How to Stop Throwing Up Bile After Drinking – The Ultimate Guide for Hangovers

January 9, 2018

Veronica Phan

How to Stop Throwing Up Bile After Drinking – The Ultimate Guide for Hangovers

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Alcohol is a popular drink in our today’s society. It is an indispensable part of parties, meetings, and even cuisine. However, when we drink alcohol too much, a lot of problems will arise.

One of the main problems is throwing up bile, as we often see in movies. And it will definitely ruin your image in front of other people.

Therefore, the issue we would like to address today is throwing up bile. Let’s figure out how to stop throwing up bile after drinking! This will be a useful guide for hangovers!

Why Do We Throw Up Bile After Drinking?

In fact, there are many different reasons for throwing up bile and drinking alcohol is just one of them. If you wish to know more about other contributors, read HOW TO STOP THROWING BILE AND VOMITING IT EFFECTIVELY!

On the other hand, there are cases when throwing up is good for your body. Find out more at HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF THROW UP SAFELY. But throwing up because of alcohol is another story!

The University of Dallas posed a theory that alcohol works as an irritant. As a result, it might upset the stomach. When you consume too much alcohol at one time, gastritis is likely to happen and your stomach lining becomes inflamed and irritated [1].

There are many symptoms from gastritis, which makes your experience different from mine. However, the most common ones are stomach pain, upset stomach, vomiting and nausea.

A popular contributor to throwing up bile when you finish drinking is alcohol poisoning, which is a very dangerous problem [2].

Ethyl alcohol which most alcoholic beverages contain may poison your systems, especially when you drink too much.

throw up

Have you ever wondered why you drink to the point of getting drunk without recognition? The truth is that even when we cease drinking, alcohol keeps going into your bloodstream from the stomach.

This enables alcohol in your body to rise, and you continue getting more and more. Besides, the absorption of alcohol happens quickly. However, it takes a lot of time to eliminate it from your system.

According to Colorado State University, vomiting is the final event that occurs when we drink too much alcohol. Nausea happens firstly and it is closely associated with a reduction in your gastric motility.

The next even is dry heaves that refer to respiratory spasms. And finally, vomition comes with throwing up contents from your small intestine [3].

In this step, you breathe deeply and your esophageal sphincter becomes open. Your diaphragm contracts and your esophagus open too. There is a downward movement in your diaphragm, your ab muscles contract. Your stomach is squeezed to create pressure.

Check WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BODY WHEN YOU THROW UP to understand better the mechanism behind this reaction!

More dangerously, many people raise the doubt about throwing up to lose weight, which leads them to use alcohol as a means to achieve the goal. Find out the truth behind DOES THROWING UP HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT immediately so as to save your body as soon as possible!

How to Stop Throwing Up Bile After Drinking

When vomiting, or throwing up bile, is a result of drinking too much alcohol, it is imperative to sit up. Your days would be challenging as this problem might last for several days.

You need to follow a series of steps on how to stop throwing up bile after drinking. Moreover, it is even more necessary to prevent any other irritations from destroying your stomach.

Here are some recommendations for you to get rid of this problem quickly and effectively, so that you can concentrate on your work or study right away.


Even though there has been no final conclusion on the effectiveness of aromatherapy, it is widely accepted to help people get rid of vomiting and nausea. Therefore, it might be useful to end throwing up bile.

In 2014, a study indicated that inhaling lemon oil would help pregnant women relieve vomiting and nausea [4].

If you would like to use aromatherapy, it all goes with choosing a type of essential oil. You need to breathe deeply with it. In case lemon oil is not available, you can get some slices of fresh lemon and inhale its scent.

In addition to lemon oil, you have plenty of options. Yet, it is important to note that in every circumstance, you had better get high quality essential oil. It aims to help you get the most fruitful results after all.

Here are some other typical examples of essential oils used in aromatherapy to address throwing up bile after drinking.

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Peppermint
  • Clove
  • Chamomile

Besides, it is hard to skip the list of important oils among TOP 7 ESSENTIAL OILS FOR NAUSEA. You might find something helpful there.

Home Remedies

Home remedies are common and favorite tips on how to stop throwing up bile after drinking, as well as many other problems. In other words, you use natural ingredients available in your place to cure health disorders.

For throwing up bile after drinking, there are not too many options; however, they are all available around the world and you can easily get these how to tips to stop throwing up bile after drinking quickly.

