How To Get Dimples: All You Need To Know

February 1, 2018

Jelly Bell

How To Get Dimples: All You Need To Know

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Some people have dimples on their cheek whenever they smile since they were born, while some don’t. For those don’t have dimple naturally yet want to have one, this article will help you to break down a plentiful of simple and easy methods of how to get dimples.

Have you ever wondered what dimples are and while some people have it – like a gifted present from the God, some just aren’t lucky enough? Let’s find out what dimples are.

What are dimples?

Dimples are a birth defect in the form of indentations of the skin which is caused by abnormal facial muscle. There are two main types of dimples: facial dimples and dimples in other parts of the body. Some people have dimples on unseen areas of the body such as the Venus, buttocks, lower back, etc. Back dimples are the two indents on the lower back where the backbone meets the hip.

For facial dimples, chin dimples and cheek dimples are two major types. While dimples which appear on both side of the cheek are the most popular type, a single dimple on one cheek is a rare phenomenon. Whereas for some people, dimples which are slightly depression in facial skin occurring near your mouth could present permanently; others only have dimples when they smile widely or speak.

Cheek dimples are dominant facial traits which are inherited from one generation to the next. While scientists still argue about the gene which causes dimples, according to popular belief, it is said that people need only one gene to inherit dimples.

If both you and your spouse have dimples, it’s 50 – 100% that your children will have one. If only you or your wife/husband have dimples, your children have only 25 – 50% chance of getting dimples. If neither you nor your spouse has dimples, it is likely that your children may not have one, yet there is a small chance that your baby could be inherited dimples thank to the gene passed from your father/mother or your father/mother in law.

how to get dimples
How To Get Dimples

Where do dimples come from?

Technically, a muscle on the face so-called zygomaticus major is the main reason for dimples creation. When the zygomaticus major is shorter than usual, it pulls on the skin and forms the hollow in your face; that how dimples are created. The double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle forms the cheek dimples [1].

In some cases, dimples are formed because of the appearance of disproportionate fat on the face. Those dimples imply an unhealthy condition. Fortunately, those types of dimples are temporary. They disappear when the excessive fat vanishes. An appropriate diet and adequate exercise could eliminate those dimples [1].

Similar to cheek dimples, dimples in the chin or cleft chin is inherited from generation to generation. The mentalis muscle fails to close at the chin, which leaves a gap, hence forms a dimple [2]

For other types, back dimples are formed by a short ligament stretching between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin according to official medical study.

Are all types of dimples loved?

Cheek dimples are considered as the symbol of youth, beauty, and loveliness. People with cheek dimples seem to be more attractive and friendlier. Some people believe that this impression comes from the fact that almost all babies have some cheek dimples which is also called baby dimples.

These facial indentations are formed because babies have so much fat which is required for suckling in their cheek. These dimples are not permanent; they will vanish when the baby’s fat melts away. [3] As people get used to the image of the baby with dimples, adults who have dimples seem to appear younger and more appealing.

Another argument which is originated from a study in 2008 suggested that dimples might be an evolved feature to help humans to communicate better by our expressions in our face. This idea is raised firstly in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, stated that dimples could be an additional feature to provide information about the intensity of the expression [4]

Another idea suggested that dimples could help to make the expression more noticeable. When your smile or your grin become more noticeable, you become more sexually attractive. In turn, you have higher chance to have partners who might want to make the baby with you.

Nowadays, cheek dimples become popular as many famous actors, singers, artists possess them. Besides, development of technology, especially in medical fields has provided an easy answer to the question of how to get dimples. People could get dimples by many methods.

It’s funny that unlike cheek dimples, their “cousin” – dimples in the chin or cleft chin is hated by most people, especially women. Many people even look for help in a surgical procedure to get rid of chin dimples. And the cost for this procedure may reach up to 6000$.

Another type of dimples which is favored is back dimples or dimples of Venus. People who possess this dimples of Venus are considered to be blessed and lucky because it’s a sign of good health and excellent sex life. Apparently, these dimples can help one have a great sex time and achieve high levels of orgasm. The depressions assist in blood circulation and because of their very ‘special’ position near the pelvic area, climaxing becomes easier.

