Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Lose A Tan?

January 12, 2018

Veronica Phan

Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Lose A Tan?

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In the 18th century, people used to believe that clean, clear and white skin as the representatives of the higher class and luxury life. But this is the 21st century, what is the latest trend? Tan and strong skin is the new target of all connoisseurs.

There are a various number of tanning methods available nowadays, but what makes a tanning method more extraordinary than the others? It’s “how long does it take to lose a tan?” as well as the effect of tanning method. So let’s find out which one is suitable for you and make a choice.

Everyone knows that tanning is the process when your skin gets darker tone under the effect of sun or other products [1]. Tan skin is also a result of exposure from the sun (particular ultraviolet), or indoor tanning which includes tanning lamp and tanning bed, other find chemical compounds which is also known as sunless tanning method.

Before deciding which tanning method is suitable, you should consider all the pros and cons of tanning method, as well as “how long does it take to lose a tan?”. Among that, the question “how long does it take to lose a tan?” is especially concerned because it shows how much effect the tanning cause.

So why don’t you have a look at all of these reviews about 3 most common types of tanning: sun tanning, indoor tanning, and sunless tanning.

Sun tanning

how long does it take to lose a tan

What is sun tanning?

Its name shows everything about the method so that we have nothing to introduce you to sun tanning. Forget about the absolute definition, let’s see what are the good and bad things about this method.

But why does your skin get darker after having sunbathing?

The answer is an overproducing melanin triggered with the influence of ultraviolet. Melanin is synthesized in the special skin cells-melanocytes. The melanin than moves to the upper layer of the skin cells and presents as the dark tone skin. [3]


Tanning after a summer break is the best evidence that you have a wonderful holiday lying on the beach. Enjoy the fresh air by the beach, the park provides you good chance to achieve easy tan skin, look more attractive and some kind of healthier.

Moreover, this method requires nothing for a tan skin which means it is easy and relaxing to get a tan skin due to sunlight. Just apply a layer of sunscreen and keep yourselves in this 2 in 1 holiday which means relaxation and tanning at the same time.

And at last, there has a guarantee that you cannot find a more natural tanning look without the help of sunlight.


Health risk from sun exposure

We all should have sunbathing because an amount of vitamin D will be synthesized and have an actual effect on the calcium amount in your body. Fifteen minutes a day for sunbathing, as well as natural vitamin D intake, are enough.

However, you can do nothing in fifteen minutes if you are applying sun tanning. The long duration of sun exposure is necessary in sun tanning case. A number of studies have shown that there is a relationship between sunlight exposure which is exactly ultraviolet exposure and a risk of developing skin cancer.

The sunlight can also cause various skin cancer such as melanoma, non-melanoma cancers, and basal cell. [2]

As mentioned before, you can get tan skin after applying sunscreen and lying on the beach. But I’m telling you that there is no sunscreen which can stop UV rays. So be careful with the sunlight. Because UV exposure can lead to skin cancer.


Holes in the ozone layer is the main perpetrator for weather change which results in increased temperature and higher exposure to UV.

As you know, sunburn is the result of an overexposure to ultraviolet from the sun which living tissues such as skin are affected mostly [4]. Red skin which is hot, painful when touching combining with dizziness and fatigue are the common signs of sunburn.

Sunburn can vary from minor sunburn to more severe case such as blistering and that case really needs an extreme medical interference.

Premature aging of skin

There’s a fact that both indoor and outdoor tanning cause wrinkles and photoaging syndromes. [2] Another study has shown that UV exposure can speed up the DNA mutation which has a connection with premature aging of the skin.

What about the question “how long does it take to lose a tan?”

The most concerned problem of every sun tanning enthusiast is “how long does it take to lose a tan?”. However, there hasn’t been any determined answer to this question because of the only one reason: everyone is different. The differences mentioned here is: the needing time to get tan, the body condition and the tan lasting time.

Because you choose the natural tanning method, the pigment synthesized due to UV then moves to the upper layers which means skin and causes dark tone skin. Usually, it takes about 27 days for the human skin to regenerate [5]. Young new cells replace the old and start their adventures in the next 27 days.

And that’s when you say goodbye to the tan layer completely. But do not misunderstand, your tan layer cannot be stripped down right away. The tan starts fading gradually from the first week of applying tan.

Between one and first two weeks, you can notice the shading loss of tan, even if your body conditions are ideal and you are lucky enough, the tan layers are still good in the third week. However, in the fourth week, everything is still back to normal and you have your natural tone skin once again.

After answering the question “how long does it take to lose a tan?”, there is one more problem is the division of two types of tanner: the one is fond of tanning layer and wants it to last forever, and the left who only wants renewal cell cycle to come as soon as possible.

So what should you do to make your suntan last longer?

We have talked about the renewal process of your skin; therefore, in order to make your suntan last longer, you should extend the regenerating process of skin as much as you can. How can you do that?

Firstly, remember that the longer exposing time to sunlight the longer your tan last. But it’s harmful to your skin which can result in carcinoma, wrinkles and so on. Apply high factor sun cream frequently to stop the UV ray in the permission range because no sun cream can stop all the UVB damage.

Secondly, hydration is believed to extend the life of your cells. Moisturize your body by topical cream and adequate amount of water is a good way to protect your tan

What can you do to wipe out the tan?

The key is to use exfoliators, acne cream and remedies for ingrown hair which usually contains salicylic acid causing skin cell shedding quicker. Other products such as body scrubs, the facial mask that are made to exfoliate dead cells can help you remove tan layer effectively.

