also, scientists have proven the fact that people who take CLA enough from foods are at risk for various diseases with low rates, especially 2 most popular types of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The ability of CLA to prevent the mentioned syndromes can be done by lowering the insulin’s resistance which means that the human body can be better responsive to this kind of hormone when it appears in the body.

Preserve muscle tissue

Using CLA can also effectively protect and preserve muscle tissue while boosting the faster fat burning process and excess weight loss in the body as shown in multiple researchers’ results. To get the best health effectiveness of CLA using, How to take CLA effectually remains an unsolved question  

How to take CLA effectively?

Although there are a lot of scientific researchers as well as studies regarding CLA’s effectiveness to people’s health, a large number of people still wonder how to take CLA effectively for health benefits. However, everything has its solutions, and we would like to recommend 2 methods mentioned below to answer all your questions about how to take CLA and maximize the benefits getting from CLA using.

Get the needed supplements directly from the well-rounded daily diets

The very first thing for us to consider as how to take CLA with the best effect is increasing natural CLA right from your science-based foods.  

It is suggested to complement natural CLA from healthy foods such as butter, meat, and milk provided by grass fed animals such as cows, goats, and sheep which are considered as Vitamin K2 with high health protection. Based on what animals ate, the total amount of CLA supplements derived from those kinds of creatures will vary.

For example, the amount of CLA in cows and dairy products of grass-fed cows is from 300 to 500% higher than that of cows fed with grains. Also, studies and experiments done in countries with the number of people who consume the meat of grass-fed animals show that people in those areas who are living with high levels of CLA have a lower risk of enduring heart diseases.

To get enough amount of CLA supplements for our body, it is a recommendation to consume beef (100% fed with grass) and dairy products such as milk or butter regularly. It is easy for us to get some CLA supplements from the daily diets with enough suggested dosages.

Specifically in the US, the average amount is accepted about 151 mg for women and 212 mg for men per day. To enhance your health and support the bodybuilding, it is a need for people, especially overweight people, to consume these kinds of foods daily and use the right dosage (about 4000 calories/day).

The average amount is accepted about 151 mg for women and 212 mg for men per day
The average amount is accepted about 151 mg for women and 212 mg for men per day

Take CLA supplements

While getting CLA supplements from daily foods are time-consuming to busy people and somehow quite expensive, people come to CLA supplements, a kind of energy complement which is not strange with bodybuilders easily purchased at any pharmacy on the streets. Once the effects of CLA on the human body were proven, CLA increasingly gained the popularity over the wide range of functional foods in the market.

It is inevitable to talk about this aspect of how to take CLA without following your certain diet plan as a convenient, money-saving, easier method of taking essential stuff for health. However, it is important to remember that the CLA you find in supplements does not come from natural foods.

CLA supplements are made by the chemical change of safflower and sunflower oil, which are not extremely good vegetable kinds of oil for our health. It is known that the LA (Linoleic acids) in the oil are converted into conjugated linoleic acid via a chemical transforming process.

In addition, in this kind of food complement supervision’s chemical structure, a large number of t10 and c12 elements which are rarely found in nature are included. This means that CLA taken from man-made supplements cannot bring us health benefits as much as CLA from natural foods.

And sometimes, overuse of CLA supplements may lead to some CLA supplement side effects including increased liver fat accumulation. This health condition may cause metabolic syndrome and glycosuria, inflammation and resistance to insulin and lower HDL cholesterol level. What makes CLA supplements miraculous is that they are an additional source of body-based supplements that you do not have to spend the time to feed on natural foods.

How much do we have to consume per day to maintain the safety of our health and gain the best results at the same time? To get the expected health results, we should follow the instructions inscribed in the outside packing or usage instruction, the daily dosage should be measured as 6 to 7 grams per 1 person, and people should take tablets during meals 1 to 3 times per day.

