How To Make A Protein Shake With Protein Powder – Most Nutritious Shakes With Easiest Recipes

November 20, 2017

Hannah Hall

How To Make A Protein Shake With Protein Powder – Most Nutritious Shakes With Easiest Recipes

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If you are entirely exhausted after a workout, there is nothing better than replenishing your fatigue condition. By realizing how to make a protein shake with protein powder, you will know the answer to what should you do when being worn out.

Why is protein share recommended here? It is because sometimes you cannot stomach even one more egg or a portion of meat. In this case, it might be the best choice to maintain your body with protein shakes with protein powder.

You can make protein shakes with or without powder. However, it would be tastier by adding some texture and flavor, instead of just plain shakes. Regardless of any conditions, an easy-to-make and compact protein shake help to enhance your health.

We’ve opted out top recipes on how to make a protein shake with protein powder to share with you. For sure, you will love these. Now, shake it up!

Our below-listed recipes pay a high concentration on the use of available protein powder which is a must in making these nutritious shakes. Therefore, you will want to know what the best protein powder is. Understand your concern; we provide BEST TASTING PROTEIN POWDER for you to consider.

What is a protein shake?

So, what is a protein shake? Traditionally, protein shake is just a mixture of protein powder with some milk or water. However, it is becoming popular to create more milkshakes which are available in different tastes.

You could make a protein shake with your favorite flavor protein powder and some fruits and juices. To know more, see below recipes on how to make a protein shake with protein powder.

colorful protein shake
In case, you’re not willing to make a protein shake for your own, you can buy in many gyms and studios. It comes with a plenty of tastes and flavor for you to choose from. However, it often packed with more sugar than you expect. So, our advice is to make by yourself. You can make the type that you love and you can be free to select any ingredients.

Protein shake is now has its own place. Many people think it is only for bodybuilders. No, it isn’t. It is for you, for me and for all. Everyone needs proteins. Everyone are supposed to have protein shakes daily.

What are the benefits of a protein shake?

Nowadays, bodybuilders often take in more protein than others. Regardless of types of protein such as whey, milk, soy or protein shakes, it’s just one thing: protein through which your muscles will be fueled.

In fact, protein is the key to a powerful muscle. We all know that proteins play a crucial role in producing and recycling nucleic acids, enzymes and hormones. Therefore, a certain deficiency of proteins leads to a shortage of energy to structure strong cells, tissues and organs.

Weight control

If you know how to make a protein shake with protein powder, good news! You can be your own expert in providing tasty and healthy drink and managing your own weight.

A protein shake revolutionizes your meal plan. [1] By replacing some foods that make you gain weight, proteins shakes are really helpful in managing the amount of fat and calories that you take in every day.

Some find it hard to control the portion of the meal, while others, by drinking protein shakes, the weight management is no longer a major problem. Protein shakes, with no doubt, do an excellent job at balancing the calories, fat, and carbohydrates; thereby, offering a precise number of these weight indexes.

Muscle enhancement

Protein, as previously mentioned, is an essential supplement to build strong muscles. Probably, it would be better to take in proteins via solid food; however, we make sure that, it is difficult to get all vital proteins by eating food daily.

Although you have a good meal, you cannot take in all proteins from your food. Solid food is always hard to digest. Also, it takes much time to enter your muscles. However, because protein shakes exists in a liquid form, [2] they penetrate into your bloodstream quicker and function well to deliver energy evenly for building muscles.

Time saving

Modern life has made us occupied in the full-time job, so we do not have much time to prepare a perfect meal. In this case, the best way is to prepare yourself to know how to make a protein shake with protein powder to supply essential vitamins to maintain a good body [2].

When you’re busy, all you need to do is to make an easy-to-make and quick protein shake. And, you have enough proteins to build a lean and strong body.

healthy protein shake

How much protein is enough?

It might be a confusing question, especially for those who are not good at calculating the amount of fat and calories frequently.

According to health experts and professional bodybuilders, the minimum of protein amount needed to support muscle is one gram per pound of body weight. To make it easy to understand, if your weight is 150 pounds, then the minimum amount of intake protein should be 150 grams [2]. This number is enough to grow and boost your muscles.

As regards the maximum number of intake protein, there is still controversy involving this matter. Nevertheless, there is a good reason to ingest in high amounts of proteins.

Three-quarters of the solids that exist in the body are formed by proteins. As a result, muscles need more proteins and other ingredients to maintain its balance. Just one thing to remember!

Too much protein is unnecessary because your body in general and your muscles, in particular, cannot to digest all of the intake proteins.

When is the best time for a protein shake?

