How To Get Rid Of Cottonmouth With The Best Remedies

May 25, 2018

Jelly Jeff

How To Get Rid Of Cottonmouth With The Best Remedies

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It’s an ideal time for you to get some methods and tips on how to get rid of cottonmouth.

Although no one dies for this symptom, it’s described as an extreme problem that needs curing instantly. Otherwise, it might shame you in many ways, typically a terrible breath. What’s more, it brings many issues that may threaten your health.

Since you’re here, we will help you understand what exactly cottonmouth is together with common causes and symptoms before showing excellent ways to eliminate this uncomfortable condition.

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What is cottonmouth?

Cottonmouth is also known as dry mouth or xerostomia. It refers to the incapacity of your salivary glands to create enough saliva to keep the mouth wet. As its name suggests, cottonmouth describes a feeling of having a mouth full of cotton wool.

Cottonmouth is also known as dry mouth or xerostomia
Cottonmouth is also known as dry mouth or xerostomia

We all know that our saliva contains enzymes that help to digest food with ease. Besides, it increases the ability to taste food as well as preventing tooth decay.

So, if you’re suffering from cottonmouth, your mouth cannot carry out these critical tasks. And this develops an unpleasant thing that might result in negative impacts on your entire oral health.

What causes cottonmouth?

To answer how to get rid of cottonmouth, you need to understand different causes that lead to dry mouth at first.


When your body needs to drink more water, the possibility of dry mouth is higher. Dehydration reduces the quantity of saliva as well as causing dryness in your mouth. Also, it accelerates the development of bacteria, creating a lot of oral issues.

According to Mayo Clinic, women should drink about 2.2 liters of water per day while men need 3 liters.


Anyone can experience dry mouth, but it’s common in older adults. Averagely, about one in five older people have this issue because their body’s functionality reduces over time. Besides, they tend to take some medications that lead to dry mouth than the others (we will talk about them later, so keep following).

Smoking and drinking

Smoking lessens saliva production while alcohol might dry out the mouth and worsen your symptoms.


Certain medications might increase the risk of cottonmouth; mainly over-the-counter medicines for dealing with high blood pressure. Additionally, disease and infections such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, mumps, and cystic fibrosis lead to dry mouth.

Or whenever your mouth starts drying after using a new type of medication, you need to see your doctor on how to get rid of cottonmouth.


Diabetes and dry mouth

For anyone suffering from diabetes, getting a dry mouth may be more than just a moderate annoyance.  

Dr. Leigh Anderson has proven that the abnormal production of insulin brings direct and indirect effects on the structure and function of salivary glands. Particularly, this causes the salivary glands not to produce enough saliva into the mouth.

Besides, the high levels of blood sugar increase the infiltration capacity in blood, making the body lose more fluids and feel thirsty.

Dry mouth after surgery

Most cases of cottonmouth after surgery are temporary. And then your mouth quickly returns to normal.

One of the surgeries that might result in a dry mouth is dental work. When performing an extraction or filling a cavity, a dentist will dry an area with air or use cotton rolls to absorb your saliva. Since this procedure happens throughout, your mouth may feel dry for a short time.

Additionally, general anesthesia can result in this condition. After waking up from surgery, you might feel nauseous and shivery as well as notice your throat is sore and your mouth is dry.

Although these effects just last only a short time, if they continue, you need to check with your doctor on how to get rid of cottonmouth.

Sometimes, dry mouth lasts longer after cancer treatment. For instance, chemotherapy is able to change the nature of saliva that your body produces. Meanwhile, radiotherapy might end up harming your saliva glands.  


Can anxiety cause dry mouth?

Well, probably. When feeling stressed or anxious, the quantity of saliva in your mouth can reduce. But, for some people, the anxiety might start from antidepressant or related medicines they’re using.

Hence, the cottonmouth is described as a side effect of antipsychotics, antidepressants, beta-blockers, antihistamines, and muscle relaxants [1].

What are the symptoms of cottonmouth?

Aside from a severely dry mouth, you are able to find out different symptoms relating to the cottonmouth, including:

  • Constant thirst
  • A terrible and sticky feeling in your mouth
  • Bad odor
  • The difficulty with swallowing, tasting, chewing, and even speaking
  • Sore at the corners of your lips or in your mouth
  • Dry and cracked lips
  • A sore throat, dry nasal passage or hoarseness
  • Raw sensation or redness on your tongue

Although the list of symptoms is too long, the good news is that they can be controlled aquadetely. Continue following us, and then you will know how to get rid of cottonmouth instantly [2].

How to get rid of cottonmouth quickly and effectively?

After understanding key information about the cottonmouth, it’s time to learn how to remove this irritating, annoying and discomforting issue.

In this section, we will introduce five main points, including:

  • Home remedies
  • Essential oils
  • Sprays
  • Vitamins
  • Medications

Since you’re in the most important part of this post, please read every method carefully so that you can choose the good one for yourself.

Home remedies for cottonmouth

Drink more water (Keep yourself hydrated)

As outlined above, dehydration is one of the common causes behind the cottonmouth. Hence, it’s best to drink more water in order to help your mouth produce more saliva as well as keeping yourself hydrated.

But, how to get rid of cottonmouth by drinking?

