Do You Know How Long Does Liquid Eyeliner Last?

December 27, 2017

Veronica Phan

Do You Know How Long Does Liquid Eyeliner Last?

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Eyes are known as the windows to someone’s soul. Beautiful eyes are sometimes defined as the eyes which can help you attract opposite’ s attention at the first sight. Here is the motivation for eyeliner’s birth.

As you know, defining the eye’s waterline as well as contouring the eyelid in favorable shape is the central mission of eyeliner. But before discussing “how long does liquid eyeliner last?”, why don’t you have a look at the origin and history of eyeliner and see how it has upgraded over the years?

Common Information about eyeliner

About the birth of eyeliner, you can realize a specific of Ancient Egyptian in the movie or historical books that their eyeliners are extremely darkening. It is not the invention of modern makeover artists as you imagined.

According to the scientists, Egyptian was the first people in the world using eyeliner not only because of aesthetic aspect but also to protect skin from the desert sun in the early 10000 BC [1].

After a long time of utilization ingredients such as copper ore, antimony, in the 1960s, liquid eyeliner firstly joined in developing the cosmetic industry to help sharpen eyes with black and white color.

With the development of science as well as cosmetic industry, eyeliner has grown a lot in both quality and quantity features. Moreover, there are a lot of characteristics of an eyeliner brand which people rely on to decide an appropriate eyeliner product for them.

The colors, formulas, and types of eyeliner are all recommended criteria for a person to choose eyeliner. Especially the type of eyeliner is highly emphasized because each type has its features which is suitable for an individual.

Various types of eyeliner

Eyeliner has developed much since and come in a variety of formats. There are five main classes of eyeliner: powder- based eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, cream eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner up to now.  

Here are the brief review about several types of eyeliner we would like all of you to read first; therefore, you can understand why we mention liquid eyeliner in this article.

Moreover, there are many eyeliners available on the market nowadays, but not all of them are labeled “qualified” for the user. HERE ARE THE BEST EYELINER FOR WATERLINE with full review combining with guideline we would like to recommend you.

Pencil eyeliner

how long does liquid eyeliner last

Pencil eyeliner means a pencil containing pigments with wax, oil and other ingredients in wood or paper. Moreover, pencil eyeliners can be firm or soft because all the wax and oil are included in a hard shape.

What can you do with pencil eyeliners?

Of course, pencil eyeliners are used to define the borders of your eyes. Also, pencil eyeliners can help you achieve up- to- date smoky eye look.

How do you use pencil eyeliner?

Its shape is pencil so use pencil eyeliner like a pencil. Sharpen your eye line with pencil then smudge the liner if you want a perfect smoky eye look.

Why should you choose pencil eyeliner?

Pencil eyeliner is ideal for lining the waterline because liquid eyeliner is dangerous for your eyeballs. Moreover, it takes almost no time for the pigmented combination to dry. So the beginners, it is perfect for you.

What are the weak points of pencil product?

Short drying time does not mean that your eye shape lasts for a long time. This type of eyeliner is used exactly like drawing on your eyes with a pencil. Therefore, eyeliner can be easily affected and faded by some unintentionally “eraser.”

Sharpen point of the pencil can make you hurt but blunt point pencil annoys you much when you use pencil eyeliner.

Although highly recommended for the beginners, pencil eyeliner is not a perfect product for the makeover professionals due to a problem: how long does the eyeliner last?

Gel and cream eyeliners

Gel and cream eyeliners come in paste format combining with a brush to apply eyeliner.

Although gel and cream eyeliners are similar in some way, there’s still a difference. Creamy substances of cream eyeliner help you achieve natural look due to silky smooth whereas gel eyeliner gives you a smoky look.

How do you use gel and cream eyeliner?

Usually, each gel and cream eyeliner pot comes to you with a brush to apply on your eyes. Use this brush to trace a line along your lash for a perfect eye line.

Why should you choose cream and gel eyeliners?

Because of different chemical compounds in cream and gel eyeliner, this type of eyeliner is appropriate to variable class such as the beginners and experts.

