Blood Blister In Mouth: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

October 11, 2017

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Blood Blister In Mouth: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

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Are you a gourmet? You are a big fan of dishes and cuisines, but you get loss of your appetite very easily because of some bump inside the mouth or blood blister in mouth. From time to time, the frequency of reoccurring blood blister makes you fed up with dishes? You get a lot of troubles with sudden blood blister in mouth, although it is a painless blood blister or a painful blister, you certainly want to know a blood-filled bump is dangerous or not?

What cause blisters in the mouth? Do blood blisters go away? How long do blood blisters last? And how to deal with a blood blister?

A variety of fascinating question, right? You can get all the answer below, be patient and stay tuned with us.

Healthy roof of mouth

First and foremost, before knowing about what is happening with your mouth, take a look at your whole strong roof of the mouth.

The mouth seems to be the connection between the digestive tract and respiratory system. Covering the mouth is a mucous membrane or oral mucosa in medical term. You can see inside your mouth with a reddish pink color in normal condition. Gingivae or the gums appear with paler pink and embrace fully around the teeth.

Palate or mouth roof is separated into two parts: the front and the back parts. The former is hard; thereby physicians call it hard palate; the later is quite smooth and opposite to hard palate, it is also soft and called soft palate. They are covering by the mucous moisturizing membrane. This membrane also structures to the pink portion of lips.

Even, saliva has moistened the lips as well. If you have a healthy mouth and drink enough water, you can see your lips smooth, moisturizing. You can see more deeply inside your mouth with a uvula next to soft palate in the
back. It can be more explicit if you say “ahh” which looks like your doctors examine you.

Your uvula is healthy if it is pink, no blister, no black sore in the mouth. A very important structure of your mouth is your tongue which decides the taste of anything you put in your mouth. If your tongue is healthy, it appears with regular pink in your whole tongue, and it is covered by moisturizing mucosa membrane.

The surface of the tongue also has a rough texture created by many tiny bumps or papillae. The papillae are dispersed regularly as well.

What is a blood blister and what does blister look like?

This is a sort of blister forming because of the damage of both subdermal tissues and blood vessels while retaining the skin. Under the skin, we can see a pool of blood, node, lymph, pimple inside mouth or another word, tiny blood blister, black spot, bubble… Once, it is punctured, a dark fluid is released. Some blisters are painful; some are painless depending on the structure and the causes of the bump.

The location of blood blister inside mouth is various. You can see blood blister on lip, water blister on the rim, blister inside lip, blood blister on gums, blister under tongue, blood blisters inside cheek or black spot inside lip, skin tag inside the mouth, or more general speaking, just black sore in the mouth.

Regarding a medical term of blood blisters, physicians call a blister as a cyst.

When its diameter is more than 5 mm, they call it a bulla.

Causes of blood blister in the mouth

There are a variety of reasons causing pimple inside your mouth.

1. Ulcers in your mouth

When you take medication to treat for some illness, some side effects of the drugs can cause ulcers inside your mouth. There are two types of mouth ulcers:

  • Canker sores and cold cores. Two most common reasons cause ulcers in your mouth are local trauma and recurrent ulceration inside your lips. When it comes to local trauma, it might cause by mechanical trauma, chemical injury and thermal injury.
  • Mechanical trauma arises because of some aspects such as dentures, sharp/damaged teeth or even braces. Moreover, it can happen due to cheek biting, eating rough foods, scratching with sharp objects such as fingernails, metal. After ten days removing the cause from the ulcers, it can be healed entirely as a natural healing process. If it lasts longer, you can get some troubles with it, and further investigation needs to be taken.

The chemical injury comes from contacting between aspirin and oral mucosa as an example. Chemical burns also follow by taking bisphosphonates if these drugs are dissolved in your mouth. More significantly, in this situation, you will feel more painful.

Regarding thermal injury, it happens when mucosal mouth contacts with hot liquid or hot food. The most common injury is the palate. Moreover, it also occurs on the tongue or lips.

Recurrent ulceration inside your lips, or in other words “canker sores,” might be resulted from dentures, sharp/damaged teeth, or even braces. The feature of this ulceration is shallow round, obviously defined, and very painful, not related to systemic disease.

Canker sores can start at the youngster and get worse in the elder ages. It also has relationships with some conditions such as under a lot of pressure, trauma in the local site, allergy with food, changes of hormones, smoking cessation. This type of canker sores will disappear within 10-14 days and it will remove without a scar.

2. A rare disorder: Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica (ABH)

This disease gains its popularity in elderly people. We can see a single blister in medium side inside the cheek or under the tongue and filled with blood. Luckily, they usually break quickly and become opened wounds but they can
recovery spontaneously without treatment. The patients suffer from some disorders like diabetes mellitus, overuse steroid or mouth trauma can have a high risk of this disease.

