Looks Good On Me: How Long Does Lipsense Last?

January 11, 2018

Hannah Hall

Looks Good On Me: How Long Does Lipsense Last?

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Out of the most common factors all ladies expect when testing a new beauty product is its long-lasting and long-wear characteristics on their lips. It’s for real – Nothing feels more frustrating than reapplying your lip color every hour! Then how long does Lipsense last? The amount of time the lip color varies from person to person since it depends on various factors, such as our body chemistry.

But will it smudge or leave any stain on teeth, or simply an annoying mark on your glass during a dinner with your boyfriend? This is indeed a common issue you’ve always had with all lipsticks! And it does not matter if the product is expensive or not, once you decide to purchase LipSense, you have the right to be skeptical.

Alright, let’s put it to the test, shall we? But before that, learn more about Lipsense at first!

What is Lipsense?

I need to tell you, there’s only a little army of girls out there who know how Lipsense really works, and if you’ve tried it, you will love it. If not, chances are high that you’re just wearing it wrong. Well, everyone knows Lipsense as a famous lipstick line developed by Senegence, which is also reputed for being long-lasting. So what makes it so good in such a super adhesive lip color formula and how about its safety – IS LIPSENSE BAD FOR YOUR LIPS?

Did you know that? Lipsense is not just waterproof, wax free, vegan, gluten-free, smudge proof, kiss proof, but also non-GMO (Genetically modified organism). Yet, though Lipsense was reported to have a long-lasting effect, meaning that the chemicals easily stick to the skin of your lips, if nobody complains about it, and they can wear it daily as it generally seems safe when applied to lips and skin, then Lipsense is still trustworthy!

waterproof lipsense

For those who never put makeup before, and once starting to do it, you pretty much skip on every lipstick. But why? It’s because you probably feel bothered by re-applying it several times. With Lipsense, that won’t happen again, so if any friend introduces you this product, you must be fast to agree! [1]

Before getting the answer to “How long does Lipsense last?”, You need to know how its unique glosses can be seen as a coat for your lips. Further, the brand owns a wide range of colors and glosses for us to freely choose (pinks, reds, and purples) while the glosses are ranging from super glossy to perfect matte.

Right at this moment, there are more than 70 selective shades, and most of them are quite glowing, which makes it hard for anyone to get bored with this collection.

Any bonus? Yes, of course! Another badass thing about Lipsense is that all ladies can put any layer of the lipstick shades on the lips to create their favorite lip colors. But how to wear it up? READ OUR BEST LIPSENSE REVIEWS to master that technique!

How long does Lipsense last?

Your lips feel so fresh since it’s in the best condition just after four weeks of applying the Lipsense color every day. However, due to its high moisture content, how can it stay long on top of your lips anyway? Well, it’s true that Lipsense brings us the high hydration for a gorgeous, appealing, and healthy lip, but this product can do much better than that – it lasts quite long even after you have a breakfast and many sips of water (4 – 8 hours).

Though the gloss was indeed starting to fade, the color still looks as fresh as the beginning. And if you want it to appear perfect, go for a re-gloss. Keep in mind that once lips get done, they tend to be smudge proof and waterproof, which is the top priority to help last you throughout the day. How come?

No color comes off your lips

After applying Lipsense, you can even rub your finger on lips, but nothing comes off at all, no matter whether it’s your glass, your towel, or a piece of paper. Still doubt? Let’s put it to another test in three various ways.

First, you might like to see if it can last throughout the day or not, right? How about wearing it in the morning and before you’re ready for bed? To make it harder, you can get on the bed with the lipstick on, and pretty much of your amazement, you woke up on a clean pillow but the vivid red lips still resembles the day before! The color just faded in a few areas but was nearly the same.

Now you don’t have to worry much about this issue: How long does Lipsense last? But care for how it could hold up well all day under the severe heat. Are you curious or not? Guess what? After leaving home at 5:30 am with your lipstick on.

As coming home at 7 pm, the color remains as bright as ever without any smudge – Okay, not a stain? What a magic! The sole difference here was that your lips feel a bit dry, so wearing more gloss is what you should do later on. Not only that, but a lot of users also claim that spending a day in the pool swimming, but not a smudge coming out [3].

Unnoticeable wear on lips

Any noticeable wear only pops up for the first time after eight hours. In other words, if you apply Lipsense in the morning, so after lunch, you will be surprised that the wear won’t be more noticeable. It’s very incredible because other lipsticks would have vanished in this case! Instead of it, there’s an uneven color starting to show up on the top of your lip. This was caused when your lip starts to peel a bit due to the exfoliation process.

Try to stay away from any oily food because they will make Lipsense color fade little by little, or if you don’t want that to happen, put a thin layer of gloss on the lip before eating anything. As you see, the best part of Lipsense is not just its pretty color, formula but also the whole product’s longevity.

If there’s anyone who still doesn’t know the answer to the question “how long does Lipsense last?” Go test by yourself, and you will believe in it after the experience. And before that, learn these tips to make it last even longer than ever!

