How Much Deodorant Should I Use On Myself?

December 22, 2017

Hannah Hall

How Much Deodorant Should I Use On Myself?

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Sweating is a normal physiology mechanism of human to release the heat in your body, but sometimes it accompanies with such unpleasant smell and puts you in social embarrassment.Now here comes deodorant, it’s here to save your day! Deodorant is truly an effective way to cover body odor and applying it to your body is not a complicated task, but have you ever wondered: How much deodorant should I use?

To answer that question, this article will give you a few basic concepts of deodorant, how much of it is enough and few simple techniques to put it on precisely. Now, let’s start!

First of all, what is deodorant exactly?

To answer the question ‘How much deodorant should I use?’, you should get a thorough grasp of deodorant first. For those who already know what deodorant is, please do not skip this part too quickly because there might be some little misconceptions that people usually have that we can help you understand better.

Deodorant is a substance applied to your body, especially armpits, to prevent the unattractive scent coming from your sweat. In fact, the sweat itself does not cause that smell (since it contains only salt, water and few compounds); your body’s bacteria is the culprit: it breaks down your sweat into thioalcohols and causes that scent.

Deodorant works by two main mechanisms. Firstly, it eliminates bacteria in the applied part with antimicrobics, for example, alcohol. And secondly, it has a pleasant smell to cover your body odor and some products even have extra ingredients to take care of your skin. The different deodorant comes with a distinctive smell and effect, so you have many options.

Deodorant vs Antiperspirant: People often confuse between these two as they think both of them can get rid of body smell, but actually, they are different! While deodorant is classifed as cosmetics, antiperspirant is classified as an over-the-counter drug and its purpose is to prevent you from sweating [1]. It is more likely to use for an over-sweating problem, and it’s believed to have bad health effects like breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease( which we will carefully explain to you later) and even worsen the smell in some people in compare to deodorant.

That doesn’t mean antiperspirant is completely a terrible thing.What I mean is that the bad scent comes from different reasons, so the solution of it also varies among us.For example, if you have an unattractive smell because of excessive sweating, it’s better to use antiperspirant or combine with deodorant for the best outcome.

Why do I need to care about how much deodorant should I use?

Most people use deodorant everyday without looking for the answer to that question or having that kind of thing cross over their mind cause they think that is not a big deal. But just wait for a few seconds, if that’s not important, why you have to experience these problems?

You have to put on deodorant constantly: There are always bacterias in your body, and the fragrance of deodorant will fade out eventually or be overwhelmed by your body odor, especially when you are an active person. So unlike antiperspirant which can be effective the whole day, deodorant needs to be reapplied after a few hours. It is not a big deal, but you have to admit that having to check your smell all the time is indeed inconvenient.

the proper amount of deodorant

The ‘mystery’ mark on your shirt: After washing your outfit, you realize you just get a hideous mark on your favorite shirt.’ Unbelievable, now I can’t use that shirt anymore, urgh!’ you may say. Sadly, until now, there is still no satisfying explanation to that mystery yellow stains including the deodorant producer, but the main theory is that aluminum-based substances in deodorants somehow reacts with sweat, skin or laundry detergent. You can still buy a new one, but that will be costly, I believe.

Health effect: Aluminum-based compounds are used to cover your sweat gland and prevent you from excessive sweating. There is raising concern about the association between aluminum and Alzheimer and breast cancer, so some people advised us not to use that kind of product often or shifting to a non-aluminum brand. However, some research has proved that aluminum brings no harm to your health, but if you want to play it safe, I would still recommend you to go with more ‘nature-original’ product [2].

How much deodorant should I use?

There is no exact number to tell you how much deodorant should be enough for you. Besides, it also depends on your daily activities, personal preference and the deodorant product itself.I will give you some clues to help you make the right decision and show how to do use deodorants properly later on.

1, Choose a right deodorant that fits your need

The perfect deodorant will not only get rid of your body odor but also take care of your underarm’s skin and shorten the number of time you have to reapply in a day. However, finding “ the right one” for you among a million of products on the market is not easy. Here are some criteria that you should notice when choosing a deodorant:

Know what you should focus on: Deodorant products are not always all about body odor, there are many products comes with extra features to serve other demands like dark armpit’s skin or sweating problem. Knowing your issue will help you to narrow down to some specific kind of deodorant. For example, if you have body odor and sweat a lot, a deodorant-antiperspirant will be a better choice as it prevents unpleasant smell and maintains your armpit’s dryness for a longer period in comparison to the skin-whitening product.

