Genius Hacks: How To Remove Lipsense?

January 18, 2018

Jelly Bell

Genius Hacks: How To Remove Lipsense?

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So what’s the Lipsense thing about? You and me have heard lots of buzz recently about Lipsense lip products and other beauty stuff. Apparently, the brand gets more and more attention from not only the beauty bloggers but also other makeup enthusiasts. There have been several clips of ladies testing it, displaying them by wiping all fingers across lips to show that this lipstick can stay long and won’t come off [1].

And if you pay attention closely to this hype, some Facebook groups suddenly jump out inviting you to come and witness what Lipsense is truly about. At this point, you’re skeptical by nature when handling such thing, especially when hearing something too good to be true. But your lips need help, and part of the reason here is because trying something new feels so right!

Well, we see a sudden spike in conversation about Lipsense, its long-lasting effects, and application, don’t we? If our previous post about HOW TO REMOVE LIPSENSE WITHOUT OOOPS, then today, you’re educated more about how to remove Lipsense. That’s right, it’s about diminishing your lip color with no need to use a remover (it sounds nearly impossible!), but it works for real!

A few tidbits of Lipsense you never know

Before guiding you how to remove Lipsense without remover, let’s grasp more interesting facts that stuck out to us.

Overall, Lipsense has been recognized as a wonderful blend of science that creates a pharmaceutical-grade lip product with amazingly pure pigments. The best part of Lipsense is that it’s not like a lip stain you’ve always thought yet a molecular bond, which naturally sticks to your lips’ skin and stays there for a long time. Read more on our BEST LIPSENSE REVIEWS to get a general idea of this unbelievably product.

how to remove lipsense
Attractive Young Blonde Woman With Red Lipsense


As for the texture, it’s much thinner than water since it’s packed with SD40 alcohol so that you can apply it evenly and then it can dry quite fast as well as leaves the pure color in place. What we love the most about it is that the lip texture doesn’t have a thick waxy buildup to smudge around like our conventional makeup, and if you hate matte look but still want the color to stay put, here’s a way:

According to the distributors, to maintain your lips moisturized and keep the shade in tact longer, try the moisturizing gloss. This is one of the highest recommended ways to make your lips feel completely soft and healthy! Always use them both together (Lipsense lip color and gloss) for the maximized and lasting effect from the item.

Before we move on doing more research on how to remove Lipsense, let’s browse through the first feeling you might experience when using Lipsense for the first time.

Every girl would be scared a little bit as she feels the tingling or burning sensation for the first use of it. A lot of questions comes up in your mind when this happens, like “IS LIPSENSE BAD FOR YOUR LIPS?” or “DOES IT DRY YOUR LIPS?” Don’t jump to conclusion that fast! This burning feeling occurs is when your lips feel dried and start being chapped.

Burning won’t stay long, and then you will experience the soothing and fresh effects of your lipstick soon after. In case the lips are in bad condition, it’s best to apply Lipsense gloss more often to heal it fast and keep your lips as lively as always.

How to remove Lipsense?

As a loyal fan and a committed makeup lover, I understand the happiness of finding a long-lasting lipstick at last. Be prepared, though, this indestructible product that every lady loves to have could put you in big trouble: How to remove Lipsense? Such a struggle of making it wear off is painfully authentic.

Nobody feels confident that she’ve just removed every last smudge, but then wakes up with the stupid splotches all over the pillow or her face. You would hate that, especially it makes you look like being given a sucker punch during the sleep! So how to remove Lipsense?

1. Ooops! remover

Ooops! Remover of SeneGence is one of the best removers you can use to get rid of it just by one single swipe.

It does not only erase your Lipsense errors but also raise your long-lasting lip shade so that you can change the shade with your favorite piece of clothes. And the best part of it is that the Ooops! Remover can make your lips both smooth and moisturized. It’s the ideal condition before you begin to hit the pillow when the night comes! How about the science behind it?

