Best Ways On How To Make Your Nose Smaller

August 22, 2017

Veronica Phan

Best Ways On How To Make Your Nose Smaller

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How many times per day do you look in the mirror and notice something wrong with your nose? If there are more than ten times, then you are surely dissatisfied with the look of the nose. As it looks too big and gets your face unbalanced, it’s time to search for some natural tips on how to make your nose smaller without causing any pain initially.  

Undoubtedly, most women or even some men who regard facial beauty as important should not ignore any defects on their face. When the nose is big or small, it causes you discomfort and to feel self-conscious. Human noses can vary in many sizes and shapes, however, if you want to reduce your size of noses, you can try to apply some simple makeup tips to contour as well as highlight the nose shapes or perform several effective facial nose exercises.

How To Make Nose Smaller Naturally

1. Applying Makeup Contour and Highlight

make your nose beautiful

Don’t worry if you have not known how to use any makeup items since applying some contour and highlighting makeup is one of the simplest ways on how to reshape your nose. Following those steps below in order to help you get a well-shaped and beautiful nose.

Step 1: Applying Foundation

  • Prepare the foundation you usually use
  • Check it to make sure the foundation color matches closely your skin stone
  • Have it blended to the right below the jaw area [1]

Step 2: Applying Contouring Powder

  • Have a closer look at the nose and do these contouring tips
  • In case you have a wide nose, applying contouring on both sides of the nose centered with vertical lines on it
  • Blend the contouring powder well to inside tip of your brow located at the top
  • In case you get a wide nose at the bottom, simply, contouring the bottom side then curving those lines out to the side of each nostril.
  • For those who have a wide nose tip, you had better make an arrow be down from your nostrils tip to the tip of the nose before contouring both sides of the nostrils.

Step 3: Applying Dark Powder

  • After contouring wide noses, take a blush or mineral powder which is two tones darker than your actual skin tone
  • Brush the powder into those areas that need contouring
  • A brush with good edges is extremely useful in creating the correct contour lines
  • Draw the lines from top to bottom lightly to help you blend them easier

Step 4: Blending Powder

  • Grab the powder brush to blend the foundation and loose powder as well as contour powder
  • In addition to helping you with a narrow and straight nose, this application can bring you most natural look.
  • Blend the contouring lines you have created into your face or just blend the powder between nostrils area for the nose tip only

Step 5: Apply Translucent Powder

  • Last but not least, apply a translucent powder which is about two shades lighter than your natural skin tones to dust into the center of the nose
  • Blend the powder with your largest and fluffiest brush
  • Begin at the nose top to its bottom
  • Get it brush until the powder is blended effectively



2. Making Nose Smaller With Nose Exercises

Another potential way on how to make your nose smaller without makeup is performing some facial exercises that have a direct impact on the nose [2] [3].

Nose Shaping

You are not the only one who is always complaining about the shape of the nose. Most women who process a big nose are also looking for some good exercises to get their nose narrower. When you perform this workout on a daily basis, chances come right time. Your nose shapes will be significantly changed, hence, you are able to sculpt the nose in the way you want. Apart from that, this aids in preventing as well as relieving the sagging from the nose [4].

How to apply:

  • Press both sides of the nose with your fingers before breathing out with the force
  • Put pressure at the bottom of your side nose nostrils for maximizing its results
  • Be careful with your breath
  • Perform the exercises for ten times per day



Nose Shortening

Ages can become a contributing factor to many health problems, including the deterioration that the muscle, ensues, bones or cartilages face its brunt. Nose shortening is not only listed on the top natural remedies on how to make your nose look thinner, but also is a promising cure for a deterioration of the cartilage [5] [6].

How to apply:

  • Put your fingers on the nose tip and press it lightly
  • Use your nose to exert pressure downward on your finger
  • Perform this exercise per day as many times as you can or until your condition gets improved



Nose Straightening

If you are dreaming of a straight nose, then you are in the right place. Nose straightening is considered as a powerful exercise on how to make your nose look smaller as well as make it both tall and straight.

How to apply:

  • All you need to do is to smile and push the nose upward with the fingers
  • This treatment is well-known for its capability of building up the muscles on the sides of the nose.
  • Re-apply the same process from 30 to 40 times on a daily basis for the positive outcomes. 