While there are abundant ways of how to get cheek dimples, dimples of Venus is difficult to get unless you won a lottery for genes. Some people may wonder how to get back/ lower back dimples or how to get back dimples by exercising, and some articles may suggest various lessons and diet for the target of how to get dimples, yet no exercise lesson works in fact.

How to get dimples

There are various methods of how to get dimples ranging from simplest one as makeup to the most sophisticated way as dimple piercing, or dimple surgery. People could choose the most appropriate methods based on their desire and financial condition.

Please note that we only refer to dimples in the cheek as most people don’t like dimples in the chin, so they don’t want to know how to get dimples in the chin, and dimples of Venus is almost impossible to get if you don’t inherit from your parent.

Dimples exercises

This method requires a high level of persistence and consistency as you will have to exercise every day repeatedly. Besides, it’s not based on any researches, studies or scientific evidence, and it’s not guaranteed to work. However, there’s a chance that this method might work with some people due to their body condition.

To begin with, imaging that you have accidentally bitten a piece of lime or something terrible sour and make a face accordingly. Close your lip, but do not clench your teeth together, then slowly move your cheeks so that they would lie in the middle of your teeth, around half of the way from your lip to your throat. If you cannot image the above stated facial expression, try enjoy a green lime without sugar – this action resembles your unconscious response to the taste of lime.

Next step is to figure out which part of your cheeks that the hollows appear most apparent. Keep the shape of these hollows on both sides of your cheeks with your thumb or rounded end of a pencil/ stick. Maintain your thumb/stick/pencil locked to those indentations when you are about to ease your mouth.

Your facial appearance should be eventually relaxed and replaced by a wide grin,and you still have to hold your thumb/sticks immovable at the same points on your face. Your fingers/sticks had better to be around the edges of your grin, that your depressions supposed to congenitally appear.

After checking the position of your thumb, in case it doesn’t seem right, it’s necessary to change your mind and choose a better spots for your hollows.To create a longer lasting indentation, you need to consecutively hold these hollows on your face for at minimum half of an hour. The more time you can fix your fake dimples at the same spots, the longer it will last.

For easy instruction, please watch the video below.

Some people might have heard about using the bottle cap or how to get dimples with bottle caps. First, clean these cap thoroughly and sterilize by alcohol or salt water. Hold two bottle caps inside your mouth; each cap is on each side of your cheeks, the opposite side of the flat side of the caps should touch the inner surface of your cheek.

After that, squeeze your cheek into the opening side of the cap, try to suck all air out of the cap, and maintain this status for at least 30 minutes. This method is also suitable for temporal fake dimples for a good photograph.

In history, there did have a scientist who had wondered how to get dimples and invented mechanical equipment to create dimples by pressing to the spots on the face consecutively. No study or evidence had proven whether it worked or not, yet some people surely believed in the effectiveness of this device. The dimple exercise imitates the operation of this device.

Maintain those dimples “practice” for half an hour every day for at least a month. After that, if the permanent hollows haven’t be formed, you should consider another method. Please note that this exercise is not proven by any research or study, in case that you don’t get what you want, your body condition clearly doesn’t suit with this method.

Dimple makeup

This technique is simply to draw dimples on both sides of your cheek with made up tools. How to draw dimples? Think of something humorous and check your appearance, then naturally smile widely. After that, mark your desired position of the artificial indentations on both cheeks. Dimples usually located outside of the creases, near the edges of your smile.

Dimple makeup
Dimple makeup

If you’re not sure how you should draw your fake dimples, you can search for several pictures of people with real dimples and try to locate an appropriate location for your fake dimples.

To draw fake dimples, a makeup pencil in chocolate color such as eyeliner would work the best. You can mark a small spot on where your desired indentation should be and then draw a short line or small crescent shapes as dimples usually are. Try to avoid black and colored eyeliner.

Now your mouth should be loosen and adjust your dimples. The length of your fake dimples should not be longer than 2 cm under the spot. The drawing supposed to be slightly curved but not so much.

The last step is to blend and modify your “artwork” so that your fake dimples appear naturally. You could utilize makeup puff or other tools to smoothen the drawing, rubbing vertically instead of left to right and vice versa. Sometimes, it’s necessary to redraw and repeat those steps to create natural-looking dimples.

