How To Get Rid of Neck Fat Quickly? – Just A Click for A Skinnier Neck!

October 26, 2017

Anna Chen

How To Get Rid of Neck Fat Quickly? – Just A Click for A Skinnier Neck!

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Millions of people around the world are upset with their double chin as it adds dozens of ages and pounds on their outlook. Sometimes, the fat neck is a hidden risk of many dangerous health problems. So how to get rid of neck fat? And how to get a slimmer neckline without paying too much for surgery?

The answer to all questions is provided in this article. We will discuss further this condition in the parts below.

What causes the excessive fat on your neck?

Many risk factors contribute to the fat condition of the neck, but the problem of overweight and obesity are the two primary reasons for the fat on the neck and every other part of the body. Sometimes, it may relate to the disorders of metabolism and some severe health issues, which require a strict medication control.

The list below will help you find out the neck fat causes, thus learn more information about your problem.

Excess body weight and obesity

If we eliminate the risk factors for health disorders and medications, both conditions are associated with the imbalance of the intake and outtake of energy [1].

After consuming a significant amount of energy (especially fats and carbohydrate) without burning it off, the excess energy will transfer into fat and locate at some parts of the body, particularly the neck. That is how obesity people usually have a double chin.

The overweight and obesity conditions refer to:

Excessive calories

Calories are the basic units that used to measure the energy value of food. While an adult man needs approximately 2500 calories per day for daily activities, the adult woman requires a less amount of 2000 calories.

The consumption of energy value above may sound high, but there are some kinds of food that contain even more than the average calories for our body in one day. For instance, a fast food lunch that built up from hamburger, French fries, and Soda can reach up to 1500 calories. You just need to imagine: How many intake energy that your body receives per day if there are three, or even four similar meals?

If you want to know how to lose neck fat as well as the fat in your whole body, the vital key is controlling the calories intake.

Poor diets

double chin

Along with the development of the fast food and takeaway food industries, people are likely to eat more junk food and unhealthy drinks. This fact results in poor diets – which means imbalanced nutrition meals are increasing through days. The trend of these diets are:

  • Consuming high amount of fat and carbohydrate
  • Eating inadequate fiber and protein
  • Drinking excessive alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks

Unhealthy lifestyles

Obesity often occurs in people who are lack of physical activities. The more modern the world is, the lazier human beings are. We now get used to the convenience of the TV or the Internet rather than going out for a walk in our free time.

As a consequence, the energy from the food that we ate will not go anywhere; it is stored in the thick fat layer around your neck.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adults from 18 to 64 years old should perform at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activities ranging from moderate to intense level in a week [2].

Another option is a vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity last for 75 minutes, alternatively.

If you are suffering obesity, you may need a more intense workout than the recommendation above. Besides, there are some exercises for neck fat that can help you get back your slimmer neckline.


The question about how genetics affect the obesity condition had been a controversial topic for decays. So far, the scientist has found evidence prove that if the patient’s closed relatives suffer from obesity, there are chances that they will transfer the bad genes to their descendant [3][4].

However, it is not true that you will certainly get obesity when your parents are because of the interaction between the genetic trait and the environment.

Skin aging

When taking care of our skin, most of us forget about the neck area because we think that this position is not so important. But it is totally wrong because the neck receives more exposure from the harsh environment than we ever think. In fact, it is one of the areas in our body that develop the earliest signs of aging, particularly the double chin.

Taking care of your skin, especially the neck area is an essential step if you want to know how to lose weight under your chin.

There are many other reasons for this condition, for instance:

  • Through times, the amount of collagen and elastin inside the skin layers reduces. Thus it cannot maintain the elasticity of the skin.
  • The Platysma muscle (which runs from the jaw to the collarbone) loses its tone and becomes flabby.
  • The fat accumulates more and more in the jaw area.

Health-related issues

Sometimes, the neck fat is a result of a hidden danger associated with our health. Many diseases can lead to weight gain and the fat tissue around the neck, such as:

  • Hypothyroidism: the underactive work of the thyroid gland results in the lack of hormones and improper distribution of the fat.
  • Cushing syndrome: the excess amount of cortisone in your blood troubles the fat metabolism, which forms a double chin. This syndrome may cause by overdosed corticosteroid medicines or the excessive work of the adrenal gland [5].