You have a proper diet, a healthy protein shake and a suitable amount. However, you also need a proper time to get your body to take in proteins well.

Right after a workout, your body and muscles need to be fueled to produce energy for other daily activities. Thus, remember to feed yourself right after being exhausted to heal the muscles.

Another excellent idea is to take frequent small meals containing a high volume of proteins throughout the day. The truth is you muscle requires a constant supplement of proteins, so we strongly advise you to prepare protein shakes in about three to four-hour intervals. By doing this, you will always be in good health condition [2].

As we all know the breakfast is the king. An extraordinary preparation of breakfast meal with a protein shake is a smart choice to start a day full of energy. [1] Also, understanding how to make a protein shake with protein powder means rewarding yourself with a mouth-watering drinking before going to bed as your body will be wiped out of proteins while sleeping.

Why use protein powder with protein shake?

Your body needs a certain amount of protein to function well. By making a protein shake with protein powder, your shake becomes not only tastier but also healthier. We have come up with reasons why we recommend using protein powder.

First of all, it is always a simple way to absorb enough protein without preparing much food. A plain protein shake still contains several proteins for building up muscles, but without it cannot meet the standard amount. Moreover, when we know what our muscles and body need, we can provide them with protein powder that includes that ingredient.

For those who are often busy, protein powder is always the best choice and picking up how to make a protein shake with protein powder makes life easier.

There is another reason for our recommendation. After a workout, our body has just approximately 30 minutes to ingest the amino acids in protein faster than other time. As a result, if you don’t supply within that specific time, muscles seem to stretch out due to not be fueled in time. In this case, protein powder saves your body just in time it is exhausting.

5 Recipes on how to make a protein shake with protein powder

Almond Joy Protein Shake

Yummy! How can you imagine how great a protein shake from coconut covered in chocolate added some almonds. If you used to love flavor candy bar, you would be keen on this amazing almond joy protein shake. Love it? Do not hesitate to learn how to make a protein shake with protein powder.

Start with a chocolate powder base, put in several shredded coconuts and throw in few sliced almonds, coupled with almond milk. All create a scrumptious and nutritious drink. Particularly, it is uncomplicated to make a breakfast or right after a workout.

Grabbing a plant-based meal is always good for health. You may wonder why you can still become healthier even when you yearn for something that is sweet like chocolate. Don’t worry! We’re sure to provide a recipe on how to make a protein shake with protein powder.

With this recipe, you can still love your chocolate, but you can even have a balanced diet just by adding some almonds and flaked coconut. The protein powder we use here is Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder. With only one scoop of Ascent protein powder, it means you are consuming cups of whole milk, four eggs, four yogurt servings and one chicken breast.

The manufacture of this protein powder pays high concentration on extracting pure protein. It is why it is called Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder. In fact, your body craves for more protein than you think.

When you’re tired, hungry or exhausted, you call for protein. Try this quick-digesting protein and add to your shake, your body will absorb much quicker than solid food. It is an ideal one for the recovery phase after a workout and helps to repair your blocks of muscles.

There are tons of benefits after enjoying a portion of almond joy protein shake. See below and then enjoy it as a meal replacement.


  • One scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 12 oz of unsweetened almond milk
  • Two tablespoon of coconut flakes
  • Two tablespoon of whole almonds raw
  • One handful of ice


  • Use a blender to mix all the prepared ingredients.
  • Continue to blend until smooth and reach desired consistency
  • Add ice to get a refreshing drink, it is also okay without ice.


Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

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Chocolate and Kale Protein Shake

Yummy, healthy and easy! These three words express all about chocolate and kale protein shake – another milkshake that you should not miss. So, if you still wonder how to make a protein shake with protein powder, see here and we will provide you one more recipe to make your diet plan more variable.

Why we advise you to prepare a chocolate and kale protein shake. It is because kale is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, accompanied with proteins from the protein powder, peanut butter, bam and banana. A fabulous smoothie that is both delicious and nourishing. We can’t wait to share with you! Whether it is for breakfast, after being worn out or for a try, it is really worth a sip.

This protein-packed smoothie is much like a millions of vitamins in just one sip. There are some points you need to remember when choosing ingredients. If peanut butter is used, you are supposed to choose the one that comprises of just one or two ingredients. If not the peanut butter, a nut butter is highly recommended.

As regards protein powder, a chocolate-flavored one helps your smoothie taste like a dessert than a drink. A number of benefits that a chocolate-flavored protein powder brings about. By using frequently, you have a scrumptious meal replacement without added sugar. It aims at supporting a healthy metabolism.

To be more specific, we recommend using Bluebonnet Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder Chocolate Flavor to process the great tasting protein shakes. As its name portrays, this protein powder acts as a bodyguard for your health as it provides tons of amino acids to promote a lean and strong body.