  • Make sure to get enough water throughout the day.
  • Eating frozen fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, pineapple, muskmelon, and watermelon is another way to consume more water.
  • Take more soups and stews instead of solid foods.
  • Remember to sip water or a sugarless drink to swallow easily.
  • Try to drink 1 or 2 glasses of coconut water every day.
drink water to keep yourself hydrated
Drink water to keep yourself hydrated

Drink water through a straw

When the mouth is too dry, you tend to gulp water. But, drinking too fast won’t moisten anything because it will go down quickly. Then your tongue stays dry, and you still feel an unpleasant sensation of cottonmouth.

That’s why you need to drink slow or drink with a straw to trigger your saliva.

Change breathing pattern

How to get rid of cottonmouth? The simple way to stop dry mouth is to breathe in and out through your nose instead of your mouth.

It’s because when we use the mouth to take in oxygen, the air dries up the moisture of your tongue and gum, creating a dry feeling when eating and swallowing. Sometimes, when your nose is blocked up with congestion, your body automatically changes to breathing through the mouth.  

So, you need to take care of your nasal congestion by using saline drops, hot steam or humidifier (we will talk later) to clear up your nasal airways and passage. Additionally, always focus on your breathing by practicing pranayama yoga in the morning [3].

View this video to know how to practice pranayama yoga

Use a humidifier

After learning how to get rid of cottonmouth by changing breathing pattern, altering the air your breath is necessary as well.

The air that we breathe when sleeping might be lacking moisture, and this dries out your mouth and gums as well as leading to a negative effect on the saliva production. By investing a high-quality humidifier, you can add more moisture to the air and improve the air you’re breathing.

Take a look below to check which humidifier is best for your demand!

Top humidifiers for cottonmouth
URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier

After the first success, URPOWER continues releasing the second version with more outstanding features. With a water-holding capacity of 100ml, it can spread from 150 to 350 sq ft for more than 6 hours. So, it’s very suitable for a single room in the house, office or hotel.

This product can humidify the air, allowing natural breathing and providing relief from dry mouth, cold, cough, allergies or flu. Even, it decreases odors created by cooking or smoking.

When it comes to safety, URPOWER can shut off if the tank is empty. Additionally, twisting off the top is easy to refill. Plus, the power cord plug is designed for stability and easy-carrying.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil

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InnoGear Upgraded 150ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Diffusers Cool Mist Humidifier

InnoGear is designed with a 150-ml capacity that can quickly cover your room with a pleasing scent longer than other products. Besides, it boasts an automatic shut-off function, making you always feel relaxed after a tiring and stressful day.

As a plus, this product offers 3 different modes including lights only mode, continuous mode, and intermittent mode (30 seconds on and 30 seconds off). Be free to select the mode that is perfect for yourself and then humidify your room to avoid stuffy and dry air.

Especially, InnoGear helps to moisturize the air in winter effectively.

InnoGear Upgraded 150ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil

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Enoair 500ml Aromatherapy Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser

Enoair works as both air humidifier and unique aromatherapy oil diffuser that can moisturize, deodorize, and ionize the air efficiently. Relying on that, you can prevent allergy, reduce symptoms related to health, alleviate stress, and get a peaceful sleep.

With a 500-ml capacity, it’s enough to operate between 6 and 10 hours without refilling continuously. And it will turn off automatically once the tank runs empty.

Especially, its design fits perfectly with any decoration in your room while saving much space. Additionally, its LED lights change color as well as adding a tension-relieving and warm ambiance to help you relax.   

Enoair 500ml Aromatherapy Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air

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Limit alcohol

Not only does alcohol dehydrate our body but also reduce our body’s production of an antidiuretic hormone. And this leads to increased urination and makes us lose more fluid. So, if the fluid is not replaced, our body will become dehydrated and, of course, result in the cottonmouth.

What should you do? How to get rid of cottonmouth?

Cut down alcohol instantly. But, if you regularly consume some units every week, it’s best to limit the intake of alcohol and replace a sufficient amount of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Cut down on caffeine and tea

Like alcohol, caffeine and tea also lead to dehydration and dry mouth. Besides, these beverages cause increased urination, making your body lose more fluid than usual.

Hence, how to get rid of cottonmouth?

All you need to do is to simply decrease your consumption and change to decaffeinated or herbal drinks. Or if you prefer caffeinated sodas, try to switch to cordial or water to boost your water intake while still getting your desired amount of caffeine.

Stop smoking

Smoking can result in dry mouth. If you’re a smoker, you have to stop as soon as possible. Of course, quitting is also helpful to your overall health.

Stop smoking to protect your health
Stop smoking to protect your health

Stop using cannabis

You must stop using tobacco in general and cannabis in particular because they lead a severe dry mouth.

Commonly, some complain that no liquid quenches their thirst without noticing that they’re smoking cannabis. Hence, if you’re suffering cottonmouth and are a cannabis user, it’s best to stop consuming it instantly.

Chew sugar-free candies and gums

It’s an effective way to trick your body into producing more saliva in order to deal with cottonmouth. Try to pop in orange, lemon or mint-flavored candies or xylitol-based gums whenever you have a dry mouth.

However, remember not to opt for sugary candies and gums because they will decay your teeth. And if consumed more, it might lead to abdominal cramps, diarrhea or even muscular in some people.

