Can You Have Strep Throat Without A Fever?

February 22, 2018

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Can You Have Strep Throat Without A Fever?

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Strep throat often comes with symptoms such as fever, headache as well as sore stomach and so on. But, can you have strep throat without a fever? This issue has been at the center of controversy because different cases diagnosed with strep throat might have different symptoms. It is still good to know what symptoms are typical in each situation to prepare remedies and medications to treat it.

With this piece of article, we are going to deliver essential information about strep throat, some frequently-asked matters about this bacterial infection, and “can you have strep throat without a fever?” in particular.

Strep throat in general

Strep throat has been familiar with most of us. Still, we would like you to be aware of what it is and how do you get it. Then, you can be more understanding about “can you have strep throat without a fever?”

What is strep throat?

It is a common bacterial infection caused by a kind of bacteria called Streptococcus. Children and young adults who age between five and fifteen are the most cases to suffer from strep throat. If your children, unfortunately, catch strep throat, they can come down with the scratchy and sore throat.

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How do you get strep throat?

As it exists as a bacterial infection, like almost all of the other infections, it is transmitted via close contact between a person and one another. If you are in contact with those who get strep throat, you will easily catch this infection through their sneeze or a cough. Droplets in the air will bring the bacteria to others.

Another case you also get it is that if you touch a person with strep throat, you will be likely to be infected when touching your nose, brush your mouth or eyes with your hands.

Can you have strep throat without a fever?

Most cases which have gone down with strep throat, besides the fever, this infection also causes your throat to look suddenly red. Moreover, you find it painful to swallow anything. Sometimes, you will get into trouble with swollen lymph nodes which may be identified below your ear – the place where your jaw is next to your ear. Headaches, gastric distress and stomach pains are also common signs.

Swollen tonsils or lymph glands
Swollen tonsils or lymph glands are visible symptoms

Now, let’s go straight to the point. So, “can you have strep throat without a fever?”. And, our conclusion is that YES, it is RARE but POSSIBLE to have strep throat without a fever. It doesn’t matter if you have strep throat with or without a fever. However, it is not as common as those with a fever. Although you get strep throat and even sore throat, it is possible to not to run a fever.

Symptoms of a strep throat without a fever

You reckon that you may get strep throat. But, you don’t find any fever. Don’t be hurry to conclude that this is not strep throat. Because a strep throat without a fever has its own symptoms, we will show you some classic symptoms of a strep throat that don’t accompany with a fever. If your body develops the below symptoms, there is a chance that you are going to have strep throat without a fever.

Myriad patches of discolored throat

[1] When you’re healthy, your throat will maintain its original color. However, in case you have strep throat with no fever, your throat will become discolored. Several discolored patches of skin will appear more frequently at the throat back. Furthermore, this bacterial infection without a fever comes with a sign in which the throat skin may look white or red.

Swollen tonsils or lymph glands

The tonsils and lymph glands are the most visible parts of your body which easily suffer from inflammation or irritation after getting a strep throat. If you are not running a fever when you go down with strep throat, you are highly likely to experience the enlarged tonsils as well as lymph glands.

It is not a usual case because those with strep throat often have a fever. And, people with swollen tonsils and lymph glands only take up a minor number. Despite having the ability to avoid the fever, you, unfortunately, endure the irritable tonsils.

Let’s pay your careful attention to your tonsils and take care of them meticulously. Whenever you witness this symptom, you will find a region in both side at the back of your throat become bloated weirdly.

This incidence, in fact, is dangerous because the swollen tonsils will accidentally make your throat more narrow than usual. While a strep throat with a fever also makes your tonsils enlarged, the one without a fever even make them more inflated. Therefore, it will increase the difficulties of swallowing.

What’s more, besides the swollen tonsils, the lymph glands also increase the sizes. Those glands will become tender than before. So, “can you have strep throat without a fever?” Sure, you can. And, the result is these signs with bloated tonsils and enlarged lymph glands.

Regarding tonsils, many people wonder that the existence of tonsils has any impact on whether you get strep throat or not. We know your concern so that we think that you should read this article to know more CAN YOU GET STREP THROAT WITHOUT TONSILS.

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A sore throat

Strep throat happens mostly in children from 5 to 15. It usually comes with the symptom of a fever which is greater than 38 °C. But, as we mentioned above, there is still probably to develop strep throat without a fever though it is a rare case.

Whether you have strep throat with or without a fever, sore throat is still the result of the strep throat. But, we still mention it as a symptom of a strep throat without a fever. So, don’t ignore!

