How To Make Yourself Throw Up Safely: Facts And What To Avoid

August 26, 2017

Anna Chen

How To Make Yourself Throw Up Safely: Facts And What To Avoid

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At least once in your life time, you feel extremely uncomfortable because of nausea or bloating. Everything you want to do right there is finding how to make yourself throw up fast to get rid of whatever contents in your stomach.

But it is not that easy, as there are plenty of unchecked information on the internet, with tons of home remedies for puking. Some of those may be dangerous and could threaten your health severely.

With a team of medical experts, we will give you a complete guide how to make yourself throw up safely and what you should avoid.

How and what makes people throw up?

First of all, you should distinguish the two natural mechanisms of throwing up. The first one is a natural reflex to empty the contents in your stomach through your mouth voluntarily, while another implies the forcible act to get the same purpose.

The vomiting center in our brain that takes responsibility for the vomiting reflex is called the area postrema, or chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ). All factors that stimulate the CTZ area can be a potential cause of vomiting, including:

  • The activity of the vestibular system inside your ear results in motion sickness.
  • The 10th nerve (which starts from our brain stem and finishes in our abdomen) may play a part in irritating the stomach, or esophagus.
  • The receptors of Dopamine system can trigger vomiting when activated.

Of course, we cannot control the activities of those neurological parts. That is why vomiting is a reflex which may happen against our will.

In case there is an intended behavior to trigger the vomiting centers, the “throw up” process will happen with a similar mechanism.

In this article, we will answer every question related to the subject: How to make yourself vomit most safely.

Self-induced vomiting: It is possible?

make your self throw up

It may sound a little bit insane, right? While people are trying to prevent throwing up, we are here to talk about self-induced vomiting.

In medical perspective, vomiting is a useful way to empty harmful content in your stomach. For example, if you accidentally ate or drank toxic products or took pills overdose, everything you want to do is get rid of them right away. Sometimes, you feel nausea for some reasons, and vomiting is the only way to ease the symptom and make you feel better.

If the vomiting reflex does not happen naturally, you need to know how to throw up on command. But remember that everything you do is to serve your health benefits, as self-induced vomiting when it is not recommended may cause more harm than good.

There are many ways to make yourself throw up, but you need to consider the pros and cons of each method. Unfortunately, the chaos information from the internet may put you into a maze. Don’t believe? Just type “How to force yourself to throw up” on Google, and it will provide millions of results!

But don’t worry, with a team of experienced medical practitioners, we know how to provide the proper information to make yourself vomit safely.

How to make yourself throw up safely?

Initially, do not force vomiting unless a medical professional directs you to do so.

Call for help

In case you know the person is poisoned, it is essential to check his/her condition first. You need to pay attention to his/her breath, cognition, and convulsions, then contact with your nearest emergency services right away. If you live in the US, call the Poison Help Hotline at 1 800 222 1222, describe the situation for them and follow their instructions.

The doctor from the emergency center may ask you some questions about the consumed drugs or chemical substances, as well as the present symptoms. If they suggest you to go to an emergency department, you need to take the person there immediately with the suspected poisonous pills, drinks or foods. There they will guide you how and what to do next, including ways to make yourself throw up [1].

When not to make yourself vomit

Trying to make yourself throw up may be too risky if the substances that you have ingested are:

  • Poisonous things or chemicals. If you accidentally intake corrosive substance such as bleach or acid, vomiting will cause more severe damages to the upper digestive and respiratory tract.
  • Foam substances, such as detergents or soap. These chemical products can froth and block the airways from your lungs, thus make you suffocate.
  • Sharp objects. Trying to throw up these things may scratch your throat or make them stuck inside your airways.
  • Petroleum products, including gasoline or paint. These substances will cause burns to your esophagus and throat in their way.

Besides, if you want to know how to vomit on command just for the weight-loss purpose, please don’t do that! It may lead to bulimia – an eating disorder that may threaten your life.

For pregnant women with morning sickness, you should not make yourself throw up even when you feel sick. The dehydrated condition of the mother can cause harmful effects to the baby.

When to make yourself vomit

You should only induce throwing up for medical emergency purposes. Even when you feel extremely uncomfortable because of any undigested food, it is not recommended to do so.

However, there are still occasions that you cannot connect with any help from medical experts. For example, you are in a remote area with no internet, electricity or phones, and there is a poisoned person next to you. That is why it is essential to know some methods and what to take for vomiting most safely.

