Does Drinking Water Help Acne? – Explore The Interrelation Between Drinking Water And Acne

November 22, 2017

Hannah Hall

Does Drinking Water Help Acne? – Explore The Interrelation Between Drinking Water And Acne

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Has anyone looked at your acne and advised you to drink a lot of water? As wondered by many people, does drinking water help acne? Acne is always a worrying concern for most of us. We might have been trying myriads methods from changing skincare routine, considering what we take in our body every day or going to see the dermatologist. However, the situation does not seem to be improved.

For some people, drinking water frequently throughout a day is not always easy. Water seems a solution to many health issues. However, it is still controversial whether this habit helps to have a clear skin or not. Understand your concern; we will be willing to share our secrets and help you find the answer to the question “Does drinking water help acne?”

As we mentioned above, acne is always a headache problem because it severely affects our appearance. Owning an acne skin means that you need to take care of it and treat it well. An acne skin needs the moisturizer to nourish itself. See more about BEST MOISTURIZER FOR ACNE.

The pure truth about water and acne

The connection between water and acne is often ignored. At first, we need to be well aware of the importance of water to our health. In fact, good health is the key to a beautiful acne and a good lifestyle. Water upholds our survival. We all need water in every aspect of life.

drinking water is essential
Not to mention the benefit to treat acne, water obviously protects our issues, cord as well as joints. Water functions more than just quench our thirst. It maintains our body hydrated and control the body’s temperature.

Additionally, water also enables our bodies to remove waste via defecation and perspiration; thereby alleviating constipation.

Most of us heard this: Drinking water cleans our body in general and the bloodstream in particular. Some might think it sounds logical. However, it is not accurate enough.

If you believe in the ‘yes’ answer for “Does drinking water help acne?”, you may already know the relationship between these two things.

We have been learning that skin is the largest organ of elimination [1]. There are visible signs to show that skin is the first one to be affected when you don’t drink enough water. It is not difficult to imagine how much moisture our skin loses without an adequate amount of water.

Another important skin function is to remove toxic and metabolic waste through sweating. Without water, toxins cannot be gotten rid. They will gradually accumulate more wastes and skin has to take over.

So, does drinking water help acne? There are some opinions which opposes others. Some say that there is little chance to combat acne just by drinking water. The thing lies in your overall health, especially your diet and stress levels.

Does drinking water help acne? Here’s why?

Water constitutes 70% of our body. It also does specific functions for the whole body. Water, coupled with blood, mucus, and lymph help to deliver nutrients and vitamins to every organ. What’s more, it discards wastes. Like other organs of the human body, skin is one of them. Therefore, our skin will be severely affected if we do not drink enough water.

water is important for skin and health

The less water you consume, the higher likelihood of acne you have to suffer. The reason is that a number of toxins and bacteria are locked in the body, which then causes your skin to breakout and acne.

Foreseeable benefits of drinking water for skin:

  • Keep skin hydrated: A healthy and elastic skin is always hydrated. If it falls into the state of dehydration, it means you are likely to experience aging process and damages. It is to say, the skin requires water to be healthy and hydrated.
  •  Prevent the skin from aging signs: When your body is deficient in fluid or liquid, skin tissues tend to shrink. This causes the formation of unwanted wrinkles. With an inadequate amount of water intake every day, pores seem to be enlarged. Therefore, do not forget to drink water to keep your skin youthful as always.

Note: Water is vital. Enough is good. In contrast, if you consume too much, it may disturb the function of electrolytes. Your stomach and other organs are required to work hard, causing them to degrade significantly.

If you have oily skin, drinking a proper amount of water can make it less greasy. Notably, water increases the hydration of your skin, and thus, improves the skin tone.

Another evidence that many people believe in how drinking water can cure acne. As we mentioned above, acne is also caused by hormonal disproportion during monthy menstrual cycles and age of puberty. It has been widely proved that hydration is a benefit in regulating the hormonal level. Hence, it aids to manage acne.

Does drinking water help acne? It is not a miracle

In general, drinking enough water is a good solution for your health and skin to stay strong. However, water is not widely recognized as a treatment to helping acne or preventing breakouts. Why?

There are some causes that form acne. The first thing we all know is that acne is mostly a result of excess oil production of the skin. And, oily skin is highly exposed to acne and breakouts. Although drinking enough water can make your skin less oily, it is not a real cure.

how much water is enough

To battle excess oil, there is nothing better than use treatment with the guidance of dermatologists or skin experts.

Other factors can be attributed to hormonal imbalance, women’ monthly menstrual cycles, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, depression and nutrients deficiencies.

Regardless of your skin type is, remember to keep it hydrated all the time. Hydration combats not only dryness, acne but also breakouts.

In fact, drinking water is not an acne cure. A more critical note involves the cleanser type that you use. For those with severe acne, ­­excessive washing is not good at all. Because, instead of soothing your acne, strong cleansing leads to inflammation of your acne. Hence, the situation get worse than ever.

With an acne skin, you are advised to stay away from such products as soaps, astringents, and scrubs. They do bad things for your sensitive skin.

How much water is needed?