Eat sour candy

Suck sour candies is another good way on how to get rid of cottonmouth. It’s because the sour flavors produce glands in your mouth, moisten things between your mandibles, and create more saliva.

Change your toothbrush

Whether you’re suffering dry mouth or not, changing your toothbrush frequently is a necessity. Over time, your toothbrush can hide bacteria. And if you continue using it, bacteria will infect and create unwanted symptoms in your mouth.  

One of the most common symptoms is bad breath. It begins with bacteria that stay in the narrow crevices of your teeth. And they might lead to dry mouth.

So, how to get rid of cottonmouth?

Change your old toothbrush instantly! And in this case, you should look for a new soft-bristled one because it’s easy to clean every corner and nook of your teeth effectively.

But, which products are helpful for treating dry mouth? Down here to know!

Top toothbrushes for cottonmouth
Dental Expert 5 Pack Charcoal Toothbrush

A pack of 5 charcoal toothbrushes from Dental Expert definitively pleases you because of its comfort and effectiveness while using.

The bristles are super soft; meanwhile, the brushes are layered in height, making them reach crannies and nooks easily. What’s more, this toothbrush is designed to clean all your mouth so that you can decrease gingivitis, maintain gum health, and recover optimal dental hygiene within 4 weeks.

And the most interesting thing is that you can get a set of 5 for using up to 15 months and just pay an affordable price. Even, if you feel unsatisfied, you can return it for a refund.

5 Pack Charcoal Toothbrush

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Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush REGULAR size

With its extra-soft bristles, Nimbus Microfine toothbrush is known as a great choice for those who have sensitive teeth and gums. It uses both extra-fine, longer bristles for reaching tricky areas and shorter ones for removing plaque.

Since a periodontist created this product, lots of dentists recommend it to give their patients the best safety for tooth surfaces and gum.

Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush REGULAR size

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RADIUS – Original Right Hand Toothbrush

The RADIUS first right-hand toothbrush is made with soft bristles, making it receding your gums smoothly. Besides, its specially designed big head permits you to reach farther up and down gums and then soothe any periodontal issues.

As a plus, the whole head is made from the soft rubbery material that can gently massage your gums during the brushing process. Thanks to its angled neck, accessing some areas that traditionally shaped brushes cannot work is more comfortable.

RADIUS - Original Right Hand Toothbrush

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Use natural mouthwash

Using mouthwash is a good way to keep oral hygiene since it brings a refreshing breath and germ-free teeth. But, many mouthwash brands include alcohol or chlorhexidine that is known as an agent to cause dry mouth.

Hence, you need to avoid buying these chemical products and look for an alcohol-free version.

Top natural mouthwashes for cotton mouth
Biotene Fresh Mint Moisturizing Oral Rinse Mouthwash

How to get rid of cottonmouth? If you’re wondering this question, Biotene is what you’re looking. It’s specially formulated to caring dry mouth and removing the odors related to it.

Biotene comes with a soothing and free-alcohol formula that can hydrate your mouth and deal with bad breath. Also, this formula holds no alcohol that causes further dryness in your mouth. Therefore, you will get a refreshing and clean feeling after use.

Biotene Fresh Mint Moisturizing Oral Rinse Mouthwash

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Watch to know how Biotene deals with dry mouth

Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash

Oral Essentials mouthwash contains mainly essential oils, organic aloe vera extracts, dead sea salt, and xylitol. Thanks to pasteurization technology, the best nutritional levels of each ingredient are kept well. Especially, this product has no toxic chemicals, alcohol, preservatives, artificial sugars, and dyes.

That’s why it’s suitable for those who have sensitive teeth and gums. Use daily and keep your mouth hydrated and fresh all the times.

Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash Formula Pack

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SmartMouth Dry Mouth Mouthwash

You’re free to use SmartMouth for anyone from 6 years old. Besides, it’s safe for those suffering from diabetes.

With no alcohol, you won’t get a burning sensation when using. Moreover, the patented zinc-ion technology gives you a fresh breath. But, the most fantastic part is that this product won’t have your teeth, dentures, or crowns dented.

SmartMouth Dry Mouth Mouthwash

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Aside from using mouthwash, learning how to rinse is necessary as well. It’s because this simple method helps to assure your oral hygiene and stimulates the salivary glands to hydrate your mouth.

How to get rid of cottonmouth by gargling?

Start mixing ½ teaspoon salt in a cup lukewarm water. Then gargle with this solution three times a day to alleviate the problem of cottonmouth.

Suck a lemon

According to a study, sour or citrus taste triggers a high flow of saliva quickly. So, if you try sucking a piece of lemon, you won’t only moisten the mouth but also bring a refreshing breath and sensation.

Stimulate your saliva

The low saliva production will lead to dry mouth. So, stimulating your saliva glands by eating some sugar-free hard candies or chewing gums is known as a simple and temporary relief to prevent what a severe cottonmouth gives [4].

Try over-the-counter saliva substitutes

If you can stimulate your saliva after sucking a lemon or eating sugar-free candies, you can try over-the-counter saliva substitutes on how to get rid of cottonmouth. These substitutes work in different ways like rewetting your mouth, freeing some chemicals that lubricate your mouth or adding enzymes that hydrate your mouth.