In order to get perfect nose shape, you should not ignore breathing exercises. And here are the reasons. Breathing plays a critical role in enhancing your beautiful face. You can opt for workouts and yoga since those two give breathing exercises significant importance. Deeply inhaling as well as exhaling confers lots of incredible health benefits, including reshaping your fat nose and making it become thinner.

How to apply:

  • After sitting comfortably, block one of your nostril, then inhale through the other nostril as well as keep it for about five seconds
  • After that, block other nostril, exhale the nostril freely you first block
  • Try to repeat the same process by blocking each of the nostril
  • Tree sets with 9 or 10 repetitions for each is enough to meet your expectation



Nose Wiggling

Like nose straightening, nose wiggling is another muscle building exercise with the aim of reshaping your nose. It helps greatly with nasal muscle, thereby creating a sharp nose for your face.

How to apply:

  • Simply, wiggle the nose meanwhile you need to guarantee that your face is obviously still
  • Repeat the exercise at least once per day for positive results. 

Nose Massaging

Massage, itself, confers many fabulous health advantages. With nose massaging, you do not need to go anywhere but staying at home, massaging the nose can bring you a well-shaped and narrow nose, apart from reducing headache [7].

How to apply:

  • Have your each area of the nose massaged, beginning from the bride to the tip and finally spreading to the sides
  • Your fingers need to be moved in a motion of circulation
  • Massage the nose from 3 to 6 minutes per day and do it on a daily basis to get best results. 

Removing The Smile Line

It is great to see you smile all the time. That means your life is full of happiness. However, when you are getting old, those lines around your smiles can become clearer and your face will look like it is separated into two parts. When it  The smile lines can become deeper and intend to look very bad. If you badly want to eliminate these lines, let’s go for the following steps [8]:

How to apply:

  • This exercise brings you more fun. You only need to fill the mouth with air and have it swished all of the direction while still holding for five seconds in the ear
  • When each of them is being touched upon, you can release the air
  • Perform the same process once per day



You should take a note that your nose is among top challenging areas to be reshaped. This simple workout helps directly operate the nasal muscle and leave you no extra cost. Before taking any exercises, please make sure to practice very often and be patient as well. As you are working on something with more challenging, it apparently takes you much time to generate best outcomes.

3. What To Avoid To Have Slimming Nose

nice nose

Apart from makeup and facial exercises tips, there exist some best ways to make your nose smaller. You can try to draw attention away from the nose by not wearing too heavy eye makeup and designing your hair style properly.

Avoiding Wearing Heavy Eye MakeUp

This way helps your partners pay attention to the whole of your face, instead of your nose. Also, you had better consider using more natural eye makeup with neutral colors.

Using Hair To Draw Attention From The Nose

Have you wondered which style of hair will match up your face to help get your beauty look balanced? If yes, try big curly hair. Big curly hair is more focusing than a wide nose. More importantly, the way you part your hair also needs to be considerable. If you can part the hair straight down to the center, you are trying to direct the eye down toward your nose. But if you part the hair off to the side, you are drawing your eyes away from your nose.

You can try another hair styles that make people pay attention away from the nose. Those are regarded as amazing on how to make your nose smaller.

  • Layers framing your face
  • Waves or soft curls
  • Side parts
  • Loose, messy or scruffy up-dos

Note: You can also strive to thicken the hair at the back to help make the nose become shorter.

Hair Styles To Avoid

You should bear in mind that some kinds of hair styles will draw the focus inside and concentrate on the center of the face. For instance, large bang covering the eyes will stop you from making eye contact with another people. Therefore, if they cannot look into your eyes, they intend to look at your nose. Some hair styles you should avoid include:

  • Straight across cuts
  • Tight ponytails
  • Straight as well as sleek styles

4. Choose Proper Accessories

This tip is widely used by many girls and women who are always ambitious for a tall nose and high nose bridge. Putting on accessories works greatly in many cases, however, choosing the right ones will help you both look beautiful and twinkle all the time.

You can opt for a necklace or decorate your ears with some earrings. Those sparkle decoration will help draw the attention away from your unwell-shaped nose. Wearing a hat is also ideal to try. In case you are wearing glasses, avoid the small thin frames and opt for the bigger one. That stuff naturally makes your nose become smaller.

