Does Strep Throat Go Away On Its Own?

February 12, 2018

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Does Strep Throat Go Away On Its Own?

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It is always irritating that your throat is in a painful and raw condition. This is when you are attacked by a kind of bacteria named Streptococcus A bacterium. Many are worried about “does strep throat go away on its own?” or they need a special treatment to combat this hateful infection.

Unlike other infections related to human’s throat like a sore throat, strep throat is assessed at a higher awful level in which it comes one extremely fast. Children and young adults are often infected with strep throat. For sure, there are tons of things about strep throat, especially the most-asked question “does strep throat go away on its own?” that you don’t know or just understand a little. Let’s accompany with us, and we will share with you this matter of your concern.

Strep throat quick facts

Before coming into details to know “does strep throat go away on its own?” or it should be treated with medications, we think that you can spend time scanning through some general information about strep throat first. Then, you will have an in-depth into this throat infection to prepare yourself stay away from it.

1. What is strep throat?

Strep throat is a familiar phrase that almost all of us heard about in our lifetime. Well, to make it short and clear for you to understand, it is an infection which is caused by a group of bacteria called A streptococcal.

Strep throat is dangerous because it causes many other severe infections such as the pharynx inflammation as well as a sore throat.

2. What are symptoms of strep throat?

It is not difficult to identify the symptoms of strep throat. Usually, you find your throat hurtful and hard to swallow. When you’re getting trouble with strep throat, swallowing will become painful. Moreover, some signs can be named a fever of 101 F, headache, vomiting, and pain in the gut. Sometimes, if you notice you can find your mouth roof has little red spots on its back [3].

Although fever is recorded as a sign of strep throat, some cases have shown that people with this infection can develop the classic symptoms without or with fever. To know precisely about this aspect, please click this article to learn more CAN YOU HAVE STREP THROAT WITHOUT FEVER?

Some people wonder why they get strep throat. And is that the tonsils one of the leading causes that they have to suffer from this infection? Don’t hesitate to click CAN YOU GET STREP THROAT WITHOUT TONSILS?

Does strep throat go away on its own?

This kind of bacterial infection is most common in children who age between five and fifteen. Strep throat never skip anyone. So, all should be careful even when the majority of cases are in children. With strep throat, it often appears during months of winter and autumn.

Both child and adult can get strep throat, but the most cases are in children. How’s about newborns? Do they get this bacterial infection or not? Read more here CAN NEWBORNS GET STREP THROAT?

Strep throat is something that makes us try to find a treatment for it. With such symptoms as sore throat, fever, nausea, and headache, strep throat makes us feel confused whether it leaves any complications or not and “does strep throat go away on its own” without any treatment.

After wandering around healthcare forums, we found that “does strep throat go away on its own?” is one of the most controversial questions. Understand your worry, we did careful research and asked for consultancy from experts.

This bacterial infection has become more dangerous than you could expect. Via our studies, we now conclude that strep throat can go away on its own. But, it is only in some cases. The factors involved in this possibility are ages, current health condition, the immune system or the genetics.

The below reasons we’ve listed our explanation to bring out whether “does strep throat go away on its own?” or not.

1. It is likely for the body to build its natural immunity to fight off strep throat

[1] We would say yes if you ask “does strep throat go away on its own?”. It is just because we can develop an immune system to combat strep throat so that it can disappear on its own. The only controversial issue is that not everyone can have a healthy immunity. This system varies from one person to one another. It is still possible for this bacteria infection to go away on its own, though.

natural immunity to fight off strep throat
Natural immunity fight off strep throat

It will take around 3 to 7 day for strep throat to disappear with or even without antibiotics. Although strep throat can be healed quickly with antibiotics, especially amoxicillin or penicillin, the one with a proper function of immunity can still skip antibiotics to get over from the infection.