  • Ginger


Ginger is the first thing you should think of when it comes to the treatment of throwing up bile after drinking. With its healing nature, ginger can have great influence on cramps, your abdominal pain and irritated bowels.

Ginger stimulates the release of gastric juices in your body, which has soothing effects on the digestive tract. As a result, your digestion will become better.

You can grind fresh ginger and mix it with water to consume after drinking. This will help you prevent any problems later, such as throwing up bile.

  • Fennel

Another great home remedy for throwing up bile after drinking is fennel seed. It has amazing calming effects on our digestive tract. Despite the worldwide acceptance of fennel in the treatment of vomiting, few scientific studies have focused on it.

So, if you want to get rid of throwing up bile quickly, you can try steep fennel seeds in hot water for about 10 minutes before straining it. Consuming this drink a few times will help you stay calm immediately.

  • Cloves

A traditional home remedy for vomiting, or throwing up bile, is clove. It is also popular among those who suffer from motion sickness.

Eugenol that is present in cloves has amazing antibacterial qualities to fight against cramps or pain in your digestive system.

The preparation is the same as other home remedies. You start with boiling it in water, followed by straining the mixture.


Acupressure is a traditional cure of Chinese people that has existed for thousands of years. It mainly relies on pressure to stimulate a number of points on your body. It helps to reduce some symptoms of health disorders.

And drunk people can use it as a great tip on how to stop throwing up bile after drinking. Nevertheless, this method requires you to get help from professionals. Never try it on your own because it might cause catastrophic side effects.

Get Hydrated

When you throw up a lot of bile after drinking, it is imperative to get a lot of fluids so that you are not going to encounter dehydration.

Some people find it uncomfortable to get fluids because they will vomit the fluids later. However, even when you continue throwing up, you still need to drink more fluids.

In addition, you need to sip them very slowly. If you drink too much or too fast, the likelihood is that your stomach becomes upset. This will worsen the situation.

Water is definitely the first option that people usually go for. However, it is not limited to water only. You can make use of these fluids not only to end throwing up bile but also to improve your health:

  • Ginger ale
  • Lemonade
  • Mint tea

Some people are concerned about the real effect of salt water. Find the answer with us in DOES SALT WATER MAKE YOU THROW UP?


Our least favorite tip on how to stop throwing up after drinking is to use medications. Some over-the-counter medications prove to be effective instantly; however, they are not recommended for throwing up bile after drinking.

There are several side effects that you should figure out before deciding to use any over-the-counter medications. For example, antihistamines are good to end vomiting, but they go with urinary retention and dry mouth [5].

Thus, be careful with using medications to end throwing up bile!


Last but not least, anyone who just recovers from drinking too much alcohol should give themselves a really good rest. It plays an essential role in the treatment of throwing up bile.

In fact, rest is important for the treatment of all health problems.

If you try doing something too hard, for example, intensive workout, the situation will get worse and worse. Therefore, getting relaxed is also a good way to end throwing up bile after drinking.

When Do You Need Professional Help?

The consequences of drinking too much alcohol sometimes last for a couple of days. And the severity only increases over time. It is high time you had to seek for help from professional doctors.

Once you notice any symptoms as below, it is necessary to consult your doctor immediately:

  • Severe headache
  • Chest and/or abdominal pain
  • High fever
  • Stiff neck
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting

How to Prevent Throwing Up Bile

As a matter of fact, throwing up bile is just one of many discomforts that accompany with drinking too much. You should learn how to prevent throwing up bile, instead of concentrating on how to stop throwing up after drinking.

Quit Drinking

Quit Alcohol

Obviously, you will not need to know how to stop throwing up bile after drinking if you do not drink too much.

Although drinking alcohol seems to be an indispensable part of modern life, especially for those in the business world, you do not have to drink too much in every case.

In addition, throwing up bile is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless problems that will come and have serious effects on your well-being.

So, our advice is to stop drinking as soon as you can, for the sake of your health in general.

Get Small Meals Frequently

This is a particular piece of advice from many studies. When you divide meals into small parts and consume them several times per day, your intestine will suffer from less pressure.

Big meals, on the other hand, will put much pressure on your digestive system, which pushes your stomach to work harder. As a consequence, bile reflux will happen.


In general, the bottom line is not about how to stop throwing up bile after drinking. There are a number of options for you to choose. Nevertheless, above all, it is about how to limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

If you are successful to limit alcohol, then your health will be better without any external intervention.

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