But, make sure you ask your pharmacist to get more information before using. Or consult some that we will discuss in the upcoming part.

Avoid using over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants

Note that these medications might create unexpected side effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, and headache. Hence, it’s best to discuss with your doctor to find natural ways and deal with health issues instead of abusing decongestants or antihistamines.

Use natural ingredients

Cayenne pepper

It can be said that cayenne pepper is one of the best home remedies for dry mouth because it not only stimulates your saliva production but also increases your taste of flavors. But, how to get rid of cottonmouth with it?

  • Try pressing a bit of ground cayenne pepper on your wet finger and rub it surrounding your tongue. Although you might feel a burning sensation, it stimulates the salivary glands efficiently.
  • Or add its powder in salads, soups or other dishes and enjoy.
  • Or consult your doctor to take cayenne pepper capsules.
Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds contain flavonoids, which stimulate the production of saliva. Moreover, its savory taste helps to resist bad breath that relates to dry mouth.

  • Try to chew them several times in a day to deal with cottonmouth.
  • Or mix equal amounts of fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds. Roast and grind them with a bit of salt. Store it in a box and eat ½ teaspoon after each meal.

Another great ingredient that is useful for how to get rid of cottonmouth and bad breath is cardamom. Although it comes with an unpleasant flavor, it induces saliva and stimulates taste buds effectively.

  • Chew cardamom after eating or whenever your mouth is dry.
  • Or add 1 teaspoon cardamom powder to a glass of hot water. Wait for 10 minutes and drink it once or twice every day. Or use it to rinse your mouth twice a day.
Cardamom is a good ingredient to get rid of cottonmouth
Cardamom is a good ingredient to get rid of cottonmouth
Oil pulling

Oil pulling is described as an excellent remedy to detoxify the body and treat oral issues, mainly dry mouth and bad breath, for a long time. So, how to get rid of cottonmouth with oil pulling?

  • Take 1 tablespoon coconut oil or any vegetable oil into your mouth and swish about 10-15 minutes.
  • Then spew and rinse your mouth with salt water.
  • Next, brush your teeth.
  • Do every day and before eating anything. Just remember not to swallow it.

You can watch this video to know more

Baking soda

As you know, baking soda is a necessary ingredient that is used a lot in your kitchen. So, if you’re finding how to get rid of cottonmouth, you should choose it because it’s useful to keep the mouth’s pH balance and prevent oral issues

  • Mix ½ teaspoon baking soda with a cup of water.
  • Add a bit lime juice and salt and rinse 2-3 times every day.

Lemon is an active ingredient for dealing with dry mouth and bad breath. It can stimulate saliva flow as well as cleanse your mouth thanks to its acidic nature.

  • Try to mix half a lemon and honey in a glass of water and sip it during the day to keep hydrated.
  • Or make homemade lemonade with no sugar to treat cottonmouth.
  • Or add a bit salt on a piece of lemon and suck it on your tongue to increase the taste buds.

Ginger is not only a great ingredient in cooking but also contains medicinal properties to increase the salivary glands. Besides, it helps to keep the mouth fresh and moist. Well, how to get rid of cottonmouth with ginger?

  • Chew a small piece of fresh ginger anytime in a day.
  • Or drink ginger tea mixed with honey every day to trigger the saliva production.
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known as an age-old remedy to eliminate dry mouth since it protects the sensitive tissues in your mouth and increases your taste buds effectively.

  • Drink its fresh juice every day.
  • Clean your mouth 2 or 3 times daily with its juice.
  • Apply its gel to your mouth and tongue with a cotton swab, leave it for minutes and then wash. Do it 2-3 times a day.
Slippery elm

The inner bark of the slippery elm contains medicinal properties. Amongst, the mucilage and chemical compounds can secrete saliva in your mouth. Hence, using the slippery elm can deal with dry mouth, sore throat or other oral problems efficiently.

How to get rid of cottonmouth with the slippery elm?

  • Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of the slippery elm with a cup of boiling water. Leave it to sit for 10 minutes, then strain, add a bit sugar or honey to improve the taste, and drink it.
  • Or use the paste of slippery elm and apply it to the mouth. Later, rinse it with clean water. Remember to repeat this method 1-2 times a day to see the improvement.

Examine dietary considerations

Aside from limiting and avoiding using caffeine and alcohol if you’re suffering from dry mouth, you should not use some foods such as:

  • Salty foods might add to dehydration in the body, making your symptom worse.  
  • Spicy foods are known as the main cause to create cottonmouth in some people.

Essential oils for cotton mouth

Normally, essential oils are used in aromatherapy because their scents are believed to treat whatever pains you. According to a study, these oils used in a bottle of mouthwash might give some extra benefits regarding gum and plague diseases if being used with regular oral hygiene practices [5].

But, since it depends on how you should use and which essential oils you should buy, we will help you. Try to examine three helpful essential oils on how to get rid of cottonmouth including peppermint oil, clove oil, and grapeseed oil.

Peppermint oil for cottonmouth

Peppermint oil is prevalent for treating oral issues. Stimulating and tonic, this oil is valued in encouraging the flow of saliva in the mouth.

With more than 30% menthol, it’s also active on the endings of the sensory nerves of the mouth to taste the foods that you cannot because of dry mouth. Especially, menthol brings a nice refreshing feeling on the mucous membranes of your mouth.

