How Long Do Probiotics Last?

February 26, 2018

Veronica Phan

How Long Do Probiotics Last?

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With the help of media development, as well as the progress of science, people are all aware the importance of probiotics, and the advantages of using probiotics to elevate the life- standard since 1980, the starting point of probiotics application when the term was used commonly [1].

Our previous generation discovered that the Bulgarian lived longer thanks to probiotics from yogurt and determined that the flora in our bodies are modified mostly due to the cooperation between the intestinal microorganisms and the food which replaces the bad microbes with useful microbes.

Which food and products are the good supplement of probiotics for you? How can you ingest probiotics? How long do probiotics last? And what is the appropriate dose to use probiotics? Should you use probiotics often? All the answers to all these questions are listed below.  


What are probiotics?

We have mentioned about probiotics as a microorganism. However, microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, fungus, and so on. So what exactly probiotics mean? They are live bacteria and yeast which are considered good for your health, particularly your gut.

Most of us think that bacteria are bad for your body and cause disease. But in fact, our body is full of bacteria since the moment you were born.

Common types of probiotics

Probiotics come from many microorganisms but most of the probiotics belong to 2 groups: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Lactobacillus is rich in the yogurt and other fermented food like kimchi, pickles which supports the digestive tract under constipation [2].

Bifidobacterium can be found in other dairy products to help reduce the irritable symptoms of bowel syndrome and additional problems.

What are the benefits of taking probiotics?

People wonder about “How long do probiotics last?” because they know that probiotics are helpful and necessary for their body. But what are exact advantages you can take from probiotics?

Probiotics are proved to support the healthy gut for a better immune system and a beautiful skin.

These good bacteria in the gut can produce vitamin B12, and vitamin K2, overwhelm the appearance of bad bacteria, as well as create the enzymes which are responsible for destroying harmful bacteria.


Probiotics can help eczema condition which is an exception to probiotic’s ability in preventing allergies.

Blood pressure

The lactic acid bacteria are demonstrated to reduce serum cholesterol level by inhibiting the reabsorption of fat in the body which is known as cholesterol, therefore decrease the cholesterol quantity in the blood. Blood pressure is controlled incidentally with the cholesterol modifying.

Immune system and infection

The production of IgA which produces plasma cells, as well as increases the proportion of T lymphocytes and other natural killer cells are suggested to improve immune function . Moreover, respiratory tract infection is recorded to decrease with the help of probiotics.

Diarrhea based on antibiotic and infection

Children who are under antibiotic treatment can suffer from antibiotic-treatment diarrhea which is analyzed that 20% of children using antibiotic develop AAD (antibiotic-associated diarrhea) [2].

Probiotic helps reduce the severity and the prevalence of diarrhea in children who receive antibiotic treatment.

Furthermore, if you are wondering about the use of probiotics during the antibiotic treatment time, read CAN YOU TAKE PROBIOTICS AND ANTIBIOTICS AT THE SAME TIME for more information.

Digestive problem, especially inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome

Once again, we have to repeat the importance of probiotics to your digestive system. Reduce the irritable syndromes by balancing the microorganism in the digestive tract is the main mission of probiotics.


Constipation occurs in a higher number of people comparing to diarrhea. Constipation has a huge impact, as well as decrease the life standard remarkably. So how can you deal with the constipation?

Most of the over-the-counter products for constipation is laxative. But you can make your own safe and no side-effect laxative by reading TOP STRONGEST HOMEMADE LAXATIVE TO DEAL WITH CONSTIPATION here.

Or essential oils to relieve constipation are also recommended. Here are the TOP 5 AMAZING ESSENTIAL OILS FOR CONSTIPATION AND HOW TO GET RID OF IT we would like you to consult before deciding to use essential oil for you constipation. 

In case you found out that homemade laxative and essential oil don’t work out on you, probiotics are the only left solution, and perhaps the most effective solution. Probiotics in yogurt and fermented food have been discovered to ease the digestive inconvenience a long time ago, especially for constipation.

