Do Blackheads Go Away On Their Own?

January 4, 2018

Hannah Hall

Do Blackheads Go Away On Their Own?

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Blackheads are the most worrying type of acne ever. So, the question of “Do blackheads go away on their own?” is always at the center of many beauty discussions. We’re in a hurry to remove blackheads. However, we need to have a deep understanding of what they are and what causes them to appear frequently.

The truth is that blackheads are not as severe as others, but they still leave a terrible look. There are some arguments that they could go away on their own. However, there exist controversies involving the need of specific remedies to get rid of these stubborn blackheads.

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Let’s face blackheads! Read below to find down whether they go on their own or not!

What are blackheads?

You must have known so well about what blackheads are. But, we still want you to know more.

Known as a type of comedone, it is caused when the clogged pores in the skin combined with dead skin cells. We can see a dark color on the top of the blackheads. That’s why they are called blackheads.

Fast facts about blackheads

Before going into know “Do blackheads go away on their own?” We’re sure that blackheads are the weirdest pimples ever.

In the face, there exist pores which are much like our ear canals. For some people, cleaning is enough to make their face clean because pores on our face can clean themselves. However, there are a plenty of reasons leading to the blocks of pores. This also leads to different ways of thinking about your blackheads and your pores on the face.

Unlike others kinds of pimples which are apparent to recognize, blackheads do not seriously affect our appearance. We can see them in a short distance. And, they often appear around cheeks, noses, and everywhere else.

  •        Blackheads can be perfectly covered with makeup products; whereas, other pimples such as red or white acne require careful makeup with excellent coverage.
  •        This kind of pimples usually appear when there is a significant sebum production due to increased hormones.
  •        They become more severe if we try to scrub or squeeze. Like other pimples, blackheads needs their own remedies and techniques to kick off them [2].
  •        Because blackheads are a result of sebum – an oily substance under the skin, we need to stay away from oil-based skin care and makeup products. Also, it would be better to avoid products with alcohol. Alcohol sometimes irritates the skin badly [2].

So, do blackheads go away on their own?

It may be a confusing question for most of us. We have spent much time finding out whether “do blackheads go away on their own” or we need take action to discard them. And, after a meticulous research, our final answer is that they don’t go away on their own.

blackheads on the nose

Without any interference, blackheads will sit still and never disappear. However, it is not a good idea to squeeze them or rely on potentially damaged extraction. There are specific methods that go on well with blackheads, for sure. There are natural remedies you could apply at home to treat. Or, you can visit a spa or dermatologist to consult what the best way for your blackheads is.

A lot of people said that blackheads actually come out by themselves. But, it is the situation when you use this or that method. In fact, blackheads are so stubborn that they requires the proper treatment to kick out all of them. No matter what method you use, it will takes not only much time but also gentle treatment.

So, if you still wonder “Do blackheads go away on their own?” or not, the answer is that they will be there until you extract them or use approximately ways to get rid of them.

If you do something about them, then blackheads will go away. If nothing is done, “do blackheads go away on their own?” No, for sure. There is nothing better than face it and find out a right method to combat it.

You should be the person who understand your skin and every pore most. As usual, the skin area that used to be clogged will be easily clogged again. Both blackheads and other kinds of pimples are often hard to control. There are some periods that they appear nonstop. If you don’t know how to rescue in time, the result you receive later is a wounded face.

Have you ever thought that how you face would look like when you just leave ugly blackheads alone? We make sure that you will be going to find something to get a good look again because these blackheads will never go away on their own.

You should know that how bad it is when squeezing blackheads frequently. As we mentioned above, blackheads with the black tops which are a result of the exposure to oxygen. Just imagine that when you squeeze that blackhead, you accidentally allow the bacteria to enter the pore. That’s why blackheads become worse and you make the pore larger and larger.

What should be done to get rid of blackheads?

Because it is hard for stubborn blackheads to disappear naturally, you need to find appropriate ways to treat it gently. We’ve listed things that are considered to be good for blackheads. Therefore, whether “do blackheads go away on their own?” or not, you still know what to do with your blackheads.

The right cleansing should be chosen

We’re been understood that the excessive oil production triggers the formation of blackheads. Hence, we’re supposed to choose fragrance-free and special scrubs that contain exfoliating ingredients. However, the type of cleanser you select still supply enough moisture for the skin. It means that it does not make your skin overly dry.

If your skin becomes too dry, it will produce more oil than usual. The reason lies in the natural mechanism performance of the skin. A dry skin always needs moisture, so more oils are produced to balance the shortage of moisture.