It was availed as a makeup remover just after the color tech has been on your skin for a certain number of hours. Ooops! Remover works effectively for that tech, which can molecularly bind to your lip skin. Once the color gets loosened from your lips after hours being exposed to the pH of your skin, Ooops! Remover will raise the color tech from the skin so that it can be removed with a moist cloth.

To educate you how to remove Lipsense with Ooops remover, we’d like to introduce you another 3-step process to remove your lip color at the end of the day.

Step 1: Wipe off your lip gloss by utilizing a clean and damp washcloth or makeup removal pad. The gloss will wipe off with ease since it’s a moisturizing sealer that can keep your Lipsense color in place.

Step 2: Apply the Ooops! Remover all over the lips with your stick applicator. Note that your remover must be applied to the top and bottom lips. Let it sit for a few minutes for the best results.  

Step 3: Get a damp washcloth or a makeup removal pad to wipe off your Lipsense color. Repeat the last step to get rid of your lip color.

Here’s a quick video about how to remove Lipsense with Ooops! Remover:

Remember that your Lipsense tend to be easier to remove as long as you’ve been putting the color on for some hours. Get an issue, or a cotton dipped with warm water to wipe off your gloss at that moment. With Ooops!, let it stay on lips for 30 seconds. This offers the Ooops! Remover enough time to break down your color.

After successfully diminishing your color, come to pick up your Lipsense Gloss, or your lip balm to start moisturizing your lips and soften them more. But what if you don’t have it, then how to remove Lipsense without Ooops! Remover?

2. Witch Hazel

For those who haven’t got a clue about Witch Hazel, let’s find out more about it at first. It’s, in fact, a plant that has leaves, twigs, and bark used to make medicine. And of course, there are so many products made with this herbal plant, like hamamelis water with hazel extract for instance. A few people commonly take it by mouth for curing diarrhea, coughing up blood, tumors, mucus colitis, and even cancer [2]

Witch Hazel can boost your skin tone by removing acne and locking in moisture, and it’s not only a makeup remover but also a great recipe that can be paired with other essential oils for a natural solution of removing your makeup. How to find it? It’s easy to find it at any drugstore, and Witch Hazel could ensure your lips to be completely clean and all ready to go.

It’ll bond molecularly with lips, and you might love to guarantee your canvas is empty before applying Lipsense. Now you don’t need to worry too much about how to remove Lipsense as long as you know how to do right with this Witch Hazel. For the optimal results, all Lipsense products MUST be used on the clean and dry lips. Witch Hazel will work the best for this situation, or if not, feel free to utilize other gentle astringent.

Nowadays, Witch Hazel has been used to apply directly to our skin for any inflammation, itching, mucous membrane inflammation, bruises, minor burns, etc. Surprisingly, its leaf and bark extract plus water are used as the astringent to tighten our complexion. Witch Hazel is also applied in a few medications to stop bleeding and treating hemorrhoids, stings, and other minor irritations.

How does it work? Witch Hazel is packed with chemicals known as tannins. When you apply it straight onto the skin, this makeup remover will decrease your swelling, help fix the broken skin, and defeating bacteria. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to remove Lipsense with Witch Hazel you must keep in mind before taking actions:

Step 1: Get one tablespoon of Witch Hazel and one teaspoon of salt

Step 2: Blend and mix them well

Step 3: Apply the mixture on your lip using only one cotton pad

Step 4: Let it be uninterrupted for approximately 5 minutes

Step 5: Now Just wash the lip area using cold water

So using Witch Hazel is a good idea without a doubt, especially when you won’t ever get back to toxic mineral oil-based removers. Not just does it not leave any oily layer on your lips, it also helps remove your lip color much more effectively.

3. Jojoba oil

Do you know much about jojoba oil? It’s an odorless liquid wax coming from the seeds of a plant named Simmondsia Chinensis – the plant mainly grows in America, particularly in the dry areas of the Southwestern States (Mexico, California, and Arizona).

