Why and How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair Effectively

June 16, 2017

Jelly Jeff

Why and How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair Effectively

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I came up with this topic after I read a bunch of articles that discuss how to shave your buttcrack hair effectively at home. Firstly, I felt it was so strange when we need to shave ass, but we don’t know there are many guys who get embarrassed moments because of anal hair. Otherwise, it also disturbs when you go to the gym, pee or poo.This article will provide all reasons why we need to consider an anal hair removal and how to shave butthair effectively.

Why do you need to have a butt hair removal?

It is normal to have hair on your buttcrack, however; the amount of hair on your butt might be much more than other people. Then it is annoyed and embarrassed because of watery stain from the butt while you are sitting and chatting with friends. When you shaved bottom hair, you are confident to play sports or chat with friends all day.

Insightful, the number of people shaving buttcrack is increasing rapidly. It is not dangerous or hurt as you think. It is truly a reward. Shaving ass might make you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you surely raise the effectiveness of sexual arousing, and it also stimulates your partner and you.

In more words, removing hair around anus will reduce the risk of ingrown hair and boost your health situation. Read our article: ALL FACTS ABOUT INGROWN HAIR CYST: SYMPTOMS, CAUSES, AND TREATMENT.

How to shave your buttcrack hair

Before you start, it is suggested that you should prepare all necessary tools and things you need then you will go to further steps. These are some recommended shaving supplies for how to shave completely your ass.

There are two types of shaving tools like an electric groomer or a manual razor.

For an electric groomer, it is often used to remove hair from the cheeks of butt.

However, an electric groomer will be too big when you want to shave anus position; therefore, you should use a manual razor.

A handheld mirror

If you want to do it by yourself absolutely, you need a handheld mirror in order to see wanted area.

You need to choose the suitable size for the mirror with 11 Inch to cover your entire butt and shave more easily.

Shaving gel or cream

This one helps your shaving more comfortable and emollient. Otherwise, it can protect your skin and prevent irritation. You should consider choosing the good product if you have sensitive skin.


Why do you need an antiseptic? It was according to many experiences from guys when they shaved their butts without antiseptic.

Antiseptic is an important thing to ease the skin and prevent large pores. Furthermore, it will eliminate all harmful bacteria to reduce the risk of infection.

Rubbing alcohol

You should use rubbing alcohol to sterilize a new razor to prevent bacteria.

• Body powder

You might be curious about body powder functions. This product will help your skin after waxing buttocks crack or getting hairy butt crack smooth and dry. Additionally, it keeps your skin suffer from clam feeling.

Clean towel or exfoliating cloth

An exfoliating cloth will remove all loose hairs and dead skin cells as well. Moreover, this may reduce irritation feeling and help your butt clean.

After you prepare all shaving tools, follow these instructions to know how to shave the butt:

Step 1

Take a shower to clean completely your body and eliminate all bacteria. You may take a hot bath or shower to soften the hair and allow hair pores open up that will help the process.

Step 2

Make sure you use rubbing alcohol to sterilize razor. This is strongly helpful for removing bacteria and avoiding any further infection.

For an electric groomer, you might use a cotton ball with alcohol then wipe completely the blades. This will disinfect and kill all existing bacteria.

Remember that people with sensitive skin are recommended to shave along the grain to ensure safety. With people who less sensitive skin can take a close shave with grains.

Now you are ready to go to the step 3.

Step 3

Firstly, if your butt hair is too long, you may need to trim it short then it will be easier to use body groomer or manual razor. After that, you will squeeze some shaving gel with some water into your palm.

Next, you apply it on your buttocks to make a perfect environment for shaving and prevent frictions. You surely get a smooth look after shaving.

Step 4

Take cold water then wet the razor blade and start shaving the hair on butt. The posture is standing up with the bum and facing the mirror. It helps you see the area well without straining the back.

Take the razor work with hair and concentrate sharp razor against with the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, during the process try to take cold water with the blade as many as possible to reduce redness.

For an electric groomer, you should eliminate excess hair from comb and blades frequently.

Step 5

How to get rid of ass hair? When you remove hair from butt, the challenging process is shaving between the cheeks.

