The Untold Truth: Do Spray Tans Cause Cancer?

January 26, 2018

Jelly Bell

The Untold Truth: Do Spray Tans Cause Cancer?

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Well, you always think that having a golden-brown tan skin is just sexy, but the entire process won’t do your body any favor, especially from the sunlight exposure. Don’t worry because now we’ve got another choice: Sunless tanning options, such as spray tans and self-tanning lotion. But there’s one question that we’re always unsure about with these fake tans: Do spray tans cause cancer?

There’s one thing for sure: Spray tanning is recognized as a safer method as compared to the risky radiation applied in most tanning beds. However, a group of experts still have some major concerns that the active chemical substance inside the spray could cause cancer. That doesn’t sound good at all, but does it mean we must cancel all spray-tanning options? Wait a minute since here’s what we found:  

Nobody tells you about spray tanning? What is it, exactly?

You’ve probably heard someone talking about it, or simply seen it over a movie, and yes, that’s what a spray tan is about! Spray tanning has become more popular day by day, and there are countless men and women who try to find the BEST WAY OF HOW TO TAN FASTER WITHOUT BURNING.

spray tanning becomes popular
Spray Tanning Becomes Popular

With $50, you can find an expert to spray you from head to toes as well as every little area in-between; as a result, your skin tone results in the shades that are beautifully darker than your natural complexion. If spending money is not what you planned from the start, how about getting a bottle of a self-tanner to spray yourself?

If you keep being mixed up with all of this knowledge, or don’t know how to get the best tan with an incredible bronze shade, browse through our  article on how to GET THE BEST TAN PHYSICS REVIEWS. It will display what most girls are searching for a perfect tanning appearance: Tan Physics, the best solution for your self-tanning purpose! The product owns its strength and defects, so to gain the most wanted result, come to learn more about them before applying anything.

So does it work? And HOW LONG DOES A SPRAY TAN LAST? It works, definitely, and tends to stay still on your skin for 5 – 10 days, and maybe longer than that as long as you know the tips and tricks to retain it. However, some people still worry that what makes it such a rapid transformation? Is this self-tanner a dye for real? A toxic chemical? Is it safe? And do spray tans cause cancer? And what is this ‘paint’ made of?

DHA is used as the active ingredient of the most trustworthy self-tanners nowadays. So what is DHA here? It comes from some common plant resources we’ve known in reality, such as sugar cane and sugar beets.

More importantly, DHA is not a dye though it can trigger the skin chemical reaction after a session [1].

Therefore, everything is fine because we’re not applying any dye or chemical color to the skin, but only making a situation where your entire skin increases such a nicely natural bronze shade on its own. It usually happens after going through a spontaneous chemical boost.

Is it hard to imagine the process? Not really, especially after you witness the similar chemical responding when you brown one piece of bread or roast some potatoes to brown. It just occurs in the same way, and this effect caused by DHA will keep going on from three to ten days. Alright, let’s talk about its safety on our skin! Do spray tans cause cancer as the others always are mumbling about?

Do spray tans cause cancer when spraying DHA on your pale skin?

Do spray tans cause cancer?” is what we’ve been asked by so many people who wanted to give this self-tanner a try. As far as we know, spray tans are quite safe and won’t ever trigger skin cancer. Instead of them, anyone who chooses the exposure to UV rays is exactly what will put him or her at risks for growing that fatal illness.

does spray tans really cause cancer
Does Spray Tans Really Cause Cancer?

No UV light applied throughout your spray; there will be no risk involved at all. Above all, it’s one of the fastest, easiest, and most convenient ways to give you an attractive and natural-looking glow without being exposed to the radiation. And if you like, we recommend you the THREE PRICELESS WAYS FOR HOMEMADE SELF TANNER THAT DOESN’T WASH OFF just in case you’d like to save up some pennies.

As mentioned above, the major active ingredient used in most spray tans is DHA, also known as a glycerin derivative. Once apply it to your skin, it naturally reacts and then connects to some amino acids in your dead skin on the outer layer of your complexion. This happens to present you an illusion of a tan that slowly fades away over time.

In all cases, DHA (dihydroxyacetone) creates a browning responding – the similar kind of responding that takes place when you’re grilling any meat. This probably sounds a bit frightening, but this browning reaction merely occurs in the “horny layer,” which means that you don’t have to be concerned too much about it. And if you wonder if it’s the only secure way to get a tan look, we would say ‘yes.’

Well, are you satisfied? To bake or to fake? If faking, do spray tans cause cancer? All of these classic questions won’t bother you anymore!

By sitting under the severe sun, your skin will be damaged, not to mention how cellular changes are made to increase your risk for skin cancer, especially among the mature people who are under 40 years old. According to Dr. Darrell Rigel, a dermatology expert at New York University, to have a natural tan from the UV light, your skin needs to get injured.

Everyone just knows this, but you still feel anxious about it. But with sunless self-tanners, they’re not anything like those dangerous rays so that they’re not meant to harm your skin. These items are packed with one ingredient that only covers the outermost sheet of the skin.

Always do it with caution, even with DHA as it also has some risks that you never expect.

Be careful, DHA has its risks!

