Can You Shower After You Tan?

March 11, 2018

Jelly Bell

Can You Shower After You Tan?

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The idea of using a tanning bed is cool, but it might cause you a little bit uncomfortable. It heats you up, and then you will feel hot and start getting all sweaty. At this time, you probably think that “I have to take a shower after this,” so that you can keep yourself cool to beat the heat. But can you shower after you tan? And HOW LONG DOES A TAN LAST after the shower?

Believe it or not? This is indeed a mistake for all avid tanners and tanning salon owners. Bear in mind that you need to avoid taking a shower just after you’ve used a tanning bed. Instead, wait for a specific duration before it. Read more below to find out why:

Can you shower after you tan? Yes, but you must wait!

Before diving into the details of the shower after your tanning session, it’s crucial to figure out where such a belief originates in. Everyone believes dodge showering right after using a tanning bed since they trust that the whole tanning procedure must take from 24 to 48 days to finish.

tanning procedure must take from 24 to 48 days to finish
Tanning procedure must take from 24 to 48 days to finish

In other words, the question “can you shower after you tan?” has already had the answer. Yes, but you need to wait for a certain duration. It’s so true – the entire process usually takes more than two days. It’s just something every tanner should be conscious about and will experience for the first time.

For example, some people prefer a tanning skin that only lasts for a short time (2-3 days), they would choose to learn more about BEST TAN PHYSICS REVIEWS before using it. In this case, they only wait for at least 6 hours before taking a shower. Read on HOW TO APPLY TAN PHYSICS to enjoy its fullest effect.

As you see, while some merely wait a few hours, the others might wait even 24 hours or more before they’re allowed to shower. Such duration tells us how it needs time for the effects to deliver the full color at its best. If so, then how long should we wait to shower after tan?

How long do you wait to shower after you go tanning?

Since there are many tanners asking “can you shower after you tan?” We’d like to explain it this way. Yes, but it depends!

Sun tanning

Tanning in the classic UV light, as compared to the self-tanning, often impacts the top layer of your skin but not beneath that surface. Each layer here has a life of 5 – 20 days based on the way we treat our skin. Therefore, you don’t have to wait long to shower – maybe a few hours before cooling yourself down.

Tanning bed

How about tanning in a UV bed? When using a tanning bed or booth, you’re given a bronzer to apply before getting on it. If you avail the bronzer, showering can wash it off easily. Therefore, make sure to wait for 1 – 2 hours before taking a shower since doing this won’t fade your tan.

Self tanning

Then how about the self-tanners? HOW LONG DOES SELF TANNER LAST? They lose their effects within a few weeks [1]. And if you know how to moisturize the tanned skin after showering with a non-deodorant soap, and then pat it dry, you can protect the tan. Shortly, the thought of not showering instantly after tan is just for surface tans.

If you choose the UV light tanning, it won’t matter at all when it comes to showering. The effects are just beneath your skin surface, so the water only impacts the top layer. Shortly, the debate on “can you shower after you tan?” is based on how you choose to be tanning, whether UV radiation tanning or self-tanning sessions! Regarding self-tanners, how long shall we leave them on before the shower?

How long should you leave self-tanners on before showering?

Your self-tanners begins working to some certain degrees before an amount of time. However, you can’t obtain the maximized glow if you don’t leave it on that long by the time you take a shower, or simply get all sweaty. To help you find the satisfying answer to our pressing inquiry “can you shower after you tan?” we like you to know something:

Initially, water is exactly your enemy soon after you’ve applied any self-tanner. For this reason, always watch out for water whenever the tanner is still on the skin. They usually work once the DNA – the major tanning substance in the products starts to interact with the top layer of your dead skin cells. But the reaction here might take time, which is often around 6 – 10 hours, based on the individuals.

6 - 10 hours is the proper period before showering
6 – 10 hours is the proper period before showering

Ensure to maintain great patience, and wait for that specified amount of time. Keep doing it will help you gain the optimal results! In fact, there are many benefits you get from this:

Firstly, you get to grow the fully glowing color available from any self-tanner you’ve opted for. According to the experts, you’re incapable of judging a particular self-tanner until you’ve allowed it to spare enough time to work. When applying a tanner, it’s best to wash it off a couple of hours later. And can you shower after you tan? Of course, you can, but leaving it to develop properly at first.

Secondly, we’ve already heard about some other decent self-tanners that can last almost seven or eight days. They can do this since they’re given enough time to grow their effects. So now you’ve understood the matter! Your self-tanner must stay on the skin for 6 – 10 hours after the tan application. But in such a busy society, waiting within 6 – 10 hours is too much and a waste of time. To make it easier, here’s your best answer:

Tips on using self-tanners before showering

For the best result, apply your self-tanner at night before going to bed. After this, can you shower after you tan? Just do if after you wake up, and we’re sure that you will have a pretty tan that can last for the day. Moreover, any left self-tanner smelling or seeming streaky would be all gone after the shower.

It works amazingly effective with your self-tanners which contain zero mess. Note that you just can’t shower at night. Our best advice for you is to do it in the early morning or right before your work. And to follow this route, let’s apply your self-tanner, and then let it dry before getting dressed. Be careful not to enable it to stain the clothes.

It’s possible to choose the one that consists of any guide color or owns the least light tint. And last but not least, wait after 6 – 10 hours until you decide to take a shower. Though it’s not considered the most optimal way to make it, you just don’t have any better way than this.

But what if you decide to shower before the tan application, then what you should consider to maintain the tan?

Showering before you go tanning

This is not about “can you shower after you tan,” but “can you shower before tanning?”  Showering by the time you decide to take a shower is said to bear several advantages for your whole tanning process. There’s one thing certain to keep in mind, is to go for a moisturizing gel instead of using deodorant soaps.  

