Top 12 Foods Will Flush Out Nicotine From Your Body

February 6, 2018

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Top 12 Foods Will Flush Out Nicotine From Your Body

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We all know smoking is bad and all terrible impacts of smoking on your body but quitting it will never be an easy road. The main reason is nicotine – an addictive substance that circulates in your body and makes you always craves for more. If you want to abstain from cigarettes, tobacco or any nicotine-based products, the principal rule is to get rid of nicotine from your body. To help you out, we selected for you some foods will flush out nicotine from your body, let’s begin!

What will affect how long does nicotine stay in my body?

First of all, you need to know what will change the duration of time that nicotine can be stuck in your system:

What organs you are talking about: the elimination rate of nicotine will vary among different part of your body. In your blood, nicotine or its metabolism product can still be tracked by up to 10 days. But with saliva nicotine test, it can only be found within four days.

To find out more about this if in case you have an upcoming nicotine test, click these articles to find out HOW LONG DOES NICOTINE STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM, or HOW LONG DOES NICOTINE STAY IN YOUR BLOOD, and HOW LONG DOES NICOTINE STAY IN YOUR SALIVA.

Individual variations: age, gender, genes or medical condition can play a significant role in modifying how long does nicotine stay in your system. For example, an older person will have to spend more time to dispose of nicotine than a younger one or a female will process nicotine faster than a male. Foods intake, of course, is an essential factor as well that we will discuss later. More importantly, it’s what you can change right now, unlike your age, gender or current medical condition.

What kind of product you are using: nicotine can come to a consumer in different forms like tobacco, cigarette, nicotine replacement therapy and so on. In fact, nicotine in nicotine replacement therapy will be excluded faster in comparison with nicotine in cigarettes. On the other hand, different brands will contain a distinct amount of nicotine so you may have to concern about that as well.

Dosage and frequency: nicotine can accumulate in your body, and the more you smoke, the harder it is to eliminate nicotine. Besides, toxins in cigarette or tobacco can damage your liver or kidney – main organs that detoxify and eliminate nicotine.

But what if you are a passive smoker who expose to the environment full of smokers, can nicotine leave traces? Click HOW LONG DOES SECOND-HAND SMOKE STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM and DOES SECOND-HAND SMOKE SHOWS UP ON DRUG TEST to know the truth!

Foods will flush out nicotine from your body

Nutrition in foods will help you flush out nicotine from your body by repairing the damaged that nicotine causes and relieving withdrawal symptoms during the abstaining period:

1. Oranges

Smoking can promote the production of free radicals –  a group of oxidants that is highly destructive to your body and cause vitamin depletion, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C, on the other hand, is important for nicotine elimination process. Also, it acts as an antioxidant and supports the immune system to combat the damages caused by free radicals.

Orange to flush out nicotine
Orange to flush out nicotine

Vitamin C even takes part in collagen formation- a substance that makes your skin firm, to make your skin look younger as smoking usually caused wrinkles and poor skin tone. Orange, obviously, is the perfect choice for vitamin C supplement.

2. Lemon

Another type of citrus fruits which can be an effective nicotine cleaner is lemon. With a high level of vitamin C and acid citric, it can bring out the same outcomes as orange. To add up, acid citric in lemon and oranges can relieve withdrawal symptoms during smoking cessation and stimulate saliva excretion, which in turn clean oral cavity and naturally fix bad breath odor caused by smoking.

lemon contains high level of vitamin c
Lemon contains high level of vitamin C

3. Spinach

Spinach is an excellent vegetable for nicotine detox because of its high level of acid folic and vitamin C. Vitamin C, as mentioned before, boost the nicotine metabolism.However, unlike vitamin C in citrus fruits, vitamin C in vegetables in general can degrade and lost a lot during the cooking procedure. So with spinach and any vegetables listed below, it’s better to eat it raw if possible.

spinach is an excellent vegetable
Spinach is an excellent vegetable for nicotine detox

Acid folic, on the other hand, is a vital compound for emotion and mental health that will ease anxiety or irritated feeling during nicotine cessation. Spinach also protects heart disease and keep blood pressure under control by providing vitamin B and magnesium.

