How to Get Your Voice Back – Worry No More with This Year’s Ultimate Tips

November 12, 2017

Veronica Phan

How to Get Your Voice Back – Worry No More with This Year’s Ultimate Tips

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Voice is one of the most important signatures for your existence. But sadly, for some reasons, you might lose your voice at some moments in your daily life.

Today we will shed light on some helpful tips on how to get your voice back quickly and more importantly, how to prevent losing voice.

What Causes You to Lose Your Voice

Many people assume that the loss of voice mainly comes with a cold or flu. However, it is not necessarily the single cause for losing voice. Here are some possible explanations for what causes you to lose your voice.

Laryngitis – What Is Laryngitis and How Do You Get It?

Laryngitis is perhaps the most popular contributor to your lost voice. It refers to the inflammation or irritation that occurs in your voice box. As a result, the vocal cords become swollen and hard to open or close as smoothly as usual.
The consequence of laryngitis is to make your voice hoarse or raspy.

Laryngitis might last in a short period of time, but it can be chronic as well. In most cases, you will experience it for less than 2 weeks. When it exists for over 2 weeks, it is important to find your doctor to start the treatment for chronic laryngitis [1].

There are many possible reasons for laryngitis. Most people suffer from it with flu or a cold. That’s why many people claim to us, “I have lost my voice from coughing”.

Besides, it might be due to allergies to the exposure to smoke or steroid medicines.

Strained Vocal Cords

In many cases, strained vocal cords are likely to result in laryngitis and your voice loss. You can notice your voice is gone and also sore throat after singing concert or a big event where you scream a lot.

Overall, strained vocal cords will heal themselves as long as you give them enough rest and drink plenty of fluids.
If you still continue to talk even more and make your vocal cords suffer more, the likelihood is that some polyps or nodules will form. As a consequence, you have to undergo surgery later.

Acid Reflux

When hoarseness lasts for several weeks or you constantly face it again and again, something is happening without your recognition. It is possibly due to acid reflux.

The backflow of stomach acid to the esophagus might be responsible for irritated vocal cords. People often think about this reflux as laryngopharyngeal reflux problem. You do not experience nausea or heartburn with this reflux.

To know how to get your voice back in this situation, you can ask your doctor to prescribe some medications, including antacids or steroids [2].

Yeast Infection

For those who suffer from depressed immune systems, it is more likely that they lose their voice due to yeast infection.

When the immune system becomes weak, bacteria and yeast find their way to develop unexpectedly and beyond control. As a result, they lead to oral thrush in the throat and a symptom is lost voice.

How to Get Your Voice Back

Perhaps the first thing you will do when noticing your voice is lost is to search for how to get your voice back. Not many people even care about its cause. But the understanding of the cause definitely makes things easier and more precise.

There are many different ways to get your voice back without any side effects on the long term. Here are some examples that you can try immediately.



Even though lost voice might result from infections or health problems, talking at too high volume is a possible cause as well. Strained vocal chords need some time to relax and recover from inflammation.

So, the first tip on how to gain your voice back is to give your vocal cords and body a short time to rest.

Of course, I understand how difficult it is for some groups of people to stop talking all the time. However, for the sake of your health, it is better to avoid talking.

How can you communicate with others when you can’t talk? The answer is easy and quite fun. You can rely on some other types of communication, such as using notebook, gestures or even texting.

This experience might be very fun and make you deep in transmitting messages without spoken words.

Remember that whispering is not the ultimate solution during this period. Surprising, whispering will even put your vocal cords under much more pressure. So, stop doing so immediately.


This is perhaps the simplest, but most transformative tip on how to get your voice back. You can do it on your own at home or anywhere, as long as you are accessible to salt water.

Use salt water to rinse your mouth a few times per day. This method enables you to unclog much mucus and relieve your sore throat as well.

This inexpensive and simple mouthwash can bring amazing effects within a short period of time. If you intend to use the microwave to warm your water, please make sure that it does not become too hot for your throat.


When it comes to steaming, hydration is the central point. Steaming is a very old, but still effective tip on how to heal vocal cords after inflammation or strains. If you cannot use a steamy shower, then it is okay to get hot water right under your head.

Keep that position with a towel on your head and you will feel that the sinuses become clear immediately. Do it again and again if you think it is necessary. It is not only a tip on how to get your voice back, but also a good way to relieve your cold.

Warm Up with Yoga

I see my voice as a part of my body and so should you. There is no reason to warm up the voice without warming up the body first.

