How Long Does Self Tanner Last? Top Useful Methods To Extend Self Tanner Lifelong

January 8, 2018

Anna Chen

How Long Does Self Tanner Last? Top Useful Methods To Extend Self Tanner Lifelong

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It is an indisputable fact that owning a deep bronze skin in these hot summer days is the most attractive accessory that every woman wants to have. Instead of spending hours in the sun to get a tan skin, nowadays we have many alternative options which must be represented in self tanner.

But how long does self tanner last remains mysterious for most of us. As there are many risk factors for the expired date of those products, we will give you a complete view of this issue, plus with some simple tips to make them last for long.

For those who still prefer the traditional sun tan, you may need to know the BEST WAY OF HOW TO TAN FASTER WITHOUT BURNING. Believe it or not, knowing this method only does wonders for your skin anyway.

Please drag downward to find out how long does self tanner last and prepare yourself for the tanning session!

What are self tanners?

Nowadays, the term of self tanner is no more strange to most of us. Besides the traditional sun tanning, you can choose to go to a salon to perform spray tan, or just follow the recipes to create a self tanner on your own.

There is nothing more comfortable than staying at home, mixing some household remedies, applying it on your skin and enjoy a deep, flawless bronze finish. Isn’t it awesome? You are no longer afraid of sunburn or a noticeable budget that spending on the luxury spa.

Are you curious about the natural methods of self tanners? Follow our instruction at THREE PRICELESS HOMEMADE SELF TANNER THAT DOESN’T WASH OFF; you will be amazed at what household items bring up! Any ingredients, such as cocoa powder, black tea, or coffee ground can be used as a self tanner.

Since the exact length that self tanners stay on your skin varies, and the lifelong of homemade self tanners remains unclear, the most common question when using this sunless tanning method is: How long does self tanner last?

Yes, you can understand this question in two ways. Here comes the answer to all of your problems regardless their meaning.

How long does self tanner last in general?

apply self tanner

Spray tan

Initially, let’s discuss the effectiveness of spray tan – a popular option for sunless tanning.

To know how long does this self tanner last, it is essential to have some basic information about its ingredients. Most of the spray tan contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which interacts with the out layers of our skin [1]. To make it easy for you to understand, let’s imagine that you want to have a crispy and brown cover of cookies, you might want to let them sit in the oven for a few more minutes. That’s how spray tan works! Some minutes in the oven will not harm your cookies but just add in flavor and an attractive outlook.

As only the top layer of the skin changes in color, the effectiveness of spray tan goes away when the dead skin cells are shed. It may take a month for the skin to rejuvenate, but it is estimated that the tanning effect will fade away after 5-10 days, depending on how you take care of your skin. If you take a shower too early or go to the swimming pool right after the procedure, the brown shade may fade earlier than usual.

Another option for artificial self tanner is tan physics. Girls also prefer this product since it dries fast and nourishes their skin with a cream form. GET THE BEST TAN PHYSICS REVIEWS – TAN PHYSICS TRUE COLOR SUNLESS TANNER here, you will save tons of time searching it on the Google toolbar!

Homemade self tanner

Compared to the traditional sun tanning that can affect your skin severely due to sunburn or skin irritation, using self tanners is a more reasonable solution.

Besides spray tan, many household items could be used as a self tanner. They are super gentle on our skin, especially for the sensitive one. Most of them come 100% from nature, thus cause less irritation than other methods.

But these ingredients work no more than dyeing the skin with a darker shade, so it could not remain for too long. It may stay on your skin up to 2 days, in good condition of course.

There are many tips to prolong the effectiveness of homemade self tanners, but they will be washed off right after you take a shower. To boost the time, you need to reapply several times a week.

Self tanner expired date – How long does a bottle of self tanner last?

Chemical tanning products

For spray tan and chemical tanner lotions and creams, you do not need to worry about the expired date as everything is written clearly on the cover.

After opening, the liquid substance inside the bottle may evaporate through time and leave behind a dense DHA content. This DHA  may result in a poor quality tanning effects (for example, an uneven finish).

Before you purchase any product, please make sure that you choose the one that has the most extended expiration. Any question about how to pick the most suitable one? Click here to FIND OUT THE BEST TANNING OIL FOR AN ULTIMATE GLOWING TAN, those reviews there are extremely helpful!

Homemade self tanners

Meanwhile, the life-long of homemade self tanner depends on the condition of storage, and the quality of its containers.

For instance, when you purchase a brand new makeup product, you can see the cover that it should be used within three years. However, after you remove the seal, the expiration date may be shortened to one or two years. The same thing happens with our daily items, as the dust and bacteria could enter the product and affect the quality.