In some cases, you could witness people recovering from strep throat without using antibiotics. Nevertheless, the truth is that its symptoms go away; whereas, the strep throat itself which is left untreated will keep contagious. And, it will take much time to get back at a good health condition.

Get back to the crucial point here. How our body will develop its immune system to heal itself when being confronted by bacteria and viruses.

Have you noticed the fact that some people taking antibiotics still get strep throat after just a short time? It will happen over and over again without any warning. This point is a drawback of using antibiotics for so many times. However, using it to fight against strep throat will minimize the risk of being infected, contagious, or getting complications.

If you leave the strep throat go away on its own, here HOW LONG DOES STREP THROAT LAST WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS that you should also know.

The immunity will be developed to fight off strep throat or any other infections in the way that you confers your body with support whenever you get into trouble with mild diseases or illness. Over the time, the body tends to insist on that support and demand for a strong one.

Once the immune system could recognize the infectious agent, it will signal it to the brain. Then, the immune and few other systems will do its job to take out bacteria.

2. Strep throat is a bacterial infection which PROBABLY goes away on its own

So again, “does strep throat go away on its own?”. For sure, it does. With those of a good immune system, without antibiotics or any treatments, strep throat could vanish. But, how long it lasts might make you reconsider whether you should leave it without medications or heal it with medicines.

According to experts, the strep bacteria could survive in the condition of the dry surface with a period of up to six months. If you leave it unattended during this period, serious complications will emerge before the symptoms of strep throat go away on its own.

Here we give another point to prove strep throat could vanish on its own.

There is a close attachment of the possibility to go away between strep throat and the bacterial infection. Because strep throat has resulted from the Group A Streptococcus, it is a kind of bacterial infection. The truth is that a bacterial infection can resolve on its own and likewise the strep throat.

In this case, the immune system one gains interfere to help get rid of bacteria where it should not be in our body. Not only the immune system but also some other system notice the existence of this bacteria will react and clear them away.

But only when the immune system still functions well without experiencing any genetic predisposition, genetic deficiency or vitamin deficiency, the bacterial infection in general and strep throat, in particular, can go away on its own. Anytime the body realizes a bacterial agent; it automatically attacks to remove them.

On the other hand, the immune system and other system have its downside. Well! It is never fun to be infected. We always wish the speed of eliminating the bacteria will increase as fast as possible. Conversely, it might took forever for the strep throat to be treated unless you take medications immediately.

This is the point that we want to highlight to make you’ll be more aware of this matter. Strep throat possibly go away. But, be mindful about the extended period and the complications it might bring about.

What do experts talk about this possibility?

There is a chance for strep throat goes away on its own. This situation will work if you have a strong immunity. However, it is extremely dangerous and takes much longer.

1. Strep throat easily get contagious

Because it is a kind of bacterial infection, the situation will get worse if you let it disappear on its own.

If you have signs that show you get strep throat, you should be urged to protect yourself immediately from being severely affected by its complications and other health risks. Places such as schools, offices or daycare centers help strep throat bacteria spreads in a rapid speed.

You will be more vulnerable to strep throat when you suffer from droplets brought from infected people via cough and sneezing. You can be susceptible to it through direct contact between people. Some actions including kissing, and sharing cups or utensils can make it you to be more prone to strep throat.

2. Strep throat can leads to severe complications if it is left untreated.

Every coin has two sides. This means that strep throat could go away on their own. But, do you imagine that how terrible it is if you have a weak immune system? The case will be much horrible because strep throat will be contagious and causes some severe complications if we just leave strep throat untreated.

Those who are weak in immunity or don’t have a good gene, the complications will be triggered if strep throat is left unattended. The most worry problem is that strep throat can lead to rheumatic fever. That’s why although it can SOMETIMES go away on its own, it is still necessary to treat it with antibiotics to reduce the risk of getting this kind of fever.

In case, antibiotics are your choice to combat strep throat, and you haven’t decided which is the best antibiotics for you. Please read our BEST ANTIBIOTICS FOR STREP THROAT IN ADULTS; then you can make up your mind which is the most suitable one for you.