How to make yourself throw up with fingers

how to make yourself throw up by fingers

It seems to be the most common way to throw up, as there is no supportive tools or medicine needed. You should prepare a bucket or kneel in front of the toilet, make sure not to put too much pressure on your upper abdomen.

How do you make yourself throw up by fingers? Follow the steps below:

  • Cut your nails to prevent scratching your throat
  • Wash your hands carefully before putting into your mouth to remove dirt and bacteria
  • Put your index finger into your mouth and touch the back of your throat. Then trigger the gag reflex by pushing it toward and backward gently
  • As soon as you feel gagging, remove your finger and puke into the bucket
  • If you cannot throw up, repeat the process one more time
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after you have done

If it does not work after several times trying, stop using this method and look up for another way. You should not use hard devices (ex. spoon or toothbrush) instead of your finger to prevent damages of the mucosa in your throat.

How to induce vomiting by pictures that make you throw up

Now we will guide you how to throw up without fingers.

When you feel nausea but cannot vomit naturally, find some videos or pictures that describe someone else throwing up. This will trigger your stomach and make you throw up as well. Watching other people throwing up will bring up a similar effect.

If you want to know how to make yourself barf fast, just put these pictures in front of you while using your index finger as mentioned above.

Which medicine that makes you throw up and should we use it?

The name of medications that induce vomiting is “emetics.” Among the list of emetic medicine, Ipecac syrup is the most popular substance. In the past, it was approved as an over the counter first aid at home to induce throw up under medical supervision.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has no longer supported the uses of Ipecac syrup to trigger throwing up in poisoning, because it can complicate the condition of the patients [2].

Nowadays, the appearance of Ipecac syrup in medical uses is rare, as well as other emetics. In fact, there is no prescription medicine that induces vomiting, as this method is no longer recommended.

Avoid these home remedies for puking


A long with Ipecac syrup, you should consider some potential dangerous homemade emetics. Many people say that these natural emetics are useful to support vomit reflex, but there is no scientific evidence. In contrast, they may cause harm to the electric balance in your body and renal function.

These natural emetics include:

Mustard water for inducing vomit

According to the rumors of internet users, you should mix one tablespoon of mustard in warm water and drink the mixture. The disgusting taste of the liquid will trigger your stomach and make you throw up.

However, there hasn’t been any reports of the effects and safety of this method.

Bloodroot herb

This plant comes from America, which was used by the native American tribes to treat many skin disorders, as well as ulcers. It once used to cause vomiting and empty the bowels in some emergency conditions [3].

The common recipe of this home emetic is boiling one cup of water with one teaspoon of Bloodroot powder. Then you can drink the mixture after it cools down.

But there is inadequate scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of Bloodroot in causing vomiting. Moreover, it may leave behind some severe side effects, such as shock, coma, glaucoma, or low blood pressure.

Drink salt water to throw up

There are many recommendations on the unrated websites that drinking salt water is an effective way to force yourself throw up. The homemade emetic is adding three teaspoons of salt into a glass of warm water, then gulp the liquid down.

But you should be aware of the hidden danger of electrolytes when consumed into your body. Excessive intake of sodium could lead to salt poisoning, which causes seizures, coma or even death [4].

Besides, there is no evidence of the effectiveness and safety of salt water in forcing throw up.

Gargle with egg whites

Maybe when asking “How to make myself throw up” on the internet, this method is one of the most common home remedies for puking.

It is undeniable that the natural taste of raw egg whites is unpleasant with a fishy odor. That is why many people think that gargling 2-3 egg whites is a solution when they want to know how to throw up food.

However, the raw egg may contain a germ called Salmonella that attacks your digestive tract and give yourself diarrhea fast – a symptom of food poisoning [5].

Adverse effects of forcible throwing up

Now you are clear of how to throw up on purpose, but the side effects of these methods cannot be passed out. You should pay attention to the response of your body after throwing up, because some possible side effects may occur:


As mentioned before, your body lost a noticeable amount of water content while vomiting. You may feel thirsty, tired and drowsy. If the vomiting process keeps continuing, the dehydrated condition may threaten your life.

Burning sensation in the throat

After vomiting, the acid from your stomach refluxes and causes swelling and burning in the esophagus. This unpleasant feeling will disappear quickly, so you do not need to worry about it. But for people who have had gastrointestinal disorders before, you need to be careful.