3. Allergies on food

Whenever you eat some typical foods, and you get a zit inside mouth from several hours to some days later, the most common reason for this condition might cause by your body can’t stand with this food, or in medical term, it’s food allergy.

The only answer to the question how to get rid of a blood blister is avoiding this type of food that makes you allergy.

food allergy

4. Platelet decrease

In term of medical terminology, this condition is called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

The function of platelet is preventing from bleeding and clots generation. Therefore, you can probably guess what  happens when you have low platelet in your blood. The black sores in mouth maybe result from this condition.

5. Nutritional issues

Although our bodies need a little of vitamin and mineral, they play a crucial role in building healthy structure of the mouth. It maintains the stability of the cell, especially the epidermal cells and the connective tissues to keep hearty mucosal membrane in the mouth. One of the most important vitamins were responsible for this is vitamin C (acid ascorbic) and vitamin B12 (cobalamin).

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which is essential for the collagen biogenesis. You have already once heard about the function of collagen? It is a crucial component to build connective tissue and in turn is necessary for wound healing.

As a strong antioxidant, acid ascorbic is considered to lessen oxidative stress to the cells of the body and thereby, it helps lower the risk of cancer. Blood blister that causes by some virus such as HPV has high risk of cancer, you should remember that.

You can supply enough your vitamin C need every day by food intake. Some fruits and vegetables contain lots of acid ascorbic such as papayas, berries, broccoli, oranges, tomatoes, kiwifruit, green peas. Try to eat more fruits and fresh vegetable routinely.

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is also a water-soluble and one of the 8 complex B vitamins. It plays an important role in the metabolism of cells, especially in the process of DNA replication, fatty acid and some amino acid converting in the metabolism cycle of our bodies.

The quicker metabolic rapid is in our bodies, the better wound healing process occurs. The sources of vitamin B12 is available and rich in some animal products such as eggs and milk, liver, meat of fish, fowl…

All in all, those is the reason why If your diet lacks some vitamins such as vitamin C or/and vitamin B12, it may trigger zit in your mouth. Find your smart choice in daily meal to get a healthy mouth.

6. Medication

All drugs are chemical substances as well. When it contact with your mouth, obviously, it can generate some reactions with your mouth cells. Those reactions apart from treatment effect and harm to our health, we call this is adverse effect or side effect.

Side effects of some drugs may cause blood blister in your mouth because it damages the normal cells and structure of your mouth, thereby, be careful to use the medicine in right way.

If some allergic reaction happens, please stop taking those pills and ask your doctors. Moreover, some condition, the adverse effects of the drugs did not reveal in the mouth.

So you have to listen to your bodies, figure out the problem throughout your body completely whenever you get allergy on any drugs.

7. Injury in mouth

Everything contact with your mouth can cause blood blister inside your mouth. When you eat too hot food or drink too hot water, it might damage your mucosal mouth and broke some vessels inside your mouth. As a result, you get troubles with some pimple inside your mouth.

The second common for this is eating too fast with some solid food, your teeth or even this food can broke the line of your cheek and cause blood blister inside cheek or raised bumps in the mouth.

8. Herpes inside your mouth

Herpes simplex 1 is one of the most common raised blisters in your mouth. This virus can cause blisters on the roof of your mouth, blister inside lip, blood blister inside cheek, bubble in mouth. For the most part, it might raise tiny blood blister in all parts of your mouth.

More importantly, the affection of this virus can cause the condition of reoccurring blood blister in the mouth. If it reoccurs so often, once every two or three months or long lasting up to more than one month, you need to see your doctor.

9. Alcohol-abusing

Drink too much can burn your mucosal mouth and lead to damage tissues in your mouth. Consequently, it raised bumps in the mouth. If it happens from time to time, you will have a high risk of cancer in the mouth.

Keep away from drinking too much. It is not only harmful for your mouth but also decrease your immune system.
Females of all ages and above 65 year-old-males should drink moderately. This means up to 355 ml/day/person for beer; 148 ml/day/person for wine; 44 ml/day/person for distilled spirits. Men who are younger than 65 can consume up to double the normal amount.

alcohol abuse

The Symptoms of Blood Blister in Mouth

You can realize that you have a blood blister in mouth if you have some below symptoms:

  • A painful or painless ulcer in your mouth for several day, if is not treated and get more severe in several days later, it can become a sore and you can see is more and more swollen and more painful also.
  • It can have round shape, vary colours such as white or grey or red.
  • If is affected by some virus or bacteria, you can be annoyed by slight or high fever, physical sluggishness, swelling in your local lymph nodes… If you have these signs and symptoms, please take to your doctors as quick as possible. You need to treat by some drugs such as antimicrobial mouth rise or/and corticosteroid ointment, even some non-prescribe or prescribe medicine.

How to deal with a blood blister in mouth

Do you feel worried about sudden blood blister in the mouth? How long does it take for a blood blister to heal? How to get rid of a blood blister?