What are the complications of neck fat?

Sometimes, people just care about the bad outlook of the neck fat, for instance, how it would affect the beautiful dress that they are wearing? Or is it match with the gorgeous hair that they have just designed? We totally forget about the hidden risk of the thick layer of fat around neck!

For a long time, scientists have linked the problem of neck fat with some possible health issues that could endanger our lives, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or even respiratory problems.

According to Framingham Heart Study on over 3000 participants, the neck circumference contributes to the higher risks of cardiovascular diseases [6].

The study suggested that the size of the neck should be considered as an independent factor besides BMI and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) when identifying the risks of heart issues. Besides, in the woman, the large circumference of the neck has a strong effect on diabetes type 2.

Not only threatens the health of the cardiovascular system but the neck fat also affects our airways.  It is a potential risk of sleep apnea (unintended stop breathing when you sleep) because the heavy fat layer might cause an obstruction in the throat.

Now, have you got an overview of the problem? That is why you have to find how to get rid of neck fat as soon as possible.

Neck fat removal by surgery– Is it possible?

neck fat removal

Well, the answer is yes! There are several options for surgery, and each one has its pros and cons.

Before learning some information about those procedures, let’s check the basic anatomy of the neck, so you will understand how surgery works.

There are three parts of the neck that we can perform excision: skin, fat, and muscle (from outside in). Fat is the primary layer, which needs many different methods to remove (we are about to mention below). However, the disappearance of the fat makes the skin becomes loose (like a bullfrog), so a lifting procedure to remove the excess skin is essential. Finally, if the muscle is prominent, the surgeons will repair it by a neck-lift performance or Botox injection.

So, how to get a thin neck by neck fat surgery?

Liposuction – How to make your neck skinny by cutting the excess fat

As the name implies, the goal of this procedure is to reshape the neck area by removing the excess “lipo” (or fat) substance [7].

Although they have invented many more methods, it still remains the most traditional surgery. Liposuction can be done under a local or general anesthesia when they infuse fluid into the neck. With the help of a small cannula, the fat will be removed quickly.


  • Only one treatment required
  • Involved many areas such as abdomen, thighs, hips, and backs
  • Consistent and predictable result


  • Invasive method
  • More expensive compared to other procedures (in America, it costs about 2700 dollars per case)
  • Not suitable for loose saggy skin

Lipo-dissolve – How to get rid of neck lines

In another word, you can understand this method as a “fat-melting” technique. It is often mentioned as an alternative non-surgical solution to the classic liposuction. Lipo-dissolve consists of a series of injections to melt the fat at the local area. However, the uses of this alternative methods remain controversial, so it has not been approved by the FDA [8].


  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No life-threatening negative effects recorded
  • No need to perform an anesthesia procedure
  • Tighten skin effect


  • Dizziness, fever, or fainting after the procedure
  • Swelling, bruising and irritated at the treated area
  • Variable results

Kybella – How to get rid of neck fat safety

The mechanism of this non-surgical method is similar to the mentioned Lipo-dissolved, with some small injections into the neck area. However, instead of using chemical compounds, an acid that produced by our livers is extracted and injected into the fat mass. After some treatment sessions (up to 45 minutes each time), the excess fat will disappear significantly. The estimated price for each session is about 1200 dollars in America.


  • Predictable results
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • FDA approved


  • Requires 2-5 injected sessions every six week
  • Swelling or uneven smile after injection
  • Pain and redness neck after the procedure

CoolMini – How to tighten neck skin without surgery

The last method that we are about to discuss refers to a unique free device that can turn your neck fat into ice and then destroy it! This fantastic technique will cool your fat to the temperature close to freezing, thus form the crystals inside the fat substance. After one or two treatments, you can experience a skinny neck without any surgical adverse effects – these are also the best benefits of CoolMini.


  • FDA approved
  • Minimizes the negative effects of surgery
  • Milder swelling compare to Kybella


  • Need at least two treatments
  • Require a month rest between each treatment

How to get rid of neck fat – Where should you start?

