Do You Know How To Get Lighter Eyes and Change Eye Color Naturally?

July 1, 2017

Anna Chen

Do You Know How To Get Lighter Eyes and Change Eye Color Naturally?

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It is true that each of us owns majority shades of eye color. Like changing the color of your skin, sometimes you may wonder how to get lighter eyes. Making eyes lighter will bring up an impressive outlook for you, especially when combined with suitable fashion style.

Of course, solutions are available for this desire. In this article, we will introduce the top simplest way of how to get lighter eyes, permanently and temporarily.

Why do we have different eye color?

lighter eye

Babies receive eye color as a genetic trait from their parents. There are various ways to mix and match the genes sources, results in different shades of the child’s eyes color. Interestingly, we don’t know how each parent contributes to the child until the baby is born, which surprises young moms and dads.

The structure surrounds the pupil of the eyes is called the iris, which determines the eye color. Melamine is a pigment found in the iris. Dark or light eye color depends on the amount of melamine consumption there. The lack of melamine results in light blue color, which accounted for 17% of the world population. In contrast, a high concentrate of this pigment leads to brown ones. Green is the rarest eye color, presented in the moderate amount of melamine assembly. Maybe due to its seldom appearance, almost people rated green eye is the most attractive eye color.

The amount of this pigment is not entirely presented in the first years of life. After that, it increases in numbers and results in darker eye color. That is why some blue–eye–babies become brown when they grow up.

So, it is no easy to change your eye color permanently. If you still want to do so, you have to undergo a surgical procedure. However, there are also ways to change eye color naturally in a period.

If you own honey brown eyes and want to know how to make brown eyes look lighter, here are top useful information for you.

How to lighten eye color permanently?

Like we have mentioned above, surgical is the method that ensures lighter eyes permanently. The process is called stroma procedure, which uses low–energy laser device to remove dark pigmentation. If you want to know how to brighten eyes color forever, this is what you are looking for. This method is sufficient for people with brown eyes. The whole idea of stroma procedure is to disrupt the thin brown layer that covers your pupil. After the process, the layer underneath reveals and bring up a lighter eye.

First, you have to stabilize your head in front of the laser stroma. The surgeon will treat each eye separately by using a specific laser frequency to scan the iris. The wave is absorbed selectively by dark pigment before disrupting the tissue. Once the brown layer is removed, the original blue layer appears.

It takes about half a minute for the laser to scan the iris, but you need days to let your eye heal itself. The cost for the whole surgery range from 4000 to 5000 USD, according to CNN [1].

How to lighten your eyes temporarily?

Despite being fast and permanent, surgery is not always the best option in this situation. For those who prefer flexible fashion, temporary eye color seems to be a smarter choice.


Makeup is not only useful in changing your eye color, but also provides an impressive outlook. Here are some tips for makeup–lovers to brighten their eyes in a glance:

  • Use white eyeliner instead of black ones to emphasize the inner rim of your eyelids. The white is a helpful tool to makes your iris expanded and lighter.
  • Use indigo eyeliner. If you prefer a darker shade of eyeliner, choose indigo ones. As the indigo color reflects back to your eye, it will make the eye look bright and vibrant. Similarly, using black eyeliner makes your eye looks darker because it absorbs black instantly.
  • Use navy blue mascara is a good choice. Black mascara is more preferred in ordinary occasions but useless in making the eye look bright. But do not overuse other light color mascaras, or it may leave a dull look.
  • Apply concealer under the eye to cover dark parts and pigmentation.
  • Apply appropriate eyeshadow is one of the most useful tips to make your eye look lighter, as it enhances the eye color. Choose the right eyeshadow, depends on the color of your eyes. Here are some tips to choose the best eyeshadow color:
  • Orange-tinted (coral, champagne, brown, taupe)
  • Metallic (bronze, gold)


  • Cool color (purple, blue, gray)
  • Metallic (bronze, copper, gold)
  • Jewel shades (bright blue, violet)
Brown is a neutral color, so it fits with almost eyeshades.


