How To Apply Tan Physics For The Most Satisfied Tan Skin

September 29, 2017

Jelly Bell

How To Apply Tan Physics For The Most Satisfied Tan Skin

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“Why do I have to use tan physics? All I need is lying on the beach with sunscreen and let the sun soak in.”

If you are hesitating about whether using sunless tan physics or not, we would like to provide you the convinced tanning myths which can change your mind about using charismatic tan physics products.

Why do you need sunless tan physics?

Read the following content firstly. Then have a look at THE BEST TAN PHYSICS REVIEW and decide which tan physics product is the most suitable for you.

What is true or false about tanning?

Tanning bed and outdoor tanning all cause Melanoma. Definitely wrong. [1]
The executive director of Indoor Tanning Association in Washington, John Overstreet showed that whatever you have tanning or not, if there is a person in your family getting melanoma in the past, you have higher risk suffering from melanoma. There are many causing factors of melanoma skin cancer ,however, heredity plays a major role. For the people who have family histories of melanoma, it would be advised for them not to use tanning bed and tanning outside.

However, researchers have discovered the link between indisputable melanoma and ultraviolet from both indoor and outdoor tanning: “Tanning before age 35 increase the risk of melanoma by 75%.”

Nonmelanoma skin cancer is proved to have relation with ultraviolet exposure.

A report published in the May 2008 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has shown that numerous studies demonstrated an increased risk of developing nonmelanoma skin cancer because of UV exposure.

Tanning can lead to premature aging of the skin. Sadly, it’s true.

Both sunlight exposure tanning and bed tanning over time cause “photo- aging”- a term used by doctors which include wrinkles and a leathery look. A study has been carried out in Germany which 59 voluntary people started to use sunbeds in 3 months. And the result came out with an induced DNA mutation caused by sunbed linking to photo- aging.

On the other hand, sun exposure was proved to boost the accumulation of DNA mutations in human skin related to premature aging.

So now you know that tanning from sun is not good for the skin in some way. Sunless tan physics products are the solution now. Let’s have a look at all the contents and find out the answers yourselves.

apply tan physic

Firstly, what is tan physics?

It is a combination of the best tanning ingredients and special skin care hybrids which satisfies both tannings as well as skin care requirement. Every girl’s fancy is having a natural, glamourous tanning without streak, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The lotion guarantees to nourish and hydrate your skin with natural ingredients while bringing up an authentic tanning cover if the user follows the tips of how to apply tan physics.

What is inside the bottle?

The tan physics appear as a light orange color, almost a kind of clay. It is a very thin consistent gel. Moreover, the light tint contained in lotion allows the tan physics to blend into your skin quickly. You are uncertain about how to apply tan physics, aren’t you? Don’t worry, it is easy to cover your body with tan physics because of its smooth gel structure.

How does tan physics work to bronzing your skin?

Each tan physics contains their own recipe to create a useful tanning product. But the list of key ingredients of every tan physics usually includes:


The main active ingredient of every tan physics which is also called DHA is derived from sugarcane or sugar beets to bring up the brown caramel color to your skin. The tolerable concentration of DHA in tan physics is around 1 to 15%.
The higher amount of DHA in tan physics bottles boost up the skin coloring faster. But consider your skin health and DHA quantity at the same time, DHA can make your skin almost twice as prone to free radical damage from sunlight.

After reaching the skin, DHA has the reaction with the amino acids in the skin and turns the skin into brown and caramel color. Regarding the amount of DHA which is printed on the bottle is the only way for the customer to decide which levels of tanning they would like to apply.

Moreover, how to apply tan physics also plays big roles in determining the suitable and satisfied color or tanning on the individuals.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a common material in many beauty methods. Nourishment your skin from coconut oil is highly recommended due to its various benefits from vitamin E, as well as disinfectant properties. Among that, moisturizing the skin without blocking the pores, as well as any irritation is the top reason which coconut oil is included in tan physics bottles.

You should consider tan physics as a tanning method because tan physics not only provides you the perfect tan skin but also nourish for gorgeous looking without being damaged from ultraviolet.

Argan oil

Distinguish from coconut oil, argan oil is responsible for preventing wrinkles. Moreover, the oil derived from Moroccan Argan fruit seeds is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants. This oil can also reduce stretch mark and skin irritation, dry skin.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Mentioning collagen means skin improvement which includes supporting the skin structure, strength, and elasticity. In addition, compensation of dead skin cells is proved in using hydrolyzed collagen in tan physics.