Clove oil for cottonmouth

Clove oil is well-known for providing relief to oral issues thanks to its eugenol. Eugenol is described as a natural anesthetic and antibacterial that can work well at decreasing inflammation as well as the risk for cavities related to dry mouth.

According to a study from a British association, researchers have proven that eugenol is much more efficient than any analgesic. They examined 270 patients who have oral problems and recognized that patients who had taken a eugenol-based paste suffered the least inflammation and related-after effects.

Grapeseed oil for cotton mouth

Grapeseed oil is another great and fast-acting way on how to get rid of cottonmouth.

It can moisture your mouth effectively by covering the tissue with a moisturizing substance that ensures enduring hydration. Also, it has a high amount of vitamin E, which is beneficial to curing any damage in the mouth.

Top essential oils that you must consider on how to get rid of cottonmouth
Sun Organic Best Peppermint Oil

In the market for essential oils, Sun Organic has created a highly rated and reviewed product. With 100% pure and unconditional peppermint, you’re guaranteed to receive all benefits from this product.

The appearance of compounds in the peppermint oil helps to increase the salivary secretion in your mouth. Try to add some drops on your tongue, spread it around your mouth and rinse it after minutes.

Keep in mind to do before every meal and within 1 week to see the improvement.

Best Peppermint Oil

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Healing Solutions Clove Essential Oil

As mentioned above, the clove essential oil has beneficial properties that can help to treat dry mouth. And this product from Healing Solutions is an excellent choice for you.

Spread the clove oil around your mouth if you want a substantial effect or dilute it with water and then swish.

Aside from preventing cottonmouth, oral issues are treated well. Moreover, your mouth always feels clean and refreshing after using it.

Clove - 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Grapeseed Oil by Sky Organics

Another popular brand for delivering high-quality essential oils is Sky Organics.

The grapeseed oil is 100% unique and natural, so you’re guaranteed to receive no additives. Besides, it’s organic, cold-pressed and rich in vitamin A, E, and K. As you know, these vitamins are helpful to fight free radicals for powerful immunity.

How to get rid of cottonmouth by using this product?

Firstly, you just rub grapeseed oil on your tongue and inside your cheeks with your fingers every night before going to bed. Then let it sit until the next morning. Later, wash with warm water and brush teeth as usual.

Although you can use this grapeseed oil alone thanks to its emollient properties, it’s okay to mix with other oils like argan oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil, butter like shea or cocoa.

Grapeseed Oil by Sky Organics

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Sprays for cottonmouth

After viewing two methods on how to get rid of cottonmouth including home remedies and essential oils, what do you think? Feel that you’re equipped with lots of useful information to deal with this condition? Or still want to look for other convenient ways?  

Down here and learn more about using mouth sprays now!

How sprays treat cottonmouth?

Using sprays on how to get rid of cottonmouth is known as a temporary saliva substitute. That means this substitute helps to replace your natural saliva, not produce the saliva. By leaving a vital film of moisture on your tissues inside the mouth, it helps to reduce the feelings of dryness.

One of the BIGGEST advantages of mouth sprays is all about their convenience. They’re portable so that you can use anytime and anywhere. With them, you can alleviate your annoying condition within seconds after spraying.

However, you should know that the sprays only offer short-term relief, not actually a cure for cottonmouth. After all, if the effects of the spray go away, your mouth will feel dry again. Therefore, you need to consult your doctor’s instructions or scrutinize each product before using.

Now, take a glance at some practical products below and find the most suitable one for yourself!

Top mouth sprays for cottonmouth

Biotene Gentle Mint Moisturizing Mouth Spray

Using Biotene gentle mint moisturizing mouth spray helps to relieve the dryness of the mouth as well as bringing a fresh and long-lasting refreshing breath.

Thanks to the main and active component of mint, your mouth will be fresh, and your gums are also clean. In addition, xylitol is known as an artificial sweetener that stops the tooth decay efficiently.

Be free to use Biotene mouth spray throughout the day if necessary. It’s best to spray directly to the mouth or onto the tongue and then spread surrounding to alleviate the symptoms.

Biotene Gentle Mint Moisturizing Mouth Spray

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Allday 100% Xylitol-Sweetened Dry Mouth Spray

As outlined above, dry mouth mainly happens when your salivary glands cannot create enough saliva. By using Allday dry mouth spray, your mouth is guaranteed to receive necessary moisture in the mouth.

This product contains 25% of the moisture content that is known more than other sprays available in the market. Besides, it holds 44% of the xylitol-sweetened, which is great for preventing the risk of cavities. Plus, it’s alcohol-free with no artificial sweeteners.

Generally speaking, Allday dry mouth spray is an excellent product on how to get rid of cottonmouth that you can use every day.

Allday 100% Xylitol-Sweetened Dry Mouth Spray

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ACT Dry Mouth Spray

Another well-known brand for dry mouth spray is ACT. Thanks to a particular formulation of Xylitol and Optaflow, this spray helps to decrease dangerous effects of dry mouth such as bad breath, cavities, and severe dry feeling.

Moreover, it includes no sugar and alcohol that soothes, refreshes and moisturizes your dry mouth. What’s more, it freshens your breath with a mint taste. Just use it on the go during the day!