  • Copper, melon, brown, orange, peach
  • Maroon, pink, plum, purple, wine
  • A touch of blue at the inner corner of the eye
  • Dark smoky shades
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Purples, pink
  • Shimmery brown, taupe


 Color contact lens

If you are confusing of black eyes for a party tonight and do not have enough time to prepare, how to change your eye color instantly? The answer is: Use contact lens. It is the simplest and fastest way for an outstanding look. Unless you have prescribed contact lens, we recommend visiting an optometrist to find the proper one. It is also a perfect choice for those who have poor vision.

There are many types of contact lens: daily disposable, weekly disposable, monthly disposable and extended wear. The daily disposable contact lens is suitable for a short–term use, which is not required to preserve. As being the most convenient method, this type of lens is usually more expensive than another.

If you haven’t used contact lens before, follow some instructions below to change your eye color in a quickly and safely way:

  • Visit an optometrist for an accurate diagnose and advice.
  • Choose contact lens that suitable with the size of your iris, or it may be displaced when you blink.
  • If you have myopia, check the information in the contact lens carefully before using to make sure it fits your myopic level.
  • Make sure your contact lens is not inside out when wearing, and wash your hands carefully before touching the lens.
  • Only wear contact lens when you need them, let your eyes rest some time. Wearing lens too regularly may cause damages to your eyes and lead to infection.
  • Clean your lens after using by multipurpose solution and strictly follow maintenance routine.

Contact lens, of course, has many beneficial effects. But it is not suitable for those who have an allergy, have sensitive eyes, or irritate with lens material. So how to change your eye color without contacts? There are extra tips below to help your eyes lighter and more vibrant.

How to change eye color naturally?

It is undeniable that natural methods are always ultimate options. However, how your eyes look like depends on the genetic makeup. It is impossible to change the eye color completely without intervening your eye or using the color lens. Natural ways just support your eyes to look lighter. This method also keeps your health at the highest status and improves your vision. So, how to get lighter eyes by natural methods?

Foods that change your eye color

orange juice

Fruits and foods

Fruits that lighten your eyes usually carry a great source of vitamin C (such as citrus and orange). They are extremely helpful to maintain brighter eyes. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, fade the dark circles of the lower eyelids and make your eyes look lighter [2]. Besides eating fruits, you can choose to take some capsules of multivitamins as a diet supplement or drink juice instead.

Stay away from junk food, caffeine, and alcohol

These foods cause a negative effect on your digestive system and create a burden on the liver. Some liver disease results in yellowish eyes and skin, such as cirrhosis. They also affect the body metabolism and lead to some chronic diseases (diabetes and hypertension). Both of those diseases influence vision and make your eye looks dull.

Drink enough water

Water if one of powerful eye lightener. It is a necessary element to keep body normal function. Full hydrated cells bring up brighter and healthier eyes.

How to lighten eyes by applying healthy lifestyle?

Get enough sleep

Insufficient sleep results in red and dull eyes, combined with the dark circle of the lower eyelids. 8 hours are the recommended amount of sleeping hours per day. You should avoid staying up late either.

Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking is one of primary risk factors of dry eyes [3]. This disease is characterized of itchy, irritated and scratchy, which affect the color of your eyes. Those who smoke are twice likely to have dry eyes syndrome.

Honey eye lightening drops

“How to make your eyes lighter with honey?” is a controversial topic that attracts millions of people. It is true that honey, especially pure one, contains antiseptic and antibacterial benefits which cure numbers of infectious diseases [4]. The anti-inflammatory effect of honey is attributed to hydrogen peroxide element. This is a mild natural detergent that also used to lighten the skin in some cosmetic products.

Many people believe that hydrogen peroxide in raw honey acts in the pigmentation of the eye to lighten it. There are numbers of topics and websites on the internet that recommend using honey eye drops to naturally change eye color. However, whether raw honey truly brightens your eye color is sill unknown. There is still a lack of evidence and research approves the effect of honey in this particular aspect.