Non-comedogenic cosmetics are preferred

When the pores are clogged, accompanied with the exposure to oxygen, they become blackheads. And, non-comedogenic products are obviously smart solutions to keep the pores clean; thereby decreasing the number of dead skin cells. Bear in mind that dead skin is the main cause of your blackheads.

Any products that lead to the buildup of these unexpected cells will not only make your blackheads in particular but also your skin in general degraded [3].

terrible blackheads on the chin

Prescription treatments are most effective

A treatment will works best for blackheads. In addition to some efficient home remedies you can use, prescription treatments such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid can greatly improve the skin conditions. Apply it directly on the skin with blackheads.

Another type of prescription medication is the treatment that contains vitamin A. Best known vitamin extracts can be adapalene, tretinoin and tazarotene. These substances are strongly believed to prevent the formations of plugs. Therefore, you can avoid over oil production and enhance the turnover of each skin cell.

What should avoid to remove blackheads?

Now, you already know the answer to “do blackheads go away on their own”; thus, you also need to know bad things that might make your blackheads become worse or even stand still forever. We’ve come up with bad things that you should say no to avoid unwanted results.

Squeezing blackheads

We have expressed above that you should never squeeze your blackheads if you don’t want these blackheads get worse. When you are trying to squeeze your blackheads, it means that you are making the oil glands to return into the skin.


Sometimes, you asked anyone “do blackheads go away on their own”, you must had been advised by that steaming would work for blackheads. Many misunderstand that steaming which helps to open the pores to make it easy to remove all the blackheads.

However, no research has been found to prove that it is good to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, there are some cases when people treat blackheads by steaming and their skin become more allergic to any products they apply than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackheads

We hope that our answer to the question “Do blackheads go away on their own?” would satisfy you and help you know more about this weird kind of pimples.

The unwanted appearance of troublesome blackheads on our skin is extremely irritating and annoying. No one expects those spots on the skin. Well, we have recorded multiple misconceptions related to blackheads.

Most misunderstand that blackheads are the result of dirt that are stuck in the skin pores. However, it is not the only cause. The main one should be the fact that they experience the process of sebum oxidization from our skin.

For sure, there are many more involved questions about blackheads that everyone is curious. We have listed most asked blackheads questions and answers.

1.   How do you exfoliate your nose?

[1] The skin naturally produce oil to keep itself hydrated all the time. However, the downside is that this oil production process also leads to pore clogs. These pore clogs can be seen by the naked eyes on every skin area, especially the nose because pores seems larger on noses than other areas.

People are often died of blackheads on the nose because it is hard to remove them. Then, there are a lot of controversies about “do blackheads go away on their own?” and “how do you exfoliate?” to make your skin clean.

We’ve experienced and then come up with a very helpful way of eliminating blackheads on your nose. Firstly, it is necessary to wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser to avoid watery and natural moisture of the skin. After that, applying a clay mask will help extract oil and dirt from your pores.

Removing dead skin cells is an indispensable step to make the pores get smaller and clean. Hence, remember to clean our nose with a facial scrub twice a week. If you own a dry skin, a creamy facial exfoliating product is an excellent choice; while acne-prone and oily skin needs a scrub with salicylic acid.

In addition to exfoliating scrubs, another device that facilitates to remove the stubborn blackheads is an electronic brush. Why is it so useful for blackheads? It is because this device contains rotating brush heads which clean and exfoliate the skin in a very gentle way.

2.   What are comedones?

We did a research and find out that those who asked “do blackheads go on their own way?” often wonder “what are comedones?” If you clearly understand what the comedones are, you probably know where blackheads come from.

We have tried our best to list out a best overview of comedones. It is also known as a clogged pore. The truth is that your skin comprises of millions of pores in which there is a sebaceous gland in each pore.

This sebaceous gland which can be called oil gland serves the function of nourishing skin and providing enough moisture. However, sometimes the amount of oil in each gland is excessive, like when there is an imbalance of hormones, the pore is blocked by dirt and dead skin cells.

With this condition, the oil gland cannot operate through an open pore. As a result, small bumps on the skin surface are formed unexpectedly and called a comedone. How does it involve blackheads? Sure, when a comedone is open, it contacts with oxygen and leads to black spot on top of the bump. These are called blackheads that you are trying to remove.


In short, blackheads are the worse kinds of pimples we’ve witnessed. Even when you poke, extract or make great attempt to get rid of them, they still comeback. So, be gentle to them in particular and your skin in general.

Every type of pimples, not to mention blackheads require time to treat. Without a proper method, the situation may get worse. Our advice is to listen to your skin and understand what it needs. Hope that our article can help you clarify whether “do blackheads go away on their own?” or not. Also, stick to our above tips and see the surprising result.

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