Sometimes, the substance from the stomach can reach your airway while vomiting, especially if you were a wrong position (ex. lie or half sit). Aspiration increases a risk of swelling and lung infections if left untreated.

Teeth enamel erosion

The acid from the stomach will deconstruct and destroy the teeth enamel, results in decays or brittle teeth.

Esophagus rupture

This adverse effect is not common, but usually more severe. If you forced yourself to throw up violently, or there is any solid substance in the stomach, it could scratch your esophagus. There is a high risk of inflammation if this condition is not figured out and receive proper control.

What to do after throwing up?

After vomiting due to any reason, you will feel exhausted because your body has just lost a significant amount of water content and electrolyte agents. Sometimes, you just want to lie there without eating or drinking anything. But to restore the normal function of the digestive system quickly, as well as take back your energy, it is necessary to follow these things below:

Drink water

drink water

It helps remain the hydrated condition of the whole body, as you have lost a noticeable amount of fluid through vomiting. Besides, washing your mouth with water can remove the bad breath in your mouth.

However, drinking water right after throwing up may trigger your stomach and stimulate vomiting again. So you need to follow the instruction below:

  • Rinse your mouth with clean and warm water for several times. Use a little amount of water each time (about 30-40 ml).
  • Do not consume a large amount of any liquid for at least one hour after vomiting. If you feel thirsty, you can sip warm water.
  • 1-2 hours after vomiting, you are allowed to drink but do not consume too much water at one time.

Take a rest

Due to the contraction of the muscles in your stomach, while throwing up, you may feel abdominal pain and tired. That is why you need to take a rest after vomiting to restore the body and mental health.

Do not lie down immediately because the muscle that separates the esophagus and the stomach is not closed entirely, which may cause unwanted vomit in the next time. You should put some support pillows behind your back and relax.

Eat soft foods

In some occasions, you may question what to eat when throwing up. The list of bland foods for you includes soups, yogurt, porridge, and bananas. They are ideal for the stomach as it is easy to digest.

But do not eat right after you have just thrown up because the remaining taste of the vomit has not disappeared. You should wait until the appetite is back and start by eating slowly.

Drink herbal teas – Ginger & Cinnamon

If you do not know what to consume to improve your digestive tract most efficient, the answer is herbal teas! The active natural elements in the dried plant are the reasonable choice to ease the stomach and make you feel better.

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You should pick a bag of ginger or cinnamon tea and dip into a hot cup of water, enjoy the warm and sweet scent before sipping.

According to Chinese medicine, ginger and cinnamon are the two herbs that boost the energy of our whole body. While the function of the stomach is strictly related to the movement of the energy, these herbs are the excellent options to make it stronger.

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Facts about how to make yourself throw up to lose weight

Many girls, especially Bulimia people are in frenzy of finding ways to make themselves throw up after eating to lose weight [6]. It seems obvious that throwing up everything you eat will prevent your body from absorbing nutrients, thus stop fat mechanism and result in a slim body.

But it is the most dangerous misconception ever!

In fact, at the first period of the eating-throwing up process, you may experience weight loss. But it is no more than the dehydration condition that makes you think so. If you continue, your body will no longer sustain, which could lead to a terrible electrolytes imbalance or even death.

So, you need to stop thinking of how to make yourself puke and find other proper ways to control your calories intake. Plus with a suitable physical exercise schedule, it is possible to reach your dreamed weight in the near future.

Take notes

  • Knowing how to make yourself throw up safely is quite important, especially when you ingested toxins or harmful substances.
  • You should only force yourself vomit under the direction and supervision of medical professionals.
  • Only throw up on command in emergency cases. Do not perform for other purposes, such as for weight-loss.
  • Do not make yourself throw up if the ingested substances are corrosive, sharp, solid, or foam.
  • The most effective and safest ways to make yourself throw up are using your index finger and watch other people vomit to trigger the stomach.
  • Do not try using homemade emetics, such as mustard, bloodroot, and salt water or they could endanger your life.
  • Take a rest and consume water as well as soft food after vomiting to make you feel better.

In case you suffer excessive vomiting, especially throwing up bile, there are several ways to stop it by see How To Stop Vomiting And Throwing Up Bile Effectively.

Here is everything you need to know about how to make yourself throw up safely and efficiently. Plus with the recommendations from experts, you have found the most useful ways to make yourself throw up in cases needed. Hope that this article has fully provided what you are looking.

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