How To Set Foundation Without Powder – Best Ways To Get A Dewy Skin Ever

October 7, 2017

Hannah Hall

How To Set Foundation Without Powder – Best Ways To Get A Dewy Skin Ever

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If you are looking for a natural and young makeup style, find out how to set foundation without powder and always stay put with the best makeup ever.

It is commonly believed that a matte finish in makeup does not work when it goes without powder. Hence, you will often wonder how to set foundation without powder to stay put. There are numerous ways to set your foundation without the use of powder. Explore our following secrets to stay matte and be confidently beautiful with your foundation makeup.

If you prefer a makeup with powder foundation, we could still provide you with the best guide ever with top-rated and most-chosen products by customers. See more here BEST POWDER FOUNDATION.

Why a matte skin without powder is sometimes preferred?

At the contemporary time, light dewy makeup style is on trend. Makeup is like no makeup. There is tons of reason why many people crave for this dewy makeup style. It not only looks natural and flawless but also shows the sign of youth and vitality. We all want that we look younger and feminine in other people’s eyes. [1] Therefore, you just need some tricks which required a perfect combination of solid foundation without any powder.

Best guides on how to set foundation without powder

#Tip 1: Proper Foundation Implication

First and foremost, your application of foundation directly affects how your skin ends up. To get an awesome makeup result, it’s all about the most amazing finish. It is to say; there is no more important than know how to set foundation gently and still achieve natural beauty without powder.

One of the common mistakes that we often make when choosing the foundation type is not to swatch it on your wrist or arm and test it in natural light to know what the shade is. By finding your perfect foundation shade, your makeup will be more flawlessly natural.

Each cosmetic branch offers different foundation shade ranges as they truly understand their customers’ need and concern. Hence, there is no need to worry that there is no shade matching your skin tone.

flawless makeup without powder
When it comes to choosing your best matching foundation shade, it will work when you consider other factors like seasonal changes and surrounding temperature. Always care about switching up your shade seasonally because your skin tone and condition do not stay the same. Your skin may be in different conditions throughout the seasons.

To be more specific, our complexion tends to be lighter in summer; whereas, it looks pale in winter like you have just recovered from an illness. In this situation, our best tip is to choose a fairer shade. Later, you could easily mix with liquid foundation containing golden tones. [2]

Besides the type of product shade, the way you apply foundation appropriately is also important. Remember that the wrong product and improper tool to apply foundation could make your makeup become worse.

As advised by famous makeup artists, a synthetic flat-topped and round brush is better as it will help your makeup disperse evenly. Later, finish with the use of a damp beauty blender sponge to achieve an even coverage.

It is highly recommended that you should select the right type of foundation that fits your skin best. You are supposed to understand your skin type first to see whether it is oily, normal, dry or combination one. According to skincare and makeup experts, using cushion foundation is a good way to keep your makeup to stay put.

Don’t use your fingers to apply. Fingers contains dirt and bacteria. By the same token, using fingers to apply foundation does not work well if you want to diffuse evenly. When using foundation brush, you are advised to clean it at least every two weeks and keep it in fresh environment.

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With a relatively high rank in Amazon, Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki Makeup Brush F80 is one of the most favorite and most-chosen foundation brush by customers. This high-quality brush is here to solve your problem of how to set a foundation without powder as well as maintain a longer and radiant wear.

So, what does Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki Makeup Brush F80 have to attract make lovers? The answer is the exclusive Sigmax fibers that the branch manufacturer used to make with a flat top head containing dense and gentle fibers. Even difficult places to apply makeup such as forehead and cheeks are now easier for you to blend the liquid or cream foundation evenly.

While other brushes could leave behind lines, splotches or streaks when wearing makeup, Sigma Brush F80 can handle. Many customers have all agreed that this is the most wonderful brush they have ever had. Thanks to it, they can get an airbrushed look and naturally flawless skin with only the use of foundation.

#Tip 2: Consider to use a primer

Every makeup routine needs a primer. However, do you know how to set foundation with the application of perfect primer to maintain long-lasting makeup without powder? If you wish to wear your makeup longer, consider using a primer that could address such problems as oily t-zones, dryness, pigmentation and blemishes [1].

The key is to use a mattifying primer before makeup. Without powder, a good primer could still make your skin much glowy because primers are very helpful in reducing pores and make your skin matte.
What kind of primer do you think fit you best? Here’s our recommendation.

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The POREfessional Face Primer ranks as the best-selling face primer in the US. Without powder, the POREfessional Face Primer is enough to minimize pores and some unexpected wrinkles for a smoother complexion. The primer stands out of the crowd due to its oil-free formula, translucent complements and exclusive ingredients like vitamin E to prevent your skin from being harmed by free radicals.

