Do Ingrown Hairs Go Away on Their Own?

January 30, 2018

Veronica Phan

Do Ingrown Hairs Go Away on Their Own?

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Ingrown hairs might make some people think of a hairless body. Does it sound attractive when you can show any part of your body without embarrassment?

On second thought, you might not want it as much as you think. Ingrown hairs, in fact, refer to a condition in which your hair does not grow naturally. Instead, it stays into your skin and then, causes infections.

Let’s find out what are they and more importantly, do ingrown hairs go away on their own or you have to do something with them!

What Are Ingrown Hairs?

ingrown hairs
Ingrown hairs

It is important to mention that ingrown hairs are very common and there is nothing unusual about it.

You can think of ingrown hairs as the formation of a cyst inside your hair follicle. It results from grown-out hair which curls back into your skin and then, leads to infection. Some people might know this condition as folliculitis [1].

In normal conditions, your new hair will develop straight out of the hair follicles. You can find these follicles right within your skin. Over time, the hair grows and exits the surface of your skin.

However, ingrown hairs do not develop in this way. And we need to be worried when they become infected.

You can read more about the difference between ingrown hairs and other similar problems in ALL FACTS ABOUT INGROWN HAIR CYSTS.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

Although people with curly hair have a higher risk of ingrown hairs, the fact has shown that most of us experience them at least once in our life.

They might develop as you have too many dead cells on your skin’s surface. As a consequence, they make your hair follicles clogged up.

Besides, shaving or waxing has significant effects on this condition. You might notice that ingrown hairs occur most commonly in body areas where hair needs removing, for example, armpits, legs or pubic region [2].

It means that if you use inappropriate devices to eliminate hair, you might accidentally irritate the thick layers of your skin. This allows the bacteria to enter into your skin and result in inflammation.

Other possible factors that increase the risk of ingrown hairs in you are dry skin, tight clothes or unsuitable skin care products [3].

How Can You Identify Infection?

Before asking do ingrown hairs go away on their own, you have to know how to figure this problem out.

It is not quite tricky to identify ingrown hairs on your own. Normally, you can figure out infection as it begins with a red bump. Then, over time, when infection develops, pus and bump will become larger.

Also, you may notice some of these symptoms around ingrown hairs:

  • Irritation
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness
  • Redness

You may also need to know HOW LONG DO INGROWN HAIRS LAST to identify the severity of your condition.

In case these symptoms are severe, you had better find doctors to ask for advice before applying any treatment on your own.

Usually, doctors will prescribe medication to help you get rid of this problem quickly. For instance, some prescription steroid creams are useful to prevent inflammation. On the other hand, prescription-strength antibiotic creams will deal with the infection.

Once the infection of your ingrown hairs becomes chronic, medications are essential in the treatment. Retinoid creams will eliminate dead skin cells and also lower the risk of scars from your infections.

It is essential to note that you may need antibiotics and oral steroids if infection affects your internal organs and blood.

Do Ingrown Hairs Go Away on Their Own?

It is sure that you will get rid of ingrown hairs without treatment [4].

However, only after the natural growth of your hair can ingrown hairs disappear. Therefore, the sad truth is that you might suffer from them during an extended period unless you do something.

The severity will determine how long your ingrown hairs are. They might last for just several days, but sometimes it can be up to several weeks.

So, if you are wondering do ingrown hairs go away on their own, the answer for you is No. Unfortunately, you need to intervene to get rid of ingrown hairs more quickly.

But the good news is that there are several ways to help you achieve that goal!

How to Make Ingrown Hairs Go Away Faster

Do you need to wait for ingrown hairs to go away on their own? No. You can accelerate that process by applying some of these methods.


One of the simplest ways to eliminate ingrown hairs is warm compress, and it only costs you several minutes per day. The results are enormous when it helps to make your skin softer.

Furthermore, the warm compress is also an essential step in many following remedies for ingrown hairs.

You need hot water and a clean, soft washcloth. Pressing the washcloth dipped in hot water will help you reduce swelling and infections at the same time. Repeat if ingrown hairs are still not visible to you.

In case you cannot find the ingrown hairs after ten minutes of warm compress, it is a sign that you cannot do it. Your ingrown hairs can not go away on their own. So, you had better seek for medical help.  

Egg Membrane

egg membrane
Egg membrane

Do you know that many people manage to make ingrown hairs go away on their own at home without any expensive treatment? It is all about egg membrane.

Egg membrane is another simple, but very effective way to help you remove ingrown hairs quickly. It just takes several minutes, but the results might be better than any devices.