4. Broccoli

 Broccoli can be a powerful weapon to fight against nicotine. Firstly, it is full of vitamin B5 and vitamin C – cofactors in many metabolic reactions in your body.As we know, vitamin C is usually insufficient in smokers so broccoli can be a good choice to restore vitamin C, along with lemon and orange.

Broccoli is full of vitamin B5 and vitamin C
Broccoli is full of vitamin B5 and vitamin C

 And secondly, it’s proved that first-hand or passive smokers who eat a lot of broccoli or likewise cruciferous vegetables less likely to develop lung cancer-the most dangerous disease caused by smoking. Sulforaphane, a compound behind the bitter taste of cruciferous vegetables, can inhibit the activity of HDAC enzyme – an enzyme involved in the division of cancer cells [1].

5. Ginger

Ginger has been an ancient herb in Eastern culture for thousands year to prevent and cure many diseases. Firstly, it gives warming effect that can heat your body up with a small bite; it triggers sweating, an effective method to excrete toxins.

Secondly, it can relax the respiratory system by increasing blood flow to your lungs and acting as a natural expectorant to remove mucus. Thirdly, it can treat side effects during withdrawal period by relieving stress and ease nausea feeling (with a cup of hot ginger tea for example).

Ginger is also effective
Ginger is also effective

 Finally, ginger is also famous for its effect on a malignant tumor that can prevent cancer. You can add ginger to many foods or drink ginger tea for the sake of convenience; they are both fine.

6. Chili pepper

Chili pepper is spicy, we all know that, but do you know why? The reason behind that phenomenon is capsaicin. Capsaicin will stimulate sensitive receptors in your mouth and send signals to your brain to make your body “think” it’s hot. So then chilies, just like ginger, will lead to perspiration and nicotine will be taken away during evaporation of sweat. Capsanthin in chilies also an antioxidant that will fight cancer cells [2].

Chili pepper
Chili pepper

7. Cranberry

 When nicotine kicks in, besides its sedative effect, nicotine will also raise blood sugar level by making human’s cells resistant to insulin. That’s why some smoker can skip their breakfast by a few sticks of cigarettes through the day without experiencing low blood sugar level symptoms like hunger, dizziness, inability to focus or sometimes even fainting.  


  When you try to abstain from nicotine, low blood sugar level may develop and make you crave for nicotine. Cranberry is not only one type of foods that will flush out nicotine from your body but also will cease craving when you are attempting to give up smoking by increasing your blood sugar levels.

8. Wheat germ

Nicotine is a vasoconstriction compound so it may tighten up your vessels if being used in a long period. Wheat germ, with a bulk of vitamin E, can restore the elasticity of your blood vessels to its former state.  Furthermore, it is capable of declining heart disease when you become older.

9. Kale

Kale, like broccoli or spinach, can be another choice for nicotine-removal foods. Kale supply isothiocyanates- a natural antioxidant that will aid in nicotine removal process and at some point fixing the consequences of smoking. Cruciferous vegetable like kale also is high in fiber which plays a crucial role in digestion and detoxifying poisons.

kale salad
Kale salad

10. Grapefruit

We all know that grapefruit is delicious but do you know that it is also proved to inhibit cotinine formation ( a metabolism of nicotine) and boost renal nicotine removal as well? People who drink 1 liter of full-strength grapefruit juice, their renal clearance of nicotine can climb by 80% in compared to those who drink 1 liter of water.

 grapefruit inhibits cotinine formation
Grapefruit inhibits cotinine formation

11. Pomegranate

A research had been carried out to observe the effect of pomegranate effects on nicotine metabolism (along with licorice) and surprisingly, pomegranate really promote the elimination process.The mechanism is to induce cytochrome p450 enzyme – an enzyme takes an essential part in nicotine metabolism [3].


But that’s not all. Pomegranate also has antioxidants and riches in vitamin C, E, K ( a pomegranate can provide 40 percent of daily vitamin C requirement as a matter of fact). It is no less powerful than any foods above to prevent yourself from damages caused by smoking.