#Tip 3: Treat and prepare your skin well

There is nothing quite like owning a flawless bare skin with matte complexion. Take care of your skin carefully by using right skincare product. There is no better way to invest in your everyday skincare routine, which then results in a flawless makeup without using powder.

Preparing your skin well initially is always the best method for later beautiful makeup. Such basic products as cleanser, toner, serum, essence and moisturized cream will feed your skin and make it more attractive. [2] A flawless foundation will results from your good skincare; therefore, you could skip the powder step.

#Tip 4: Understand the importance of moisture

Most people often mistakenly think that oily skin does not need any moisture. Nevertheless, moisture is merely the golden key to a healthy and elastic skin. You should know the mechanism of our skin, which involves the fact that it will produce a lot of excess oil to attain its balance. Therefore, oily skin really needs moisture.

To have a matte makeup without using powder, it is all about retaining your skin hydrated all the day with suitable skincare products. This method could help to maintain a dewy finish, even when you do not wear extra makeup layers.

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Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator has gained an ever-increasing credit thanks to its outstanding features. The product aims at refreshing your t-zones and keeping that area constantly matte. By using Clinique Pore Refining Solutions daily, coupled with proper skincare routine, pores will become smaller and smaller day by day.

Another bonus point for this product lies in its particular function to control excess oil with oil-free hydration mechanism. If you have oily skin, do not hesitate to try it and you will be taken aback by surprising effects it brings about.

#Tip 5: Focus on a healthy eating habit

You must already know how vital a healthy eating habit is. Then you will realize why it assists you know how to set foundation without powder. A balanced diet benefits not only your health but also your skin and complexion. You should avoid spicy food and drink containing alcohol; these two are top enemies of our health and skin. Spicy and alcohol make the blood vessels to be stretched; thereby leading to abundant sweat.

Without powder, your skin elasticity can be still maintained by concentrating on what you eat and drink every day. The best way to have a radiant glow, soft and elastic skin is to provide with nutrition such as olive oil, tomatoes, oatmeal, green tea, kale, yellow bell peppers, orange peel and so on.

#Tip 6: Be creative and smart in choosing supportive product

Sometimes, you should be more flexible in getting something helpful to enable our foundation last longer than usual. This is why you should be creative and smart in choosing supportive product. Dabbing small amounts of milk of magnesia before applying your makeup is an efficient way.

#Tip 7: Concentrate on the right techniques as well as suitable products

Don’t skip this tips you will still have an in-depth into how to set foundation without powder if you read it. Follow some easy steps and get a radiant and glowing skin all the day long:

  • As previously mentioned, moisturizer is indispensable. The thing is that you are required to apply your moisture after your skin are surely cleared with right cleanser products. Then, 30 seconds to one minute is the time for the moisturizer to be absorbed into your skin. This will both protect your skin from undesirable substances from makeup products as well as uphold a soft complexion for foundation to be set. [1]
  • After the step of moisturizer application, apply your primer to reduce pores and create a base for great foundation.
  • Do not use too much primer as it may not work well when you apply foundation later.
  • The final step is to apply the foundation. Instead of using powder foundation, using a liquid one is preferred because a powder one requires you to reapply throughout the day. Moreover, a setting spray helps to prevent your skin from getting slightly darker.

Tips recorded from a target group on how to set foundation without powder

Rebecca Wordingham, a Creative Director at The London School of Media MakeUp who specialized in the makeup area with tons of experience in the same field, revealed that the ultimate guide to having a matte makeup without powder is the smart choice of foundation which is suitable for your type of skin. She uncovered that she always stick to the liquid foundation which appears to provide her a fuller coverage compared to the powder one.

With her dry skin, she sometimes gets into trouble with redness. Hence, she recommended that moisturizing your skin well and using a silicone based primer will help to keep your foundation stay put.

makeup tips by experts
Another makeup lover named Shagarah Manga also shares her tips for a long-lasting foundation without powder. The most important thing is that you should know your skin type well.

If you have not understood it, consult a pro who will let you know the best condition of your skin. She stayed away from powder and the only way to keep her shining all day with flawless makeup is to set her concealer under her eyes but not on her whole face.

Heena Verma, an unapologetic makeup enthusiast, disclosed that how to set the foundation without powder depends on how well you apply it and how you understand your skin type. She recommended distributing sparingly with the help of a damp beauty blender sponge. By this way, you can also re-touch it during the day.

Furthermore, a fixing spray is an ultimate choice to enable your makeup last longer.

The above tips are great for you to reply on and prepare for a long-lasting makeup wear. Despite any methods that you apply, just remember to find the one that suit you best. Also, get creative with it! Follow these tips on how to set foundation without powder, apply them and shine your light.

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