ACT Dry Mouth Spray

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Oasis Mouth Moisturizing Spray

Thanks to an active ingredient of Glycerin 35% prediluted, using Oasis is a perfect choice on how to get rid of cottonmouth. Additionally, it is alcohol-free, pH balanced, non-drying, and sugar-free that cannot interrupt the enzymes and probiotics in your saliva.

With a mild and pleasing mint flavor, Oasis mouth moisturizing spray helps to push back bad breath and keep your mouth fresh for more than 2 hours.

You’re allowed to use a maximum of 30 times or 60 sprays every day. But, if catching any unusual things, please contact your doctor instantly.

Oasis Mouth Moisturizing Spray

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Vitamins for cottonmouth

We all know that consuming vitamins are good for health, but are they actually good on how to get rid of cottonmouth? Allow us to explain clearly [6]!

Vitamin C

Although you might hear a lot of information about vitamin C, do you truly understand it? What does it do?

Vitamin C (also referred to ascorbic acid) works as an efficient antioxidant that protects cells against damages caused by free radicals. Besides, it’s necessary for the production of collagen, which is known as a helpful protein to heal wounds in your body. Plus, it helps to keep your immune system so that it can act and prevent infection correctly.

When vitamin C is taken to deal with dry mouth, the soft oral tissues in your mouth will absorb this nutrient. Later, its antioxidant power starts working by increasing the healing process and killing germs that possibly lead to cottonmouth.

Hence, if you’re suffering this annoying condition and want to use vitamin on how to get rid of cottonmouth, make sure to include vitamin C in your daily diet.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the members of the vitamin “B-complex” family. It’s described as a necessary vitamin for underlying body function, particularly the development and production of red blood cells and your nervous system. That means if lacking vitamin B12, your body might suffer from anemia.

In addition, the deficiency of vitamin B12 also cause issues related to oral health such as canker sores in gums, tongue, soft tissues and even dryness of your mouth afterward.

When you’re suffering from dry mouth and wondering whether you lack vitamin B12 or not, remember to ask your doctor to perform a blood test.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 (or also known as riboflavin) is mainly necessary for the breakdown of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and ketone bodies. If your body is deficient in this vitamin, it results in ariboflavinosis, which demonstrates inflammation of the tongue, cracked lips, and dryness of the mouth.

It’s best is to supplement food sources that are rich in vitamin B2, including:

  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Beans and legumes.
  • Eggs and dairy products like cheese.
  • Meat and organ meat.
  • Green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin A

It can be said that vitamin A plays a vital role in healthy tooth enamel and growth of your tooth. Besides, it’s helpful for maintaining the production of saliva in the mouth and mucous membranes.

Of course, you know that saliva is critical for eliminating bacteria and other harmful issues in your mouth like cottonmouth. As a plus, using vitamin A keeps tissues and gums in your mouth healthy.

However, you should notice the suggested daily amounts of vitamin A on how to get rid of cottonmouth. For adults, 900 micrograms are ideal while lactating women need about 1,300 micrograms and children need about 300.

Especially, you need to consume good sources of vitamin A like beef, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, pig, fortified dairy products and vegetable rich in beta-carotene.

Vitamin A is another good suggestion
Carrot – A good natural source of Vitamin A is another perfect suggestion

Medications for cottonmouth

As outlined above, one of the leading causes of cottonmouth starts with medical treatments and mainly medications.

Indeed, most of the common types of drugs creating a dry mouth that older people are using contain anticholinergic effects. And the cottonmouth is known one out of this side effect.

Hence, when it comes to medical remedies on how to get rid of cottonmouth, you might consider whether or not they are available. Of course, YES. Down here and see now [7]!

Saliva substitutes

According to, there are some significant medications for increasing saliva production including Salagen/Pilocarpine and Evoxac/cevimeline. They are known as great saliva stimulants that efficiently affect the central nervous system. Using these medications causes extra sweating along with increased saliva.

Take three times every day, and they will treat your annoying dry mouth symptom.

Artificial saliva

Instead of stimulating the flow of saliva, you can opt for alleviating dry mouth with artificial saliva formulations. It’s easy to find lots of over-the-counter products such as sprays, gels, or liquids.

According to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, you can make a homemade saliva solution by mixing water and glycerin. Thanks to the appearance of glycerin, this mixture can give a certain degree of moisture in your mouth.

Medication alternatives

Over 400 medications are causing dry mouth, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. Hence, if you’re suffering from the cottonmouth due to specific medications, please speak to your doctor so that he/she can give alternative prescriptions.

How to prevent cottonmouth?

After taking a closer look at how to get rid of cottonmouth above, we can understand that this condition is a consequence of a lack of correct oral hygiene. In case you want to prevent it and unpleasing symptoms, the best thing is to cleanse your mouth and teeth frequently.

Additionally, the prevention of cottonmouth starts from other factors that ask you to make a small yet important change in your lifestyle. Time to learn how you can prevent this condition [8]!

Breathe with your nose

“I always breathe with my nose.” Do you dare affirm this?

We bet that you sometimes use your mouth to breath. And this worsens your dry mouth condition. Just remember that, in any cases, it’s better to breathe with your nose (as mentioned above) to prevent cottonmouth.