You may be a little bit confused at the beginning, but do not lose your hope. It takes time for the fat to gather around the neck, so you cannot get rid of it in just one day.

First and foremost, the vital key here is to set a realistic plan and stick to it no matter what happens. It may last for weeks, months, or years depending on your body, but “there’s a will, there’s a way.” You just need to be positive and do not give up, though it may be hard for the first time trying.

One more important thing, it is better if you consult a fitness or nutrition expert and ask them to build up a balanced diet. It will help you get back your skinny neck plus with a healthy body.

Here are some directions from our experts to guide you how to get a thin neck in the fastest way.

How to reduce neck fat by changing your daily diet?

balanced diet

Building a balanced diet is very important. Not only the problem of neck fat is solved, but every health-related issues will improve. If you want to know how to lose weight under your chin, it is the must-trying method.

The ideal amount of calories for neck fat people is 500 units per day. If you maintain this low-intake diet, it is estimated that you will lose 1 pound of weighing each week. However, cutting too many calories may lead to slower fat reducing, so you need to count it accurately.

Measuring the calories intake is not easy work, so here are some tips to help you:

  • Install an application on your smartphone or tablet that can count a number of calories in the food that you are about to eat. Then summary the result and decide which food is suitable for you. The recommended apps for IOS are Calorie Counter, Lose It, and Eating Well. If you use Android, you can install Lifelog or MyPlate Calorie Tracker.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. These type of food contains low calories but high in vitamins, fiber, and minerals – the useful elements that provide enough nutrition but do not gain weight. You can replace half you’re your daily meals with fruits and vegetables.
  • Consume healthy carbohydrates. You should switch to whole grains instead of refined grains (the foods come from white flour or processed foods) as they contain more fiber and nutrients. Not only helpful for reducing neck fat but this kind of carbohydrate is friendly for your digestive system.
  • Increase the protein intake. It helps refill the energy that lost after physical activities. The source of healthy proteins that essential for your body is seafood, beef, eggs, and legumes.
  • Stay hydrated. The last element that we are about to mention here is water. Although it does not supply nutrients, it is indispensable to keep every function running well. Please make sure that you drink at least two litters of water per day. The higher amount is required if you are a male, high weight, or active.

Getting rid of neck fat by changing your lifestyle

Improving your general health by doing exercises will tone the muscle in the whole body including your neck, which supports burning the excess fat. Along with a healthy diet, you need to increase the intensity of sports activities to reach the ideal body fat index: 14-20% in female and 6-17% in the male.

How to burn neck fat by some exercises:

Cardiovascular workout

In opposed to resistance training that improves your muscle, cardiovascular exercises are the fastest way to burn the excess calories. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults should perform at least 150 minutes of cardio per week [9].

To attain this goal, we suggest you spend half an hour doing exercises a day within five days.

The list of recommended cardiovascular activities consists of walking, jogging, biking, and swimming. You can switch between different exercises to reach the intended calories target.

Muscle strength training – How to make your neck skinny

Along with burning calories, some days of resistance training is essential. It helps improve the muscles tones and accelerate the effectiveness of the cardiovascular workout. The CDC also suggests a 20-minute-training for two days a week.

You should change between different big muscle groups, such as the legs, arms, abdominal, and chest. If you cannot go to the gymnastics room, there are several alternative options: do yoga, pilates, and Tabata workout.

Avoid the intense exercises on neck muscles

Toning neck muscles to get rid of neck fat is one of the most usual misconception ever! Some people think that doing intense workouts in the neck area will boost the fat burning, but it actually has the opposite effect. Those hard activities bring up the bulky muscles – which make your neck become thicker and harder than usual. It is the fat of the neck that you should pay attention to, not the muscle.

Instead of intense training, everything you need to do at the neck area is some mild exercises to help reduce sagging skin and prevent neck stretching. We will further discuss this topic in some parts below.

The right way to perform some neck fat exercises

Like mentioned above, you should only do mild neck exercises to stimulate the fat burning process, but not to bulk the muscles. These motions are beneficial for your cervical spine as they prevent the degeneration and relax the neck muscles. Besides, the sagging skin may improve after some proper exercises.

