Guideline For How To Apply Self-tanner Without Streaks

January 23, 2018

Veronica Phan

Guideline For How To Apply Self-tanner Without Streaks

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Tanning method has developed much these days and creates a new trend lately. Tanning nowadays approaches all the up-to-date girls in various formats which are known as sun tanning, tanning bed or lamp, and self-tanner.

Especially self- tanner attracts the most due to the convenience and effectiveness of tanning lotion. Among that, tan streaks seem to be the most stubborn problem which need a full and detailed guideline about how to apply self-tanner without streaks below.

Firstly, what is self- tanner?

Self-tanner is also known as sunless tanning which strongly supports you in achieving a tanning skin without UV exposure. Some individuals are suspecting “why do people need self-tanner or sunless tanning products whereas you only need sunlight to tan your skin?”. Just read the content below and find out the answer yourselves.

UV exposure is harmful to your skin and your health


Sunburn is considered the earliest and the most popular side effect of sun tanning method.

After exposing under the sunlight in a long time, your skin becomes red and irritated. Moreover, you can see some similar signs of flu such as chills, nausea, headache, and feverish.

A few days later, the sunburn area starts peeling and triggers itching.
That’s why you don’t have to take so many uncomfortable feeling to trade the mainstream tan skin.

Premature aging skin

There’s a fact that even if you use indoor tanning (tanning bed or lamp) or outdoor tanning (sun tanning), you all have premature aging skin which results in wrinkle and dark spots [1].

Dermatological problem

Once in your life have all of you heard about protection from Ultraviolet in sunscreen products or in the social media about the importance of UV prevention by using sunglasses, umbrella, and a long-sleeved shirt.

A lot of studies made in order to demonstrate the link between UV exposure and risk of developing skin cancer [1], however, the UV’s impact on your skin varies from basal, squamous cells, and melanoma, non- melanoma skin cancers.

Mentioning skin cancer means the most severe dermatological problem and a dangerous health risk. So remember that you can take benefits from sunlight with sun tanning but it is not a good idea if you do not want to take risk of cancer.

Does tan fade easily? How long does tan last?

The most considered question while tanning skin is “How long does it take to lose a tan?”. And because it is an important criterion choosing tanning method, we have a particular article “DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LOSE A TAN?” for you to consult the lasting time of both three main tanning methods: sun tanning, tanning lamp, and self- tanner.

Comparison between 3 methods gives you an overall look at the resistance as well as the efficiency of tanning.

Back to our spotlight today: self-tanner, since each method works in their mechanism to bronze your skin, it takes different time for a tan to last. Usually, the expectation for 5- 7 days of tan is possible and depend mostly on the tanning method.

Moreover, your bronzing skin also relies on :

Self- tanner recipes

Tan physics

Tan physics are tagged as trending products and makes the girls crazy over it because of the tanning ability, the convenience, as well as decreasing health risk factor from UV exposure of tan physics products.

How to apply self- tanner without streaks
Water resistant tan physics product

DHA which is known as the key to tan physics is variable in each brand. It means that tan physics products are suitable and safe for most skin types while bringing back a satisfied tan skin.

Moreover, familiar dying chemical compounds in tan physics, sugar-based caramel, for example, combining with hydration and nourishment are perfect for a healthy and naturally tan skin.

Tan physics product is good, but not all the tan physics products are assured well- qualified for the users as there are a lot of tanning products available nowadays. Therefore, we highly recommend you to read THE BEST TAN PHYSICS REVIEW before choosing a suitable tan physics product for you.

DIY self- tanner

In case you are naturism and do not believe totally in artificial products, homemade self- tanner is a good idea.
Usually, there are three basic ingredients used to bronze your skin: cocoa powder, black tea, and coffee. And as you see, they are all natural and safe ingredients for your skin.
However, ingredients are not enough if you want to make a self- tanner, here are THE THREE WORTH HOMEMADE SELF-TANNER RECIPES we would like to recommend you for the best tanning skin.

The way you apply self- tanner

Although self-tanners including both DIY self- tanner and tan physics work as a tanning lotion, and all you have to do is to apply tanning lotion on your skin and see how it works, the result is different varying on the way you apply self-tanner.

How to apply self-tanner without streaks

Back to our topic today “how to apply self-tanner without streaks?”. Why does it need a specific article edited just to answer this question?
Applying self-tanner plays an important role in the tanning accomplishment because missing one step or tip while applying self-tanner means you can get into these troubles.

Problems in self-tanner application

Abnormal skin tone because of self-tanner

You are applying tan lotion, but you think it is not enough, need more tan lotion. Or “the color can fade fast and easily, darker tone is necessary for the convenience”, but oops too much tanning. What can you do?

Coconut, almond, and baby oil are the cures now to help plump your skin effectively for showering.

In case your skin tone is a little more orange than normal, you might have chosen wrong tan physics product which means DHA in that tan physics does not match your natural skin tone.