But probiotics are used to help diarrhea, how can it help constipation condition. In fact, both infection process and antibiotic treatment interfere the bacterial balance in your digestive system which can be solved with the help of probiotics. [4].

Here we have the BEST PROBIOTICS FOR CONSTIPATION as a solution for your bowel movement problem.

Side effects of probiotics

Surely after reading a list of benefits taking from probiotics, all of you are looking forward to finding the answer “How long do probiotics last?” and “What doses of probiotics are suitable for your body?”, but let’s read the adverse effect of probiotics and consider the best probiotic supplement for your system.

Uncomfortable feeling in the digestive tract

A short-term increase in gas and bloating in the stomach has been recorded after receiving bacteria- based probiotic supplement. Moreover, yeast-based probiotics can make the user feel thirsty.

In order to reduce these symptoms, start using probiotics in a low dose and gradually increase the does in a few weeks.

Increased histamine level

Histamine is known as the special chemical compounds in the allergic reaction. Some of the bacterial strains in the probiotics can increase histamine amount inside your body (especially in digestive tract)[5].

The blood vessels dilate and become more permeable; therefore, the immune cells can enter the relevant tissues to against the pathogens. These processes trigger inflammation which contains redness and swelling in the affected area that makes you itchy, runny noses, and even breathing difficulties.

Which sources can you find probiotics?

Immediately after the birth-giving, your body is covered with a microorganism system from your mother. But good bacteria in the digestive system is different, and it takes time for the body to attain bacteria from the food and breastfeeding milk.

However, the bacteria and yeast living in the gut do not survive eternally and have a limited lasting life which motivates us to answer the question “How long do probiotics last?”

Because the digestive system cannot create bacteria on its own, food and products which supply probiotics are necessary for a healthy gut which comes from:


how long do probiotics last
Greek yogurt

Yoghurt is the most popular way to provide your body with probiotics. Yoghurt is a fermented dairy product made of cow, goat, or sheep milk that can be ranked at the top of food containing probiotics which comes from grass-fed animals.

There are a lot of yogurt brands available on the market now. But there are three criteria when choosing a yogurt product: firstly, it should be made of goat or sheep milk (typically greek yogurt); secondly, the animal should be fed only grass without any adjuvants; and the third standard is it should be an organic product.

Raw cheese

how long do probiotics last

A huge amount of probiotics like bifudus, thermophillus, and acidophilus are contained in the goat and sheep milk. Raw and unpasteurized cheeses are appropriate if you are considering a probiotic supplement.

Fermented products

In the Asian countries, fermented products such as kimchi or fermented cabbage are very popular. For example, a special dish which is made of green onion roots or cabbage are widespread in the Vietnamese tradition. Particularly in Tet holiday, when there are a lot of fatty and protein-rich food like the sticky rice cake and chicken, green onion roots and cabbage are fermented to relieve the uncomfortable feelings caused by an excessive amount of food, all because of probiotics from the fermented products

Or in Korean, kimchi is known to be an indispensable dish on a dining table. The organic acid which provides the sour taste of the dish can support the growth of good health, and also contains a number of probiotics.

Pickle is another choice for a probiotic supplement.

On the other hand, if you are a Japanese dish lover, remember that natto and miso are two rich sources of probiotics. Both of them are made of soybeans and contains an enormous probiotic bacillus supplement which is proved to strengthen the immune system, beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Moreover, an enzyme included in natto can prevent blood clotting [3].

Probiotic products

Probiotics are available and various nowadays that you can find probiotics in any drug store. The probiotic products provide your body with allowed probiotic amount whereas fermented food is not possible for some reasons.

Moreover, you can choose different types of probiotics because each probiotic strain has its own ability such as the one which supports the immune system, or probiotic which is useful for the digestive system, and even the probiotics which help burn fat in the body.

Here are the TOP 5 BEST PROBIOTICS FOR MEN we would like to recommend you for the best result of using probiotics after knowing “how long do probiotics last?”