The truth is the body requires to be quickly replenished with amino acid. After a training, we should always supply immediately to take advantage of the recovery phase of our body. With a lot of benefits such as high protein, excellent value for amount of protein and the high quality, Bluebonnet Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder Chocolate Flavor came out as THE BEST if you desire to discover how to make a protein shake with protein powder.


  • A half of a banana
  •  2 small cups of fresh chopped kale
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • 1 large frozen banana
  • ¾ cup of almond or skim milk (depending on your favorite flavor)
  •  1 scoop of chocolate-flavored protein powder
  • 1 cup full of ice


  • Blend kale with milk first until it reach your desired consistency
  • After combining the two above things, throw in the left ingredients
  • Blend all together until smooth



Bluebonnet Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder Chocolate Flavor

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Coffee Lovers Protein Shake

Coffee Lovers Protein Shake has been a drinking dream for coffee lovers. It is low in sugar amount and high in protein level; therefore, it has been a forever love for those who fancy drinking coffee and concern about their healthy diet.

This protein shake is a good treat for sipping while chatting with friends in an afternoon. When your diet was lacking protein, adding more protein by making this milkshake is perfect. Or when you are short of energy, grab a quick caffeine boost, and you will be fueled [1].

A protein powder that is mostly used for this shake is Whey Protein Powder Vanilla. It has a reputation for its outstanding ingredient Aminogen plant enzyme which is a hormone-free high-protein nutrition.

The product nutritional facts has revealed that it is beneficial for our health by developing lean and strong muscles [1]. Besides, the succulent all-natural vanilla taste is a bonus point for those who prefer fruit flavor.

Materials needed for such a great shake are a ripe banana, almond milk, nutrition-rich coffee and vanilla protein powder.


  •  1 ripe banana
  • A half cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, no sugar added
  • A half cup of brewed coffee
  • 1 and ½ cup of cubed ice
  • 1-3 drops of stevia extract


  • Mix all the prepared ingredients without ice together first
  • Put them into a high powered blender and blend until they mixed together
  •  Depend on your favorite flavor, you can choose to stir with 1-3 drops of stevia extract or not


Whey Protein Powder Vanilla


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Green Warrior Protein Smoothie

Green Warrior Protein Smoothie, as its name state, is much like a true warrior that could blow away all your fatigue. This kind of shake is considered to be the most replenishing protein when you’re in condition of time and energy lacking.

We’re sure that it are helpful in it is among the most efficient and healthy meal replacement in our modern time when spending time preparing meals is not as common as it used to be. Nowadays, this smoothie has been enjoyed by most people as it provides tons of nutrition and it is easy to make.

Throw in some protein powder to make it more delicious and healthier. You should not be hesitant anymore to learn how to make a protein shake with protein powder right now. You will need and love it for a lifetime.

A good choice of protein powder for this smoothie is a plant-based protein powder. We would take a name of Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder which supplies vital fatty acids (omega 3 & 6), rich fibers and raw organic protein. All in all, it deserves to be called the best nature’s perfect superfood.

With rich-protein ingredients, this smoothie works awesomely for our body and muscles. You will be taken aback by both its taste and its complete protein source. An ideal balance of essential omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and a high concentration of fibre make this smoothie a must after a workout or for a quick meal.

Green warrior protein smoothie focuses on nutritional values in which each ingredient possesses its own golden nutrient. Before going into details, we show you not-to-be-missed benefits:

  • Kale: There is nothing that can deny the abundance of nutrients existed in kale. It offers folate, vitamin C and K, beta-carotene, iron and calcium – all are nutritive for a good physical shape and an inside-and-out strong body. Additionally, Kale functions as a hormone balancer, metabolism enhancement and omega-3 fatty acids provision.
  • Apple: Another nourishing fruit found in this smoothie is apple. For a long time, apply has been known as a rich source of vitamin C and fibre. Nutrition that apple contains does a very excellent job in balancing blood sugar level. Also, it is a helping hand to advance digestion and reduce inflammation.
  • Celery: Celery will make you love it at first sight. It can be processed to make appetizing dishes in everyday meal or to create such a tempting protein shake. With lavish vitamin B as well as fibre, celery has proved its benefit in water retention.
  • Cucumber: We all know cucumber, right? And we now love it more when it is a must-have ingredient to make green warrior protein smoothie. Take time and learn how to make a protein shake with protein powder with the help of cucumbers to make your smoothie more luscious than ever. Myriads benefits can be found in cucumber. We must confirm that it protects our body from significant water loss and promote our natural ability to digest well. Particularly, cucumber consists of thousands of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
  • Hemp seeds: Green warrior protein smoothie differs from other in the way that it use hemp hearts as a main protein source. Eating hemp seeds results in benefits that you won’t believe. It is a kind of cannabis plant grown in the United States for a long time.
  • Because it is rich in Gamma-linolenic acid, so it is a key to control our body functions such as smoothing our muscles, managing inflammation and altering the body temperature. Another beneficial factor of hemp seeds is the ability to help you lose weight. Eating just some hemp seeds reduces sugar craving as you will feel full longer.
  • Hemp seeds could do more than that. It is a fantastic plant to secure our immune system, prevent constipation and improve nails, skin and hair. With such incredible benefits, you will be urge to learn how to make a protein shake with protein powder. And, for sure, this smoothie is for you, for your health and for your whole life.