The best thing about this method is that you can perform it anywhere without the help of special supported devices. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Move your face up and look at the ceiling. Then start chewing slowly with your mouth open and close for half a minute. Repeat this action three times.
  • Open your mouth widely but do not show your teeth (tips: cover them with your lips), then ease your head backward. Hold your head for half a minute, then relax for some seconds. Repeat the process for three times.
  • Tilt your head backward slowly, then look up. After that, pucker your lips (like you are kissing someone else). Hold them for some seconds, then relax before repeating.
  • Open your mouth widely, then cover the lower teeth by the lower lip. Hold your upper jaw and start moving another jaw up and down for about ten times.

To attain the goal of a skinny neck, you should do these exercises every day for at least two weeks. Why don’t you spend 15 minutes per day trying this super easy method on how to get rid of neck fat and see what amazing thing will happen?

How to lose neck and face fat by using skin care products?

skinny neck

If you just keep doing neck exercises but forget about taking care of your skin, it will become sagging when the fat is removed. These are some tips to help you treat your skin well.

Wear sunscreen

This classic product is a must-have item in every girls’ bag, as it prevents wrinkles, sagging, and aging skin. These are all risk factors of a double chin because they make the neck become even worse.

People often forget to wear sunscreen on cloudy days, or in winter. But it is proved that you should apply it for all year round as the harmful UVA and UVB rays are available all day-time. If you have to stand under the sunlight for a long period, please consider some products with the broad-spectrum of at least 30 SPF or more. The sunscreen is useless after two hours, so you need to reapply it or combine with hat and mask for the best coverage.

Apply retinol cream

Retinol, or vitamin A compound is a primary ingredient in many over-the-counter creams to solve the problem of wrinkles and saggy skin. It helps accumulate the collagen production, thus improves the lines and reduces the bad outlook of a double chin. The combination of diet, exercises, and proper skin care productions including retinol will bring up a better result than controlling the calories intake only.

Top makeup tips on how to make your neck skinny

Now, the thing is: you have a very big event tomorrow but don’t want to show up with a double chin as it could ruin your whole night. So, how to get rid of neck lines by applying some makeup tips?

How to lose neck and face fat by hair designing

The best hairstyle for a fat neck should not fall and touch your chin, as it only makes your face becomes fatter. You should choose a hairstyle that reveals the face edge, such as:

  • Ponytail
  • Long bob cut
  • Classic long curls
  • Sleek middle part
  • Pixie with waves

These are the designs that you should avoid:

  • Curls under the chin
  • Wispy and rounded bangs

How to get a slimmer neckline by using makeup tips

It is the fastest way to make your double chin disappear. Using some proper cosmetics products could hide the imperfections as well as the fat neck effectively. We will show you how to do it in some simple step below:

Step 1. Clean the face including the neck area with a gentle cleanser to make sure the makeup player goes evenly. Then apply moisturizer all over the face.

Step 2. Choose two types of foundations: one with the normal tone of your skin and one with a darker shade (but not too dark or it may look like the beard). Apply the lighter on the whole face except for the chin area. The darker one is used for the neck and jawline.

Step 3. Redefine the jawline by using a bronzer cream. If you have a medium to dark skin shade, the most suitable bronzer is a golden one. If your skin is fair, it is better to choose a rose-shade bronzer.

Step 4. Enhance your eyes and cheeks. Use eyeliner and thick-effect mascara to make your eyes sharp and charm. Then apply blush on the highest position of your cheekbones.

Step 5. Apply a right tone of lipstick. Any bright color will make other people pay more attention to the appearance of the double chin below, so you need to skip the lips enhancing. Choose a light pink or orange if you prefer light tones and dark red or brown one for darker tones.

This video will guide you gradually how to hide a double chin:


After all, getting rid of neck fat is totally possible if you know how to combine the right diet, exercises, and a healthy lifestyle. Neck fat surgery is another option, but remember to consult your doctor first so he/she could tell you the pros and cons of each method.

In this article, we have provided everything you need to know about how to get rid of neck fat. Hope that you will get back the beautiful and skinny chin soon.

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