We can’t give you the exact answer to your most concerned worry “do spray tans cause cancer?” If you’re really into getting a spray tan and just love to do it all the time, watch out for some unwanted health issues. How come? The first reason here is because sunless tanning is pretty much a new thing, meaning that we don’t see much research about its true effects with DHA.

Following one study of this substance, it was said to possibly change the gene of various cells and even organisms though no human subject joined this study. When accidentally inhale DHA, it’s likely to get in your lungs and through the bloodstreams, which might lead to some severe health issues like cancer for instance.  

According to a report of ABC News, it showed the major concerns about salons and the chance of breathing DHA along with other substances. Following it is research which apparently kept up with the idea that spray-tanning inhalation might increase human’s risk for asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).  

As you see, DHA overuse also shows a dangerous situation not just for those who get a spray tan, but for the one who provides the products per day. Above all, your health is determined mainly by your own decision. Remember that the tanning is certainly safer than baking yourself in the sun, or lying in a tanning bed.

does spray tans cause cancer
True Effects Of DHA

Or if you’re afraid of any side effect, spare some time considering much safer self-tanning methods and read our GUIDELINE FOR HOW TO APPLY SELF-TANNER WITHOUT STREAKS. After hearing several people who have praised these self-tanners much recently, you just desire to know the true answer to your unclear question “HOW LONG DOES SELF TANNER LAST?” Go to find out by yourself and get ready for a tanning session at the high comfort of your home!

We all desire to appear like the sun-kissed and bronzed queens with such a perfect tan, even during the winter. And the solution is…You guessed it right – spray tans or self-tanners! However, comparing it with the tanning beds, which one is safer and not going to cause skin cancer (also known as melanoma)? Here’s the detail:

Why is your spray tan safer to tanning beds?

According to FDA, any tanning method using UV radiation to tan people can create some serious health risks without us knowing. The most common problems here include skin cancer, premature aging, and skin burns. Following it is an enhanced number of reports that claimed that a tanning bed is even much riskier than we thought.

While your spray tan is seen as a radiation-free option and was agreed to be so secure that even a girl as young as five years old who is allowed to get sprayed to own a perfect tan for her performance in beauty pageants.

And what’s coming up next? That is the time when the tanning service has hit thousands of salons across America even without protective equipment. In this context, try to use both eye and nose guards to make sure the whole tanning process to be fully safe.

Now you don’t have to ask yourself something like “do spray tans cause cancer?” Or “does your spray tan cause any health issues?” over and over again. Here are the best ways to decrease your risk factor of all health issues from your tan [2]:

  • Those having sensitive skin probably react with a touch of a self-tanner, and if this sign depicts you, make sure to test a little patch of your skin before applying it onto the whole area.
  • Avoid visiting the automatic spray tanner booths where you might experience many flows of tanning shoot toward your eyes and nose. Instead, let’s meet a spray tan expert who knows how to utilize one air gun properly to keep the whole spray far from the eyes, nose, and mouth for the long session
  • Make a reservation at a place where experts in using spray tans. With cheaper shops, they’re more likely to avail the deepest tanners that only contain unreliable fragrances, such a tyrosine or canthaxanthin. Thus, whenever you feel doubtful about what sort of self-tanner that store sells, let’s research on your own.
  • During the tanning session, remember to wear lip balm, earplugs and nose plugs for examples. Once the air brusher touches the face, he or she will tell you to hold breath. Try to do as she said as long as possible by pressing lips together and shutting down the eyes.
  • Or, you can ask him or her to skip head completely, but only avail the bronzer to cover the face and then the rest of your body for the upcoming week.
  • Some folks suggest putting on goggles during the spray session, but having the clear goggle lines is not the idea of an appealing tan.
  • Within the initial 24 hours right after being tanned, your skin tone tends to be likely to free-radical damage. So if anyone asks you “do spray tans cause cancer?” Be confident to answer that you must stay indoors or spread the SPF on your skin, nothing bad is going to happen!

As you see, based on what we learned today, though DHA overuse will lead to some health issues, such as asthma or COPD, it’s still safe when we apply it to the skin properly. Having the right application refers to dodging your highly sensitive complexion around the eyes or on the lips, together with other cuts.

And there’s another huge warning you can’t neglect here: Spray tans or the overall self-tanners never give your skin any effective protection from the sun damage. We’re saying this because there are so many people who assume these tanners to act just like sunscreens, but they don’t for real!

Also, just forget about the burns and add some tanning oil for your gorgeous body skin shade that can last and can’t hurt your skin. To do this, you need to FIND OUT THE BEST TANNING OIL FOR AN ULTIMATE GLOWING TAN. Try to compare all of the best oils together before jumping to your final decision. Pick the right one for yourself and match it perfectly with bronze glow demands.


Stopping inquiring the others “do spray tans cause cancer?” because now you’ve got the answer to that classic question already! Spray tans never lead to the development of cancer and they’re even safer than other tanning beds. But to solve all of this hassle is to know how to love your body, not the way the culture has convinced you that it should be.

Human’s beauty arrives in every shape, size, and skin tone, so learning to accept and feel comfortable with your own skin is what you should aim at. It doesn’t matter what shade you have, or how dark or light it may be, your skin needs to be protected and nurtured to prevent any potential health issue.

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