How Long Do Blackheads Last?

January 14, 2018

Hannah Hall

How Long Do Blackheads Last?

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Blackheads are the weirdest kind of acne ever. Blackheads, also known as comedones, can appear anywhere. But, the most apparent skin areas for blackheads to be seen are on the nose and cheek. People always speculate “how long do blackheads last?” as we wish these stubborn blackheads go away as quick as possible.

Everyone is obsessed with this kind of acne, so it is typical that people often squeeze or pick blackheads. However, squeezing them is bad because it could damages the pore wall severely. Therefore, we’ve also come up with BEST BLACKHEAD REMOVER to help you choose a proper tool to get rid of blackheads safely.

The truth is that blackheads come out in every type of skin. It is extremely difficult to discard all blackheads altogether. No matter how hard you have been trying, you will have some which exist on your skin surface. Hence, “how long does blackheads last?” is one of the most controversial question among skin concerns. Let’s explore with us right now!

Why are blackheads unavoidable?

Before going into details to know “how long do blackheads last?” you should understand that blackheads are persistent. [3] Blackheads are mostly called a “clog” in a skin pore. According to experts, blackheads are almost impossible to remove all. Why? It is because blackheads will never stop developing when oil or sebum is still produced.

Due to being in contact with oxygen, this kind of acne appears with blackish color. Blackheads are mostly recognized on the T-zone and the cheeks. We all know that oily skin has larger pores than others. That’s why there is a high likelihood that more blackheads are located on these pores of the oily skin.

Even though such skin types as dry or normal skin with fine pores, blackheads still unexpectedly exist. The only difference is that these blackheads in fine pores are hardly visible to the naked eyes.

blackheads are unavoidable
Blackheads Are Unavoidable


Like a natural skin cycle, it has become inevitable for the skin to stop producing oil or sebum which is considered important to support and moisturize our skin. These oils function as a protective material to prevent irritants or bacteria. Moreover, oil is also lucrative for the skin to make it look youthful as always. Whenever the sebaceous glands are still active, blackheads will still be there.

How long do blackheads last?

We have done thorough research to know “how long do blackheads last?” Well! We know that they often last for months. Due to dead skin cells and other debris, blackheads have become a threat for every skin type, especially oily skin. For that reason, realizing HOW TO GET DEAD SKIN OFF YOUR FACE should be given top priority to avoid blackheads.

So, do you know “how long do blackheads last?” As BLACKHEADS WILL NEVER GO AWAY ON THEIR OWN; hence, it requires specific methods to deal with them. That’s why we’re sure that the time for them to exist will depend on the treatment you use and how severe your blackheads are.

If you just leave blackheads there, they will be forever with you. But, a slow natural process, we mean the aging process, can help because aging will make your skin produce less oil; thereby not forming as many blackheads as when you’re still young.

Even when you use a facial cleanser, blackheads never disappear. One of the easiest ways to eliminate SOME of them is to exfoliate. Because there is no standard time about “how long do blackheads last?” so we cannot come up with a specific number. To help you have an in-depth into this controversial matter, we have listed out most common blackhead situations.

GETTING RID OF BLACKHEADS ON CHEEKS will make your whole face look brighter and smoother. Those who have an abundance of blackheads on the nose, cheeks or the forehead, even you wait for over five years, blackheads are still there. You need special treatment to kick them away.

We want to suggest that you should continuously use the glycolic acid product to get rid of blackheads. If you do this frequently, the chance of removing blackheads can take around two months. Although you cannot discard all blackheads, you can recognize a positive change in your skin. Blackheads tend to disappear gradually.

For those who use BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) to treat blackheads. When being asked “how long do blackheads last?” when using that product, most of them reported that they attained good result after nearly two months. Hence, it is to say; if you use BHA, blackheads last around that period.

Why can BHA help blackheads? It is because it has the function to break down skin cells and control oil. However, one thing to remember when using BHA is you should provide enough moisture as BHA can dry out your skin.

Blackheads and Sebaceous Filaments

If you read to this point, we would like to point out that blackheads are inevitable and we won’t know for sure “how long do blackheads last?” All depends on each skin type and situation. Another important point about this matter is that people often mistake sebaceous filaments for blackheads.

Everyone has sebaceous filaments. Even those with dry or acne-prone skin has sebaceous. The only difference is that oily skin has much more sebaceous filaments than others. Most of us usually consider sebaceous filaments as blackheads because they are also mostly concentrated on the nose.

What are sebaceous filaments?

[1] They are small dots on the nose, chin, forehead and upper chins. As regards their colors, they can appear in tan, flesh or even grey color. Compared to blackheads, colors of sebaceous filaments are a little lighter than that of blackheads.

These obstinate dots are grouped together, and when there is any pressure, they will gradually pop out by themselves [1]. If you notice carefully, you will recognize a sea of sebaceous of filaments on the nose and the chins. They grow naturally without any reasons. And, like blackheads, they seem never end to stop developing. If you are making great attempt to extract them, they will return within 30 days or even 15 days.

Do sebaceous filaments affect “how long do blackheads last?”

While blackheads have a dark color which is caused by the oxidation process, sebaceous filaments have a lighter color which is a result of impaction of oil in the pore.