And to achieve both, you can think about doing yoga to cure lost voice. This is strongly recommended for those who do not feel too sick to sit up.

In order to follow specific techniques, go and watch this video. It costs you only a few minutes and the effects would be impressive.

Consult Doctor

Obviously, lost voice from singing does not require you to ask doctor for advice. It can be over simply with some natural hoarse home remedies.

Nevertheless, when lost voice lasts for several weeks, it is a sign of something wrong with your body. Get advice from professional doctors immediately, especially in case you experience other annoying symptoms, including fever or coughing.

How to Regain Your Voice with Home Remedies for Lost Voice

In addition to some practical ways to get your voice back as mentioned above, some foods prove to be particularly useful to help you achieve the same results.

Here are some home remedies that can help you find out what to do when you lose your voice.



The likelihood is that your membranes are full of mucus and it prevents you from speaking up. In such case, drinking water is the best thing you can do to gain your voice back.

Getting more and more fluid in your diet will allow your throat to release enough moisture. Thus, your voice will work as efficiently as usual.


I do not understand why many people hold a belief that lemon can worsen the problem of hoarseness. Perhaps its sour taste and strong acidity makes bad impression.

However, in fact, lemon is one of the best tips on how to cure a lost voice that you can find right in your kitchen. It is very helpful to reduce throat irritation. You should know it is not a new method.

People have made use of lemon to cure lost voice from cold for ages. It provides such a great amount of vitamin C, which has positive impacts against infection. Furthermore, lemon can alleviate swelling, soreness and inflammation.
It maintains the hydration and moisture level of your throat.

How to apply:

  • Get the juice of a fresh lemon
  • Then, mix it with warm water (about half one cup)
  • Adding a little bit salt as well as honey can have better effects on your throat
  • Drink the mixture twice on a daily basis and you will notice the improvements

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

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For laryngitis treatment in particular, apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies you can find. Plus, you can take advantage of it as a way to cure your sore throat and lost voice.

Apple cider vinegar has great influence on the pH level of your throat. It is particularly effective to overcome inflamed and strained vocal cords.

Its antimicrobial effects are strong enough to eliminate bacteria in your throat and therefore, your healing process is faster. It is an instant relief that can bring you the calming effects.

How to apply:

  • Pour apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon) into warm water (one cup)
  • Consume the mixture slowly about 2-3 times on a daily basis
  • This was exactly how to get my voice back in the past
  • Alternatively, if you want to improve the effects, use the mixture to rinse your mouth several times every day


If you suffer from lost voice from cold, ginger might be the perfect answer for your situation. Ginger, for long, has been well-known for its therapeutic effects. In other words, it helps to control cough and cold in the best and safest way.

Scientists around the world all agreed that ginger is a great cure for sore throat as well. Its soothing effects can reduce the risk of inflammation in your mucous membranes.

Besides, you are less likely to experience infections in your upper respiratory tracts thanks to nutrients from ginger. Therefore, it is a very good idea to use ginger for those losing voice when sick.

How to apply:

  • Get chopped ginger (about 1 tablespoon) into hot water and simmer it in more or less than 10 minutes
  • Strain it and then, pour a bit honey if you want
  • Consume the mixture 3-4 times every day

If you do not have much time, raw fresh ginger can be the best tip on how to get your voice back after losing it. A recommendation to improve ginger taste is to mix a little lemon juice as well as salt.


Another amazing tip on how to make your voice come back quickly is garlic – one of the most popular spices in every kitchen around the world. Like ginger, garlic has been famous for its various health benefits.

Its antimicrobial qualities are so powerful that you can use this spice to cure lost voice instantly. Besides, it also lowers significantly the possibility of throat infections.

How to apply:

  • You can chew raw garlic for the best results
  • However, some people find it irritating to consume raw garlic. If you are one of them, crush garlic and try using it with a little honey on a daily basis

Cayenne Pepper

Are you afraid of its spicy taste? No, you shouldn’t. As cayenne pepper is one of the best hoarse home remedies, it definitely serves well as a tip on how to fix a lost voice.

It is a good option if you decide to end throat infection, inflammation and pain – common symptoms of this issue – in the quickest way.

How to apply:

  • Mix powdered cayenne pepper and honey (one teaspoon for each)
  • Then, consume it regularly every day
  • Alternatively, you can choose to combine cayenne pepper, warm water and lemon juice. The key is to consume the mixture slowly and use it patiently day by day

Slippery Elm

If you are in dire needs of tips on how to get your voice back fast, you can go for slippery elm. For centuries, people have learnt to apply slippery elm in the treatment for scratchy sore throats.