This is a difficult step. Use the handheld mirror and put it on the floor. Then, you do squat above mirror until you see your anal area and start shaving.

Try to rinse the razor frequently to protect the cartridge.

Step 6

When you feel satisfied with the result, you need to use a towel to clean your butt again and remove all possible bacteria. Notice that rinse off with cold water to avoid redness or spread bacteria.

Step 7

Apply antiseptic product on your skin. It will soothe your anus and cheeks. You should put it in some first few days to increase the effectiveness.

Step 8

Apply body powder on the butt to keep skin dry and fresh as well. Otherwise, this will reduce itching or chafe from shaving. After 2-3 days you need to use exfoliate to avoid ingrown hair. In contracts, it will remove all dead skin cells.

Other techniques for how to shave your asshair

Nowadays, shaving buttcrack hair is becoming popular therefore you are easy to find out some modern solutions to shave your butthole and bum. They are including wax buttcrack, laser or electrolysis.

1. Wax butt

This technique is good for how to remove butt crack hair because it can eliminate the roots of hair and take a long time to grow again.

You can do this method at home by using a waxing kit or get support from a professional aesthetician who has experience in waxing many years and expertise in this technique.

These are steps to wax butt by the professional aesthetician:

• Clean the body by a hot shower then dry with a towel
• Apply wax with the right direction of the growing hair and put piece of cloth on that
• Take some presses gently on the butt by the cloth to bond skin
• Remove quickly and steadily the wax strip against the direction of the grains or growing hair
• To prevent redness or infection, it should apply an antiseptic to close up the pores.

2. Laser

A laser may remove unwanted hair by using an intense beam of light. This method penetrates completely in the butt skin and deletes all hair follicle; therefore, this solution may prevent future growing hair.

However, it is expensive and takes much time for aftercare treatment process.

3. Electrolysis

Electrolysis relates to using of electric current to eliminate buttcrack hair roots. It consists of a needle to insert in the individual follicle then burn it.

This procedure needs an advanced medical professional expert to remove shaving. To compare with shaving, waxing and laser this method is more expensive and involving. Before you decide to do this procedure, you should read and assess carefully.

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving buttcrack hair

I hope you can find out full information to answer the question “Should I shave my butt.” When you shave your butt it has many advantages more than un-shaved condition such as:

  • More hygiene and avoid a bad smell when you go to toilet or wear tight jeans
  • More fashionable with a comfortable posture
  • Feel confident when you want to have a good sexually stimulation. Because it will increase the sensitivity on the tough. Otherwise, keeping shaved will improve the quality of anal sex.
  • Preventing the moist environment from fungal or bacterial infections on the groin, bum and buttock area.
  • Improve the physical movement when you play sports or working in public environment. As you know the friction between the cheeks and hair will stimulate excessively sweat.

However, besides advantages of shaving buttcrack hair, there are some disadvantages you should know:

The main function of butt hair is protection. You should know that every hole in the body is sensitive when there is anything invade. Therefore butt hair in the asshole might be sunblock and prevents butthole exposing to parasites.

  • If you do the first time then it is easy to get a cut or infection because of a sharp razor.
  • You need to keep shaved butt after a few weeks then following aftercare treatment.

Question and Answer

1. How to shave your buttcrack hair female?

Actually, it is normal to shave the buttcrack hair for female. When girls go to the puberty period, then the rapid growth of hair near by genitals start that why for some women they need to shave the buttcrack as well to make comfortable and fresh in daily life.

2. How do you shave your buttcrack hair male?

Both male and female probably shave their buttcrack if the hair is too long or it disturbs their life. Therefore, men can do a shaving buttcrack hair normally. You can follow all steps that are mentioned above to get a successful shaving.

3. How to shave your anus?

Shaving the hair nearby anus is difficult. However, with a handheld mirror and all necessary tools, you can do that perfectly. You can see step 5 to know details.

4. Is it safe to shave buttcrack hair?

Yes. It is totally safe when you shave your buttcrack hair. Otherwise, you can seek support from an expert by wax butt or other modern technique.

5. Where can I shave butt hair?

Nowadays, there are many options for you. You can completely shave the butt hair by yourself at home or you can go to some spa or clinics to do it. For waxing butt it will be cheaper than laser or electrolysis.


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