How long do probiotics last?

As mentioned before, probiotics are the live bacteria and yeast accumulating in your body. And generally, these bacteria and yeast survive in your system in a limited life. However, there are billions of bacteria and yeast that interfere the science in defining “How long do probiotics last?”

And because it’s hard to know how long do probiotics last, you can have another way to know that your body lacks good bacteria which mean probiotics.

Because of the lack of probiotics, a lot of problems can happen to your body, such as immunodeficiency which exhibits infection, inflammation. If you are under antibiotic treatment, the bacteria in the gut definitely reduce and cause diarrhea.

In addition, the sign of vaginosis and yeast infection on the nipples might indicate that your body needs more probiotics.

As the answer for “How long do probiotics last?” is still a mystery, you should know when the probiotics show off their abilities, as well as “How can you know that probiotics are working out”, and when probiotics start working after your ingestion for an appropriate supplement at a suitable time.

How long does it take for probiotics to work?

The efficiency speed in probiotic supplement mostly depends on the medium of growth (which means the generation time of bacteria when bacteria number gets double), types of probiotic supplement which are the probiotic strains responsible for each problem, the form of probiotic products.

If the medium of growth is higher, the less time of growing probiotics needs to have the good impact on your body.

In the form of probiotics, live probiotics are the most effective and should be offered as a long-term beneficial effect.

Moreover, the time it takes for probiotics to work also depends on the user’s condition and need for probiotics. Generally, probiotics can respond to the need for probiotics in a few hours.

But in fact, food cannot supply your body an enough amount of probiotics. That’s why you need probiotics pills. The long term or short term of using probiotics pills decide the types of probiotics. Therefore, knowing an exact time for probiotics to work is hard.  

Read HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR PROBIOTICS TO WORK for more information about the productivity of probiotics.

What are the signs that indicate probiotics are working in your body?

Remember to start using probiotics in a low dosage so that your body can modify gradually and safely.

After probiotics intake, you realize that the symptoms such as bloating, gas in the gastric area, acne, and even mild rashes, that means probiotics are working out in your body and begins recolonizing your gut. Drinking more water in this duration is an advice for you because your body might have some troubles detoxifying.

But you should consider visiting the doctor if these symptoms don’t go away in 2 weeks because you might use the wrong strain of probiotics for your system.

After a while, the worse symptoms disappear and you can see the progression of your immune system and the infection in vagina, nipple, diarrhea because of antibiotics reduces noticeably. Moreover, decreased frequency of getting cold or flu is another side of effective probiotics.

Constipation and diarrhea condition improve much with a regular bowel movement. The serum cholesterol reduces are the common signs that you are choosing suitable probiotics for your body.

What factors affect the probiotics in your gut system?


The good bacteria in the gut system come from food, so they can be destroyed and weakened by food containing sugar, fat and even the sterilized food which prohibit an amount of normal flora entering your gut system.

Sugar is a favorite food for bacteria and gut. So how can it be bad for your gut system while it increases the bacteria population in your intestine? Because it helps bacteria grow up significantly, which include good and bad bacteria, the bacteria amount in your gut will not be controlled and cause an adverse effect on your gut system.

Fats are necessary for our body, especially in building the cell walls which is considered as the living place for bacteria and yeast to survive in your body. The food contains poor- quality fat or artificial fat is not good for the probiotics.


As mentioned before, antibiotic use can result in diarrhea related to antibiotic treatment. As antibiotics have a mission to destroy all the bacteria in the body, especially your digestive system, including probiotics.

The increased using over-the-counter products such as mouthwash, painkillers, and aspirin also raise up the permeability of your gastrointestinal wall leading to mucus lining disruption and decreased the level of probiotics.


Although the question “How long do probiotics last?” is difficult to answer, we hope that all you know how to know that your body requires antibiotics and how to know the antibiotics are effective. But adding food which includes probiotics every day is the best choice for all of you to prevent the symptoms of lacking probiotics.

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