If you are trying to lose your excess weight to have the healthy dream body shape, consuming the supplements on time is extremely important. The best time to take CLA tablets is before or during the meals, doing this is a must, an initial step to help you come closer to the target aim.

Our instructions above are the answer for what you are the wonder of how to take CLA to make use of its advantages. Taking supplements from chemical properties may cause negative side effects than that of the natural food supply. Therefore, I do believe that a lot of people may also be impatient to know and explore the food sources of CLA and here is what you need now.

The different natural food supply sources of CLA

There is no coincidence that supplements can exist naturally inside the human body, we only consume necessary vitamins and nutritious properties from food. Therefore, to create the favorable conditions for people who are considerably anxious about CLA and how to take CLA effectively without using chemical products, there is a full list of natural CLA supply synthesized and provided for people who needed for their better understanding.

Dairy products

Dairy products include cottage cheese, butter, and cow’s milk are the potential supply of CLA. In general, the level of CLA contained in high-fat dairy food is better and greater than that of low-fat food.

When coming to looking for products made from milk, it is a suggestion for us to find out and purchase products manufactured from the cows which are fed with natural grass instead of grain. The reason for that is the special chemical element found in grass can increase the amount of CLA produced.


Without a doubt, people are surely curious about how to take CLA from vegetables. Another perfect source of important natural CLA to take is mushrooms which are a kind of vegetables with a high value of vitamins.

It is advised for people whose family members are suffering from the heredity of breast cancer that they would better consume the higher level of mushrooms intake to help partly decrease the risk of the disease’s heredity. According to the researchers, there are certain chemicals included in mushrooms which support the restraint of the enzymes producing a process of estrogen.

Meat of grass-fed animals

Importantly, it is undeniable to accept that meat is one of the most abundant supply sources of natural CLA. As being aware of the same situation occurs with dairy products mentioned above, we all know that the animals which are fed with grass with richer and higher nutritious level than those which are grain-fed thanks to the healthier daily diets the grass-fed animals are following.

Only the creatures with suitable natural meals and food can produce the products with the best qualities and the high content of CLA. For instance, the most high-quality CLA supply sources contain the products produced lamb, deer, cows, turkey, goats, and buffalo, especially. With each gram of fat of beef, 4.3 milligram of CLA can be provided for human body [2]. Lamb contains the greatest concentration of CLA provided in each gram of fat part.


The question of How to take CLA source from essential oil is also answered here. A significant CLA source from oil we have to mention is certain oils while safflower oil is highly appreciated as the greatest source of CLA with the highest level of linoleic acids (about 79%)- an essential property to human body and health.

In addition, Soy oil is the runner-up in the competition of providing CLA for the human body, and then corn oil also plays a crucial role in supplying the natural supplements to human health. In fact, flaxseed and sunflower oil are not considered as good sources providing CLA for people.

It is clear that the list of CLA sources noted above is quite complete and they are the concentration of easy-to-find and budget-saving ingredients in nature. We believe that thanks to our advice, you can explore what is the best suitable source of CLA for you and add it to your science-based diets as well as how to take CLA sources with perfect efficiency.

Soy oil is the runner-up in the competition of providing CLA
Soy oil is the runner-up in the competition of providing CLA

Applying the natural method mentioned in ‘How to take CLA’ part not only limit the side effects you can suffer from but also gave you significant nutrition that cannot bring by products made from factory industry process.   


Obviously, CLA will help you form an ideal body shape, and it is even better if you do exercise regime along with healthy diet for the realistic expectations to achieve what you have long been expecting to be. Follow the instructions mentioned above about how to take CLA effectively to make your dream of nonfat, firm body with shining muscular come true.

I’m sure that the specific guidelines of how to take CLA with effectiveness can provide you what you need. If you apply the right and suitable method such as consuming the certain kinds of foods, the CLA intake will help bodybuilders to have a firm and muscular body. Don’t let your dream remain a dream, let do it right now!

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