Gel eyeliners can last in your eyes a long time comparing with creamy and even pencil eyeliners. Thicker lines and creamy formula look smoother on your eyes.

With a small brush, you can create a precise line, as well as control the thickness of line with the brush.

Moreover, gel eyeliner leaves a longer lasting line on your eyelash comparing to pencil eyeliner.

What are the weak points of gel and cream eyeliners?

Gel eyeliner has thicker structure than cream eyeliner; therefore, gel eyeliner takes less time to dry, almost the same dry time with pencil eyeliner.

However, you are applying gel on your eyelash with a small brush, not a pencil. So if you trace a wrong line, it is more difficult for you to fix it up.

Not all brushes are suitable for the beginners, so take time to get used to drawing a line on your eyes.

You should clean the brush regularly if you don’t want to get an infection. And that’s a new chore.

One more disadvantage of using a brush to apply gel and cream eyeliner is you cannot apply eyeliner on your lower lash line if you don’t want to make a mess.

Powder-based eyeliner

how long does liquid eyeliner last

As its name, the eyeliner is made in powder form which is dry like face powder. A higher concentration of pigments is added into the eyeliner for better effect.

How do you use powder- based eyeliner?

The Powder-based eyeliner looks precisely like face powder. So brush is your only assistant.

What are the high points of powder-based eyeliner?

A natural look comes up with you with the help of powder-based eyeliner because this eyeliner can absorb oily residue on the skin.

What about the weak points?

Because of the oil absorbability, your eye line with powder eyeliner dry out very quickly and results in eyeliner flaking on your coat and hair.

Brush hygiene is highly recommended unless you want to get an infection from the dirty brush.

Liquid eyeliner

But our title today is “how long does liquid eyeliner last?”, why is only liquid eyeliner mentioned here? Is there any specialty with the constant time of using liquid eyeliner? Read the below detail and find your answer.

People tend to use pencil eyeliner, gel, and cream eyeliner because they are more familiar and subtle whereas there are a number of choosing liquid eyeliner. But we are proving that you’re not right in some ways.

Actually, liquid eyeliner is the highest recommendation for making a perfect, as well as dramatic eyeliner for every girl. What are the reasons?

Top 5 advantages of using liquid eyeliner


There’s always a problem with powder- based eyeliner which are gel and pencil eyeliners that the line will get curdle on the eyelid and make the eyelid line less smooth.     

But it is not all the fault of powder texture, excessive eye movements and unsteady application results in small clumping on the eyelid. Liquid eyeliner is originally liquid, it cannot clump, so the problem is solved.

Smooth application

As mentioned before, liquid eyeliner makes your line look smoother on the eyelid because liquid texture helps liquid eyeliner flows and adheres more naturally on the eyelids than powder- based eyeliners.

In addition, if you want to apply gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliner, you should pull on your eyelids whereas liquid eyeliner does not require you that much. Therefore, you can reduce the risk of smudging your eyeliner while trying to get your fingers out of the way.

Bolder colors

Sharper and bolder line on the eyelids make your look more dramatic which is really appropriate to the professionals and people who work under show light.

how long does liquid eyeliner last

Easy remover

Although a number of brands added waterproof formulas into eyeliner, you can easily remove eyeliner with makeup remover. Powered eyeliner blends with your skin much so you have to rub a little bit to remove all the eyeliner.

The liquid eyeliner still remains moist after being applied, so you don’t have to worry about flaking landing on your clothes.  

Staying power

Because our topic is “how long does liquid eyeliner last”, the staying advantage of liquid eyeliner is the best ending.

Arman Beasley has claimed that “Longevity is the biggest advantage of using liquid eyeliner”. Basically, liquid eyeliner needs time to dry, but everything is worth.

You don’t need to wait for gel, cream and pencil eyeliner to dry, therefore, the line can smudge and fade in a shorter time.

Liquid eyeliner’s extra power

Nowadays, a lot of brands has added some extra abilities to their eyeliner products which include waterproof and smudge- resistant.