How to apply:

  • Get the membrane from the inside part of an eggshell
  • Use the membrane to cover your affected area
  • Wait until it becomes dry and shrink around this area
  • When you pull it off, your ingrown hairs should go along with it on their own

Sharp Device

Sharp devices refer to the use of tweezers, sterile needle, and routable medical devices that you can pull the hair out. However, you need to follow a specific set of rules in order not to harm your skin.

First of all, it is important to apply warm compress, which makes it easier to see the hair on your skin. You had better not dig to look for the hair in case it is not visible.

Secondly, avoid plucking your hair out if possible. You need to be certain that your ingrown end is completely out.

Coaxing your hair out might make you spend an amount of time. Therefore, persevere and never cut your skin.

Acne Medication

Many people might realize that there are many similarities between ingrown hairs and pimples. It is even more correct when your ingrown hairs go with pus. In such case, you can use acne medication as a helpful way to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are good options for you to apply a few times on a daily basis and keep that habit for a couple of days.

Moreover, daily exfoliation plays an essential role in the treatment of ingrown hairs. It reduces swelling, enabling your hair to grow out more easily.

In case acne medication is not available, toothpaste can be a good alternative way.


As mentioned above, exfoliation is important to remove ingrown hairs quickly and correctly. But do you understand how often you should apply to make ingrown hairs go away on their own?

Thus, you need to scrub ingrown hairs about 2-3 times per day and remember to do it gently.

Exfoliation can eliminate excess oils, dirt, and dead skin cells which may be inside your skin with ingrown hairs. In addition, this process helps to m


ake the tip of ingrown hairs go out of the skin.

Exfoliation is good, but you do not need to do it too often and too hard. Do not exfoliate your skin so hard that you notice bleeding in surrounding areas.

Essential Oils

Last but not least, for those who do not prefer sharp devices or any medication, essential oils are the best choices thanks to the fact that they are safe for all people.

You can take some of our favorite ESSENTIAL OILS FOR INGROWN HAIRS to treat your problem. Most of them are available everywhere, so you have no difficulty getting one.

For instance, tea tree oil, one of the most popular oils in the world, provides excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities to fight against infections, swelling and other symptoms.

Check the truth behind TEA TREE OIL FOR INGROWN HAIR immediately and learn how do many people manage to make ingrown hairs go away on their own?

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If you want to be free of concerns over do ingrown hairs go away on their own, it is a better idea to start the prevention. Once you do not have to face it, you do not need to worry about its treatment.

Ingrown hairs might develop because of various factors. However, some of them are identified and you can make use of this information to learn how to prevent ingrown hairs.

The bottom line is to guarantee safe hair removal process all the time.

Shaving care

Many people ignore the importance of priming the skin before shaving and the consequence is ingrown hair. You should follow a series of steps in order to make sure that shaving is safe for your skin.

  • Use mild soap to wash the skin
  • Then, use shave gel or cream to lubricate. If your skin is sensitive, please take your time to select the most suitable product
  • After shaving, you should keep it dry before putting your clothes on

Single-bladed Razor

It might come as a surprise that some razors are more likely to cause ingrown hairs. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the razor. One of the best recommendations is a single-bladed razor.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to how long you have used your razor. In case it is too old, do not hesitate to get yourself a new one with precise cuts. It will reduce significantly the risk of ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal

In spite of its high cost, this is a method you should think about if you have opportunities. It will help you get rid of ingrown hairs in the long term. Normally, its effects last for good, which means that ingrown hairs do not grow back.

Chemical Removers

Although many people are reluctant to use chemical removers to remove ingrown hairs, it is undeniable that they bring positive results in many circumstances.

However, sensitive skin will have big problems with chemical removers. Therefore, you need to test it over a small skin area in order to check whether your skin can tolerate it or not.

In case reactions do not come within 24 hours, you are allowed to use that remover. But do not lack attention because your genital area is usually more sensitive than other skin areas.

There are also prescription creams which aim to control the regrowth of hair. They are particularly effective if you have experienced laser removal.

Electrolysis is another treatment that saves you forever from ingrown hairs. Your hair root will be destroyed by electrodes.


Do ingrown hairs go away on their own? The possibility is that you have to wait a long time for it to happen. So, why don’t you take actions to speed up the removal of ingrown hairs.

There are numerous ways to eliminate ingrown hairs faster than waiting them to go away on their own. We hope that you can find the most suitable methods and do not forget to SHARE it with people around you! Hit the LIKE to support our effort every day!

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