Tip Of The Day: How To Apply Lipsense?

February 7, 2018

Jelly Bell

Tip Of The Day: How To Apply Lipsense?

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As a busy girl, you always must get ready for work, so doing your makeup in a hurry is something that happens as always in your life. Therefore, we need to educate you – well, we mean the huge army of women out there who haven’t known how to apply lipsense the right way.

We want to ensure you guys to be exactly aware of how to wear it because the chances that you’re applying it incorrectly are high! But DOES LIPSENSE DRY YOUR LIPS after the application? Just relax, there are loads of tips and tricks I’m about to share below to help you feel crazy good and confident every day!

Alright, let’s find out how to apply lipsense so that your lip color can stay the longest and look the best for hours!

How to apply lipsense the RIGHT way?

Before moving on to the better ways to wear it, we need to make sure you to get the good knowledge of this long-wear lipstick.

For those who haven’t got any clue about HOW LONG DOES LIPSENSE LAST, go to test Lipsense yourself and then you will see that it’s based on different elements, like our body chemistry for instance. And what about the premier Lipsense colors? Check out our BEST LIPSENSE REVIEWS where include every tidbit of how to mix the right colors from over irresistible fifty shades.

Well, just go to break this down and start figuring out how to change the way you kiss, alright?

There would be a few times in daily life when you feel yourself not made for wearing other lipsticks and even glosses. That occurs when you often forget you’re applying it and have a huge red stain on your pretty dress. Worse than that, it’s sometimes all over your face right after you finish the lunch.

How to apply lipsense the right way
How to apply lipsense the right way?

Now you’ve changed to Lipsense and suddenly overwhelmed with its phenomenal effect on the lip: Its lip colors can last all day and even go up to 18 hours per day. Well, the drama of wearing lipstick regularly is not going to happen once you’ve found it! But your troubles haven’t stopped here yet, especially when you can’t get the right answer to how to apply Lipsense ideally!

Step-by-step tutorial on how to apply Lipsense

For the best long-wear results, please watch this VIDEO and then create your own custom color.

To begin well, we recommend you to retain your lips as clean and dry as much as possible. Doing so guarantees your best application as well as make sure that the corners of lips appear dry. Bear in mind that everywhere you’re about to apply the Lipsense color must be nicely dry to the waterline. Anyone who has no idea how to apply Lipsense the right way to earn the most durable wear, please take a quick look below [1]:

Step 1: Take off the previous lipsense color

HOW TO REMOVE LIPSENSE? You can apply your Ooops Remover all over your lips and then rub it together. This awesome product will help clean up your lips and get rid of any residue effectively. It’s formulated to softly diminish the long-lasting technology of Lipsense thanks to its combo of handy ingredients to guard your skin. If it’s needed, just move back and forth until you can wipe away all of the stains.

But if you don’t have Ooops, or can’t think of ways HOW TO REMOVE LIPSENSE WITHOUT OOOPS, it’s fine to use coconut oil, eye makeup removal, Foops makeup removal, and other oil cleansing methods, instead!

Step 2: Remove any moisture left on lips

Let’s get it wet with warm water to remove the Ooops Remover liquid completely. Use some handkerchiefs or paper towels to swab up your lips’ waterline, which ensures that there won’t be any moisture left on your lip and speed up your drying process [2].

Step 3: Exfoliate your rough lips

We both know that this magical Lipsense is truly a molecular bond, which means that it’s likely to stick to the skin and this is why you need to maintain dry and clean lips as we said above. Do you own the healthy lips? If not, give them a great scrub at first! Why do you do this? Your lips are kept in good condition right after getting exfoliated.

Surprisingly, there will be two distinct ways for you to get this done successfully. First, let’s dab your Lipsense lip balm, or feel free to select coconut oil, Vaseline, and other nourishment methods to bind high hydration plus protection to your lips. This is how to apply Lipsense the safest and healthiest if you don’t want your lips to be completely dry after the application.

For exfoliation, try to dab the lip balm along with dipping it into a small amount of sugar before starting to scrub! It’s highly suggested to carry out this soon after your shower. If you find it a bit annoying, let’s try the second method: Avail a smooth toothbrush for exfoliation, which is certainly what we would do the most in our lives.

Exfoliate your rough lips
Exfoliate your rough lips

Step 4: Shake your tube of color

How to apply Lipsense after the lip scrub? Don’t forget about giving your tube of color a few shakes to combine all the original pigment and natural botanicals. You can shake from head to bottom since doing so won’t let you snap off the lip wand of its lid. If looking inside closely, it’s easy to spot a small ball right in the lipstick’s content. Such a thing reminds you of the typical nail polish, which takes responsibility for mixing back together.

Next, stretch out your lips a bit so that the pigment can spread across every skin line evenly.

At this phase, you might feel like yourself being successful with the “Fish Gape” trend that has been so hot these days. And the pose is amazingly flattering as it can offer us a supermodel look. However, for those who are wondering how to apply Lipsense well for their wrinkle-free lip skin, don’t stretch out too much so that your lips look smooth.

Step 5: Apply the 1st coat of lipsense color

Kick off at the cupids bow and draw down your lip corner afterward when you apply one coat of color through your lip at the bottom.

Later, do it in one motion to the top yet don’t ever think of getting back and forth because doing this will make the color rub off easily. It’ll make you feel like using a highly dry erasing marker here as you try to move the color brush over a certain line you’ve just done. If you want to cover all the lips, have more color on that brush [3].

