10 Amazing Essential Oils For Restless Legs You Need To Try

December 29, 2017

Hannah Hall

10 Amazing Essential Oils For Restless Legs You Need To Try

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Instead of trying hot bath or menthol rubs, we can tell you another natural way to relieve that kind of discomfort and leave you sleeping soundly at night – use these ten amazing essential oils for restless legs. There will be no tossing and turning night after night or legs moving around the bed sheets any longer!

What is restless legs syndrome?

Restless leg is a common health syndrome that happens to millions of people around the world. Most of them have to suffer an uncomfortable sensation writhing in their legs as the night comes.

If you have restless legs, there are some annoying sensations showing up in your legs, and even in the arms and other body parts from time to time. You will immediately feel a strange urge to move all legs to relieve these feelings. The entire syndrome leaves us the great discomfort, from feeling “itchy,” “crawly” to “burning” and “tingling” in our legs. And nothing is worse than that for sure!

In fact, there’s no certain cure at all, which puts so many people in trouble every single day and trust me, this is not a great feeling after all!

some drops of oils are perfect

These essential oils can give you a highly comfortable relief! Just come to read on how to find your relief back through our article today. Before we start discussing which one will work best to make you feel much better, it’s crucial to learn such an irritating condition by recognizing the most common symptoms.

Common signs that you suffer restless legs syndrome

People who have the urge to move their legs so hard get often accompanied by some inexplicable feelings.These repetitive movements just happen in your sleep or while you’re awake, and everyone calls them the periodic leg motion of sleep or disorder.

Surprisingly, more than 90% of people with restless legs syndrome have to go through this bad health condition. Your restlessness could lead to leg rubbing and floor pacing. Also, such symptoms probably take place when you just lie down or sit, and they can get even worse or become persistent with any activity.

However, these signs might not occur each night but will come and go. If you’re one of these people who have restless legs symptoms, then you may have weeks and months without any sign before they come back again.

Do essential oils for restless legs help?

Essential oils for restless legs bear some certain properties, from anti-neuralgic, sedative, calming, to other antispasmodic features which make such a perfect solution for lowering the bad effect of the syndrome. Further, these essential oils are capable of warming up and relieving your muscles in a natural way. They’re just perfect for recovering your muscles from unsatisfying aches and pains. But how can they do that?

Restless legs syndrome won’t get a chance to become worse as you use some sprigs of lavender or chamomile since both of them contain perfectly sedative effects. Put them under your soft pillow to cure your insomnia. It’s nothing else than the chamomile scent is a calmative drug. You just need four drops of essential oil and then mix it with any other essential oil (almond, olive, or carrier oil).

Rub the mixture into your legs and wait for your restless legs syndrome to fade away gradually. If not, take a drop of lavender to put it on a candle, which is a solid method of stimulating your relaxation in the evening.

Also, it’s fine to put them on a pillow case if you want to stay away from the sleep cycle resulting from the periodic leg movement. Well, apparently, these essential oils for restless legs syndrome have been used successfully, why don’t we just take a look at them now?

Chloride Oil Spray

We all know that restless leg syndrome is very exhausting, and most of Americans lack magnesium, which is indeed a big contributor to this restless legs syndrome. It’s why Chloride oil spray was made to help them even though thousands of remedies sold out there in the market. This natural solution just works quite well and further than your expectation, but why is magnesium oil the best way to improve our magnesium degree?

First of all, it’s easily and quickly absorbed throughout our whole body and then releasing magnesium to some particular spots where the body needs the most. Feel free to pick this up, which means giving your body exactly what it needs, and ensure to offer yourself the right proportions.

Out of many essential oils for restless legs syndrome available in the market today, this is one of the few relief products that is 100% natural – no artificial color or preservative, but only a combination of the freshest magnesium oil and organic herb oils.

With orange extract, you will get to experience the great benefits of calming and relaxing your muscles. For lavender, no muscle tension happens, but only a deeper sleep at every night. Last but not least, the cedarwood extract from the product is a nice remedy that relieves your discomfort in legs and owns unbelievable calming properties.