[2] Why is rheumatic fever so dangerous? It is because if you experience it, your heart can be damaged. As reported, most of the cases with rheumatic, the patients’ hearts suffered from valves which then forces our hearts to work harder than usual to pump enough blood. If this condition lasts for a quite long time, the chance is that you will be attacked with a severe health state called rheumatic heart disease.

More dangerously, rheumatic fever also results in a temporary disorder of the nervous system. Why is it a disorder? The primary cause is the involuntary, rapid and jerky movements of the body. Other complications can be the emotional outbursts or the muscle weakness.

To sum up for this part, so yes it is true that strep throat could go away “on its own,” but it will work for those with a strengthened immune system and depends on other factors including ages, genetics and health conditions. Nevertheless, strep throat will never be QUICKLY recovered without medications. Unfortunately, it triggers some unexpected complications.

Not-to-be-missed issues involved in “Does strep throat go away on its own?”

When you have known “does strep throat go away on its own?” or not, you might be so excellent at understanding how dangerous it is, how it will be if it is left untreated and what complications it can leave behind.

We think that if you should not only know “does strep throat go away on its own?” or not, you also need to provide yourself with further knowledge and information on this matter. Here, we’ve brought our necessary information that you need to know more.

1. If you are having strep throat, could you go to work or go to public?

Our only and merely answer is NO. If you insist on going to work or public places while you catch strep throat, you will transmit the bacteria to the surrounding people. Because strep throat is straightforward contagious, it is likely to make people who interact with you get that bacteria. So, keep in mind the symptoms of strep throat we mentioned in the very first part. Please notice that you can only go to work unless you find no trace of those signs.

strep throat
Checking up regularly

2. How long does it take for strep throat to go away?

When you’re knowledgeable about “does strep throat go away on its own” you will reckon how long does strep throat last without antibiotics or how long it will last with medications.

To be more specific, symptoms of strep throat tend to become visible around two to five days after you are in contact with the bacteria which causes this infection.

Those with a strong immune system: The symptoms of strep throat, as previously mentioned, will soon disappear even without medications after three to seven days.

Those with a weaker immune system: The symptoms can last up to six months without any signs of recovery.

In some cases, if you just leave the strep throat untreated, that person could be contagious during a period of around two or three weeks. However, the thing we worry is that you could have to undergo undesirable complications. Only by taking antibiotics or proper prescription, you could reduce the risks and get over the disease quicker.

As regards using antibiotics to treat strep throat, you are advised to remove the tonsils to prevent the strep infection from occurring again. To understand why you should do that, then this useful article is for you WHY DO PEOPLE GET THEIR TONSILS REMOVED.

Moreover, sometimes you find tonsil stones in your throat. If you’re in that situation, you want to know whether you could get tonsil stones when you have no tonsils, let’s spend time discovering CAN YOU GET TONSIL STONES WITHOUT TONSILS.


All in all, there are plenty of controversial issues around strep throat. It is a nerve-racking problem for not only the patients but also the experts. So, just by understanding what strep throat is, how it is caused, or “does strep throat go away on its own”, you can become more alert and prepare yourself if the symptoms are going to appear.

There is nothing pricier than strong health and a balanced lifestyle. Bear in your mind essential information about strep throat immediately to be willing to fight off it.

To conclude the article, we want to emphasize again that strep throat could go away on its own. The only distressing thing is that it will surely make you can be susceptible to contagions and complications. Strep throat also varies from a person to one another, which depends mostly on ages, health conditions, and genetics. So, how long strep throat last, how it occurs or vanish, and does strep throat go away on its own also vary.

Hope that this piece of article will be useful for you. Spread the words to those who may concern and don’t hesitate to hit LIKE and SHARE. Moreover, please feel free to leaves your comments to let us know your opinion, requests, and questions. Thank you for your reading!


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