Despite not being a primary cure for acne, drinking water is still a must. As suggested by the Institute of Health, 9 cups which is approximately two liters for women and around 13 cups which is around three liters for men per day. In short, you will need to provide your body with 11 cups of water more or less.

Other alternatives

Now, you may be well aware of that question: “Does drinking water help acne?” It is actually not a real treat to clear your skin. But, you still need it to have a beautiful and hydrated skin. If you are suffering from acne, whether it is the moderate acne or the severe one, you should visit dermatologist to consult for advice [1].

In that case, dermatologists will help you take effective medications after diagnosing. For those with the severe acne, you should not use any products without asking your dermatologist to prevent breakouts. Only your skin expert can help to soothe your redness and acne. This will help for those with whiteheads and cysts. On the other hands, for those with blackheads, BEST BLACKHEADS REMOVERS are always best choices.

Together with consulting your dermatologists, there are a few things you should take into consideration as below:

  • Follow this formula: drink the amount that is half the weight of your body. To be more specific, if you weigh 150 lbs., you are required to drink approximately 75 ounces of water.
  • Supply the body with nutrients: Some not-to-be-missed nutrients are probiotics – a beneficial bacteria for our gut, primrose – fatty acids to enhance our skin tissues, as well as proteolytic enzymes to make our blood clean and promote digestion.
  • Avoid junk foods and alcohol beverages: Fast food, processed foods, and beverages including alcohol, chocolate and caffeine are main factors contributing your acne. If you dream of a clean skin, the first thing to keep in mind is to have a clean gut by eliminating all bad things out of your diet.
  • Stay away from animal-based protein like red meat: Red meat is a kind of food that is difficult to digest. Try to avoid it and replace it with such foods which are full of zins such as whole grains and raw nuts.
  • If you have acne, you should know that such dairy products as cheese, butter, and milk are top enemies of your skin. Therefore, the best way is to keep them out of your meal.
  • Do away with all kinds of sugar from your eating habit: Not everyone has the ability to resist sweetness from cakes, candies or juices. However, are you aware of that the sugar intake weakens the immune system, and thus, results in an alarming imbalance of blood sugar level.
  • Whether you still wonder “does drinking water help acne” or not, eating minimum four servings of vegetables and fresh fruits. These kinds of food contain nutritional values and essential water content to make your body healthier and cleaner.

Still confused “Does drinking water help acne?” Here’s the best way

Well! The truth is we all need water to survive. Though it does nothing special to our skin, we can still make it useful for our skin, at least for acne.

There is nothing to deny that water is one of the four essential elements in our lives. Those who are planning a healthy diet, water is always the best selection to keep you away from beverages like caffeinated and sugar-based drinks. In case, you desire to lose some weights, water can be a solution. it is very useful in decreasing the number of food you take in.

Do not take any hesitation to reach for a bottle of fresh water to drink even when you’re not thirsty. Create a water drinking schedule to make it one of your habit. You will be surprised later for surprising results that you never notice.

Best water recipes for clear skin

So, does drinking water help acne? The only water can do a little benefit. However, you need to add some more things to your pure water. And, you will get a better result.

# 1st Recipe:

Ingredients required are easy to prepare.

  • 1 liter of water
  • Some washed mint leaves
  • 1 cucumber
  • Grated ginger
  • 2 lemons


  • Select a wide-mouth bottle or a glass jug.
  • Pour prepared water into the bottle
  • Cucumber to be required to be sliced before adding into the water bottle
  • Throw in mint leaves, lemon juice and grated ginger together
  • Keep the mixture in the fridge overnight

You will find no difficulties to do this detox water for your body. Without costing much money, this drink can maintain a clear body and skin. You can enjoy it as a drink replacing water. Also, you can carry anywhere you go and drink whenever you feel thirsty.

Another remarkable reason for making this kind of water. We all know that many people are lazy of drinking pure water frequently. If a person who just drink little water, have fast food regularly and unhealthy lifestyle, but still have clear skin, he or she should thank for their good genes.

detox water with mint

In fact, not all people have that luck. The best thing you can do now is to drink over 2 liters of water daily and have a balanced diet, coupled with a standard lifestyle.

# 2nd Recipe:

Does drinking water help acne? Yes, to some extent? So, what is the best type of water for acne? Lemon water or lemon juice is regarded as one of the most beneficial drink in clearing acne. Nevertheless, it also provokes a controversy about that. The reason is that lemon contains too many acids which might badly affect our stomach, gut, and teeth.

Despite those debates, we still mention lemon water as the second recipe for you to drink when you have acne. Everyone knows how to make lemon water, right? The two ingredients needed is lemon and water. Just squeeze the lemon juice into a bottle of water. Keep it in the fridge if you want to drink cold juice.

lemon juice

Besides benefits of soothing your acne, lemon water also assists in weight loss, enhance the digestion process to help you absorb nutrients well, clean your liver and promote your immune system.

The only thing to remember is not to drink just lemon water throughout the day due to its high acidity. You are advised to drink together with pure or mineral water or other juices.


In short, although drinking water cannot replace other treatments to clear your acne, it is a must in our daily. More importantly, it is the first thing to do if you want to have a flawless skin and a balanced healthy.

Now, you must know whether “does drinking water help acne?” or not? Make thing simple. Drink enough water and have a healthy diet.

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