Lavender essential oil

Whenever you’ve got a difficult time getting back energy at the end of a tiring and long day, or simply stay up late every night, lavender essential oil will be the best for you. It has a powerful ability to reduce your tension and diminish your anxiety; for this reason, it makes one of the top-selling essential oils for restless legs you need to try as soon as possible.

Apart from that, the oil has been availed for centuries – even Egyptians used this one as their perfume and for their cooking or bathing purposes. Until today, everyone has found out a bunch of amazing uses for this magical oil, and here are they:

Basic benefits of using lavender essential oil:

  • Relieve headaches and hemicrania while boosting up mood
  • Improve the sleep quality and fight against insomnia
  • Reduce wrinkles and aging spots for a healthier complexion.
  • Soothe, relax, and calm down

Some health specialists would prescribe oral remedies to treat your restless legs syndrome, and these might help a certain number of people, but you should worry about side effects. This is why we tend to be pleased to learn how amazingly lavender oil works for this limb disorder. Simply rub lavender oil on feet and legs, and you no longer feel achy but can sleep through the night.

Marjoram essential oil

Personally, a lot of people use lavender essential oil as a remedy for their restlessness and occasionally worry creeping up. But apart from this natural oil, there are still other amazing essential oils for restless legs you must try and Marjoram essential oil would one of our best recommendations. It’s quite helpful for relieving any muscle ache and spasm effectively.

More than that, this oil makes you feel very comfortable thanks to its soothing effect, making it a must-have for any leg syndrome relief. It’s the steam released from the dried flowers of this Marjoram plant that can give us a pure treatment having no additive or filler at all. This is a comforting product at every level, so feel free to use it through the season to support your respiratory or comfort your senses. It can be blended with the Primrose oil for the maximized discomfort relief and reduce any sore and achy muscle.

For those who are truly interested in this sweet and fresh scent, hurry to get one to calm both of your mind and body before your bedtime. Try it in a particular diffuser or add it to your comforting massage routine so that you can sleep well without getting interrupted by those annoying sensation.

10ml size is ideal for testing the oil and see how comfortable and effective it really can be. Well, you can mix it with three other teaspoons of carrier oil, or blend it in a warm bath before enjoying your bath for 20 minutes.

Lemongrass essential oil

Everyone knows lemongrass essential oil pretty much as an insect repellant, but it has more awesome effects than that. By lessening our tension of anxiety and feeling of stress, this comforting oil can induce sleep and help us to combat with bacteria naturally. It’s a big thank you to the high level of neral content that has an intense lemonlike odor; the oil finds no difficulty in relieving our achy condition in legs.

Also, as compared to other essential oils for restless legs syndrome, lemongrass oil impresses the users with its ability to maintain blood vessels dilated, offering a gentle transportation of blood flow. It’s so refreshing when diffused and even so uplifting to your mood every time you feel down. Add it to your carrier oil to improve your circulation and warm up your exhausting muscles and joints.

Once deciding to pick it up, learn how to use it in different ways: Mix 2 drops of the oil with two other teaspoons of carrier oil, almond oil or jojoba oil to add two drops of it plus three drops of the lavender essential oil to your diffuser. Remember that the lemongrass essential oil might smell a little bit strong, so only use a small amount of oil to mix with your diluted amount of carrier oil.

Ginger essential oil

Owning both analgesic and neuralgia effects, ginger essential oil is undoubtedly one of the most helpful essential oils for restless legs syndrome you can’t miss this time. The therapeutic benefits coming from ginger are undeniable, especially when ginger essential oil consists of 90% of sesquiterpenes, known as the defensive components that can fight inflammation and bacteria quite well.

Aside from this, this natural solution has the bioactive agents like gingerol, which has been assessed clinically, and the experts would recommend it to be regularly used. It will cure your ill conditions and illnesses as well as unlock several uses and benefits of essential oil that you’ve never known before!

