Love To Know: How Do Tanning Lotions Work?

February 2, 2018

Jelly Bell

Love To Know: How Do Tanning Lotions Work?

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It’s true that after a few weeks away in the sun, a beautiful golden tan appears on your skin, which is obviously everyone’s aspiration. However, not many people are well-versed in the risk of being exposed too much in the sun: it will lead to skin cancer, premature aging, and even eye damage. In this case, think of using indoor tanning lotion – the BEST WAY OF HOW TO TAN FASTER WITHOUT BURNING yet still keep skin healthier. But hold on,  how do tanning lotions work?

Here, we’d like to share some interesting facts about these indoor tanning products you might not realize.

How do tanning lotions work as compared to outdoor tanning?

If you’ve been considering some ways of getting a sun-kissed glow without the risk of skin cancer, try tanning lotion instead. Well, shopping for a tanning lotion is such a fun job to do, but not every brand is indeed worth purchasing.

For those who haven’t got any clue about what tanning brands to use, GET THE BEST TAN PHYSICS REVIEW to help you find a trustworthy lotion for your day-to-day use.  You get to learn how this lotion is worth a try to deepen the sunless tan with an irresistible bronze shade. Also, there are specific ingredients displayed in this post to let you know whether it’s safe or not for your skin type.

Read more on HOW TO APPLY TAN PHYSICS FOR THE MOST SATISFIED TAN SKIN if you’re interested in this product.

As compared to the outdoor tanning that includes both of the UVA and UVB rays in varying environments, indoor tanning works based on a more controlled environment. However, even today, we still see many people choosing to go to the outdoors and search for a good tan. If so, FINDING OUT THE BEST TANNING OIL FOR AN ULTIMATE TAN to ensure your skin to be kept health when you have to lie outside in the sun.  

How do tanning lotions work
How do tanning lotions work

Just take a closer look at how different these indoor tanning lotions are from the other outdoor tanning methods.

1. Probably or probably not contain SPF

Not all of the suntan lotions or indoor tanning lotions include the sunscreen. How come? It’s because of everyone’s belief that there’s no need to include a huge amount of  SPF protection as others always do when you only use it indoors. Besides, we’re also reminded of the “handy” ingredients available in these lotions, making SPF a little bit excessive here. So how do tanning lotions work as compared to the outdoor ones?

Let’s assume it this way: For indoor tanning method, the tanning time will be set to restrict your skin exposure to the sun or its harmful UV rays. Meanwhile, relying on outdoor tanning, you’re likely to restrict that exposure to these rays by choosing the suitable SPF [1].

2. Boost UV rays, instead of obstructing them

This fact feels a bit weird for the first time you’ve heard, right? But it’s true anyway and also the answer to your doubt how do tanning lotions work as compared to the outdoor tanning?”

Here’s why: Indoor tanning lotions get particularly formulated for the aim of enhancing the real effect of UV rays while the SPF in the outdoor stuff could block all of them, which naturally fights against the advantages of your indoor tanning method.

3. Do it best in shorter tanning sessions

We’re informed that casual suntan lotions are exclusively made to guard your skin throughout the longer time spent in harsh sunlight. On the other hand, tanning lotions are specially designed to protect you for shorter yet more fierce indoor tanning bouts. As a result, this would offer you a deeper and faster tan.    

4. Offer great skin conditioning and hydration

Here’s your best answer to the question “how do tanning lotions work?” for real: All types of items formulated exclusively for indoor tanning can increase and drive the body’s spontaneous tanning process. Besides, these indoor lotions are highly favored thanks to its high protection of the moisture degrees in the skin. Not only that, indoor tanning lotions also complete their missions perfectly by letting all pores open up and magnifying the UV exposure.

And with this tanning process, you will be provided with a deeper and longer-lasting tan without a doubt – this can somehow solve your persistent worry “how do tanning lotions work?” Besides, for anyone who hasn’t known yet, deep skin hydration and moisture are considered as one of the most essential yet always overlooked elements of the whole process.

This could make your indoor tanning lotion much better than others. First of all, you need to be aware that tanning is simply a biological process whereby your skin color gets darker or tanned. It also requires a certain sequence of reactions in the skin and the right number of nutrients that are the most essential to this process.

For indoor tanning lotions, self-tanner is the most common trend attracting most people due to its high convenience and effectiveness. Get some great tips from our GUIDELINE FOR HOW TO APPLY SELF-TANNER WITHOUT STREAKS if you love to give this new trend a try.

5. Never damage your tanning beds

Casual suntan lotions will typically destroy the acrylic material available in all tanning beds. It has spaces and holes through which any liquid or air can pass as well as will extend once the tanning bulbs start to heat up.

So how do tanning lotions work when you use a tanning lotion inside the tanning bed? This action builds up a thin strip on the acrylics that finally limit your tanning process plus the tan look. To sum up, if we decide to avail a lotion during our tanning action in doors, it must be the indoor tanning lotion instead of regular suntan lotion for outdoor use.    

Why do we use indoor tanning lotions?

There’s simply something special about your summer tan that can’t stop you from thinking about it all the time. It offers you a sexy glow and raises your confidence after successfully revealing your natural beauty.

And nowadays, it’s not difficult to get that flawless tanned skin since there are a bunch of ways for darkening your complexion. If you want to save more time and money, use these THREE PRICELESS WAYS FOR HOMEMADE SELF-TANNER THAT DOESN’T WASH OFF. Otherwise, let’s head out to some salons for tanning, which is also a popular option for anyone who gets stuck with his or her hectic schedules all the time [2].