Strep throat, with no doubt, is one of the primary reasons that lead your throat becomes sore. The pain can vary from mild to severe. But, it comes with an intricateness that you have to make a great attempt to swallow. Swallowing tends to be harder and more difficult than ever.

Discomfort and fatigue

If you still wonder “can you have strep throat without a fever?”, don’t be hesitate to receive “YES” answer.

Don’t feel it a strange thing when you got strep throat, but you don’t have a fever. Even no fever appears you can still go through unexpected extreme fatigue and discomfort. In this situation, you become exhausted easily and always crave for taking naps throughout the day.

Being frequently tired makes you become inactive and be uninterested doing anything. Along with that, some throat pains, as well as stomach upset signs, also emerge.

Undesirable skin rash

Without a fever, there is a possibility that you can have strep throat. Although fever will be no longer a symptom at all, others signs still attack you. And, the skin rash is one of them.

Undesirable skin rash
Undesirable skin rash

After being contagious for a few days, the skin rash will appear in children and young adults. At first, some minor red spots come into our sight. Then, they become larger and larger. If they are left untreated, they gradually form skin creases.

So, the reason why “Can you have strep throat without a fever?”

We reveal the explanation to help you understand. So, “can you have strep throat without a fever?” Yes, the two reasons are how weak and strong the immune system is and the understanding of antibiotics usage.

How weak and strong the immune system is

In reality, the immunity can perform its function to get rid of the bacteria. It can realize the harmful bacteria which are considered not to be in the body. If you have a strong immune system, it will automatically remove the unexpected bacteria without having to use antibiotics. That’s why the infection can disappear on its own and likewise the strep throat.

In this matter, if you haven’t known about the same situation with the ability to go away for strep throat, “DOES STREP THROAT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN”, this article is for you.

To be more specific, some experience strep throat without a fever because of their strong immunity. Let us take a particular example.

When you use antibiotics for the fifth or the sixth time, you will get no effectiveness, then. Antibiotics can be very beneficial for the very first time. In that situation, the symptoms will fade away quickly and you also recover from the symptoms and contagion as fast as possible without getting any complication.

However, antibiotics might not work for the fifth or sixth time because damaging infection, bacteria, and germs have boosted their immunity to fight against the immune system of our bodies as well as the frequent use of antibiotics.

But, have you ever imagined that you could also develop your strong immune system to combat these bacterial infections? Allow your body to get used to identifying dangerous bacteria. At the first time, your immunity tends to try its best to get rid of the bacteria which should not exist in our body. The next time, it will insist on that support and require a stronger immunity to fight off bacteria.

It is to say; the fever will not be a symptom of strep throat if your immune system functions well. On the other hand, when there are any problems occurring to your systems such as the disorders or deficiencies, your body will react by creating a mild or even a severe fever.

Antibiotics usage

Many other infectious diseases have rare symptoms and strep throat has its own. Having no fever at all is the presentation of that rare symptom. Now, you must find the answer to the question “can you have strep throat without a

antibiotics usage
Antibiotics usage

fever”, right? By just understanding your body well, you can adjust how you will deal with strep throat and whether you need antibiotics or not.

Spend a few words for antibiotics. You can say no to antibiotics. Instead, you can use natural remedies. Then, you might not know the length of time your strep throat can survive without antibiotics. Don’t worry! We also provide you with this useful article HOW LONG DOES STREP THROAT LAST WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS?

If you still prefer to use antibiotics to treat strep throat, here’re the answer BEST ANTIBIOTICS FOR STREP THROAT IN ADULTS.


Strep throat seems unavoidable. All you should do is to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle to boost your immune system to handle with any infections, especially strep throat.

With strep throat, you are required to have an in-depth into its symptoms, causes, and necessary treatment. Be well aware of how it responds and keep in mind some may-be complications in unfortunate cases.

To sum up, strep throat, in spite of being rare, is possible to go without a fever. You should know some signs of strep throat without a fever, including patches of the discolored throat, swollen tonsils and lymph glands, skin rash, sore throat, discomfort, and fatigue.

For sure, by reading this piece of article, you will fully understand “can you have strep throat without a fever?” Then, you will know the symptoms itself and why this situation happens.

We hope that you could enjoy our information given above. If you find useful, support it by distributing the words to anyone who may concern. And, don’t hesitate to hit LIKE and SHARE so that many people who are finding the answer to the same problem. Also, let us know your opinions by leaving any comments. Thanks for reading!

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