Even though scientists have not made the final conclusion about the effectiveness of slippery elm, it has become a well-known global phenomenon. Many people are certain that slippery elm is good to help you deal with inflamed vocal cords.

The effects that slippery elm brings to you are immediate as well. Therefore, you can realize that it is quite easy to see whether this herb is useful or not in your case.

How to apply:

  • Grind slippery elm into powder and mix about two tablespoons in hot water (2 cups)
  • Give it some time to steep around 5 minutes and then, you strain the mixture
  • Consume it 3 times every day in order to prevent any worse symptoms in your throat



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Cardamom is the next tip on how to get your voice back within a short period of time. It is not just a good addition to the best tea for singers. In fact, it can be a remedy for hoarseness itself.

Its multi-beneficial qualities have been long celebrated around the world. With just a small amount of cardamom, you can feel the soothing effects on your mucous membranes. Inflammation, as a result, is no longer a problem to you.

How to apply:

  • Crush some cardamom seeds first
  • Combine it with organic honey
  • Consume it every day until you feel better with your sore throat

Besides, it is possible to chew cardamom raw as it provides much moisture for your mouth, which prevents the concentration of bacteria inside.

How to Prevent Losing Your Voice

It is not too challenging to know how to get your voice back and gain positive results from it. The bottom line is “can you prevent your voice from being lost again?”

If you do not make changes in your unhealthy lifestyles, the probability is that voice is gone soon and one more time, you find yourself stuck on how to make your voice come back.

Thus, it is high time for you to get some insights on how to prevent losing your voice in the future. It all starts with the simplest things in your daily life.

Stay Away from Acidic Foods and Beverages

Many foods and beverages that are favorite options of yours and mine, in fact, have unwanted influence. The typical examples are citrus fruits, tea or chocolate.

They do not directly affect your vocal cords. However, they are potential catalysts for acid reflux which I must admit is extremely bad for health. Acid reflux increases significantly the risk of inflammation and lost voice.

Therefore, if you do want to struggle with this problem for a long time, replace all of these unhealthy foods and drinks. What are better options? Fresh juice or simply clean water. It is super natural and safe for your well-being.

Get A Humidifier

Sometimes voice loss might result from external factors, such as dry weather. Thus, if you have a humidifier, it shouldn’t be a problem.

A humidifier brings the same effects as steaming. However, you do not have to do anything. It will make the water circulate and keep you safe inside the room.

It is such a good tip on how to prevent losing voice or even more, how to get your voice back when you have already suffered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for You to Get Your Voice Back?

The time in which you suffer from hoarseness is undefined. In fact, it depends on each individual. Most people report that it would go away itself within around 2 weeks [1]. But if your condition is chronic, it might take longer.

How long does it take for you is also dependent on your ways to get your voice back. If you ignore the problem and continue doing what you do every day, then the problem will get worse and finally become chronic over time.

Thus, do not underestimate the problem unless you want to be mute in every conversation from now on.

Is A Hoarse Voice Contagious?

When it comes to the question “is a hoarse voice contagious”, many people will find it hilarious. How can voice be lost through contact with suffered people?

But the truth is it is possible. Yes, you do not hear it wrong. Hoarse voice is contagious in some cases.

To explain for this, we need to look far back at what causes you to lose your voice. Laryngitis comes from infections, colds, or oral thrush. And all of these problems can be contagious, especially if you have direct contact with sufferers.

On the other hand, hoarse voice is not contagious in case the problem has other roots, such as allergies or some medical problems. For example, if your laryngitis is a result of throat cancer, you cannot transmit it to others.

Can Allergies Cause You to Lose Your Voice?

The answer is yes. I lost my voice because of allergies once, even though I had thought it was impossible before.

Normally, people often think about common symptoms of allergies, including itchy eyes, sneezing or runny nose.

Nevertheless, allergies might lead to swelling in the vocal cords and as a consequence, you cannot speak up.

In addition, coughing is the main reason for strained vocal cords, which undeniably makes your voice gone [3].


In general, it is not a big deal to find out how to get your voice back when it is gone. The real problem is why you suffer from voice loss. Without addressing the root of the problem, it is likely that you will fall into it one day.

If you find this article helpful, do not hesitate to give it support by hitting LIKE and sharing it so that more and more people can know how to prevent losing voice in the future.

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