12. Garlic

The liver, besides kidney, is the most vital organ in metabolism and the detoxifying process of your body so nicotine elimination will depends on your liver function. Garlic, on the other hand, has always been on the top list of liver-friendly foods. First of all, it increases bile production in the liver, so then the removal process of not only nicotine but also other toxins becomes faster.

Secondly, it lowers LDL level in your blood. LDL( or a more familiar name: bad cholesterol) is produced by the liver to transfer cholesterol from foods to your body cells for membrane synthesis. However, with a high concentration of LDL, it can lead to heart diseases, fatty liver or even cirrhosis- an illness that severely degrades liver’s function and can develop into cancer if not treated properly.

And finally, garlic can protect the liver from the attack of toxins, wastes, and free radicals. It contains alliin, a substance that will further convert into allicin- a powerful antioxidant- when garlic is crushed or chopped.

garlic can protect the liver
Garlic can protect the liver

Garlic also has selenium, a mineral that will support antioxidant action and arginine- an amino acid can dilate your blood vessels which make the cleanse process even more effective. Moreover, garlic can offer plenty of amino acid or antioxidants that will neutralize many toxins before it reaches your liver.

What more can you do to get rid of nicotine from your body?

Aside from getting the right foods, there’re still many things that you can do to purify nicotine more quickly:

Stop smoking

This may sound as clear as daylight but if you want to flush out nicotine from your body, just stop smoking( or chewing tobacco in some cases) first.Nicotine itself is not much of a deadly compound, but thousands of unknown substances produced during combustion are. These toxins poison your kidney and liver- two main nicotine-eliminated organs and make the process even longer.

That’s why getting rid of tobacco can be a bit different, click HOW LONG DOES TOBACCO STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM to see why.

Foods can partly promote the elimination process and repair damages caused by smoking, but its benefit will be outweighed by all kind of toxins in cigarettes. They are foods, not miracles so don’t expect to be free from lung cancer when you are still smoking daily.

In case you haven’t been a smoker yet and probably, you are looking for this kind of topic for some else, just don’t it then. You start with one stick out of curiosity and at some point, you know you have already addicted to it. If you still believe you can “try” some without getting addicted later, click here to see HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET ADDICTED TO NICOTINE!

Taking exercise

Working out can enhance immunity system and increase metabolism rate greatly. It can help you get rid of nicotine faster, strengthen your body to combat diseases and relieve stress caused by sudden quitting smoking. It can be jogging, yoga or swimming; all of them are good for health, just take what you like the most and try to do it daily.

Taking exercises
Taking exercises

Drink a lot of water

Nicotine, its metabolism products, and cigarette’s toxins will be excreted into urine to get out of your body so you must keep your body adequately hydrated. Besides, smoking can dry out your body and respiratory system in particular so drinking enough water should be concerned even more. Drink 2.5 – 3 liters a day (a little bit more for a heavy smoker) is crucial to get rid of nicotine.

Be patient with your abstaining

Quitting smoking is painful, I know that. Your nervous system has been “spoiled” by the stimulation of nicotine so it will torture your body when you stop using cigarettes.

But think about it, smoking can cause plenty of illnesses, some of them are even lethal like lung cancer- a disease that kills thousands of people a year. Worst of all, not only you will be affected but also for many passive smokers around you including your family.

Those above were just some basic lineouts. To get more information in great details, click HOW TO GET NICOTINE OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM to find out!

Main points on foods will flush out nicotine from your body

1, Many factors can modify how long does nicotine stay in your body

Age, gender, current medical condition, dosage, frequency and so on and foods intake is one of them.

2, Foods will flush out nicotine from your body

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Ginger
  • Chili pepper
  • Cranberry
  • Wheat germ
  • Kale
  • Grapefruit
  • Pomegranate
  • Garlic

3, What more can you do to get rid of nicotine from your body

  • Stop smoking first
  • Taking exercise
  • Drink enough water
  • Be patient with your abstaining

In conclusion

We have just selected top 12 foods will flush out nicotine from your body and some more great advice in advance to help you clear out nicotine completely. If you like our article, please share it on your social network. If you want more helpful articles like this from us, please sign up for our newsletter right now!

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