How Does Lipsense Work And Is It Worth The Hype?

February 7, 2018

Jelly Bell

How Does Lipsense Work And Is It Worth The Hype?

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We’ve been seeing way too many females becoming so obsessed with Lipsense liquid lip color and Lipsense Gloss recently. #SwapItOutSunday would be all about the brand, making every girl find it hard to reject! Saying this does not mean that Lipsense is the only lip brand we should pay great attention to, but the point here is that this post is made for those who still have the question in mind “How does Lipsense work?”

Before getting the satisfying answer to your doubt, let’s find out the truth about Lipsense:

How is Lipsense advertised?

Obviously, once a product states “too long,” it reminds us of some pain-like substances that we might not like to test on our skin, especially on the spot that we easily consume it. And you have just been hearing all of the hype about its amazingly long-lasting color yet still wondered whether it’s a scam or not! Let’s find out! [1]

The product is manufactured by Senegence company, and aside from lip products, they also own a great variety of skincare items. Well, you probably don’t have any interest in trying all of those products yet since you have already had something to love right now (Lipsense colors and glosses).

But the inquiry IS LIPSENSE BAD FOR YOUR LIPS? can’t stop troubling your mind on these days. Don’t worry because we’re going to solve that issue now by telling you the truth behind everyone’s question “how does Lipsense work?” It has been asked by many people lately.

As the company claims, Lipsense lip liquid is waterproof, drool-proof, kiss-proof, and smudge-resistant, making itself pretty amazing though its packaging does not feel nice. Not on your face or even a glass of wine, that vivid red color won’t ever be diminished. And even some creative beauty fans try it for their own eyes (it sounds almost impossible) but it indeed works, and it makes their eyes so cool!

Apart from that, the lip liquid can get every celeb excited about than ever thanks to its non-GMO, vegan and long-wear texture. Imagine your lips become kissably smooth and glamorous, just like Christina Aguilera. Plus, the product allows you to combine any out of 88 shades for a new makeover – warning, the options will be limited soon. Having a tube that survives for six months even though you use it like every day, what could be better than that?

How is lipsense advertised
How is lipsense advertised?

Does Lipsense last all day as advertised?

So how does Lipsense work? Does it last all day? Yes! It stays quite long on our lips all day, and we can’t tell you how long because some of us decide to scrub it off before going to bed. That sort of lip color had completely passed the test when we did a smudge experiment.

During the test, the gloss started to dry up and had not got any color on the face. Once applying the shiny gloss right after applying that lip color, we can say that the shade didn’t seem to rub off onto our applicator. As for the color, it’s extremely vivid; especially you wear three layers as recommended. But, DOES LIPSENSE DRY YOUR LIPS

Once experiencing a little bit of exfoliating, you probably feel uncomfortable, and when apply the color on, your lips could feel quite dry! However, when you try to apply gloss, the whole experience is just greater than ever. In other words, you’re suggested to re-apply the gloss many times for the day since it easily dries out. And one more thing, using chapstick on top of that color could even ensure it to stay longer.

Let’s grab some useful tips below if you want it to work the best on your lips:

  • First, to get the answer to your doubt “how does Lipsense work?” that often troubles you a lot, try to watch closely the tutorials before you wear it on. Such stuff is not as normal as you see because it can’t work well if you just do the same as you do with usual lipstick.
  • Second, the initial time you apply it, it could sting a bit for a few seconds only, just as soon as you wear it, but it’s not a big problem.
  • Third, when you initially begin using it, the lips could self-exfoliate, but it also depends on each person. Also, the company claims that your lips are just peeling the layers of wax increase from the use of chapsticks and other products.

It’s fine to re-apply your glossy lip liquid like during the day, but remember that it depends on your lip condition. If your lips come in good condition, then you might not find it necessary to reapply the gloss (except when you just want to scale up the color). Some people claim that their lips never feel dry or like they’re truly in need of any further glossy application. They’re just happy with that matte look!

How does Lipsense work when we eat greasy foods?

In case that your lips feel a little bit dry, then a glossy look would be more awesome than matte. The brand owner also suggests us to use gloss before we’re supposed to eat anything. But how does Lipsense work when you eat something oily like ribs?