People usually use jojoba oil alone or mix it with other natural oils to make the results much better. Besides, this ingredient gains a greater importance thanks to its moisturizing and soothing properties. Greater than that, it’s famous for being highly versatile, making itself an essential part of every woman’s daily skin care routine. The oil can restore the balance of your lip skin just by keeping them moisturized and hydrated [3]

And if you want to own the soft pink lips, you can use jojoba or olive oil and blend it with a sugar scrub.

how to remove lipsense
Remove Lipsense With Oil


Nowadays, this kind of oil is used to soothe and guard your lip skin, while also diminishing any other impurity and makeup. Come to pair it with your almond oil for the best removal result even from your most sensitive area of the skin. Besides, the shrub jojoba can release a wax that turns to be liquid at the room temperature. This ingredient, known as jojoba oil, gets enriched with vitamins B and E and other minerals.

And since it’s quite the same to your lip skin’s natural oil, jojoba oil makes a perfect skin care product as compared to the others. For any beauty enthusiast who hasn’t got any idea how to remove Lipsense with jojoba oil, read this post to get your general idea. Let’s blend this magical oil with some other natural ingredients you know to create a bunch of lip care items for further convenience.

Get a glimpse of our how-to guide below for ease of use:

Step 1: Add 3 – 4 drops of jojoba oil to one cotton pad or ball

Step 2: Wipe the moist pad over your lip

Step 3: Avail your gentle pressure to put on your skin so that you can remove the lip color effectively

Step 4: Press a bit harder to get rid of any lip stain

As we see, jojoba oil works quite the same as sebum as it does not only lubricate your skin but also hair. Freely use it as a substitute for anyone who has the lower sebum production. Jojoba oil will help eliminate excess sebum and its extension from the hair. In general, it’s perfectly beneficial for your lip, skin, hair, and the whole body.

4. Aloe Vera

You must know about the magical benefit of this plant, right? If so, don’t mind including it in your daily routine. Aloe vera is quite reputed for its cooling and emollient characteristics, but in fact, it owns more than that. And that explains why everyone tends to see it as a miraculous plant which can support their beauty from top to toe [4]

Nowadays, you can easily find aloe vera gel of different kinds every corner of the market, and most of them are obtained straight from the plant. Therefore, you can opt for the one that suits you the best. However, aloe vera is recognized as potent medicine when used straight from the aloe vera itself. In this post, you won’t just figure out how to remove Lipsense with aloe vera but also learn how it is used in all beauty applications.

Because of smoking, chapped lips, dead skin cells, cosmetics allergies, aging, or even the habit of removing your lip color before the bedtime, your lips become darker than before. In this case, the best solution for you is to use aloe vera gel to bring the look of your juicy lips back again. Aloe vera gel is quite popular with its high content of polyphenolic compounds – a great substance to stop producing the skin darkness.

According to dermatologists, aloe vera is quite gentle and effective for removing lipstick, eye makeup, like your waterproof mascara without oily residue. Here’s how to use it to remove your lip makeup:

Step 1: Pour the aloe vera gel or juice in one clear container

Step 2: Pour any essential oil of your favorite into a small squeeze bottle and remember to screw on the lid

Step 3: If you like to squirt the remover onto the cotton wipe instead of dipping it, try to use a squeeze bottle.

Last but not least, you can store your fresh aloe vera when it’s unused in one airtight container, and then put it in the fridge. It’s up to you to use jojoba oil or coconut oil. Make sure to apply aloe as your moisturizer before going to sleep to increase your overnight hydration.

5. Honey

We can’t deny the fact that honey is one of the most promising medicines that can nourish our lips and make them look pinkie. It’s highly rich in antioxidant and natural and moisturizing ingredients, which can help remove our lip darkness. After applying honey to your lips and just leave it overnight until the morning, you will see how those lips turn soft and amazingly brightened.