For example of makeup, please watch the video below.

Dimple piercing

Dimple piercing seems to be a dangerous answer for how to get dimples since this cheek piercing procedure exposes to the danger of insanitation. You should ask a famous, certificated professional to perform this procedure and make sure that the implementation is done with sufficient sanitation before and after the procedure. Do not try to do this procedure by yourself.

You should be warned that many piercers denied to implement dimple piercings no matter how old the customer is. While common piercings such as ear or nose piercing only penetrate your nose/ear skin, dimple piercings go through the muscle. Hence, people who take this dimple piercing have higher chance of getting nerve harm than people who take other procedures.

We will not dig in step by step procedure but only some main points. The professional will use the needle to quickly pierce the skin at the precise position of your desired dimples. After that, they will place the jewelry into the holes and clean the punctured area with the anti-bacterial solution.

One to three months is the usual duration for piercing healing with jewelry left in. After that, you can remove the jewelry, and the healing process of the skin will continue. Before the skin completely heals, there will be two small holes in your cheeks. After the healing process finished, you will have two depressions like dimples in your cheek.

These dimples are semi-permanent which means that they always present on your face no matter you smile or not. Total expense for dimple piercing is approximately 50$ to 60$ in most reputable piercing parlors.

Dimple creation surgery

For people who question how to get dimples naturally, if they were not born with dimples, dimple creation surgery would be the appropriate answer. Dimple creation surgery, or dimpleplasty, is a short and simple surgery which can be completed on both sides within about 30 minutes. The result is quite satisfactory to the customer as the cheek dimples show up semi-permanently and naturally.

Since this procedure is quite simple, the recovery time is short. The patient can start eating soft foods few hours after surgery, and they will most likely be able to resume normal activities the next morning. In most cases, the patient can be able to return to work one to two days after surgery. In another hand, this procedure will cost from 1500$ to 2500$.

In general, the doctor will create a small laceration inside the cheek, gently remove a piece of flesh, put the stitch which holds the skin of the cheek from inside and drag it in [5]. What the dimples would look like and how deep it is could be modified to the customer’s desire. Before undertaking the surgery, patients will become numb during the procedure due to local anesthesia injection.

People who’ve gone through the surgery will have to take pain medication for 1-2 days and antibiotics for five days after that. At first, the dimples will appear permanently for 3-4 weeks. When the stitch inside the cheek vanishes, the dimples will eventually flatten out and only present when you smile.

It’s crucial to follow the post-procedure care to ensure fast and proper recovery. Since the oral cavity is full of bacteria, meticulous oral hygiene has to be maintained. An antiseptic mouthwash has to be used several times a day to keep the site as hygienic as possible. Irritation and redness could occur for a few days. Patients should avoid overactive facial expressions for better results during the healing phase [6]

In some case, when the dimples don’t appear as the patient expects, the doctor can adjust or reverse with a short process. After the procedure, patients who still wonder HOW TO GET DEEPER DIMPLES could discuss with their doctor to undertake further surgeries for modification.

In the reversal surgery, the tissue in the cheek may be released and the skin separated from the underlying muscle. In rare cases, the cheek muscle might become weaker temporally after the surgery that could last for a few weeks.

With the price of up to 2500$, people who have gone through dimples creation surgery could have cheek dimples for one to two months depending on each body condition. After that, their face will return to the original shape. In some cases, it may get worse, they will have to face the risk of deformity.

Even though the cost of this symbol of charm and beauty is quite expensive and the possibility of malformation is considerable, the requests for dimpleplasty, especially from young people, has jumped triply in recent years. Famous actors, singers who have dimples congenitally such as Harry Styles, Miranda Kerr, and Ariana Grande is the inspiration for this rising trend among the young.


For people who are enthusiastic of getting dimples, there are plentiful methods of how to get dimples ranging from expensive dimpleplasty, dimples piercing to daily dimples exercise, or temporal solution just for a catchy photo – dimples makeup. The price of each method also varies from 0$ to around 2500$. People can choose the best choice depending on their need and financial situation.

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