If you ask us again “how long blackheads last”, we still confirm that they will last forever and likewise the sebaceous filaments. Home remedies and cosmetic products on the market just decrease the number of blackheads to some extent, not all of them. If you do not take care of them daily, they will become more plentiful than ever.

In fact, there is no close attachment between blackheads and sebaceous filaments. They do nothing to affect “how long do blackheads last?” [2]. Seriously, blackheads and sebaceous filaments are not the same, but they have a lot in common.

Our purpose of mentioning sebaceous filaments here is to help you distinguish them. We’re aware of the fact that loads of people assume they’re the same. So, just know that they’re not blackheads at all.

Try not to squeeze sebaceous filaments. You will hurt that skin area; but, those unwelcoming sebaceous filaments will come back soon regardless of how hard you’ve been trying.

Most-asked questions about blackheads and skin pores

We have received tons of queries involving “how long do blackheads last?” as well as skin pore problems Therefore, we’ve listed most common question about this issue to help you have a deeper understanding of blackheads and related matters.

1.   Is it possible to minimize the pore size?

As we all know, skin pore has a very close attachment to how severe the acne in general and blackheads in particular are. The oilier your skin is, the larger the pore is. When the pore become bigger and bigger, there is a chance that blackheads appear frequently. Also, the large pore directly affect our appearance.

We want to emphasize that the pore size will NOT be reduced. It is such a bad news! But, you’re supposed to accept the truth. You can only try to keep the pore size as it is used to be by using proper skin care methods and appropriate products.

You might have heard about tons of product in the cosmetic market that they can help to change the pore size. However, you should not place much belief in them. These products can only help your pore look smaller than before temporarily. Nevertheless, the pore size will become the original size after you stop using this or that product.

It would be hurtful to know that the pore size cannot be changed. So, you should treat your skin well to keep them remain the same. Our advice is to keep the pore clean by exfoliating the skin two times per week. By doing this, the pore contents will flow in and out freely; thereby maintaining a clean pore.

Remember that the pore will unexpectedly expand when it gets clogged. Take a balloon as an example. Just simply imagine how the balloon is going to expand when it is full of air and water. The more air and water are filled, the bigger it will be and likewise our skin pore.

2.   What should be done to minimize blackheads and keep the pore clean?

WILL BLACKHEADS GO AWAY WITHOUT SQUEEZING? ­­Have you ever wondered that question? Is squeezing one of the methods to eradicate blackheads. Click to see it and you will know that how bad your blackheads will become if you squeeze.

There have been a lot of updated methods to reduce the frequency of blackheads. By taking care of your pore, blackheads and other types of pimples are significantly diminished. If you are good at it, you will be the person who decide “how long do blackheads last?

It is vital to clean the skin thoroughly. We highly recommend this first step as one of the most important thing to do. For the morning routine, washing your face with a gentle cleanser. However, you are advised to do double cleansing for every night routine. Using a cleansing oil first and a second cleanser later to keep the pore clean.

Be mindful about an exfoliating ingredient for your skin. Choose product with enzymes or the one which contains AHA ingredients. Try to avoid a scrub because it may damage the skin. There are surprising results brought about by using AHA regularly. People reported that blackheads on the nose and chin have lessen much compared to the period when they don’t use AHA.

Rely on a deep exfoliating mask for the skin are with blackheads. There is nothing better than a HOMEMADE FACE MASK FOR PORES AND BLACKHEADS and best over the counter blackhead remover to eliminate trapped oil and debris in each skin pore. Just leave the mask on the skin for several minutes. Then, you will realize astonishing outcome as you skin will stay away from pore congestion.

face mask to get rid of blackheads
Face Mask To Get Rid Of Blackheads

3.   Why do blackheads appear mostly on the T-zones?

It seems an old question that everyone should have been already known. Nevertheless, it turns out that not everyone can understand clearly about this issue. Hence, we still list it as one of the most frequently-asked questions, along with “how long do blackheads last?”

As previously mentioned, blackheads are a result of sebaceous oil or glands. The T-zone is the most active area for oil to be produced. Even those who have dry or normal skin type, they can identify that oil are often much on the T-zone than others. When more oils are produced, the larger skin pores are. After a short period, these excessive oil work with dead skin cells to form stubborn blackheads.

There are several reasons why sebaceous glands on the T-zone are much stronger than other skin areas. The most important one involves a considerable change in hormone level. Then, whenever a hormone modification emerges, increasing oil will be produced.

Besides hormone, stress is a not-to-be-forgot reason. When you’re in a bad mood, not only blackheads but also other kinds of pimples unstoppably occur. Consequently, it is vital to keep a good lifestyle to avoid unwanted outcomes to your skin.


To sum up, you cannot run away from your blackheads, for sure. Let’s face it and find a proper way to diminish them. Sad news! You cannot remove all of them. But, try to not make blackheads as a worrying problem. Stay away from stress and depression. You are the only one who can create your own happy life to combat not only blackheads but also other pimples.

If you still wonder “how long do blackheads last?” Our final thought is FOREVER. They will last forever, even those who suffer from less oil production and acne-prone. Methods that are advertised to remove blackheads are just efficient when you apply frequently. Even when you treat your skin well, blackheads, which are minor, still exist.

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