Moreover, with the development of tan physics market, there has been an adequate amount of tan physics products which provides plentiful DHA proportion in a different level and go along with your skin tone for you to tan your skin.

Unreachable area – back

Never be inattentive with the out-of-reach place, which is particularly your back. Apply tanning lotion yourself can be a tough mission. Inability to control the amount of lotion, as well as lotion application is common problems happening to you while applying self- tanner.

In this case, help from friends or spray tan is your solution now, since your hand cannot evolve to become longer.

Your dominant hand is darker

People tend to use the dominant hand in activities requiring skills, therefore, your dominant hand mostly seems to suffer from discoloration because of the tan physics.

Try soap or baking soda- a safe lightener to reduce the dark tone of hands or more wisely, putting on gloves before applying self- tanner is highly recommended for you.

Discoloration of knees, elbows, and ankles

These locations contain thicker layers of dead skin cells than other areas, therefore, drier and darker tan skin in knees, elbows, and ankles are common in tanning application.

That’s why you need exfoliation before applying tan physics to ensure that the skin in knees, elbows, and ankles are as well- qualified for applying self- tanner.

Tanning streaks

Streak in applying self-tanner is considered as an obvious trouble in applying self-tanner because everyone made it, even the amateur and expert are not the exception. And because it is an unavoidable problem, we are here to edit a special article for you “how to apply self-tanner without streaks”.

Why do you have tanning streaks?

1. Old self-tanner is a popular mistake

Forget to exfoliate can be a bad decision. Fading tanning layer does not mean your body is completely free from the tan lotion. Exfoliation helps bring a smooth surface for the formula- DHA to soak in.

Old self- tanner, dead cells make your skin look patchy and streaky with tan lotion. So, exfoliation should be topped no.1 in the guideline “how to apply self-tanner without streaks”

Otherwise, taking a hot bath before exfoliation can help you a lot.
Darker streaks tend to show off quickly and easily all because of dead cell lines and previous self- tanner.

2. Oil-based scrub

The oil-based scrub can make skin cleansing easier. However, you can create an invisible fence between your skin and self- tanner leading to both dark and light marks, especially streaks due to applying activity with your hand because self- tanner cannot penetrate into your skin and do its mission.

3. An inadequate amount of self- tanner

If you think let’s start tanning slowly and carefully with a little amount of self- tanner, streaks and weird spots are so risky. Don’t be skimpy with self- tanner is another advice for you in “how to apply self-tanner without streaks”

4. House protection

Tan lotion works like all other creams, the lotion that needs time to be dry and absorbed into your skin. Even when you feel no sticky after applying self- tanner, your self- tanner will not be protected from rubbing with clothes, shoes, or even sandals.

Weather also plays an important role in your tanning skin condition. Sweating because of hot weather, raining is also known as the unsafe zone for self- tanner.

If possible, stay in your safe house and avoid tight clothes so that streaks have lower chances to appear.

How to apply self-tanner without streaks

Identifying the problems while applying self- tanner is the beginning of “how to apply self-tanner without streaks” guideline. Let’s have a look at 2 main steps below and achieve most satisfied tanning skin.

Step 1: Skin preparation

A fresh and hygienic skin free of dust and oil is very important. A mild exfoliator and clean cloth are used here. And one more reminder, knees, elbows, and ankles need more attention from you.

Moreover, shaving the day before tanning is highly recommended to prevent streaks caused by skin hair. But remember that, a good timing is a day before tanning. Shaving right before applying self- tanner is not good for your skin.

Rinsing all the cleanser then dry it and make sure your skin has no obstacles including dirt, dead cell; jewelry like rings, necklaces to go to the next step.

Furthermore, a suitable temperature in your room can be ideal preparation for tanning application.

Step 2: How to apply self-tanner without streaks

Any other cosmetic layer should be postponed for the best tan layer. Some people are used to put on perfumes and deodorants for a long-lasting body odor. But it is not a good idea for self- tanner.

Moisturizer is advised for the tough part of your body: knees, ankles, elbows. Or in case you are able to control the amount of self- tanner, reduce self- tanner layer in these areas. And the reason is these areas tend to become darker than your tan skin.

how to apply self-tanner without streaks

Start applying self- tanner with a pair of disposable gloves and remember not to put on self- tanner again and again in one area. 15 to 20 minutes after applying self- tanner, you can wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Otherwise, if you are free from time, location and totally safe in your house, a naked condition is the best support for you tan layer. You know clothes and sandals can create streaks, right?

Here is the full instruction for “HOW TO APPLY TAN PHYSICS FOR THE MOST SATISFIED TAN SKIN” which includes the correct steps and detailed instructions and video, in case you are not patient enough to read all the content.


Hopefully, you can get all the headings and information in this “how to apply self-tanner without streaks” guideline and succeed in skin tanning pursuance.

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