Tanning lamp and tanning bed

Many spa centers update their work and upgrade their center with sunbeds-the equipment is known to provide tanning process for every tanning enthusiast.

how long does it take to lose a tan

What is tanning bed or lamp?

It’s an equipment which provides UV rays in the form of light and helps your body get tan easily.

How can sunbed work?

Your skin becomes darker due to the appearance of melanin when your skin is exposed to UV rays. The higher the level of melanin, the darker your skin tone.


If you want a healthy and strong skin with a dark tone even in the winter, sunbed is perfect for you. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a long time lying under the sunshine because the duration of using sunbed is a limitation that is highly recommended to have the best tan skin.

Because the time enduring UV rays reduce when you use tanning bed and lamp, the chance you get sunburn also decreases much.


Since the mechanism of using tanning lamp and tanning is the same as outdoor tanning, the bad effects of UV rays while using a tanning bed is the same which includes:

Indoor tanning also causes melanoma [2]

UV exposure is always the culprit. Because this method directly affects the process in your body. However, using tanning lamp does not mean you surely have melanoma, there are millions of people out there using this indoor tanning and they don’t have skin cancer.

So the advice for you is if you don’t want to worry about carcinoma, don’t apply both indoor and outdoor tanning.

Skin premature process

UV exposure, of course, is the main culprit of your wrinkle, suntanned and stretch marks in case you use UV as tanning method.

How long does it take to lose a tan?

As the way sunbed works imitates exactly what sunlight works to tan your skin, the lasting time of having tan look because of sunbed also depends on the renewable cycle of your skin which means it takes around 27 days for your skin to eradicate tan layer completely.

What about the ways to keep tan layer longer or eliminate it?

Once again, tans from sunbed takes up to 27 days to get away so we prefer you to read the content in the first part about how to keep tan last longer and how to remove tan layer.

Tan Physics

Tan physics have developed in these days due to the user’s need and its wonderful advantages that only tan physics can supply.

Firstly, what is tan physics?

It’s a combination of various chemical compounds which helps bring up perfect tanning look for you. Moreover, the lotion promises to nourish and hydrate your skin and bring up a fantastic cover.

What are the secret receipts inside tan physics bottle?

The tan lotion appears as a very thin consistent orange gel so that you can easily blend lotion and apply it topically.

The chemical compounds usually contained in tan physics include:

Color materials

Sugar- based caramel is used mostly as color material to bronze your skin with a safe material for the human. And of course, this coloring compound is indispensable.

DHA ingredient

This main active ingredient extracted from sugarcane to make sure that the brown color can adhere and create a smooth and natural tan layer.

The allowable concentration of DHA in tan physics is usually around 1 to 15% and the higher concentration the less absorption time for tanning. But consider the DHA concentration because it can cause damage to your skin due to sunlight.

Nourishment and hydration

Coconut, argan oil, and Aloe Vera gel are common ingredients in skin care products. Dying skin is not highly recommended to you so that provide your skin enough nutrition and water help protect your natural skin remarkably.

Moreover, hydration is a tip to prolong the regenerating process of your skin which means it takes more time for your skin to start a new regenerating process instead of 27 days before.

This is helpful if you expect your tan to last longer.

In addition, Argan oil is famous for its anti-wrinkle ability. Vitamin E and other antioxidants in this oil can decrease skin irritation and stretch mark at the same time while you are tanning your skin.

There are a number of tan physics available in the market now, but their qualities are not all ensured. Here are THE BEST TAN PHYSICS REVIEWS we would like to provide you with the best choice and tan physics outcome.


The ingredients of tan physics say everything about the products. It darkens your skin without any process happening in your body. You don’t even need to suffer from many risks such as sunburn, melanoma because of overexposure to UV rays.

You not only tan but also nourish your skin at the same time with the help of many sources of vitamin E, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties contained in tan physics, too.

Drying time, as well as application time, do not take too much time from you as deciding sun and sunbed method.


Companion with lesser drying time and application time, tan layer created from tan physics cannot last as the renewable cycle of your skin cell.

An amount of users has reported the smell of tan physics which make them not comfortable. It is not the worst but not a pleasant one.

So how long does it take to lose a tan made of tan physics?

Because tan physics works as topical lotion and create an artificial layer that makes your skin look like bronzing, lasting time is limited comparing to 2 methods: sun and sunbed tanning.

According to many tanners, tan physics last for 3-5 days in average.

7 days of tan layer is not impossible in ideal condition such as your body condition is stable, the weather is suitable which means not hot or cold.

7 days of tanning layer is also recorded, too.  

So what should you do if you want your tan to last longer?

In the time you are using tan physics, avoid strong activities which make you sweat a lot. Your sweat is not friendly with the tan layer. If you want to have a bath, the soap and body foaming which includes exfoliators are not highly recommended, too.

Moreover, applying tan physics plays important roles in lasting time of tan physics.

After mentioning about “how long does it take to lose a tan”, the application of tan physics is necessary; therefore, we already have a detailed article about HOW TO APPLY TAN PHYSICS HERE which provide you how to apply tan physics correctly and effectively in case you expect tan to last longer.

how long does it take to lose a tan

How can I remove tan?

But in contrast, if you are not satisfied with the tan layer, just wipe it away with soap, body foaming, and a clean towel. So easy, right?


Here are the top 3 tanning methods as well as the answer for “how long does it take to lose a tan” which is put into practice as 3 different fields of tanning. We hope that you all get the pros and cons of each method and decide which one is suitable for you.

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