Since self tanners often come from foods and herbs (such as coffee seeds or tea leaves), it is for sure that they can not last as long as the chemical compounds in the industrial products. But the most significant benefits from using these remedies reveal in the natural source, and how gently they treat our body.

So, in general, how long does homemade self tanner last?

There is no approval for the expiration of homemade products, as you cannot guarantee the standard quality of the whole making procedure. Let’s say you have prepared the best ingredients, with the best condition (ex. wearing gloves, sterilizing the containers, performing in a clean and fresh environment or something like that), but many risk factors can influence the outcome.

An example of this fact, heat, and humidity are the enemies of any homemade makeup products and foods in general. Since germs and bacteria increase rapidly in the moist and hot weather, your self tanner is likely to lose its effectiveness within a few weeks. It may be invisible to see, but the tanners may change its smell or color, which creates adverse effects on your skin.

If you put your self tanners in a jar, its shelf life may last for shorter than storage in a pump-type container. Using the jar means that it is forced to remove the cap each time you want to apply self tanner, which stimulates the bacteria growth. A container with a pump, as opposed, can be closed tightly and prevent the air from coming in.

So, how to prolong the expired date of homemade self tanners?

As making self tanner is easier than ever, you do not need to wonder how long does self tanner last anymore. Just make a small amount each time, and try a new method or adjust the previous recipe – you can totally make a new self tanner with a long expired date!

Besides, remember to use high-quality products as ingredients for self tanners. For instance, when you order ay products online, please read about the feedback from the customers and the rating.

How to make self tanner stay for longer

even tan

Whatever kind of self tanners you decided to use, it is essential to know the key to keep the tanning effect stay on your skin. Here are some useful tips for you.


Removing the dead skin cells on your skin is an essential way to keep the tanning color stay for longer. There are two possible methods: physically and chemically exfoliation – the option is up to your choice. But using a water-based product is a more reasonable choice, as it is more likely to make an even finish.

Apply moisturizer

Moisturizers are the perfect solutions for a flaky and rough skin mostly on your feet and elbows. Since the color may stick to the rough surface and cause an uneven finish, soften your skin before the session is highly recommended.

Sometimes, the technician will give you a lotion or cream to hydrate your skin. Remember to apply it with a proper amount all over your body focus on those dry areas following directions of the experts.

Let the tanner dry thoroughly

For spray tanners, you will need 15-20 minutes after the session to wait for the layer to dry completely. Sometimes, a unique drying machine can help you shorten the time. You can look up for more details about HOW TO APPLY TAN PHYSICS FOR THE MOST SATISFIED TAN SKIN because the more tips that you know, the more beautiful that your skin gonna be.

If you apply homemade self tanner instead, it is recommended that you give the first layer to dry thoroughly before applying the second or third layer. Wearing several times of tanner allow your skin to become darker and maintain the color for longer than usual.

Wear loose and dark clothes

How long does self tanner last depends on your outfit. You should avoid wearing tight and light clothes as they may rub off color on your skin, especially right after you put on the tanner. The most suitable clothes are loose pants, flip-flops, and maybe a cap to protect your hair (just in case of spray tan).

The reason for dark clothes is that they will prevent stains due to the dark tanner.

Choose proper underwear

To avoid the weird strips on your skin that caused by the bra’s straps, it is necessary to wear strapless one, or you could even talk with the technician if you can stay nude during the procedure. Some salons and spas also provide underwear that made from paper so it could be more convenient for the customers.

For homemade self tanners, it is more flexible as you can choose whatever undergarments that you like.                                  

Avoid contacting with water

After spray tan, you should wait for at least eight hours after the session to take the first shower or perform intensive exercises. It is recommended that you use warm and cold water instead of hot one so that it will not fade the tanning effect.

Contacting with water is the fastest way to remove your bronze brand new skin if it is made from homemade self tanner. It may wash off quickly right after the first shower.

Using sunscreen

Most people do not know that even when they covered their skin with tanning lotion, the harmful UV rays can still penetrate through and affect their skin. For those who haven’t been aware of the adverse effects of the sunlight, it is a potential cause of skin irritation or even cancer [2].

Thus, wearing sunscreen when you are out is essential as it does many wonders for your skin. Don’t forget to apply it even when it is cloudy because there are always invisible UV rays out there.


Choosing self tanner instead of traditional sun tanning is a perfect option for those who are seeking a priceless and useful tanning style. How long does self tanner last has no longer been a mystery, now you can entirely control the long-lasting effect of this fantastic method!

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