Besides, try to exfoliate to help remove your dead skin and reveal a fresher skin surface with the coffee ground, black tea, or olive oil. Shaving is fine here, especially when it makes the skin smoother. But ensure to do it around 3 or 4 hours before taking a shower.

Doing so will let your skin fully recover and open up all pores, which is believed to promote the entire process. Also, if you use self-tanners, this is highly recommended for anyone who is still looking for some good ways for HOMEMADE SELF TANNER THAT DOESN’T WASH OFF easily.

Once you’ve finished showering, apply your moisturizer to prevent the tanned skin from drying out and possibly damaged. By doing this, you no longer worry HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LOSE A TAN after having a shower. If showering before tan is beneficial, then what about doing it after tan? Can you shower after you tan?

Showering after your tanning session

For the highly-concerned question “can you shower after you tan?” A lot of people trust it can help them get rid of the sebum and sweat, which are the culprit clogging their skin pores. If it’s true, then it’s not necessary to rush for a shower. The most suitable time to shower should be after three or four hours after tanning.

Though taking a shower or a bath after tan can lower the tanning effect, it does not completely lead to the removal of your tan. As long as you can shower after a specified time, things will be fine. So how to shower yourself properly after tan? Here’s how:

First of all, avoid using the casual soap bars because it’s the most likely to rip off the moisture from your complexion. It leaves it quite dry, so while showering, right after lying on a tanning bed. Again, choose deep moisturizing gels to keep the skin as moist as possible. Then can you shower after you tan? Sure you can, but the most important thing is to shower yourself with lukewarm water.

In other words, it’s a big no-no if you opt for the hot or warm water. Only having gel and lukewarm is great enough to remove your dirt, sweat, and even exfoliating salt left on the skin. Next, pat dry that tanned skin gently with a towel before using a post-tanning moisturizer. This product is meant for locking skin moisture and retain it healthy. Stop being anxious; it will help maintain your tan, too!

If you ask us something like “can you shower after you tan?” We shall answer “showering is fine as long as you follow our given instructions through this post, and then wait for at least three or four hours after the tan.” Move on and enjoy your glowing sun-kissed look!  

Other shower recommendations after tan

Spread out sunless tanning lotion on the skin

Can you shower after you tan? Yes, you can. Make sure to have a shower within a couple of hours in front, and there’s no need to moisturize at this time. Your sunless tanning lotion might need to get attached to the skin, but it won’t do much good to your tan if you’ve just hydrated within hours of applying the sunless lotion.  

But HOW TO APPLY SELF TANNER WITHOUT STREAKS? Let’s do it in circular movements and distribute the cream evenly so that you’ve never ended up with ugly streaks. We suggest you get a friend to help you apply it to hardest-to-reach body parts, like your back for example.

Spread out sunless tanning lotion on the skin
Spread out sunless tanning lotion on the skin

Spray the tan on your skin

Now you don’t have to think too much about can you shower after you tan or not. When opting for the spray tans, try to shower a couple of hours in advance. But DO SPRAY TANS CAUSE CANCER? No, they won’t cause it. They’re even safer than the radiation tanning or tanning beds. So stop wondering such a thing!  

Let it happen when you’re going to spray the tanned color on. More importantly, do not have a shower for 4 hours so that you can keep the lotion set successfully. While you bathe yourself in water, only avail a mild soap wash, and don’t ever rub too hard on the tanned skin with any sponge.

If not, it easily removes even the tiniest layers of your skin cells, which surely shortens your tan life after that.

Best ways to extend your tan shelf life after the shower

Having the proper care is the optimized solution to help your tan live longer.

Put on loose clothes and pedicure-friendly footwear

We know that there’s nothing much worse than stepping out of your date with a tan just to realize that your bra has just left a weird line on both shoulders. The great beauty of having a spray tan is when you must avoid any tan line on the body. Don’t worry about hanging free there. In other words, limit the fabric contact with your tanned skin.

To do that, having a loose T-shirt or blouse will be the best option. How about the shoes? We think it’s time to forget about wearing the footwear with strap lines like flip-flops. And if your tanned color gets uneven, you can exfoliate the feet until it spreads out evenly.    

Shower in the correct way

Now it’s unnecessary to concern other people’s doubt “can you shower after you tan all the time?” It’s because you can do it. For the first time showering after the session, you should avoid shower gels leaving residue behind the skin. This residue can shorten the shelf life of your tan. To replace these gels, try the natural products only.

 Ask for a back up for your face and hands

Using a high-quality spray tan will last from 5 – 10 days, but things get different for your face and hands. They easily fade away due to your cleansing and washing routine. Thus, we recommend you to get a good self-tanner for the face.

The products are undoubtedly the greatest solution for you to touch up both face and hands because they feel lighter than other products in the formulation. Again, you won’t have to be anxious about whether they could develop too darkly on the skin.

All you must do here is wiping the palms with a clean wipe after your tanning application. Doing so will prevent you from any build up or residue in the tanned places.  

Don’t get yourself all sweaty

Avoid keeping yourself busy with heavy workouts, or you might sweat a lot, and it’s the chlorine which will reduce the life of your tanned places. After the gym or your beach vacation, apply a tanner to promote and keep the glow. Next, can you shower after you tan? Yes, please do it, and apply to your damp skin. Later, wait for three minutes before rinsing yourself.


Are you thinking of a way to refresh yourself after getting out of a tanning bed? And can you shower after you tan? Yes, you can do that, but wait for 6 – 10 hours until you start showering. Through our post today, we believe that you’ve finally understood why waiting for a specified amount of time is a must before bathing yourself in the water. Well, you don’t want the tan to lose its effectiveness, right?

If so, avoid the shower for a couple of hours, then your tan can become much deeper. They’ll be harder for you to wash off.

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