Matrixyl is proven to stimulate collagen production and skin restoration in a longer term than many other anti-aging properties.

Sugar- based caramel

The fresh, pure, and certificated sugar used to create tan physics play important role in “dying” your skin. These coloring compounds are essential to temporarily blacken your skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is famous for its wonderful source of vitamin A, C and E. Furthermore, the powerful antioxidant contents in Aloe Vera makes it valuable to the skin.

tan women

The most considered things on “How to apply tan physics correctly”

You might think that “how to apply tan physics” is not even a question but bypassing any steps in these following steps might be the first mistake why you do not get satisfied standard with self- tanner. On the other hand, here are homemade self- tanner that doesn’t wash off in case you are not interested in paying for tan physics.

Step 1: Make sure your skin is free of the dirt and any obstacle which has the effect on the tanning outcome.
Cleaning is actually an essential step of skin care every day in order to have a fresh and hygienic skin.

Create a clean canvas firstly so that all the pure ingredients in tanning lotion can be soaked up into your body. Use the mild exfoliator and a clean washcloth in the whole body can help you. Especially feet, knees, elbows and the outer edge of your feet because the skin in these areas are dry and contains many dead skin cells.

In case you have thin skin, don’t scrub your skin too harshly with the nylon or loofah sponge or your skin will get slight damage.

After exfoliating the skin, shaving and waxing are needed. Within 24 hours of using tan physics, all the shaving, waxing or tweezing are limited so that your follicles and pores do not end up looking darker than the rest of your skin.

Besides, rinse off all the shampoo, soaps, and conditioner before moving to the next step of cleansing the skin: drying.

Use a clean cloth to dry all the body in a free- steam room with medium temperature. You don’t want to sweat while applying tan physics, right?

Remember that the more carefully you prepare the canvas, the smoother and longer lasting your tan skin will be.

Step 2: How to apply tan physics

This step is the most important step in how to apply tan physics procedure, of course. Some of you might feel incomprehensible since all you have to do is applying lotion, that’s all. You’re right, but we are up to “how to apply tan physics correctly and satisfactorily” to get the best outcome.

Now, forget about all the argument and follow all the instructions and tips down there to get a perfect and up- to- date tan skin.

Firstly, rings, necklace, and other jewels should be taken off if you don’t want your bright jewelry to get “tanned”. Another tip for you is to tie your hair up and do not put on any deodorants, perfumes or makeup.

But before applying lotion, it would be better if you moisturize some special places such as feet, elbows, knees, heels, and toes. These are difficult areas that the tan physics tend to gravitate towards and look black.

Putting on the lotion from the bottom parts and working up is good for you. From feet and calves, till abdominal and back, chest area, then the last neck and face. But remember not to tan your sole of feet and toenails, you don’t need tanning skin in nails and soles.

Stay still for 15 to 20 minutes so that all the vitamins, tanners and moisturizers in tan physics to be absorbed into your skin. After that, it’s time for you to put on some comfortable clothing and get ready for a new day. In some cases, you don’t have to wait longer once your body does not feel sticky anymore.

In addition to applying tan physics, here are some tips listed for you to get the most satisfying result.

• Start applying lightly first since it’s easier for you to apply tanning lotion than removing it. You can still put on tanner if you found your skin is not bronzy enough but it’s harder for you to fade the tanner.
• Rinsing your hands, especially your fingernails should be rubbed carefully.
• While applying tanner, move your hand in circulation if you do not want the tanner coming into darker colored stripes.
• The ear area should not be forgotten, too.
• Tan physics products do not contain any SPF factor, so remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays.

Moreover, if you find out hard to read all the small details from this article, watch this trending video about “how to apply tan physics” and follow the instruction, it’s helpful.



What can you do to protect your developing tanning skin?

After acknowledging about “how to apply tan physics”, you should know how tan physics work on you and what you can do with tan physics lotion.

Showering or heavy sweating in 6 hours since the last time applying lotion is not a good idea because your tan starts working in 3 to 6 hours depending on your skin tone and condition.

What is the smell of tan physics?

The smell is described as the citrus odor in the bottle. However, not everyone can handle this smell. But don’t worry, the smell just lasts a few hours after application. Therefore, why don’t you have a try to forget about the annoying odor to get worth tan skin?

How long does the tan skin last?

If you follow the steps of “how to apply tan physics” correctly which is mentioned before, 3 and 4 days is the average time for every use of tan physics. And after 3 or 4 days, the color starts fading with small lighter spots.

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