For how to apply Lipsense for a nice and thin layers, scrape most color off your Lipsense wand right on one of the tube’s sides. Doing this will enable you and other enthusiasts to wear a nicer-looking and thinner coats as well as help you look more natural with your makeup.

Try to apply lip color to lips in swipes evenly and avoid re-applying several times in one place since it can’t help Lipsense stick properly. It even wears quicker than you thought if you keep doing that. And what if you want to use bold colors? These shades might become uneven during the application; but don’t worry, you’re about to apply three different coats, so it can even out no matter what!

Step 6: Wait for the 1st color layer to dry

To do this well, spend approximately 5 – 10 seconds between the layers and try not to use your fingers or simply have both lips touch together. As you know, the non-gloss Lipsense lipstick feels a little sticky, not to mention how your lips are capable of peeling the color off easily once they’re suddenly pulled apart.

Let the first coat dry as a whole before you decide to apply the second and third coat. Just envision that your way on how to apply Lipsense is kinda like how you paint the nails.

It’s common to learn if you go over the moist nail polish, you certainly smudge its initial coat when it’s not dry. And it’s exactly what Lipsense color would do. Also, the second layer is likely to damage your first coat if it can’t get dry, so please keep your patience and wait. It sounds too tempting to do it, but we trust you since it merely takes you a few further seconds.

Step 7:Apply two more layers of lipsense colors

Just wait, your lips look pretty but not completely beautiful. Go to apply two more layers of Lipsense colors. How come? There must be three layers as a whole to make the most out of this long-wear product. At this stage, how to apply Lipsense to help your color last for hours?

Like the first coat, you need to let them dry in between and try to combine various colors, or if you find it a bit too hard to follow – utilize the clear shade to tone down the pigment a little. Once you see the third coat dry, then you can apply the gloss. Next, make sure to apply it generously and feel free to move the brush back and forth.

Please note that applying thin coats of color so that they can cover every part of your lip as well as their inner corners. Only 10 – 15 seconds would be the best period for each layer to dry completely. Again, stop touching your lips when they’re still tacky.

Step 8: Seal your lip color with gloss

The gloss will complete its mission by sealing in your lip color while adding more moisture to your lips at the same time. I suggest you to avail Lipsense Gloss when it easily becomes highly smooth on any texture of skin. Better than that, gloss also boosts the longevity of your color to help it last much longer than ever!

The gloss we mention here is the right one for beginners since it’s the most hydrating one among other lip-care items. As compared to others, they tend to contain wax that can create and keep the pigment from bonding to the lips. Meanwhile, Lipsense glosses usually contain shea butter that easily moves through every layer to hydrate your lips.

So if you want to figure out the most reasonable way how to apply Lipsense without drying up both lips, the gloss will be your savior. However, Senegence sells a wide range of glosses that can match well with its pretty shades. If so, go with the Glossy Gloss, which has been now one of the most favorites among others.

Just DONE! This whole process will be a lot faster and easier than this step-by-step tutorial you’re just seen, we promise! Go and try it yourself, your lips will appear so beautiful and full of moisture.

Seal your lip color with gloss
Seal your lip color with gloss

Tips and tricks on how to apply Lipsense

Ok, so you’ve got a general idea of how to apply Lipsense the best way to avoid color flaking and being rubbed off much sooner than it should. But we feel like our great duty to share with you some useful tips and tricks to make your lips feel super good and stay at their healthiest [4].

  • Do not leave your magical Lipsense in a hot place because it will…melt for sure, and we know that you would be sad for this!
  • Try not to use other brands of your gloss on the top of the Lipsense color since Glossy Gloss is formulated exclusively to work well with your Lipsense. Meanwhile, the other glosses certainly break down that beautiful and long-wear color. Unlike them, Glossy Gloss can penetrate through the color layer to keep your lips moist for the day.
  • Forget relying on other brands of waxy lipsticks. For the first use of Lipsense, your lips need to surpass an exfoliation process where it can get rid of the terrible dead skin cells from your lips that tend to increase over time just because of depending on those products. Besides, those waxy products just cause your exfoliation to last longer and damage the effects of Lipsense.
  • A few foods are claimed to break down the shade fast, especially the greasy dishes, so it’s highly recommended to use gloss before you’re supposed to eat anything.
  • It’s possible to combine any specific color from your Lipsense collection together if you want to have more attractive and unique color choices. But you have to make sure to use three coats of color in which these layers can be any color you like. Doing this would open up more creations of your own, so let’s give it a try!
  • Lipsense lip product arrives in a clearer color that has been known as “Icicle”; which is said to lower the darker shades for a brighter saturation.

Now, be honest – if you’ve never used Lipsense before, please browse through our “HOW DOES LIPSENSE WORKS” article, or keep asking yourself “IS YOUR LIPSENSE BAD FOR YOUR LIPS?” You can find the most satisfying answers to any of your questions from our resource. Our articles will inform you with how this long-lasting Lipsense has become such a phenomenon lately and how it helps you get the sexiest lips than ever!


After reading our tutorial on how to apply Lipsense step by step today, we hope that it’s convincing enough for you to test it yourself to see the real results. After the application, feel free to eat a big burger and witness if your lipstick still looks awesome or not.

Last but not least, please let us know whether you’ve got any disturbing question or not. If it’s possible, feel free to share it with us and let us answer for you.

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