If you’re still a novice to indoor tanning, there would be a couple of questions you make for yourself before getting started. How do tanning lotions work? Or when you choose spray tans for the best tan, the question “HOW LONG DOES A SPRAY TAN LAST?” might annoy you a lot recently. Or how soon would you see a change in skin tone? Well, as you see, there’s a lot to consider when you use indoor tanning lotions as well as a great number of benefits you get from them.

Enhance your tan

Advancing your tanned look is the first benefit of using tanning lotions. Different from sunscreen, which works by filtering the sun’s rays, the indoor tanning items with their unique formulation can help you get a better and quicker tan. They work ideally for exposing your deeper and darker skin tone.

Tanning lotions are very helpful
Tanning lotions are very helpful

By getting in touch with your skin, these lotions are trusted to raise the rate at which you get brown, and offer you a chance to get the best of all tanning sessions. Get one indoor lotion to be all ready for the swimsuit season at once.  

Keep your skin hydrated and smooth

How do tanning lotions work on your skin after the application? They’re made up of the useful moisturizers that find no difficulty in keeping your complexion both hydrated and soft. So if you’re currently having a dry skin which looks a bit dull and unhealthy, don’t worry because these self-tanners will be your savior in time. They will maintain your healthy glow surprisingly, thanks to their skin-conditioning content (some items contain hemp seed oil or aloe vera).

But wait for a second – HOW LONG DOES SELF-TANNER LAST? Sure enough, most of the self-tanners always arrive from real foods and herbs, such as tea leaves or herb seeds. For this reason, the products won’t be able to last as long as the chemical compounds contained in other industrial items. However, these tanners appear to give us a significant number of benefits for our health and body.

Give a relaxed feeling

There’s one thing certain about lying under those tanning bulbs: you’re not going to feel good at all as it can get hotter under those lights.

To make you feel cool and relaxed, try to find the appropriate tanning lotions that have some great factors: They must include the cooling effect plus a tingling sensation. Some other formulas have ‘frizzling’ substances, which can color your complexion. More surprisingly, they ultimately last one hour or much longer, based on the types of skin.  

Nourish your skin

You have already heard all the necessary things related to the inquiry “how do tanning lotions work?” But there’s one thing you can’t look away from these magical tanning items, especially when they come with the handy skin-nourishing ingredients created to help slow down your skin aging.

In fact, you’ll encounter several options formulated with these firming compounds along with vitamins in the market today, so choose them carefully. Before selecting which one is right for you, let’s consider all pros and cons as well as find out the answer to everyone’s question “HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LOSE A TAN?” This is important because it tells you how much effect your tanning has.

Prevent any burn and uneven tan

Everyone likes to look good and feel more confident about themselves, so just face it – this is why you choose to tan in the first place. Moreover, without the helpful support of tanning lotion, you’re easily put at risk of burning or even skin peeling.

The product is responsible for giving you a nice and even color and enabling your body enough time to adjust to the whole process.

Prevent you from ‘after-tan’ smell

Nearly each of us has to experience a certain odor after tanning process, and this is triggered by the bacterial available on the skin being hot from the tanning bed. Nowadays, we have seen a lot of tanning lotions contain the antibacterial substance that can remove that irritating odor, which is a good thing for beginners to know, right? Besides, such lotions have tons of nice scents for you to pick up.

Speed up your tan and make it last longer

You might be surprised at every useful information we’ve provided to solve the doubt “how do tanning lotions work?” And more than that, using indoor tanning lotions will also speed up the tan, which is quite useful when it comes to your “save time and money” purpose.

Another benefit we sometimes overlooked is its ability not just to keep the skin smooth and hydrated, but also to prevent your skin from peeling. This is what you need for the tan to keep staying there longer than ever!  

How to apply your indoor tanning lotions?  

Are you thinking that applying lotion is only to rub it all over the body areas and then wash it off right after you’re done? Learn more about how to apply the lotions properly for your most satisfied tan skin if you’re still hesitant about these self-tanners. Trust it or not, we’ve got a good way for you to do it for the most effective result.

Follow the step-by-step directions below to be aware of how things happen, if not, feel free to see the instructions right in the back of your lotion bottle.  

Before the application

  • Exfoliate for your smoother skin, which is helpful for receiving a non-streak tan
  • Shave your hair to dodge your tanning lotion from gathering near the follicles. Apparently, nobody likes to own a bunch of bronzed areas all over their legs after all!
  • Put something on when you feel alright with staining because a lot of lotions can tint right being out of the bottle. They include bronzers that can get darkened under the UV light [3].

During the application

  • Firmly press a large amount of tanning lotion into your palm (much lotion is always better than little because your dry skin can’t absorb much UV light as the moist skin does).
  • Rub lotion all over your skin areas to prevent any dark patch.
  • Never put too much tanning lotion (bronzers) on your face, especially under the eyes or by your hairline.
  • By the time you start tanning, let’s wash off lotion from your palms and between all fingers. If lotion accumulates in between these fingers, they will get darker soon, which makes you look kind of weird.

Lotion wash-off

  • Now, wait a few hours later before washing off to make sure that you’ve given the product enough time to work the best. For those coming with bronzers, what to do here is simply leave bronzers on for a few hours after tanning so that you could gain the optimal results.
  • Avail your body wash to soak the skin area and shower.
  • Do not exfoliate your skin again until you begin tanning the next time!  


There you have it! We mean the best answer to your everyday question “How do tanning lotions work?” So remember that once you’re fed up with sunbathing or simply don’t spare enough time sitting for hours in the sun, a tanning lotion can become your closest friend. Of course, ensure to do some research into the product for the maximum results without damaging your skin.

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