Tips on how to get your Lipsense stay on lips

Lipsense is one-of-a-kind liquid lipstick owning a patented formula that bonds to the lips and seals them with an irresistible gloss. Who doesn’t want to own such a moist and pretty lip all day? Let’s give it a try, and then it will stay on for 4 or 18 hours if you know how to make it last that long! Why would I say that? It’s because all of the Lipsense lipsticks arrive with distinct directions so that you can go over exactly how to wear it.

Here are a few tips and tricks you should learn to make that lip tube more badass than ever!

Pre-application process

Tip 1

How long does Lipsense last on healthy lips? Note that if your lips tend to feel slightly dry, easily damaged or peeled, Lipsense might stick, but it will rather bond to your outer lip or your cracked layer if your lip skin is peeling. So how to repair it? Have it sealed in the moisture with your long-lasting Lipsense throughout the day, use your balm at night, or simply re-gross it.

Another important thing to do here is to exfoliate your lip skin, but before the application, you might love to rub them with a cloth. If not, feel free to make your own lip scrub with coconut oil, sugar, butter, or avail one independent toothbrush for better results. It’s best to do this since every exfoliated lip will healthier so that Lipsense can hold the color longer!  

Tip 2

How long does Lipsense last on dry lips? I can say that it lasts the longest. By the time you wear it, ensure to wipe lips out of other gloss, balm, or moisture.

Tip 3

The first thing to do is shaking your Lipsense stick and try to do it good so that the lipstick pigment is suspended in alcohol, which is often thinner than water. As these pigments are shaken, you disperse them to give you the best shade result.

We’re done with the pre-application process, now move on to how to apply your Lipsense!

Application process

Step 1: Begin at one angle of the upper lip and then draw the lines along the bow of Cupid.

Step 2: If necessary, find more color on the applicator and cover the center of lips before drawing down to another corner.

Step 3: Cover the center of your lip in just one fluid move.

Also, imagine when you start drawing with a dry marker. Do not go over the same area twice; the initial layer might lift slightly? It’s quite the same as Lipsense. Never get back and forth or it can remove and uneven your layers of colors.

Step 4: Find more shades on the applicator and then draw from angle to angle on the outside of the bottom lip.

Step 5: Fill in the core of your bottom lip.

Step 6: You need to make the initial layer dry completely before applying the second or third layer of Lipsense. Do not go back and forth with your applicator while applying it. Never use the second or third layer before the previous one gets dry, or it probably removes some of the shade. It usually takes these layers about five seconds to dry out. However, with much thicker and more pigmented content of this brand, its colors will take longer for certainty (30 seconds maximum) [2].

Let’s take a sneak peek at this tutorial video to get the most out of it:

Other tricks to help Lipsense last longer  

You don’t need to ask “how long does Lipsense last?” all the time since you can make it last longer by yourself. Before you roll all the eyes, we’d like to share with you some tricks that are so simple that you never expected to hear!

Trick 1:  

Go to wear Lipsense in three various layers, not two or one. If you put less than three layers, Lipsense will surely not look like the shade it’s supposed to be, or last as long as you expect. It’s because the initial layer will be broken down by the pH of our bodies all day. Also, it’s linked to the skin, which is the reason why it easily reacts to it. As for the third layer, it’s broken down by many factors, such as what you consume, your saliva, and the lip friction when you’re talking.

girl wearing beautiful lipsense

How about the second one? It’ll be a buffer between the inner and outer layer so that the color can’t wear fast and it’s wholly protected from the sun.

Trick 2:

Let’s shake the tube of color for ten seconds so that the little ball inside it can easily mix up all the color pigments around evenly. If you look at it closely, you’ll detect some patches on the lips a few hours after using Lipsense, which explains why you should shake it more.

Trick 3:

Do not use other types of gloss other than your Lipsense gloss product because only this one is exclusively made to penetrate the lip color. More importantly, re-glossing is one of the essential things to do after you apply your Lipsense. You need something to seal the color and add moisture back to your lips, and that’s how it goes with the gloss.

Out of other glosses, the Glossy gloss type if the most hydrated one, making it the highest recommended in your cosmetic kit. In case you’re a matte-lipstick enthusiast, choose to seal the color with Glossy gloss initially before adding matte on top of your lip. Always gloss before and after you have your dinner to make a good buffer for food and also expand the life of your lip color [4].


Stop asking “how long does Lipsense last on my lips?” because you’ve got our tips and tricks already! The color will last all day long as long as you follow our recommendation in this post. But it’s up to you to re-apply the gloss or not if you truly want to see how the lip shade lasted without any reapplying action. Bear in mind that some colors are harder to apply and last various lengths of time. For example, if you’re a matte girl, your lip color tends to last longer as compared with the glossy one.

Now it’s your turn to express ideas and tell us what you think about this amazing product! Have you tried or heard of Lipsense before? And don’t be shy to reveal what your makeup routine looks like in your comments below.

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