Think of how you’re all ready to get rid of your lip and eye makeup while exfoliating and adding essential vitamins to the skin. Combine pure honey with baking soda to create your best remover and cleanser. If you ask me how to remove Lipsense without Ooops! Remover, then honey would be the best answer to your doubt.

Here’s how to make your lip and eye makeup with honey:

Step 1: Add baking soda to your pure honey

Step 2: Pour just a few drops of your essential oil and whip them into a paste

Step 3: Apply it with a warm cloth and guess what? You’ve just made a super cool natural makeup remover and even a cleanser.

We recommend you to use honey to remove your lip color because it’s not a commercial makeup remover or cleanser filled with toxic chemicals that nobody wants their bodies absorbing. In contrast, honey is apparently a natural lip care product that is full of amazing things for the skin.

As raw honey, it owns a wide range of antibacterial and healing features, making it a perfect choice for cleaning your lip skin without removing all the natural oils from the skin. So don’t wait, but get a bottle of honey and put it anywhere in your bathroom right away.

6. Coconut oil

Again, how to remove Lipsense with only natural substitutes? Coconut oil is the best option you must think of right at the moment. It’s not just an excellent moisturizer for the body but also a great makeup remover you can’t turn away. Go to use if when you run out of the makeup remover, and you’ll be certainly surprised at how easily and amazingly it works.

Step 1: Scoop a little handful of coconut oil out of your jar. It will be solid initially, but then it’s melted on a hot day.

Step 2: Rubbing it gently between the palms to turn it into a liquid

Step 3: Smear it all over the lips and massage it if you’ve got a thick lip makeup.

Step 4: Let it sit there for one second, so things dissolves

Step 5: Remove the oil and your lip makeup at the same time

Step 6: Grab one cotton pad and wipe things off

Step 7: There will be some coconut oil residue so that you can massage it for moisturizing.

Out of other makeup removers, coconut oil is one of the most effective and versatile beauty products we can’t deny. It’s not only economical but also smelling like the real coconuts.

Owning a multitude of awesome uses, from hydrating your body to smoothing your messy hair, coconut oil deserves as a kick-ass lip remover and cleanser that makes you go straight to bed without any worry.

7. Fooops! Remover

It’s time to eliminate the long-lasting Lipsense fast and easily with this special and easy-to-use formula of Fooops! Remover. With the power of whisking away every makeup from lip to eye makeup (waterproof LashSense mascara), Fooops! Remover is also favored thanks to its refreshing properties.

Known as a famous product of Sense Cosmetics, Fooops! Remover is also voted as one of the most exceptional cleansers that can break down the long-lasting effect of Lipsense. Fooops is quite exceedingly easy-to-use and gentle that it’s made for every skin type. It leaves your face fresh, feeling extremely cool and relaxed without any oily residue.

Besides, Fooops contains Arnica flower – an ingredient reputable for restoring suppleness and then Spirulina that can guard your skin against the buildup of bacteria, which is a reason causing your breakouts.

Here’s how to use it right for removing your lip color:

Step 1: Shake it well to activate

Step 2: Squeeze just a little amount into the palm of your hand before spreading all over your lip

Step 3: Let it sit there about 20 seconds

Step 4: Remove it with a warm and damp washcloth.

Realizing the great benefits brought by this product, a lot of people choose to purchase it to remove their Lipsense lip color. According to some consumers, other makeup removers usually left them scrubbing their lips, which they feel slightly damage their skin. For people who have dry lip skin, it’s especially challenging to remove the color in this case, but when they have to use it, Fooops would be their go-to makeup remover.  


“How to remove Lipsense” has been the No.1 question asked by every beauty blogger and makeup enthusiast recently. Is it because the long-lasting Lipsense so hard to take off? If so, finding the right makeup remover is a big necessity when using SeneGence products, and hopefully, after browsing our feel-good skin care tips and tricks from this article, you’ve finally got the answer to your question!

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