5. Making Your Nose Smaller With Ginger Powder

It may come as a surprise when ginger is a famous help on how to make nostrils smaller. Ginger is potential for reducing the amount of fatty acid in various parts of the body. You can use ginger powder to make your nose thinner as well.

How to apply:

  • Add ginger powder to water and try to mix it well
  • Rub the solution into your nose
  • This might hurt as you do not get used to it
  • it for several minutes before washing it off with clean water
  • Perform the treatment regularly or until your condition gets great improvements
  • It can take you some weeks to show best results

6. How To Get A Small Nose With Essential Oils

In case ginger powder is hot and causes you pain, you can replace it with essential oils. Making use of essential oils can properly decrease the amount of fat that results in your fat nose to appear.  Essential oils are extracted from the fruits, leaves, flowers, roots and seeds of a plant. They are actually a hydrophobic liquid composed of concentrated aromatic compounds. They are commonly used to deal with problems related to metabolism support and reduce unwanted fatty acid in some parts of the body. Cypress,or Cedar are listed among top most chosen oils for reducing a fat nose.

How to apply:

  • Add some drops of your favorite essential oils
  • Rub the paste on the areas of the nose where you want to reduce fat
  • Do this treatment everyday to get positive outcomes.

7. Keeping Your Nose In Shape With Ice

Health experts have stated that ice is believed to be among top people’s’ choice for making your nose smaller. Rubbing ice is an ideal answer on how to make your nose smaller without makeup or surgery. Exposing the nose with something cold may cause it to be less bloated. Hence, applying ice to some portions of the nose is a must-try home remedy.

How to apply:

  • Wrap several ice cubes and put them inside a clean cloth. It can make nose less swollen
  • Leave it for about 15 minutes, then give your nose a rest
  • You can choose to perform the treatment thrice per day or until you can see positive outcomes.

How To Make Your Nose Smaller With Plastic Surgery

make your nose smaller

Surgery is not something very bad because it is a permanent way to support your big nose removal if you do not want to waste time.  Unlike natural tips, plastic surgery brings you an immediate result but you also have to trade a lot to keep your nose from being distorted or severely damaged.

1. Get A Nose Check up

Before taking any surgery, let’s have a nose check up. Normally, rhinoplasty or plastic surgery is used to get rid of nose size and those shapes below [9] [10]:

  • Nose dips or humps
  • Asymmetry or crookedness
  • Width of the nostrils and nose
  • Hooked, bulbous or upturned nose tips

2. Understand What To Expect

The surgical operation is usually taken from one to two hours and it is going to be completed by a plastic surgeon under the local or general anesthesia. Like most cosmetic operations, your medical history will be stored to decide if you are a good candidate or not or off any precautions need taking.

3. Be Careful With The Risk of Plastic Surgery

There is no doctor who says surgery is not totally safe and of course, it can come with certain dangers. You might contract the following risks after being operated:

  • Allergy to medication, such as anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Difficulties in breathing

Patients can go home after the operation. However, you can be required to stay at the hospital overnight to be carefully reviewed. This process of recovery can take a few weeks. At that time, it is enviable to experience puffiness and swelling as well as puffiness around your eyes and nose. It might take more than two weeks to get it gone away.

In addition, you also need to be aware of wearing a nose splint up to two weeks. This looks like a large bandage or pad. Doctors can prescribe for you some medicines to help relieve swelling and ease pain.

how to make your nose smaller 2


A plastic surgery should be the last solution you opt for if you can ensure 100% what you really want. Also, be aware since not so many people are contented with their new small nose and you should realize that changes in your look can be so dramatic hence, your friends and relatives who know you well can surely recognize what you have done to your nose.

Before you determine to change your shape of the nose, let’s think of non-surgical methods first. Proper makeup and accessories, along with good hairstyle can serve as a miracle. Take a note that the answer on how to make your nose smaller can vary but plastic surgeries cost you a huge amount of money while home remedies for reshaping it are extremely cheap and safe.

Do you think all these above-mentioned tips are worthy trying? Share with us and our lovely readers your own secrets to keep the nose in shape by commenting on the box below. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and PIN this article on your social media platforms. 

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