Breathe with your nose
Breathe with your nose

Invest a device for keeping air moist

By buying a humidifier or vaporizer, you will add more moisture to the air and reduce the risk of dry mouth, especially when you go to bed or the heat makes the air inside your house dry.

Avoid eating acidic foods

How to get rid of cottonmouth?

Enjoying all-natural and delicious fruits are famous for great benefits. But, you need to determine which are acidic foods and avoid consuming them since they might damage the balance of pH in your body, leading to the cottonmouth. Even badly, they increase the urination which lowers the lack of fluid in the body.

Avoid using mouthwashes with alcohol

Mouthwashes, as you know, are well-known for removing bad breath and maintaining a fresh feeling. But, please be careful of the products with alcohol because they only make your dry mouth symptoms terrible.   

Get a diagnosis

Your doctor or dentist will help you find out the primary cause of your dry mouth. Make sure to bring information about your oral hygiene routines, diet, medications, smoking habits, and medical history to get an exact diagnosis on How to get rid of cottonmouth.

For instance, if you’re suffering from certain health issues and need medications, he/she will help you avoid using some medicines that lead to cottonmouth.

FAQs about how to get rid of cottonmouth

How common is cottonmouth?

According to a study from the American Dental Association, the prevalence of cottonmouth among old people over 65 is 40% while adults occupy about 20% [9]. The primary cause of this condition among seniors is related to certain medications; meanwhile, the youth is all about addiction to drugs.

That’s why cottonmouth has become a threatening health concern for millions of people from over the world.

Why is cottonmouth dangerous during the night?

It’s because when sleeping, our salivary glands create less saliva.

Why does cottonmouth cause bad breath?

If you following us from the beginning, you will recognize a connection between bad breath and dry mouth.

Keep in mind that your saliva is vital in washing the bacteria on your tongue, teeth, and gum. When cottonmouth happens, it decreases the saliva flow in your mouth. And this slows down the decomposition of bacteria, leading to severe breath.

Why does my mouth feel dry after drinking water?

There are many reasons for this condition, including:

  • Medications
  • Physical conditions like traumatic damages to the salivary glands
  • Diabetics
  • Contaminants ranging from bacteria to drugs

Since they decrease the function of salivary glands, your dentist or doctor might recommend you to use the over-the-counter artificial saliva like spray, chew sugar-free gums, suck on lozenges or give a prescription for a drug that can increase the saliva flow.

Finally, what have you learned?

All in all, dry mouth is a sensitive issue and needs instant treatment. With a list of practical ways on how to get rid of cottonmouth, we believe that you can get back to your confidence and well-being soon.

Try home remedies, essential oils, sprays, vitamins or medications. And never miss the original rules to prevent cottonmouth as well as useful tips for oral health care.

Please tell us how better your situation is after applying these ways or share us your own remedies on how to get rid of cottonmouth. We’re happy to see your comments in the box below.

Besides, if you think your family or friends might like our article, feel free to share it with them. Once again, thanks for reading.

How To Get Rid Of Cottonmouth With The Best Remedies
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  • Fullname

    Nana Hays

    This is a awesome article! Full of information about this condition.

    Reply3 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      Thanks a lot Nana. We will try to give more benefits to our readers

      3 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Edward Do

    If I suck lemon too much, can It affect my teeth?

    Reply3 weeks ago

  • Fullname


    Thanks Jelly Jeff!

    Reply3 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Jasmine Simpson

    Thank you for your useful information!
    I also found that Aloe Vera can work wonders with cottonmouth. After trying a big glass of Aloe Vera juice the previous night, I woke up and felt the clear changes! My mouth is less dry, and the cracks in the tongue decreased than that of the night before. I think that the patients like me can keep Aloe Vera as first aid if possible!

    Reply3 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      We are happy to hear that you have found another trick to treat cottonmouth effectively. Aloe Vera is helpful to the health condition.

      3 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Carla Houston

    Great! Using watermelon after reading this article is a lucid decision. During my meals, I decided to eat dryer food and then, a piece of delicious watermelon. This makes my easier chewing and swallowing of foods. Watermelon takes great effects with the soothing and hydrating of my cottonmouth.

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      Watermelon is a great choice to boost the dehydration of your mouth. We are glad that you find its wonderful effects!

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Emma Emily

    Can I be affected by any side effects of cottonmouth if it is left untreated?

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      If you keep leaving the health condition worse, common side effects that you have to suffer from may include severe tooth defects and the inflammation of the gums. And, bad breath is sure to start due to the growth of bacteria inside your dry mouth.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Jackson Megan

    I usually find out that I wake up with my irritating dry mouth. How can I prevent the situation?

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      The best solution for you is that you should use reliable fluoride toothpaste to get your teeth brushed right after you get up in the morning. Then, utilize our recommendations of the home remedies recommended in the article as the mouthwash. Moreover, you should use an effective mouth spray to maintain your mouth hydration. We’re sure these methods can give you expected results in a short time.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Chris Lee

    Waking up at night several times with a severe cottonmouth makes me feel so tired. Can you give me advice? I can’t stand it anymore.

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      Don’t be afraid! To get rid of cottonmouth during your sleep at night, you should use a humidifier in your room to keep the air moisturized. Also, apply a little Vaseline cream inside your mouth to avoid its drying during the night.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Maria Lopez

    This is the greatest article of cottonmouth that I have ever read. Thanks for all the amazing information. I used Biotene to cure my bad health condition, but now I know something else to apply.