  • Approximately 125 ml of grapefruit juice
  •  1 cup of baby spinach
  • 1 cup of chopped cucumber
  •  Around 90g of stalk celery
  • 3-4 tablespoons of hemp hearts
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 2 tablespoons of mint leaves
  • 1 and ½ teaspoon of virgin coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons of Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder


  • Put 125ml grapefruit juice and juice a red grapefruit in to the blender
  • Throw in other ingredients that have been prepare, except ice into the blender
  • Blend until the mixture becomes smooth
  •  Pour into a glass and add ice if you like

*Note: Instead of grapefruit juice, you can choose to replace by orange juice or even coconut juice


Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder, Organic

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Mint Chocolate Green Protein Smoothie

Another recipe to be added into your menu on how to make a protein shake with protein powder is mint chocolate green protein smoothie.

You love green smoothies? You love adding some more protein powder? You are looking for a drink to boost your energy after a gym section? Mint Chocolate Green Protein Smoothie is help to provide you best nutrition and health benefits.

Mint chocolate green protein smoothie is a perfect combination of green hue, the savor of chocolate protein powder and the taste of peppermint extract. All makes it more like a dessert than a salad.

We recommend this protein shake because it is made from two greens, not just one as usual. These greens are baby spinach and avocado. Then, more flavors are thrown in including milk, vanilla yogurt, protein powder, and peppermint extract. After mixing the ingredients, you can top with cocoa nibs and a mint leaf for a beautiful decoration and more savory.

The kind of chocolate protein powder we advise you to use for this protein shake is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate. It is a recommendation, so you can still choose what you desire. However, this is by far the best one to make a flavorsome drink.

The protein powder include up to 24 grams of high-quality protein. Before or after a regular exercise, a whey protein shake with this powder stimulates the recovery and are helpful in rebuilding muscle blocks. For that reason, it has been considered as the first thing in the morning and around 30 minutes before and after a training.

Mouth-watering? Not enough to express how this protein shake entices its lovers. The most important thing is its healthy value.

What’s more, if you are a big fan of mint chocolate chip, you will eager to delve into how to make a protein shake with protein powder. Can’t wait anymore! See below and let’s start making this alluring green smoothie packed with protein. Shake it up and be satisfied for long.


  • A half of an avocado
  •  ¾ cup of milk (it can be any types of milk that you love)
  •  ½ tablespoon of honey
  •  A half cup of baby spinach
  •  ¼ teaspoon of mint or peppermint extract
  •  ¼ cup of chocolate protein powder
  •  ½ cup of vanilla yogurt
  •  1 teaspoon of chocolate chips or cocoa nibs for topping


  • Mix all the arranged materials, except cocoa nibs and chocolate chips and place them into the blender
  • Blend until the mixture reaches its smooth and consistency
  • Pour into a glass and top with mini chocolate chips or cocoa nibs


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

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Regardless of your goals – keep skin, hair, bones, health and heart healthy – getting to comprehend recipes on how to make a protein shake with protein powder is always one of the most interesting things to do.

Since we have established thorough research to help you narrow down your choices, the above top 5 recipes are listed to facilitate your healthy replacement plan.

We’ve selected five recipes to help you have a diverse and changeable menu. Also, it is a chance to try different milkshake daily. We know you’ll love them. However, if you ask us what the winner is, we would be willing to pick up all five of them. The only reason is you are advised to have a variable protein shake menu to try different tastes.

In short, protein shake with protein powder is a convenient solution to our live at the contemporary time. Our muscles need to improve after a physical exercise.

Consequently, a protein shake is an ideal drink for that condition. After waking up in the morning or before going to bed, your protein shake is also the best treat for your health.

Now, be willing to learn how to make a protein shake with protein powder and be your own health expert.

Distribute the information for those who may concern. If you find this helpful, hit LIKE and SHARE.

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