Be aware of its type: Deodorants product can appear in various forms like roll-on, solid, spray or paste. Choose a type that is the best for your situation and makes you feel comfortable. For example, if you live in cold region, it’s better to use roll-on( basically liquid deodorants) or spray type because solid deodorant may get hard in the cold and become unusable.

Fragrances: The right scent will make you more appealing and desirable to the opposite sex. One research shows that artificial scent in perfume or scented deodorant can increase men’s masculinity and women’s femininity which make them feel more of a potential partner [3].However, the fragrance may cause irritation or allergic reaction, so you’d better test before buying or transfer to non-scented deodorants instead.

Still confused?Don’t worry; if you feel choosing a right deodorant is too challenging and time-consuming, we can save you some time.Click HERE to see THE 5 BEST DEODORANTS FOR MEN that we already selected for you.

2, Evaluate your condition

To decide how much of deodorant is enough for you, there should be still few more important factors that should be taken into consideration. We will briefly have a look at them:

Your daily activities: Let’s recall what I said before: your body’s bacteria is the culprit of body odor so then the more you sweat, the more nutrition bacteria can use to turn into the stinky smell. A person with more energetic life will have to use deodorant more frequently with more amount of it at a time.

Your arms’ size: Deodorant is usually applied on your armpits, so the smaller your arms are, the less deodorant you have to consume. Men tend to have broad shoulder and a large arm, combining with the fact that they sweat more than women, we could they say that men need much more deodorant than women.

evaluate the condition

2 steps to put on adequate amount of deodorant

It doesn’t seem like trouble to put on deodorant for everyone but to not making too much of a mess and get the best out of your deodorant is still something you really should learn:

Step 1: Preparation before using deodorants

How is that important? Good preparation can pretty much promote the effect of deodorant and make it last longer which mean you don’t have to apply it constantly in one day.

Taking a shower before: Or at least clean your armpits to freshen up the area. Should I use a tower to dry it after then? Even better, with deodorant will not be smearing( with solid form) or diluted by water( with liquid form).

Wait for a few minutes: After rolling or spraying deodorants on your skin, you’d better let it dry until getting dressed if you don’t want to leave a mark on your outfit during dressing process. If you’re in a hurry, put on deodorant after putting on clothes, it will be less likely to happen.

Step 2: Apply deodorant

Lay an entire ‘coat’ on your underarm region: start from the center and then slowly expanding to the whole armpit. For men, especially who is hairy, please apply with enough pressure to get through the underarm’s hair.

The amount of deodorant, as I mentioned before, depends greatly on personal preference, activities and the product itself. There should be 2 to 3 clicks per arm with stick deodorant and 4 to 5 seconds long with spray deodorant.

When to tell it’s too much: have a look at your outfit!Usually, there shall be a white mark or yellow stain on your costume if you put on too much deodorant. Remember to alter it the next time you use.

Key points of how much deodorant should I use

Body odor is the condition where the breakdown of your body’s bacteria causes such unpleasant scent on your body. Deodorant is the substance that is applied to your body, usually the underarm, to help you get away with that problem quickly.

Putting on enough deodorant is crucial to get the best out of deodorant product and to say goodbye to some accompanying issues.

Enough amount of deodorant depends on two main factors:

  • The deodorant product: its type, fragrances and so on
  • Individual’s physical status: daily activities and arm’s size

Two steps to put on deodorant efficiently:

  • Prepare properly before
  • Apply enough deodorant: It depends, but mostly 2 to 3 click with stick deodorant and 4 to 5 seconds long with spray deodorant. Look for the mark left in your outfit to check if you use too much and adjust it the next time.


In conclusion, to answer the question:” How much deodorant should I use,” you need to assess on the ground of multiple factors and be aware of the proper method to put on deodorant. If you like our team’s explanation to that question, please share this article and sign up for our newsletter for more helpful information on many other topics every day!

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