This will give us an extra barrier to help dodge the oils in food from damaging the color and make it wear off easily while you’re eating and chewing. But if you’re only enjoying a sandwich, some veggies, and fruits, there’s nothing to worry about it. Interestingly, many ladies do not mind re-applying gloss before consuming any greasy dish because they want their lip color to survive longer. However, we still recommend you to test it in your house and learn more about the item’s features on your lips.  

Here’s a video about Lipsense Test: Eating Oily Food

Does it stay on lips for 18 hours?

Alright, so we know that its staying power is really strong, but does it really stay on your lips for 18 hours? We mean, for real? The Lipsense seems to boast its product when stating that it can last more than 18 hours. Uh…not really! The lip color starts to wear off after nine hours – every distributor should not exaggerate something like this. [2] For a bigger picture, read more: THE BEST LIPSENSE REVIEWS.

It still fades away at our waterline (the area where the mouth encounters the lips). And as we get on the bed for sleep (around fifteen hours after the application), the color is gone. However, as most people said, they hardly ever let the lip color coverage stay on their lips more than 8 hours. Feel free to consider how many hours you’d love the makeup to stay ideally. Higher chances are that the time won’t ever exceed 9 hours.

But if you love it to last over nine hours, let’s put one more swift layer at the ninth hour and wait for another few hours before the color wears off. It would stay in that period perfectly, and you can put it on in the early morning as well as don’t have to worry about it for the rest of day. So now you’ve got the answer to your own question “how does Lipsense work? But is it one of a kind product in the market today?

Lipsense works, but Is it unique?

We all know the answer to everyone’s doubt “how does Lipsense work?”, but is it the only lip product that can stay long on lips? Hey, it’s not! This is one of the common marketing gimmicks that SeneGence has used to promote its product. In fact, you can choose a bunch of liquid lipsticks available on the market nowadays. And we must say that a majority of them can last a long time, not to mention they’re also smudge-proof and other things proof. Certainly, they feel extremely moisturizing once you put on your dry lips. And even some of them are sold at a cheaper cost than Lipsense.  

Take Superstay 24 lip liquid of Maybelline as a typical example: It’s not only long-lasting but also light and soft on your lips. Apparently, Lipsense is not the only lip liquid that can stay so long on our lips. A lot of companies make a great effort in educating their distributors and retailers about the products, and Lipsense appears to do a good job in educating its distributors more about the product’s marketing claims.

is lipsense unique
Is lipsense unique?

Above all…Lipsense is worth all the hype!

It’s highly suggested that if it’s your first purchase of Lipsense lip products, you might love to bring a starter kit back home. It does not just give you a big collection of the lip color, the Glossy color, and the Oops remover – This sounds super cool, and trust us, you should need all these three to make your lip the most stunning the whole day.

Your beauty product comes in sealed with awesome glass tubes and golden tops. It’s also one of the cutest things you can bring along in your favorite case and travel anywhere. The product line owns more than fifty shades and eleven other lip glosses for ladies to choose. Lipsense is the best seller of SeneGene that works mainly in growing and selling countless personal care items through its distributors.  

However, if anyone likes to try Lipsense, it’s best to learn about the one who sells it by finding a reliable distributor in your area to buy.

We recommend the Lipsense for sure, and before ending our discussion on how does Lipsense work? Let us remind you of some tips on how to apply lipsense on the lips to make it work the best [3].

  • Apply the lip color only one layer at one time, in one particular direction on your lips. And you might not know how essential it is to move in one direction. If you’re not doing that way, the color could leave the streaky lips right after you apply the gloss. And note that the product will make your lips sting shortly with every layer used. Why does this happen? It’s due to the product’s grade alcohol that is used with the staying capability.
  • Let’s wait five seconds in between your lip layers
  • Apply two or three layers for the best color
  • Seal your lips with the magic of Glossy Gloss
  • Rock it for the rest of the day!

In the collection, if you love sheer shades, but like to apply a thicker formula, then when three layers are used seem too deep of a color than you expect, how about layering two coats only of that sheer color? You can try Beige or Shimmer shade here! Once two layers have been used, it’s fine to apply your optional color as the third coat [4].


Amongst a huge collection of glamorous, we suspect that you’re more likely to stick to one single shade the entire time. But who knows? You might get addicted to the “Bombshell” or the “Caramel Apple” – these are both Jennifer Aniston’s favorite lip colors in her daily makeup routine.

Now you’ve got the best answer to your worry “how does Lipsense work?” after reading our post, reach for it and be ready to look 100% gorgeous for the whole evening out!

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