If you bought low – quality honey or you are allergic to any components, it may harm your eyes. Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in human body, so they require specific cares. Every product that applies directly on eyes needs to be consulted by medical practitioners.

If you want to know how to make your eyes lighter naturally, follow our instructions above. Your eyes are the window to the soul, which means they are very important. So, to protect them from any harmful agents, we suggest not to use any unknown product on your eyes.

Eye exercise

It is a good idea to give your eyes some relaxations and exercises some time. If you feel eye strain, that is when your eyes start becoming tired and look so unhealthy. Some practices will bring it back and improve your eyesight.

Although this won’t change the eye color directly, it makes your eye look more vibrant and energetic. How to get lighter eyes by doing exercises? Here are some prescribed eye exercises for you:

Gaze your eyes into the darkness

Warm up your palm by rubbing them, then place over your closed eyes. Hold in this position for 1-3 minutes.

Horizontal eye movement

Keep your head straight, then start moving both eyes to the left. Focus for one second, then move them to the right. Repeat the movement five times, then take a short break before redoing it. Repeat the whole circle three times.

Upside down eye movement

Hold your head straight, then start moving both eyes up. Focus for one second, then move your eyes down. Repeat the movement five times, then take a short break before redoing it. Repeat the whole circle three times.

Rolling your eyes

Start by looking up, then roll both eyes slowly in a circle clockwise. After five rounds of clockwise, turn to five times of counterclockwise. Repeat the process three times.

Near and far focus

Place your finger at the top of your nose. Then slowly move it 20cm – 30cm far away in a straight line. Focus on your finger, then move it back to your nose. Change for five times and repeat the process three times.

Eyebrow concentration

Look straight ahead, then gaze your eyes at the point between your eyebrows for some seconds. After that, look straight ahead again. Do this five times and repeat the process three times.

Massage your eyes

Finally, close your eyes. Then squeeze your eye shut tightly for 2-3 seconds. Relax, then squeeze again. Repeat the massage process ten times.

How to whiten your eyes?

nice eyes

The whites of your eyes are called sclera. Even when your iris got lighter, you still need to take care of your sclera. When you fall asleep, or become tired, or overuse your eyes, the white color may change to another shade. It may turn yellowish, or reddish, which makes you look older and unhealthy. It is necessary to notice the change of the white to eliminate some particular diseases. Once you have excluded health problems, there are some solutions to sclera look whiter:

Applying eye drops

You can choose one from plenty of eyes drops brands that provide whiter eyes. The blue color of eye drops resists red and yellow color and bring back brighten eyes. However, this effect lasts for couples of hours before redness return.

Take multivitamins supplement

Like we have mentioned above, vitamin C is necessary for bright eyes. Besides, you should take omega-3-acids and multivitamins capsules to maintain healthy and bright eyes.

Wear sunglasses when hanging out

Sunlight contains UVA and UVB rays that can cause terrible damages to your eyes. Even when cloudy days, those rays are still available, results in a yellow and thick sclera. Remember to wear sunglasses when hanging out to protect yourself.

What if eye color changes dramatically?

If you notice a dramatic change of the eye color, be careful, or it could be a sign of eye diseases. In babies, this may be a normal situation as the melanin pigment increases. But if the change only appears in one eye, you should see your doctor to know whether it is a health problem or not.

For example, Heterochromia is characterized by two different eye colors in one person. This disease is usually benign but possibly caused by other malignant reasons. There are two types of Heterochromia: congenital and acquired one. The main reasons that cause acquired Heterochromia are Horner’s syndrome, eyes injuries, or glaucoma medications. These conditions need to undergo specific treatment and long–term follow–up.

Consult your doctor immediately if one of those symptoms appears to have proper control.

On the other hand, we suggest readers take a look this article: A COMPLETE BUYING GUIDE FOR THE BEST EYELINER FOR WATERLINE to make your eyes more stunning!

To conclude, there are many ways to brighten your eyes permanently and temporarily. After reading this article, you have known some methods of how to get lighter eyes, and detailed instructions. Hope that this information is useful and fully provide what you are searching for.

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