For restless legs syndrome, ginger essential oils deserve one of the best massaging products to relieve your ache and spasms. Mix it with two other teaspoons of carrier oil to stimulate the feeling of comfort and ease, and then test one drop of this mixture on your cotton swab to see what the finished product can really be. Next, rub it on your abdominal area to help your kinds of upset stomach.

Interestingly, the warming effect of this oil can become a great sleeping aid for anyone who suffers a sleep deficiency and treats other emotional issues, from your fear to the shortage of self-confidence [1].

Cedarwood essential oil

Like others, cedarwood essential oil has been believed and used for centuries as an effective meditation, making it a requisite among other essential oils for restless legs syndrome. This is why you will find it quite refreshing, soothing, and warm for the first try. But how come? Cedarwood (also known as Cedrus atlantica) owns a woody and balsamic aroma, which is not only attractive but also comfortable for your restless legs syndrome.

Cedarwood is extracted via a process of steam distillation from every wood piece of the cedar wood tree. The main parts of this comforting oil are cedrol, betacredrene, and other sesquiterpenes, which serve an important role in boosting our health.

It has been long availed as a handy ingredient in cosmetics, especially for those who have oily skin. In case you’ve got a possible skin sensitivity, or get pregnant, make sure to consult your doctor or physician. Dilution would be the best for typical use, and try to use it on any sensitive area of your body, from the leg, face, neck and so on. Always keep it out of your kids and do not use it on very little children.

essential oils for restless legs 1

Rosemary essential oil

You might love using rosemary essential oil for cooking, but the oil can do much better than that with its abundant medical properties. It does an excellent job of curing various ailments, like your restless legs syndrome or other muscle and joint pains. Thus, no wonder why it has been always ranked among the top essential oils for restless legs syndrome until now.

Rosemary essential oil is a natural winner when it comes to pain reliever since it contains 29 active compounds that are in charge of relieving your painful sensation, especially when that ache becomes serious during the evening and late at night. Its woody and evergreen scent tells us why it’s a member of the mint family and the oil has also been proven to improve human’s nerve development as well as support the healing of our brain function.

Nowadays, rosemary essential oil has soon turned out to be a famous ingredient in different skin and hair care services because of its antiseptic characteristics. If using it with other pain relievers, this could make the most effective remedy that you’ve ever used. One of the most satisfying parts of this natural product is that it can lower our level of stress, which is apparently the reason why restless legs syndrome gets worse every night.

According to the study conducted in 2007, the rosemary essential oil was found to possibly lower the amount of depression and stress hormones when we compare it with other sweet essential oils. And following another research published in Holistic Nursing Practice two years later, we also found that the use of rosemary essential oils contained in some sachets can lower human’s anxiety effectively.

Peppermint essential oil

If you’re still struggling hard to find a reliable method to reduce the symptoms of your restless legs syndrome, then look no further than peppermint essential oil. This can produce a restful sleep for you and energize you again to be ready for a new day. It’s also handy for children hyperactivity because the oil includes peppermint- a herb extract known for its calming effect that relaxes both of their mind and body naturally.

With the analgesic and antispasmodic effects, the oil can assist your muscles to relax to the fullest so that your aches in these muscles can be relieved considerably. For restless legs, use the oil for legs by adding four drops of peppermint essential oil and four other drops of yarrow oils to two cups of water. It would be great if the water is cold here!

Next, mix the water with your essential oils before dipping one soft towel in that mixed water. Wrap it around your legs that you feel the most ache due to the poor leg condition. Just wait until your legs feel much more relieved with one of these well-known and effective essential oils for restless legs.

Furthermore, peppermint essential oil is known as a good aromatherapy to diminish other anxiety fatigue, vomiting, or stress when being used with massage. Use two dilute drops of oils only and combine them with two teaspoons of carrier oil, or some other essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, rosemary, etc.