The following part we will guide you to resolve all of this problem, give you home remedies and treatment for blood blister in the mouth.

Home remedies for Blood Blister In Mouth

1. Ice

Regarding broken tiny vessels in our body, cold therapy often plays an important role in preventing from bleeding because ice can help to constrict the vessel. As a result, this can reduce the severity of swollen, decrease the amount of blood loss to the blister.

Wrap some ice, then apply it on your blisters within 10 minutes. To get the best effect on treatment those blisters, cold therapy should be taken as soon as possible after having blood blister in the mouth. Remember to apply it several times a day, for a few day until it is gone away. You will feel better soon.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric considers a magical treatment for blood blisters in the past when the modern medicine was not developed. It has a high function on antiseptic as well as therapeutic to prevent infection.

People usually use the power of turmeric blended with some honey bee or/and water of rose. This mixture can be applied on the blisters twice a day, for several days until this blisters becoming a scar. It also cultivates the process of the healing wound being quicker and quicker.

3. Cucumber

This is an excellent fruit to take care of our skin, building up the strength of the surface, supplying more water, mineral to relieve the pain, reduce inflammation and swelling.

Keep the cucumber as fresh as possible, and the best cucumber is applying this right after picking up on the tree. Remember to cut the cucumber into thick slices. Put in on your zit on the mouth, several times a day, a few days
following until you feel good.

4. Aloe Vera

This is one of the smart options to treat skin issues. Aloe vera contains lots of water, essential mineral that benefits to our skin. It also relieves the pain, antiseptic when applying.

The more fresh aloe vera you use, the more efficient improvement it can bring to you. Remember to take the gel of aloe vera and put in on your blister, two times a day, several days until the blister is gone.

5. Tea tree oil

This is a fantastic treatment for blood blisters in mouth. It has not only antiseptic function but also antifungal properties.

Using tea tree oil with cold water, apply it on the blister, twice a day, a few days following until the blister seems to heal completely.

tea tree oil

6. Garlic

This is one of the best home remedies for blood blister in mouth. It can accelerate the process of healing blood blisters.

Crashing garlic into tiny pieces, this product can be used to against blood blister within several days. Apply this on the blood blister a few times a day until your blood blister is smaller and run away.

Medication treatment for Blood Blister in Mouth

In spite of the fact that there are many natural treatment for blood blister in mouth, they are not easy to run away. In some severe cases, you can go to drug stores and take some over-the-counter for a zit inside mouth.

When your blisters due to eczema, you can treat it with corticosteroids cream or pills. Eczema is a condition caused by an overactive response reaction of the immune system, so corticosteroids may help to suppress this reaction in our body, relieve your pain and other overactive reaction.

When it comes to herpes simplex causing your sudden blood blister in the mouth, some antiviral medications can help to decrease the replication rapid of the virus, which lightens your severity on both the numbers of blisters and the area of the damaged skin. In addition, some antibiotic creams or pills are recommended for infectious damaged skin.

Regarding to coxsackievirus or chickenpox, you can go to drug stores and buy calamine or some other over-the-counter anti-itch lotions. When you apply this lotion, you have to be discontinued immediately if there has any irritation.

Corticosteroids or some immunosuppressive agents are prescribed with pemphigoid and pemphigus. If you have blood blister not only in your mouth but also in other areas such as your face skin, you chunk, your hand…you may have signs and symptom referring to pemphigoid or pemphigus, you should go to see your doctors as soon as possible.

Some medications to treat porphyria are used such as hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine in combine with regular removal of blood.

Remember the key word to keep your mouth healthier: never touch your skin sore if you don’t want to get infection. Once infectious condition happened, your damaged skin is not only more severe but long lasting and hurt as well.

There are some blood blister in mouth and hereditary forms that have unknown etiology, so there is no way to prevent it also.

This information above give you some manners on how to get rid of a blood blister. Hope it be helpful for you. Stay tuned with us; you can take some more details about when you have to go to see your doctor if you have a bubble in the mouth.

When do you need to see your doctor?

If you have a blood blister accompanied with some signs below, you should see your
family doctor as quickly as possible:

• The blood blister too large, its diameter more than 1cm
• It makes you too annoyed, such as painful or burning feeling.
• It takes too long to heal, more than one month.
• It reoccurs too often, more than three times per year in the same
• It gets more severe when you take some home remedies to treat your blisters by yourself.
• It has the signs of infection like red, swelling too much or you get fever
because of it.

Finally, to avoid some symptoms of blood blister in mouth, remember to have a healthy diet and take care of your mouth carefully, see your dentist frequently at least every six months.

All in all, blood blister in mouth is quite common in our routine lives. Here is a whole picture about causes, symptoms, and treatment for blood blister in mouth. Hope you well soon with these instructions.

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