These formulas are the extra features which mean evolutions of eyeliner and make a wonderful answer for “how long does liquid eyeliner last?

  • Waterproof eyeliner has developed nowadays to satisfy user’s need because no one wants smudging eyeliner because of the weather like rain or even hot weather when you are over sweating.

Moreover, people who have particular careers such as artists, models and others who have to wear makeup all day long really need this waterproof eyeliner.

  • Smudge- resistant eyeliner is another wonderful achievement of human beings in upgrading eye sharpening product. Even without water, you can smudge colored liner on your eyes with hair, hand and even clothing which is really uncomfortable.

How long does liquid eyeliner last? Can it last all day?

The answer is yes. In fact, there has not been a specific border for liquid eyeliner’s lasting time. The golden time for liquid eyeliner is usually longer than using pencil eyeliner and powder- based eyeliner which is more than 6 hours.

But we are mentioning about the lasting time of liquid eyeliner so our response to you is liquid eyeliner can stay in your eye shape in a day.

However, when eyeliner becomes one as you, there are some related factors which affect the lasting time of liquid eyeliner such as the liquid eyeliner’s extra formulas mentioned before which includes smudge-resistant and waterproof and other factors we will introduce about.

The smudging border of you eye line when using liquid eyeliner is different. There are some related factors which can affect the effectiveness of liquid eyeliner.

  • Each liquid eyeliner brand has a strategy and formula for its product. Consider the extra formula and review of liquid eyeliner here before making a decision.
  • Weather plays important role in eyeliner lasting time. If the weather is too hot and you are over sweating, it will be a disadvantage. Or it’s raining, too bad.
  • Dress changing is another related factor for smudging liquid eyeliner. Actually, this action has an impact on your complete makeover face. So consider the clothing or wear on before makeup, as well as put on eyeliner.

5 steps to apply liquid eyeliner that last all day

Having a long-lasting eyeliner with liquid eyeliner product is not that hard. In order to make liquid eyeliner last for a day, here are the 5 steps to make liquid eyeliner stay in place all day long

  •    Step 1: Cleaning up all excess oil and dirt from the eye area.

Oily and dirty eyelids easily create smudge with liquid eyeliner. Oil-free remover should be applied with a clean cotton ball.

  •    Step 2: Eyelid primer is necessary for a smooth and longer- lasting makeup face.

The primer controls oily eyelids and any other related factors which smudge eye line.

Dab a primer drop on your finger and pat it into your eyelid. But too much primer can bring up opposite effect which results in clumping.

Don’t apply primer on your waterline if you have sensitive eyes. It can cause irritation.

Then wait for the primer to dry completely

  •    Step 3: Apply liquid eyeliner.

The question “how long does it take for liquid eyeliner last” is as important as “how long does liquid eyeliner last” which means you have to wait for a while for liquid eyeliner to be in shape.

Get in the right position and apply liquid eyeliner with a steady hand is highly recommended. Leave your elbow on the table and your hand in on your cheek while spreading on liquid eyeliner.

Each individual gets used to different ways to apply liquid eyeliner, therefore, we will not mention it here.

You can watch this full guideline video about “how to apply liquid eyeliner to last a day”.

Additional Tips

  • Carry Q- tips in your bag will help you in case you cannot control your liquid eyeliner. In addition, a mini bottle of Q- tips with eyeliner remover is the best.
  • You should curl your lashes before applying eyeliner if you don’t want your eyes to become a mess.


The answer for “how long does liquid eyeliner last?” is not easy to answer because it depends on variable factors such as the formulas in liquid eyeliner (waterproof and smudge- resistant), weather and people’s condition because sweating and oil can reduce the effect of liquid eyeliner much.

But after all information above, we hope that you can find the ideal solution for perfect eye line and answer the question “how long does liquid eyeliner last?” yourself.

If you found out this article helpful, remain 5 stars and share to your friend. That’s our motivation to make more useful reviews.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help you!

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