How To Keep Eyeliner From Running – Smart Tricks To Be Flawlessly Gorgeous Throughout The Day

December 5, 2017

Hannah Hall

How To Keep Eyeliner From Running – Smart Tricks To Be Flawlessly Gorgeous Throughout The Day

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Eyeliner is possibly a favorite makeup product that makes girls more beautiful and attractive. But you sometimes find it running towards the end of the day. So, knowing how to keep eyeliner from running is the thing that girls and makeup lovers are always looking.
We all know the situation when you look at yourself in the mirror and see your eyeliner running halfway down your face. You must be unconfident at all and feel you’re dying down because of the fading and smudging eyeliner. In that case, instead of being frustrated, let’s learn how to keep eyeliner from running and be stunning next time.

If you haven’t decided or haven’t known how to choose a good eyeliner, we also provide knowledge on BEST EYELINER FOR WATERLINE and further tips to help you select an eyeliner that suit you most.

There is no more time to hesitate anymore. Learn something new, pick up the tips that work for you and you will become your own makeup artist. Go for it!

We all fear the eyeliner smudging or running?

Are you aware of the fact that eyeliner has significantly upgraded your whole face and makeup? Your eyes seem to be the center of the face look in which others often be allured by your dreamy eyes.

If you usually wear eyeliner, you must know how it helps you to get a better look. However, on at least one occasion, you suffer from the eyeliner running. Well! It is completely frustrating! However, you are not alone as many other makeup wearers experience the same eyeliner meltdown towards the end of the day like you.

For a long time, the question of how to keep eyeliner from running is always one of the most worrying makeup issues, and it is the most-asked beauty question. With just some basic makeup tricks, you can stay away from the smudging or running of the eyeliner.

long lasting eyeliner

Eyeliner is running down your face. That makeup would be so annoying for both yourself and those who are looking at you. Just imagine, how bewildered you are while walking around with a smudgy and running eyeliner. So, we all fear that the eyeliner will become terrible on special occasions. That’s why you need to know how to keep eyeliner from running.

What causes the eyeliner to run?

Some factors can make your eyeliner smudge or run down such as inappropriate eyeliner application, hot weather, tears when you cry, sweating or heat. All can leave your eyes with unflattering stains. And, the whole look will be awful. You don’t look for that, right? See our below tips on how to keep eyeliner from running down your face to avoid the embarrassing situation.

How to keep eyeliner from running – Here’s the secret

Stick to a good eyeliner brand

This is our first tip and also one of the most important ones. You can pick others products from cheaper brands as long as they are suitable and cause no adverse reactions to you. But eyeliner is the only item that you should hugely invest. Choose a reliable brand or a specific brand that exclusively produce eyeliner.

If you could afford a high-end or luxury brand, you should go for it. Eyeliners from those brands are the best ones, so you will know how to keep eyeliner from running quickly. In case, you are on a budget; you can still choose those from drugstore brands. We have some recommendations for you such as LoveMyEyes, LA Colors and NYC. These all are good brands with affordable prices.

Select a waterproof formula

The way you choose eyeliner forms also decides how well you know how to keep eyeliner from running. Having the ability to vote for your best eyeliner means that you understand your skin types well. Major forms of eyeliners are gels, pencils, crayons, liquids, and soft kohl.

Remember to choose the right form to suit your skin. If you have oily skin, softer formulas help nothing. Our advice is to use a waterproof eyeliner because it doesn’t come off quickly.

Waterproof eyeliner is long-lasting and durable during the day. Regardless of heat, oily eyelid, humidity or sweat, a waterproof one can resist all to keep your makeup at its best during the whole day.

Get benefits from waterproof eyeliners since traditional pencil formulas are not now a helping hand.

Apply some eyeshadow primer

Master this trick; then you will understand how to keep eyeliner from running down your face. By using just some eyeshadow primer before lining your eyes, you can keep the eyeliner makeup through the day.

The tip is to use a thin brush which will efficiently help you apply the eyeshadow of the same color over the top of your eyeliner, not the other way around. This eyeshadow results in incredible benefits, particularly in setting the eyeliner form in place without being affected by heat, humidity or sweat [1].

The only note to keep in mind is that eyeshadow will not help much with a liquid or gel formula. So, you can skip this step if you use these two eyeliner types.

Plus: If eyeshadow is not your choice or in case you don’t have some, translucent powder is also efficient to assist your eyeliner to stay long. We want to provide you one of the best product that can help you know how to keep eyeliner from running Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube.

The product has brought in incredible proven results. Its customers reported that they will get a vibrant eyeshadow that lasts up to 24 hours. With crease-free eyeshadow, it glides on perfectly and hides all the imperfections of the skin texture. Hence, your eyelids are well-prepared for dreamy and long-wear eye makeup.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube

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Fill in with concealer

Have you ever been in a situation that your eyeliner seeps into the little lines below your eye? For sure, you have been! The good news is that we have found a tip to deal with this problem.