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      Jelly Jeff

      Thank you so much for highly appreciating our information. We will try our best to give all of our keen readers the most useful knowledge.

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  • Fullname

    Sam Smith

    I hesitated using cayenne pepper before, but I will try it this time. My sister told me that the pepper worked effectively in just a short time. Hope that it won’t disappoint me!

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      Well, cayenne pepper is an amazing natural product for cottonmouth cure. Although it can make you feel a little bit hot, it is still a great choice for your dry mouth thanks to its tested health benefits.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Paul Jones

    This article is a good help for me. I am not certain that my mouth will be cured effectively. Thanks a lot!

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    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      It is our pleasure to give all the informative knowledge to people who concern about this health condition. Choose your most suitable solution and wait for great results after that.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Juan Carlos

    I have been a patient of cottonmouth for about 5 years. I have visited a rheumatologist, a reliable doctor, and even an ENT, but my disease was not better at all. I often felt my oral dryness at night and even had several cavities in my teeth. That’s so bad. Then, I purchased a humidifier to place it in my room, and I realized that the situation was better.

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      A humidifier is so important to provide moisturized air while you are sleeping. You’ll get better results if you combine the current method with other home remedies.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Justin Allison

    After suffering from cancer and having radiation treatment, my saliva glands were destroyed. And, I have been suffering from cottonmouth for a long time. Eating dry food gives me difficulties until I found that ‘poi’- a staple in Hawaii aided the soothing of my dry mouth. It allows me to consume the food easily. The ‘poi’ is effective for people with cottonmouth.

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      That’s great! We hope that your suggestion will be helpful to all the patients of cottonmouth. Thanks for your interesting sharing!

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Mira Andorra

    What are the reasons for cottonmouth while running?

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      What causes cottonmouth is mainly the dehydration of your mouth. You should avoid running in hot weather because the chance of getting dehydration may easily increase in that weather condition.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Kate Lynch

    I am suffering from a severely dry mouth. What exact kind of doctor should I see to get the advice?

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      Visiting a dentist may be the first choice for you. If your health condition is a sign of a medical condition, you should visit a general physician instead.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Rosa Paula

    I have been dealing with serious cottonmouth since 8 months ago. Sucking on lozenges, and applying the recommended medications did not work well. I can’t stand the eating disorder anymore, and some of my teeth are rotten. I expect that your natural remedies will help me.

    Reply2 weeks ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      We are sorry to hear that. A lot of people have tried our recommendations and proved that they worked. If you keep applying our methods, you’ll quickly achieve your expected results.

      2 weeks ago

  • Fullname

    Taylor Shea

    Wow, this article is what I need now. I am considering to start with ginger. This site is where I can find useful information indeed.

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      We are so proud that what we provided can aid your health enhancement. Don’t hesitate to share our inspiring articles to your beloved ones for the world with healthy people.

      1 week ago

  • Fullname

    Jovanny Thomas

    Unluckily, serious dry mouth came to me. I also apply some home therapies recommended in your article. I am just wondering if consuming sticky or sugary foods can affect the treatment of cottonmouth or not. Can you help me?

    Reply1 week ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      No study has proved the bad influences of sugary foods to dry mouth. However, you should avoid consuming this kind of food because they can influence your healthy teeth. If you eat them in your meals, remember to brush your teeth afterward.

      1 week ago

  • Fullname

    Elizabeth Smith

    I am now a sufferer of Sjogren’s syndrome. I will start my treatment of dry mouth with the fresh juice of Aloe Vera. Wait for the early outcome!

    Reply7 days ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      This home remedy is good for cottonmouth enhancement. Keep using it, and you will receive what you need soon.

      6 days ago

  • Fullname

    Justin Timberlake

    Sometimes I cannot speak. I also use a mouth spray, and I feel the mouth relief stays for a minute. I’ll try other natural remedies in your article

    Reply6 days ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      We hope that our suggestions will work well for you. Don’t give up too soon, keep applying the home therapies to see the results quickly.

      5 days ago

  • Fullname

    Jack Lukas

    I’ve been suffering from cottonmouth for about 6 months, and my medications may be the main cause of the issue. Surprisingly, I found out that my toothpaste is the reason. Crest Sensitive contains sodium lauryl sulfate to burn my mouth a lot. Finally, I figured it out! It’s time to try one of your remedies to help my dry mouth now.

    Reply4 days ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      Your support will be the key element for us to build the site bigger. Thank you so much! We will always try to provide our readers with the most high-quality articles to aid your better healthcare.

      2 days ago

  • Fullname

    Ay Lin

    Yeah, I did it. For those with irritating cottonmouth, drinking 2 glasses of purified water before going to bed is a good choice. Avoid using any kind of drinks containing caffeine such as coffee. Drinking mints or sugar-free juices will help you a lot.

    Reply14 hours ago

    • Fullname

      Jelly Jeff

      You choose the best option to follow. I believe that your understanding of the solutions for cottonmouth can support your better healthcare.

      9 hours ago

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    Julie Jenkins

    This is a very useful site which helped me solved the issue of having cottonmouth. Many thanks!

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