Vetiver essential oil

Consisting of calming and sedative properties, Vetiver essential oil does such a good job in relieving every pain and aches in your muscles. It will drive the blood flow and help our bodies feel good and relieved than ever! For anyone who has used the oil for a period, he or she tends to find it quite calming, which is an excellent choice when you suffer restless legs syndrome[2].

This grass feels extremely pleasant and obviously earthy, which puts a cooling effect on our bodies and minds. The grass and roots here can be availed to thatch window coolers and rooms because it’s able to cool down and add more comfortable fragrance to the air.

Out of these functions, vetiver essential oil delivers a fantastic way to adjust any condition of anxiety, stress, muscle spasm, and so on. No wonder why people always assume vetiver essential as a well-known sedative when possibly sedating anyone’s nervous irritations and emotional outbursts, from restlessness to anger and nervousness.

It gives you a big hand in fixing damaged nerves and keeping our overall good health in all conditions. Some others even use it to treat their extremities and loss of control.

Roman Chamomile essential oil

Everybody knows that chamomile is a popular form of herbal tea, but might not realize how effective the Roman chamomile essential oil really can be. This is one of the most popular medicinal methods that can treat your limb movement disorder. It’s slightly sweet and earthy yet containing super therapeutic effects to calm your nerve and motivate your brain function.

So this is the last out of our recommended essential oils for restless legs syndrome today. Use it to treat your pain and aches in muscles. Place four drops of chamomile essential oil to two cups of hot water and stir them together. Them drop your soft towel to the mixture and place it on legs; wait until it becomes more relieved.

Interestingly, inhaling chamomile is also a nice way to cure your anxiety when its fragrance is carried straight to our brains and can serve as an awesome emotional trigger for sure. In fact, Roman chamomile essential oil has always been used for relief of depressive signs in many countries, from Morocco, Italy to Brazil.

Questions & Answers

What special ingredients or recipes will relieve my symptoms of restless legs syndrome?

You can use some essential oils for restless legs syndrome to relax and relieve your legs. For example, you can use lavender as a natural treatment for overall restlessness and even your anxiety that sometimes creeps up.

But in addition to this one, try other oils for application (Vetiver oil, Marjoram oil, peppermint oil, etc.) There are two optional methods of applying these oils to your legs.

  • Mix 2 – 4 drops of your chosen essential oils for restless legs to one diffuser. If you find it good, diffuse it any corner of the room.
  • Apply to the skin directly, but if you’ve got sensitive skin, use your carrier oil. Massage the oil on the bottom of your legs or your wrists.

And one more thing, don’t ignore the importance of your nutrition, so focus on consuming magnesium-rich foods to make your muscles feel better at night. Last but not least, avoid caffeine drinks and alcohol as much as possible [1].

Why do my restless legs syndrome get worse?

You can use some kinds of medications, such as anti-nausea drugs or allergy remedies – all of them contain some sedating antihistamines. This is the reason why your condition becomes worse than before. Apart from these, some other health conditions are also the reasons why your restless legs turn noticeably worse:

  • When you’re pregnant: The symptoms gets worse in the last few months of your pregnancy, and the lack of iron is the main culprit. However, this syndrome usually go away soon right after you have a baby.
  • When you have diabetes or kidney failure: Restless legs syndrome are commonly seen in those who have kidney failure or diabetes. Thus, after curing these health conditions, you’re more likely to treat your restless legs.

Where can I spray the essential oil to make me feel better? Do it directly on my skin?

Apply directly to your irritating areas before bedtime or right at the moment of stress and worries. Spray the oil on the feet or legs as well as massage into any body part for further relaxation.


If you’re having a restless legs syndrome now, you might understand the urge to move the legs through the night, making it hard to sleep soundly. Don’t be upset as long as you’ve learned our ten amazing essential oils for restless legs already in this article. Which one is your most favorite go-to essential oil? Leave us your comment and feel free to make questions if you want further information about pain relief for your Restless legs syndrome.

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