Like the makeup procedure for your face, applying concealer as the first step smooths out the lines; thereby avoiding the run-off of eyeliner later. Also, concealer functions as a barrier to protect your eyelid from the pigment of eyeliner. Don’t hesitate to apply this trick to discover how to keep eyeliner from running [1].

To help you narrow down your selection, we would like to suggest one of the top favorite and most-chosen concealers for eye makeup IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Concealer.

So, what does the IT Cosmetic Concealer do? It does an excellent job of concealing dark circles underneath the eyes and leaving bright eyes. By eliminating the traces of wrinkles and fine lines, the concealer loves your eye makeup so much that it would brighten the eyes and make your eyes look more youthful.

The formula is specifically designed to be infused with vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, as well as anti-aging hydrolyzed collagen to make the skin under eyes more radiant. It is worth every penny.

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Apply the layer techniques

Another tip to promote the duration of your eyeliner is to keep layering the lining products. Makeup artists recommended that you got specific benefits when layering the products. To be more specific, you use a pencil eyeliner and then layer on the top a liquid one to seal in color. The final result will be an extended wear than ever.

Curl our lashes before doing makeup for your eye

A suggestion from makeup artists is to use an eyelash curler before applying eyeliner. If you do the reversal, your initial effort to create a heart-touching eye makeup will be messed up.

An alternative is to use a mascara which helps to enhance your eyelashes. We highly recommend Benefit Roller Lash. Why do we love it? It portrays a curve-setting formula that could keep your eyelashes in form for up to 12 hours.

eyelash curler

Another feature that makes it stand out of the crowd lies in its wonderful ingredients which are named as pro-vitamin B5 and serin. These two ingredients have been proved to prevent lashes from flaking or smudging as it has conditioners in it. The mascara roller lash curling mascara comes in two shades, including crown and original ink.

The mascara is water-resistant and easy to remove at the same time. One more reason that you will love it too is that it was awarded #1 best-selling Prestige Curling Mascara in the US. For sure, you will find it a helpful product to solve your question involving how to keep eyeliner from running.

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Avoid lining the eyes corners

One of the most important ways if you want to know how to keep eyeliner from running is not to line any eyeliner at the inner of your eyes. The reason is that area is full of moisture. Thus, it would be easy to get smudged if you line that inner corners.

Avoid lining the liquid form on the lower eyes

The liquid eyeliner doesn’t work well for the lower eyes, only for the top lid. If you prefer liquid eyeliner, put it on the top. In case you need to liner the lower eyes, you should use a pen form.
Use a setting spray

Like your face makeup, using a setting pray for your eyeliner is also a must to prevent it from running. We must admit that a setting spray is a key secret to avoid smudging or running eyeliner disaster.

A setting spray seems to a must-have product for skin care and makeup lovers. It provides your skin with constant moisture and keeps your skin smooth and vibrant as always. For face or eye makeup, a setting spray is a must to keep the makeup layers stay in place.

We highly recommend picking up the well-known NYX Cosmetics MakeUp Setting Spray, Matte Finish/Long Lasting to use when doing makeup. It features a long-lasting formula and ends with a matte finish.

As its name states, its mission is to keep you beautiful from day to night and help you shine your light. Are you looking for a setting spray to help with your eyeliner? Reach for it, and you will love NYX Setting Spray for the lifetime, for sure.

How to use: Hold NYX setting spray away from your face 8-10 inches. Close your eyes while spraying it in downward motions from three to four times. Wait for it until it dry.

NYX Cosmetics MakeUp Setting Spray

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Make sure a clean skin

If you apply all the above tips, it means you’ve known how to keep eyeliner from running or smudging. Nevertheless, when you forget to make your skin clear before applying eyeliner, you will still fail.

Do not do eye makeup when your eyelids are greasy. When you wash your face after waking up in the morning, you should pay attention to the eyelid area and make sure it’s also clear enough.

Eyelids contain excess oil as well. Get rid that amount of oil gently, and your eyeliner will be more natural and beautiful than ever. This tip prevents eyeliner from running.


In short, eyeliner makes your eyes look like the wondrous window to the soul. No one likes the situation when your eyeliner slides off onto the cheeks, and after that, it will smudge completely. Don’t allow any factors to make your eyeliners run down your face. If you want to do that, our above tips and makeup steps will help you a lot.

To keep the eyeliner in place, master our quick tricks about how to keep eyeliner from running. Don’t be so lazy to learn what you should do best for your eyeliner and ways to make it look gorgeous all the time.

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